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Consultant Perks Ch. 01

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Oh, how I love my job. As a consultant, I am always going to new places and meeting new people. My latest assignment was particularly rewarding because of Rhonda.

I arrived at Consolidated Credit, expecting another humdrum review of business processes, followed by the usual recommendations to improve efficiency. On my first day there, I was introduced to several department heads whom I would be interviewing and working with. My sponsor at Consolidated, Jim, led me from department to department, explaining their functions and introducing me to my contacts in each.

As we entered the phone service area, my attention was immediately drawn to a statuesque blond facing away from us, intent on her computer screen. Jim led the way through a long series of cubicles right to this angelic figure. My heart pounded as he said, “Rhonda, there’s someone here I would like you to meet.” She spun in her chair, causing her soft wavy hair to swing outward. She looked up at me and delivered a heart-stopping smile. Rhonda beamed at me and held out her hand.

Our eyes locked and I managed to say, “Hi, Rhonda, my name is Sam.” I silently praised myself for keeping my composure as I continued, “I understand from Jim that we’ll be working pretty closely together over the next few days. I’m looking forward to learning as much as can from you.”

“Same here,” she replied. “When do get started?”

Jim interjected, “I just need to have Sam meet a few more people, show him to his work space, and then he’s all yours.”

“Alright then,” Rhonda said. “Let me know when you’re ready to get down to business.”

As she spoke, I was determined to keep my eyes locked on hers out of respect. But my peripheral vision was taking in the fullness of her upturned breasts, her small waist, and her shapely legs. My mind was filled with visions of this goddess and the scent of her arousing perfume lingered in my nostrils as Jim led me away to the next department. I was captivated by the way she crinkled her nose when she smiled as I walked away. She reminded me of Samantha, from Bewitched, and she may just as well have cast a spell over me. At my next stops, I absently shook a few more hands and met a few more people, thinking of Rhonda the whole time.

At last, Jim showed me to my desk and demonstrated how to log on to their email system. He bid me good luck and returned to his own desk. I immediately got down to work, and my first order of business was to set up an interview session with Rhonda. I looked her up in the company directory and sent her an email requesting a meeting the following morning.

I received her reply moments later. She added a line of text to her acceptance note that said, “My, you work fast, don’t you?”

I shot back a reply of my own that said, “I’m very motivated!”

She didn’t leave it that. What followed was a series of seemingly innocent email messages back and forth, with Rhonda expressing interest in my work and me trying to respond as professionally as I could while wishing I could just come out and tell her how dazzlingly beautiful I found her.

She wrote: “I admire motivation. What do you hope to accomplish during your stay here?”

I replied: “I hope to help Consolidated improve their customer service through some business process re-engineering. “

“Sounds a little boring, Sam.”

I panicked. I was losing her. “That part is. The fun part is going to new places and meeting new people…like you.” (I decided to take a chance. I didn’t want to spook her though.)

She wrote back: “That does sound like fun. And thanks. I don’t get to meet too many new people, so it was extra nice to meet you today. See you tomorrow morning.”

That first day was filled with setting up additional meetings and reviewing the documentation Jim had provided. I poured over it trying to familiarize myself with the business processes at Consolidated Credit.

Early the following morning I sipped my coffee and watched the clock, waiting for my meeting with Rhonda. At five minutes to nine, I strolled into the conference room to find Rhonda already there.

“You’re early,” I remarked.

She looked up and smiled that luscious smile as she replied, “I guess I was anxious to get started.”

I sat in a chair next to her and began to lay out a few things on the table that I wanted her to look at. She listened intently as I walked her through the process flow maps I had brought. As I pointed at different places on the charts, my shoulder lightly brushed hers. I was happy to see that she did not pull away. In fact she leaned into me, trying to better view the small text-filled boxes on the paper I was talking about. antep escort

About fifteen minutes into our meeting, she turned to me and said, “I really like that cologne you’re wearing. What is it?”

“It’s Aramis,” I replied, “and your perfume is making it very hard for me to concentrate.”

