Aralık 4, 2022

Crotching Tiger , Ridden Dragon Ch. 04

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Little Dragon lay on the bed bare, reading a book of ancient Asia. Her fixed stare into its pages with hands clasped to its bindings. Her eyes darted back and forth across the page while she read. Her long red hair fell around her as she lay on her stomach with feet in the air behind her. Elbows bent and buried in the sheets while her fingers turned the page.

“What’s it say about the Pagoda’s?” Tiger asked while watching her ass sway back and forth with her legs swinging momentum.

“Haven’t gotten to that yet. Listen to this: The Temples were burned in an attempt to keep the Shaolin from the practice of the fighting Arts. Many were killed and the few that fled kept the Art alive by secret practices. Many practiced as a dance so that it was not obvious what they were doing.” She put the book down slightly looking at Tiger. “Guess that would be the first forms?” She asked inquisitively.

“I know a form I’d like to practice. Crotching Tiger & Ridden Dragon.” Tiger said smiling. He leaned into Dragon kissing her shoulder then her bare back and kissing down her spine more.

“Quit that, I’m learning about the Temple’s.” Dragon blurted. Pulling her shoulder away from Tiger.

“I can teach you what you want to know of a Temple.” He said leaning back to his side of the bed. Rolling into his pillows wrapping his fingers together behind him. Looking at her smiling.

“Oh? Ok, I’m game. Go ahead wise one.” Little Dragon said with a snappy tone. Putting the book on the bed and sitting up on bent knees. Watching Tiger with focus and a slight grin, as if taunting her prey. Tiger knew she was up to something, it wasn’t like her to jump into anything half-hearted. Her face said it all with the glow of mischief.

He sat up with caution and pointed his finger to the middle of the bed. “Sit here, in the lotus position.” (Indian style) Tiger jest. Dragon scooted to the center of the bed and interlaced her legs before her.

Smiling at his polite way and pulling her shoulders back, pressing her perky breasts out. Knowing his eyes couldn’t resist the sight. “She was drawing him in,” she thought. Tiger came to her back and silently sat just behind her. Dragon turned her head slowly tilted, her hair falling to that side. Eyes narrowed and face getting taught as if fixing to spring. When she felt his hand on her back slowly rubbing low. Then in circles he worked his hand upward along both sides of the spine. To the shoulders and around the base of the neck.

Little Dragon let out a “sigh.” She turned her head towards her front and let it fall forward. Relaxing as he worked her loosening muscles. Gripping her lower neck at the shoulders and squeezing. “Oh you know Dragon loves the Tigers gentle pawing.” She said as she took in a deep breath and let it out.

Tiger leaned into her ear and began to speak, “Close your eyes.” His warm breath caressed her ears with every word. While squeezing her taught shoulders lightly. “The body is a Temple.” Both his hands kneading her shoulder and neck muscles. “To be worshipped and taken care of, properly.” He whispered lightly. “The Temple receives knowledge, substance and it is what the Temple dose with this that is important. When exercised properly the Temple flourishes.”

“From the great hall of preparation and dining.” He said as he put his finger to her lips and run it along its length. Back and forth till Dragon opened her mouth and he put his finger in sensually teasing her tongue.

“Prepares to receive the nourishment. In a place of preparation.” He said as he continued to put his finger in her mouth as she folded her lips around it and sucked. Tigers other hand continued to massage her muscle. She was licking his finger when he pulled it out slowly and trailed it down her chin. “The source is received with blessings. Taken in at the great Hall.” His finger rolled down her chest and solar-plex between her breasts to her stomach. He began rubbing her stomach slowly in circles. His other hand fell slowly down her back.

“Then bonus veren siteler it has to be expelled. The Temple has a place for waste, as does the body.” Tiger said as he shot his finger to her ass hole and tapped at it a couple times. She jumped at his fingers pointing, then settled back down smiling. Her eyes shot open but she closed them again willing to sit through this lesson.

He leaned back to her ear and slowly come closer as he whispered. “There is a place to take a bath, which I know you like.” Dragon smiled big as she knew what he meant. He cupped her breast and lightly squeezed. “There has to be a place to hold the water.” Squeezing more and more. Narrowing to her nipples that he twisted lightly. “To a place in which to receive it.” He squeezed her breast again lightly. “Who shall be received into its bosom?”

“Dragon likes the Tigers paw.” She said licking her lips playfully while his fingers tweaked her nipples. His other hand coming around from behind her to grip the other. Then repeating the action with her right breast now. She leaned back into him slowly moving her head a bit from side to side. “Mmmm.” She purred.

