Aralık 5, 2023

Daddy’s Debt

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Big Tits

Daddy owed Fred lots of money. Fred came over one day to collect, but Daddy was broke as always, and didn’t have anything to give him. Fred insisted he was through with Daddy’s “games” and threatened to make me an orphan. Daddy pleaded with Fred, over and over, and soon the two reached an agreement. Although, Daddy wasn’t comfortable at all with it, he had no choice.

Another boring day in school, I thought to myself. What exactly do I have to do to get some excitement around here? I couldn’t wait to get home to play with my friends or watch TV, hell anything was better than this! My teacher is such a pig, he’s always staring at me as if I were a piece of meat or something. Never mind the fact that my desk was right in front of him and I often opened my legs so that he could catch a glimpse of my sweet, little pussy. Finally, the last bell of the day rung, so I hopped out of my seat quicker than a rabbit and was on my way!

When I got to the house, I noticed a strange car in the driveway. Uh, oh Daddy has company and that was no fun because it meant that I had stay in my room until SHE left! Reluctantly I turned the door knob and pushed the door open only to find Uncle Fred and Daddy sitting at the kitchen table! Fred, wasn’t really my Uncle, but he and Daddy have known each other a real long time. They acted like brothers, so Daddy told me call Fred “Uncle”.

Fred wasn’t the friendliest person, as a matter of fact, he always seemed irate whenever he came over to our house to visit. He barely acknowledges me and always leaves in a real pissy mood. Never the less, I smiled wide and ran to greet both of them with hugs and kisses! Daddy didn’t look happy to see me, but Fred did – go figure?

I threw my stuff on the table and proceeded to the living room to watch some TV, since I figured those two wanted to be alone. I didn’t bother to run upstairs and change out of my school uniform, I just plopped myself on the couch and turned on the tube. Seconds, later Fred came in. He had an evil look in his eye, which made me a little nervous. He said I looked real pretty in my uniform and asked if he could sit and watch TV with me. I shrugged and moved over a bit to make room for Fred. I tried to ignore him for the most part, as I really didn’t care for him at all. Daddy doesn’t usually leave me alone with Fred or anyone else for that matter. He’s such a good Daddy. He always keeps his eye on me, but today, he was nowhere in sight! I suspected he was in the kitchen preparing Avcılar Escort something for dinner, at least I hoped he was because I was getting real hungry.

As I sat on the couch with my eyes glued to the TV set and my mind wandering, Fred asked if I could sit on his lap just like I used to when I was younger. I looked at him blankly and said “sure”, but I honestly don’t remember Daddy ever letting me sit on Fred’s lap – ever. I got up and tried to adjust my skirt before I sat down again, but Fred grabbed my by my waist and forced me down on him. He was rough and impatient, I thought to myself.

“That’s a good girl”, he said in a more calming fashion. “You were blocking my view of the TV, I hope I didn’t scare you or anything.”

“Nuh, ugh,” I replied, but I wasn’t telling the truth.

“Remember, when you used to bounce up and down as if you were on a horsey?” he asked. “I want you to do that now.”

I couldn’t believe my ears – I mean is this guy for real? Not only do I not remember ever sitting on his lap, but bouncing up and down as if I were riding a horse? That’s too much I thought, but Daddy still wasn’t in sight and Fred was rather intimidating. If I don’t do what he says, I might get into trouble.

“Okay, but don’t you think I’m a little too old for that Uncle Fred?” “No, not at all, baby,” he replied in a serious tone. So I did what he asked me to do, I bounced up and down on his lap like a stupid little girl! He had a firm grip on my waist and told me “ride” faster. I did but wasn’t able to keep it up much longer cause my pussy was starting to hurt. When I stopped, I turned back to look at Uncle Fred and noticed he was in a bit of a daze. It finally dawned on me that Uncle Fred was in need of some serious relief and that he was expecting me to give it to him!

“I want my Daddy,” I whined, while trying to get off of his lap.

“Listen, you little whore! Your dear old dad owes me a lot of money, since he can’t pay, he’s letting me have my way with you – got it?”

His point was well taken, but I was in disbelief. My Daddy would never let anyone hurt me or so I thought, Fred had one arm around my waist and other was free to roam the depths of body. Needless to say, I was disgusted by all of this. My eyes started to swell up, but I fought back the tears like a big girl. I knew deep down what he said was true. Daddy had a sickness as Mom put it before she left us, he loved to gamble. Since, he Avcılar Escort Bayan and Fred were long time friends and Fred had lots of money, Daddy always borrowed from him. Now, I suppose the debt was too high and Fred was going to borrow me from my dad.