She was looking intently at the papers spread out on the table before her and I thought to myself, uh-oh, I may have just crossed the line of appropriateness. Then I watched her profile as a little smile lit up her face and she turned her chair toward mine. Her knees pressed lightly against mine. My left hand was on the table and my right rested on the back of her chair.

She raised her eyes to mine and said, “Why don’t we take a break then?”

I nodded dumbly and smiled. She stood up and headed toward the door. Oh no, I thought, she’s leaving. But instead, she closed the door to the conference room, locked the door, and closed the blinds on the narrow window next to the door. With her eyes locked on mine, she walked back toward me like a lioness stalking her prey. She spun my chair toward her and lowered herself onto my lap facing me. I looked up at her and watched in disbelief as she moved her face close to mine. Her breath warmed my already flushed face as her fragrant hair lightly brushed my ears.

Then she softly purred, “how much time do we left in our meeting, Sam?”

“About 45 minutes,” I replied as I wrapped my arms around her waist and scooted her closer to me.

She began to plant little kisses around my face and whispered, “Well let’s see how this meeting goes. If it goes the way I’m hoping, we can schedule more time for follow-up.”

I just managed to say, “Sounds good to me,” as her warm, soft lips covered mine.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed deeply. She murmured soft sighs of pleasure as our tongues hungrily explored each other’s mouth. I hugged her closer, enjoying the feel of her firm breasts against my chest. She swayed her ass back and forth on my lap causing my manhood to stir and swell. I’m sure she felt it growing because she began to breath harder and squirm on my lap faster.

Suddenly she broke away and sat straight up placing her hands on my shoulders. With this distance between us, I traced lines on her heaving breasts with my fingertips. She hung her head back and moaned with delight. I placed my hands over her breasts completely and kneaded the flesh of her firm tits through her soft Casmir sweater.

“Oh, Sam,” she said huskily. “I don’t know why, but you make me so hot. I’ve wanted you since we first met yesterday.”

“And I haven’t been able to think of anything but you since I first saw you.”

She reluctantly got off my lap and caressed my stiffening rod through my slacks as I continued to caress her beautiful tits. She pulled away with a look of regret. The she smiled and put a finger to her mouth to still my protests. She pranced to the corner of the room, wiggling her ass seductively, looking back at me over her shoulder. What a perfect, inverted heart shaped ass she had. Rhonda went to the video monitor stationed in the corner of the room and said, “I think we need some background noise before we get too far into this meeting. Here’s a little orientation video that will help you to understand what we’re all about here at Consolidated.”

She pressed play and turned up the volume. The intro music was very industrial, but Rhonda made it seem like a porno soundtrack as she seductively began to strip before my eyes. When the president of Consolidated began to speak, she was pulling her sweater over her head revealing a black lace bra beneath.

My eyes widened and she said, “I wore this for you in the hopes that our meeting this morning might go like this.”

Her full breasts stuck out even farther as she bent toward me and reached behind her to unzip her knee-length skirt. I was mesmerized by her soft skin, deep cleavage, and wiggling of her luscious looking breasts as she squirmed out of her skirt. In a very professional manner, she folded her clothes over an unused chair and began to caress herself. One of her hands slid over her matching black panties. She placed one foot up on the conference table and gestured for me to come closer. I rolled I my chair toward the object of my desire.

“Sam,” she began, “for some reason my pussy is getting very wet. Can you keep it from dripping down my leg while I unsnap these nylons?”

I moved my face to within inches of her snatch and breathed in her warm aroma. “It would be my pleasure,” I replied. I carefully moved the material of her panties aside and gently licked the length of her slit. “Mmmm, delicious,” I reported. I slowly licked her cunt while she unsnapped the nylons from her garter belt. Then she lay back on the conference room table and arched her back in delight. I slowly rolled the nylons off her legs, kissing each inch of exposed skin as I went. I did this with each leg to purposely drive her wild with desire.

When both of her legs were bare, she raised her ass and said, “Take off my panties.”