“The Mind is a place that has many rooms. Sensuality,” He said while his lips lightly lay upon her back. With slight of tongue he licked her as his lips pulled from her skin. Then back to her ear, whispering. “A congregation of feelings, emotions, thoughts and worship.” He kissed her lightly below the ear. “Places of Fears and cheers, anger to love. Needs and wants, seeking peace and joy. Truths, knowledge and enlightenment are all quests of a Temple.”

Little Dragon moaned in pleasure. “Yes. Dragon is slain.” She said quietly. His hands still rubbing her back lightly. Kissing her slowly working down her back. She bowed her back at his lips touch. “Sensuality soothes the Dragon.” She said.

Tiger’s fingers run softly along her skin around her side. Ticklish to touch she jerked but kept her eyes close. His fingers run around her breast and trailed around them. Whispering again he came closer.

“The brain makes the decisions for the organs, limbs and soul. How they’ll fair in life, in harmony and peace?” He said as he caressed her perky mounds. His lips lightly kissing. Warm breath on her neck.

“For if there is discourse in the congregation!” Tiger said as he pinched her nipple twisting but not hurting. Dragon jerked up and pushed his hand away giggling. “Then like a ripple in the pond, the whole pool feels its disturbance.” He said smiling, reaching for Dragons back again and rubbing. She settled back down and closed her eyes.

Tiger scooted up behind her and wrapped his arms around Dragon pulling her into him. She leaned back wrapping one arm over his. “Emotions are like the many level Pagodas.” He continued while they wrapped into each other. “From liking something at a low level, to loving it being at the highest level.” He looked deeply into her eyes as she opened them. A smile grew across her face. “The Pagoda of love is cherished greatly.” He leaned in and kissed Dragon with passion.

Dragon’s arms wrapped around Tigers neck, their tongues twirling each other’s. Gripping lightly they pulled themselves closer to one another. Embraced fully and rolling to the side, lying down. Tiger came up over Dragon. Her long red-hair lay everywhere as she brushed it to the side, off her chest. Tiger leaned down to her cleavage center. Licking upwards around her firm mound and circling her nipple. Then sucking it.

“Tiger’s tongue delights Little Dragon.” She said smiling at his toying trail. Her eyes watched his tongue bring her nipple to erect hardness. Tiger went from nipple to nipple working them both to peak.

“Many seek the joys the Temple can bring.” He said lightly between nipple jumps. She reached up with her arms and laid them on his head caressing. Then slightly pulling his head downwards. His tongue trailed down her stomachs center while she pushed. Her legs fell open to his heads arrival, licking bedava bahis with his tongue all the way to his target. “And there are many ways the Temple can bring you joy.” He said before he dove into her fully.

Licking low then pulling his tongue upward along her slit. Then enveloped his lips around her hood. Sucking lightly she let out moans. He pulled his head back slowly with folds tightly lipped. Back till they popped gently from his mouth, then he blew. Dragon’s hands folded into his hair as she pulled his head into her more. Her body pushed up to him.

Tiger pressed into her harder with his lapping tongue while she grinded into him more. Her body come off the bed thrusting to him eagerly. Moaning louder and louder. “Eat the Dragon, you hungry Tiger.” She said with wrenching words of desire.

“Shall I open the door to the room of sexuality?” Tiger asked. His finger slowly entered and then even slower would exit. Tenderly he pressed his finger in and out. Surging her body as his finger went in. Tiger licked around in circles while his finger toiled.

“Oh fuck yes.” She screamed out while he drove his finger deeper slowly. The pulling along inner walls playfully then slid it back in deep. The in and out motions grew faster with her taunts of pulling hair. Driving her hips up to him as he lapped her vigorously with flicking tongue.

Tigers warm breath and attentive play brought Little Dragon much delight. She moaned in pleasure at his playful way. Her passion rose as he finger fucked her to ecstasy. The sound of wetness came from his finger drives. She tensed up tightly as she released her juices in a wave. Tiger lapped eagerly yet slowly at her now lowered inner thighs. Little Dragon turned her head smiling at him. His eyes just above her tummy line with his tongue still busy. He looked at her then began his ascent to her. She pulled him as he raised over her then lowered. Bringing a kiss upon her lips while laying a top her.

His hardness was evident while lying on her. Little Dragon opened her legs wider. Tiger’s arms went under her shoulder and he lightly scooped her up and rolled. Pulling her over him as his back met the bed. Still kissing they settled with her on top of him.

Their lips parted and she kissed downwards. His hand fell to the back of her head. She continued downwards quickly, getting her body to his side. Her fingers reached lightly and wrapped around Tigers cock. All ready slightly hard. The soft touch brought it to life with a surge of tightness. Tugging lightly she settled with her lips falling over his crown.

Tiger pushed up to her open mouth and she took him deep. Closing her lips she pulled her head back slowly along his warm rod. Dragon’s fingers fondled his base and balls while she engulfed him again. Tightly her fingers wrapped around his base as she pulled back again.