Fred put his free hand in my white cotton panties. He rubbed my pussy a bit before he plunged his middle finger inside. He pushed his finger in and out rhythmically, until I was all soft and wet. I did this to myself plenty of times and I knew that while this particular act disgusted me, I was going to feel real good if he kept it up.

He pulled his finger out and held it up to my face, “would you look at that, only a real, dirty little whore would be that wet!” I felt so ashamed.

“Please stop, my Daddy is your brother, I am your niece and this is wrong – ” I pleaded, but he just laughed it off and said that there was no blood relation between us and he was NOT going to leave here empty handed, plain and simple.

With his free hand, he unbuckled his pants and pulled down his zipper, letting his extremely hard cock spring free. He pulled my panties down to my knees and positioned his cock at the base entrance of my hairless soaking twat.

“Beg me to fuck you little girl,” he whispered in my ear as his cock head started to glisten from increased moisture. “Go on say it, if you know what’s good for you and your Daddy…”

As much as I hated what I was about to say, I figured it was for the best. Uncle Fred didn’t seem like to the type to screw around with – if you know what I mean. Daddy would never offer me up like this if he wasn’t in real danger. After all, I didn’t mind doing it for Daddy because I loved him and didn’t want anything bad to happen.

“Please, fuck me – mister,” I could even bring myself to say his filthy rotten name, Fred, much less Uncle Fred.

“That’s a girl,” he replied proceeding to force me down on his monster cock! That thing was a lot bigger than any finger that’s for certain, I wasn’t even sure he could fit inside me at all, since I was so tiny compared to a grown woman. After a few minutes of struggling, Fred managed to slide more of his animal inside of me. The pain was unbearable, but my cries for help fell on deaf ears. I knew my Daddy was somewhere in the house, listening, probably crying, who knows. I just sat there letting this bastard split me in two. He drove himself deeper and deeper into me, the arm around my waist nearly Escort Avcılar cut off my circulation as he forced more and more cock into my fully stretched tunnel.

“You like it don’t you little whore? You like being fucked with my big cock – huh? Tell me how good it feels,” he groaned over and over. It was true. I DID like it. After the initial shock went away, I started to enjoy the pressure more and more with each powerful thrust. I started grinding pussy against his rigid tool, just like a little whore, just like he called me. I was so lost in this ecstasy that I didn’t even notice Daddy enter the room.

“That’s it baby, cum all over my cock – cum for your Daddy,” Fred commanded. Shockingly, I looked up and saw Daddy standing before me with a distraught, yet animalistic look in his eyes. Part of him wanted to help and the other, wanted me to suffer for his viewing pleasure. I was certain at first, he would knock Fred out or something to make him stop, but hedidn’t. He just stood there stroking his hard cock.

“Take your Daddy’s cock out of his pants baby, let me see you suck it off,” Fred commanded. I couldn’t believe my ears! But part of me was so excited by the very thought that I didn’t protest and neither did Daddy. I tugged down his zipper and pulled his aching cock out of his pants. Wanting all of this to be over real soon, I placed my mouth over the head of Daddy’s cock. Realizing there was no where for me to go, Fred let go of my waist and put his hands on the back of my head – effectively forcing my mouth on Daddy’s entire shaft.

“Yeah, baby, that’s it suck your Daddy off while I fucking cum inside of you!” Fred yelled. His hips thrusting faster and faster, making my insides churn.

Daddy moaned and groaned, then finally cried out, “fuck – Daddy’s cumming!!!!!”

I didn’t know exactly what all of that talk about “cum” meant but I was going to find out real soon! Daddy grabbed a hand full of my hair and thrust his hips forward, shoving his entire cock down my throat, nearly causing me to gag! Meanwhile, Fred’s thrusts increased but then suddenly stopped as he began to fill me up with hot streams of “cum”. It actually felt like he was peeing inside of me!

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ughhhhh!!!!,” Fred cried out while my pussy milked his thick swollen cock. Daddy’s cock erupted, at the very same time. He groaned loudly while globs and globs of thick gel-like substance filled my little mouth! Pure instinct told me to swallow and swallow as much as I possibly can, as fast as I can, otherwise, I would get real messy!

Both men were spent. I was in a lot of pain and felt very hurt and humiliated by the whole ordeal. I broke free and ran upstairs to my room without saying a word to either one of those bastards!

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