I complied gladly. Once they were off, I said, “now talk off your bra and start fingering yourself while I get undressed. She seemed in a trance as she obeyed. She caressed her own tits with one hand and stoked her pussy with her other as she watched me undress. When my cock was freed from my boxers, she pulled her finger from her went cunt and sucked the juices off it. I neatly folded my clothes over a chair as well and then sat back in my chair. I rolled it slowly toward the table, taking in the sight of her gorgeous pussy framed in wispy blond hair, as I drew nearer to it. I positioned her legs upon my shoulders and began to lick her cunt in earnest. She moaned in delight and raised her ass off the table as I probed as deeply as I could with my tongue.

She tasted absolutely delicious. I buried my whole face in her cunt and used the bridge of my nose to twiddle her hard clit back and forth as my tongue lapped mouthfuls of her dripping pussy juice. I added a finger on my right hand into the mix causing her to jerk and spasm. “Ohhh!” she exclaimed, “That feels so good, Sam. Put your cock in me, baby.”

“Patience, baby. I want to eat your sweet pussy a little longer. You taste so good.”

She closed her eyes and thrashed her head back and forth as she tweaked her hard nipples. Her legs crossed behind my head pulling me deeper into her love hole. I lapped liked a man dying of thirst. I pulled out my finger and replaced it with the left. First one, then a second finger on my left hand entered her warm moist pussy. When she arched her back and raised her ass off the table, I placed my very wet, right index finger against her ass hole.

She jumped a little at this new sensation, then sighed, “Oh yeah, Sam. Do me.”

I gently pushed my well-lubricated finger past the lips of her rosebud and let gravity take its course. I twisted the fingers on my left hand in and around her cunt causing her to raise up her ass again. The she would lower it bringing deeper penetration into her ass. We began a tortuous rhythm with her ass bouncing up an down onto my probing finger while my fingers drilled in and out of her dripping cunt, my nose twiddled her engorged clit and my tongue lapped her delicious juices furiously. Add to that my grunts of pleasure muffled by the sloshing noises made by her warm, wet pussy lips, and this woman was pushed over the edge into the glorious abandon of release.

She arched her back higher than ever and held her ass high as she gasped, “Oh Sam, oh baby, here I come!” She squeezed her eyes closed and froze there, trembling. I pulled my finger from her ass just as she relaxed all her muscles and her ass slapped onto the conference table. I stayed with her throughout so as not to miss a drop of pussy juice as the warm fluid cascaded out. I gulped greedily. I bathed in it.

When I could drink no more, I began to stand up. I rubbed my chest against her gaping snatch as she lay there breathless on the table. My own nipples were rock hard as they rubbed against her steaming pussy.

“Oh Sam,” she rasped, “That was an awesome orgasm. Are you going to fuck me now?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Mmmm, good.”

I was really enjoying taking my time with this sweet thing, so I decided to wait a bit. I was standing up next to the table. My cock was positioned perfectly to dive into her beautiful pussy, but I had another idea first. I wrapped both arms around her thighs and pulled her toward me with her legs sticking straight up. My cock was positioned right at the entrance to her love hole as her soft ass hung over the edge of the table a couple of inches. I could feel its heat on the engorged head of my cock.

With one hand I held her legs straight up and began kissing her feet and ankles. With the other had I held my firm tool and dragged the swollen head slowly up and down her steaming slit. She tried to writhe toward me but I controlled the distance.

“Oh Sam, the head feels so hot. I want it in me so bad.”

“Soon, Rhonda.”

Her pleas turned to murmurs of contentment when my kisses moved to the tips of her toes. While I moved my cock head slowly up and down her slit, feeling it growing wetter and wetter, I relished each toe in turn. I sucked in each one and licked thoroughly between each toe, all the while sliding my cock head up and down. Her toes tasted fabulous. Her pussy felt glorious. I worked my way from her pinkies to her big toes. Then I sucked both big toes into my mouth as I pushed my cock a little ways in.

“Yeah, oh yeah, Sam. I can feel it. Fuck me baby.”