“Dragon enchants, The Pagoda of the Tiger.” He mumbled before she licked along his stiff shaft from base to his cock’s folds. Kissing his swollen head while slowly tugging at his love muscle. Sucking him in her mouth again and Tiger moaned out as she swallowed him deep, holding. Then pulled back slow, tight lipped.

“The Dance of the Dragons tongue.” She whispered as she pulled on his cock licking her lips. Then licked him again. Tiger’s hand pressed her head tightly as he surged harder. Her tongue running up and down its shaft. Feeling his urge to release his build up, she come up and straddled her leg over him and sat on him. Gripping his cock with one hand and steadied her self with the other. She slid on him slowly opening up for his cock’s purge. “Dragons going to ride the Tiger.” She said with a frisky tone.

Tiger’s hands gripped her waist tightly as she sat down more. Putting her hands on his chest she wiggled her ass grinding into Tiger. The two began pressing into each other, more and more. Dragons Long red-hair fell around her and swayed from her rocking. Synchronized humping began quickly, knowing each other’s rhythm. deneme bonus Dragon bit her lower lip as she began bouncing on him.

Fingers digging into Tigers chest slightly, their bodes tightening. Pulsing into one another faster with feverish drives. Bodies clashed at their joining with pants and short breathing. Tiger pumped wildly just before he released his warmth. Slowing a bit while Dragon continued her driving hips. Tiger’s hands fell to her legs while she was bouncing still. She began grinding back and forth when Tiger felt her wetness flow and trickle down his balls and ass.

Smiling, Tiger reached and cupped her perky breasts. She sat up and rested there. Pulling her hair behind her with one hand, the other still on his body. Little Dragon swayed slightly with her hips as she ground into him slowly.

“I worship you Little Dragon and you are a Temple of love.” Tiger said softly. They gazed upon one another then Dragon leaning forward, kissed Tiger. Their lips slowly mingled while their embrace become tighter. He gently pushed her back a bit. She stopped kissing and looked at him with waiting ears as to why he stopped. “They say that marriage is an institution. I say it’s a Temple to be worshipped.” Tiger said smiling while Little Dragon looked confused.

“Huh? Marriage?” She sat up looking seriously at him.

“Yes marriage. I would love to worship a Temple you and I create.” Tiger said serious sitting up with elbows behind him buried into the bed. Dragon sat on him still with her long stare.

“Tiger? You saying what I think your saying?” She asked while a smile grew on her face as realization set in.

“I’m saying I would like to worship your Temple in Holy matrimony.” Tiger said seriously with somber eyes. Dragon’s face lit up and her smile widened. She came crashing into Tiger with her arms wrapping tightly around him. Her lips went to his shoulder then turned her head to speak into his ear.

“Yes.” Was all she said as sniffles come from her as well as a teardrop. Tiger pushed her back lightly to see that she was ok. Seeing the tears of joy he smiled. She smiled back at him and wiped her eyes. “You serious?” She asked with watchful eyes for his response.

“Yes, I was going to take you to Wong’s where we had our first meal together but it just came out.” Tiger said running his hand up and down her bare leg. Little Dragon sat upon him wiping her eyes again. Tiger reached to the nightstand and pulled the drawer open and pulled out the little ring box. Dragon burst out in tears as she watched him close the drawer and turn to her. Opening it and slowly handing it to her. “Would you be my Temple? I promise to worship you, nurture peace, tranquility and love. I vow to cherish you for as long as I live. “

Little Dragon sat there in tears of joy listening looking at the ring he presented. She closed the box and dove on him with wrapping arms again. She kissed his neck and whispered in his ear. “I vow the same.” She squeezed his neck hugging as she began swaying her hips again. The feel of him inside her had her wanting him more. She ground on his cock till he pushed into her. Tiger gripped her moving hips and pulled her tightly on him.

Their driving bodies pressed more and more as their desires were fueled again. Rocking back and forth Dragon swayed her hips grinding. Her hair flowed to her movements as she sat up with her hand in his chest again. Their eyes fixed on each other while their passions flared. The humping became more aggressive and feverishly pounding into one another. Faster and faster the pace picked up-tempo while they pushed into the other.

“Oh, oh oh.” Dragon panted as she released her wetness. Tiger thrusted deeper into her and held tightly as ecstasy over took them. Their tightened bodies quivered and surged to pulsing pounding hearts. Little Dragon fell to Tiger then rolled to his side placing an arm around him then opening the box that never left her hands. She gazed at the little Diamond ring then back up at Tiger. She lay there for a long time in silence. Watching him then glancing at the wedding set.

“What do you call such a Temple?” She asked smiling and biting her bottom lip.

Tiger leaned in and kissed Little Dragon then looking in her eyes he said, “Marriage.”

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