Temmuz 17, 2024

Country Breakdown

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She knew she should have stuck to the main highway, but she was late. Alexa was hoping the country road would be a short-cut. The dust from the road boiled out behind her car as she sped along over the washboard surface, the rows of corn a blur as she tried to make up time.

It was shortly before noon…Alexa had the top of her Sebring convertible rolled back…her thick, blond hair blowing in the wind. The sun was high in the sky. She loved the sun…the raw heat reminded her of her most passionate lovers…warm and embracing, but piercing and searing at the same time. Alexa leaned back and let her mind follow her fantasy.

Then without warning, her car started to sputter. Smoke poured from under the hood. The car coughed and choked as if it had inhaled the intense cloud of dust from the road. Up ahead she saw a single farm…she was hoping she would be able to make it. Like a wounded animal, her car limped into the driveway and coasted to a stop outside the barn.

A man in tight jeans and a T-shirt walked towards her. She felt his eyes roaming her body as she crawled from the car. Alexa was used to this. She liked the attention and wasn’t afraid to dress in a way that made men drool. His eyes followed her trim legs up past the knee to her short denim skirt . The hem barely concealed the bottom of her ass cheeks. Her top left her midriff bare…the spaghetti straps held the thin white material in such a position that the top hung from her jutting breasts. He could easily see her large, dark brown areolas through the material.

“Looks like your overheated,” he commented as he went to look under the hood. She purred and smiled. “You look pretty hot yourself,” she chuckled. “Think you can help me out?”

The farmer picked up a hose to get a drink of water…he offered it to Alexa…she bent over to take a drink. The young farmer just stood and stared as her blouse billowed out revealing her luscious tits. Her bahçelievler escort eyes caught his…she made no effort to move…instead let him enjoy her firm melons….she was aroused by his ruggedness. She felt her nipples start to harden under his gaze. As she stood up water from the hose squirted all over her top…the material clinging tightly to her breasts…turning opaque. “MMMM that feels so good on a hot day like this,” she said her eyes falling on his growing bulge.

As if the farmer wasn’t excited enough, Alexa bent over the door of her car and reached inside to grab her purse. Her skirt slip up over her ass….revealing her rounded cheeks. A string of her white lacy thong ran up the crack of her butt and her puffy pussy lips strained at the material. Without looking at the farmer she asked, “Well, are you just going to look or are you going to help me here?”

With that the farmer scooped her up in his arms and carried her into the barn. They were already kissing passionately….fucking each others mouth with their tongues. He put her down on some bales of hay…her legs spread giving him a clear view of her moist thong. She leaned back and pulled the material to the side revealing her trimmed snatch…her finger sliding between the swollen lips then disappearing between the folds. Alexa closed her eyes and moaned.

The farmer ripped off his shirt and dropped his jeans…the thickness and length of his cock protruded massively from his jockey shorts. He stepped towards Alexa pulling her top from her body…she lay back on the hay and pulled him on top of her. He felt her firm breasts pressed hard against his chest as they kissed and caressed. His hard cock was pressed tight against her cunt….only two thin pieces of material separated their raw sex.

The farmer slid down Alexa’s body….licking and exploring. She squeezed her breasts urging him to suck on her bahçeşehir escort nipples…to lick and suck on them. He needed no encouragement as he attacked them ferociously. The intensity of his oral stimulation was driving her to new heights…she started moaning….calling on the man to fuck her with his thick cock…to ravage her with abandoned.

The farmer stood and removed Alexa’s skirt….his muscles flexed as he ripped her dainty thong from her body. She watched in awe as he removed his shorts. His monstrous cock sprang free…bobbing lewdly….precum already obvious on the bulbous head. He kneeled between her legs…his fingertips gently grazing her soft inner thighs. His tongue kissing the sweet skin….moving closer to the warmth and wetness of her cunt. She spread her lips wide….he could see her red clit was already swollen. He teased her by running his tongue up one lip then down the other. Then without warning his tongue darted deep between her folds….she gasped at the sensation….lifting her hips. In and out his tongue plowed over and over…his nose applying pressure to her clit. He could feel her juices coating his cheeks and chin…running down his neck as he lapped and sucked.

She had surrendered her body…all she could do is lay there spread eagle and enjoy his magnificent oral skills. She was talking like a filthy slut urging him on….telling him to fill her body with cock…to fuck her like a cheap whore. As he sucked her hard clit into his mouth…Alexa’s body started to tense….her stomach rippling with excitement and tension…Alexa screamed as she grabbed his head and pulled his mouth tighter to her gushing cunt….she bucked against his mouth …fucking his face. Then her body tensed…one scream after another accompanied the wave of orgasms that ripped through her body….her juices flowed heavily from her cunt…down the cheeks of her ass….glistening bakırköy anal yapan escort on her inner thighs…she looked so beautiful.

Still grabbing his hair she pulled him on top of her. I need your cock in me now she gasped as they kissed….she licking her cum from his lips. Alexa reached down…her small hand barely able to close around his raging cock. She guided the head to her cunt…it was so hot and wet the tip slid in easy…the farmer slid it in and out, in and out…then with the weight of his body drove his cock deep in her slick channel.

At first he would pull his cock all the way out and then ram it deeper and harder in Alexa’s hole. Her moans and dirty talk were rapidly getting him aroused…soon the weight of his body was on hers….at first holding her arms above her head as his cock jackhammered the rear wall of her cunt. He was like an animal…his loins powering his probing thrusts…her whole body shaking with each assault.

Then his hands slid under her ass…grabbing at her ass cheeks…holding her tight as he tried to go deeper and deeper…his finger teasing her tight asshole as he fucked her…his cock pistoning in and out…his balls slapping against her…their moans and groans intermingled. He felt her cunt tighten….gripping his cock tighter…OH GOD…I’m cumming again moaned Alexa….they started thrusting each other….both wanting more…the farmer was on the verge…he felt his boiling cum coursing through his balls….filling his cock….

As Alexa let loose with a gut wrenching scream the farmer felt his cock let go…his hot white spunk shooting deep in Alexa’s cunt….he grunted with each thrust….each time releasing another round of cum…spasm after spasm until they were both spent.

The farmer was exhausted…he rolled over on his back and looked at the lovely vixen that had just taken him to heights he had never been before. Alexa smiled at him…she rolled towards him and kissed the head of his cock. She straddled his stomach and kissed him passionately on the lips as his cum dripped from her cunt onto his skin. Soon she stretched out next to him and they fondled and kissed. Both knew there would be more fun to follow before Alexa’s car cooled down and she could resume her travels.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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