I let her toes slip from my mouth with a pop and spread her legs slightly. Grabbing each of her ass cheeks firmly, I slid my cock slowly into her juicy cunt.

“Mmmm,” she sighed. “It feels sooo good, Sam. Where did you learn all these fabulous tricks?”

“Rhonda, I’m just making them up as I go. I never sucked toes before, but your beautiful little feet made me want to try. You really turn me on.”

“Me, too. And right now I just want to feel some good old-fashioned fucking.”

“How do you want it, long and slow or fast and hard?”

“Yes!” she smiled.

So that’s what I did. I watched the clock on the wall and tried to use our remaining time to full advantage. I started with long, slow strokes in and out while I caressed her soft tits.

“Yeah, that feels good,” she cooed.

Then I picked up the pace, grabbing handfuls of her soft ass and slamming in deep. That changed her oooh’s to Oh’s! She gasped in rhythm to my pounding, “Oh, oh, oh, Sam! Oh – yes – fuck – me! Oh, oh, Sam, here I come again!”

Her powerful orgasm brought me dangerously close to the edge of release, so I slowed it down and went back to massaging her breasts and giving her long, slow thrusts in and out of her soaked pussy.

“Rhonda,” I confessed. “You are so hot! I can’t go on like this much longer. Where do you want me to come?”

“When you’re ready, baby, I want you to pull out and come in my mouth, okay?”

“Okay,” I said.

I put my hands under her back and lifted her off the table. Her full weight was supported in my hands and on my cock. She wrapped her legs around my back, impaling herself on my rod as deeply as she could, as I moved onto the chair.

Now it was her turn to work on me. She stood on her tiptoes facing me and held my shoulders firmly. She bounced up and down on my hard pole and gyrated wildly from side to side. I lay slouched in the chair, lost in oblivion as I felt my release coming from a long way off.

“You’re gonna make me come, you hot little slut.”

“That’s what I want, baby – your hot cum in my mouth.”

“You better get ready, lady, I’m getting close.”

She slowed her pace and moved up and down more slowly. She dragged her pussy up my pole ever so slowly. The vacuum of her hot pussy made my cock head grow in size. Then she would drop down and grind against my lap. Her motions drew my jiz right to the edge of release. I held it back as long as I could to relish the awesome fucking she was giving me.

She purred, “Rhonda’s pussy’s gonna make Sam shoot his hot load, huh baby?”


“Are you ready for me yet, baby? I want to drink your hot cum.”

“I’m almost there, baby. Keep fucking me just like that.”

“Yeah you like the way Rhonda fucks, don’t you, Sam.”

“Yeah, I do. You’re the best.”

“And you made me come twice already, baby. I want to drink your cum so bad. Ready for me,

“Yeah, Rhonda, go for it.”

She jumped backwards and felt to knees. Her mouth engulfed my hot cock without missing a beat. She murmured over it, caressed it, and fondled my balls. Her head bobbed up and down, applying the same suction her pussy gave. At the top of each stroke, I felt her lips tighten slightly and her suction increase.

“Oh you’re good Rhonda. Are you ready for me?”

“Yes, give it to me,” she mumbled through a mouth filled with my cock.

My cum boiled into her waiting mouth. She sucked it from my pole greedily, capturing every drop. In a trance, I admired her gorgeous blond hair cascaded over my lap and watched her head moving up and down, ever more slowly, as my cock gradually softened and she sucked every last drop of cum from it.

When it was fully flaccid, she let it slip from her mouth and kissed it gently before climbing back into my lap and cuddling me. She moved her face closer and closer to mine while peering into my eyes. I could tell she was watching for any objection to what she was about to do. When none was forthcoming, she gently pressed her soft lips to mine. I tasted the saltiness of my own cum as she tasted the sweetness of her pussy juice. Together our tongues made love all over again in the darkness of our mouths.

Finally, she drew away and looked deeply into my eyes. “That was the best meeting I’ve ever been in, Sam.”

“Same here, Rhonda. What do you say? I think we definitely have some follow-up to do.”

“Definitely,” she smiled.

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