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Conference Time

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Ava Addams

Babs was sat in the meeting and she was bored to pieces. She had driven three hours to get here this morning and she was straight into a meeting. Her day had been full of meeting after meeting. She spent the majority of the time eyeing up the talent in the room and she had marked a couple that she would like to fuck. Eventually the day came to an end and she left the meeting room.

She went back to her room and laid down on her bed. Her plan was to go to the bar and chat up a couple of young men and see if they were up to fucking her. Instead she fell asleep and by the time that she had woken up it was eleven o’clock and well past the time that she could go to the bar and see some action. Instead she rang for room service. She enjoyed her meal and then she stripped herself naked and went into the shower. She cleansed herself and then she stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel. She walked back into the bedroom and towelled herself dry. Once she was dry she dropped the towel on the floor and walked naked to the bed. She may be 63 but she still got horny and she loved to touch herself.

She picked up one of her large breasts and brought it to her mouth. She found the nipple and began to suck on it. She loved that she had the ability to do this. It made her feel like she was a child once again and she could suckle her nipple for ages. After sucking her nipple for about fifteen minute she dropped her breast to her chest.

She had so hoped to be fucked tonight. This was why she enjoyed coming away on these conferences. No-one seemed to care who they were fucking – they just wanted a shag. She was horny now and she was so tempted to walk naked from her room to the bar and pick up whoever was left but she knew that they would be drunk good for nothing. She wanted a good hard fucking and to take a younger man to her bed and see him there in the morning when she could fuck him again.

Playing with her breasts had done nothing to quell the desire that was within her. She needed to play with her pussy. She ran her hand down her abdomen and got to the pussy that she longed to be fucked. Before she had even touched it she could feel the moistness that was leaking out of her. She took a couple of fingers and opened herself up and let the air hit her pussy knowing that this would make her more moist. She found her clit and began to play with it. She was so turned on that soon she came all over the bed. She was a leaker and she dampened the bed with her cumm. She then took hold of the pillow that was next to her and rubbed it up and down her pussy. It was quite firm and soon had her all aroused again. She worked it harder and faster and managed to make herself cumm again and then she laid there sated for a while. She knew that she was lacking something. She wanted a hard cock to pierce her pussy. She wanted to be fucked.

She laid there and thought about things. Her husband would know what to do but he had not come this time. He did things to her that other men could not do. She fucked these younger men just for the sex but her husband really knew how to hit the spots and turn her on and have her having an orgasm at the drop of a hat. She knew that she needed something to fill her pussy. She thought about things and looked around the room and then it came to her.

She climbed off of the bed and went to her suitcase. She looked around the suitcase and found what it was she was looking for. It was a pair of curling tongs. They were not as thick as a good cock but they worked well as a substitute. She ran the tongs up and down her pussy lips to get her aroused not that she needed it she was already well aroused and she knew that it would not take much for her to cumm. She found her clit and ran the tongs along it. This caused her to spasm off of the bed and she knew that she was not going to be long in cumming. She took hold of the tongs by the handle and began to feed them into her pussy. She was that moist that they slid in easily and soon she was full of the tongs. She had the experience and could take a long cock so the tongs were nothing. She began to move them in and out of her pussy and as she did she imagined that it was some young stud who was fucking her. She loved these thoughts and loved them even more when they became a reality which she was hoping for tomorrow.

She fucked herself hard and fast and she was getting lost in her thoughts. This was going to happen she knew that it was. She was going to get fucked by some young stud. Just the thought of it soon brought her to orgasm. She had to stifle a scream because this was her third orgasm and normally by now she would be writhing round the bed and screaming out loud. She did not stop with the tongs she wanted a fourth orgasm. She used the handle and opened them up and stretched her pussy so that she could feel as if she a thicker cock. It took some control but she was able to keep them open and fuck herself. She moved them in and out of her pussy and managed to get into a routine. It did not antep escort take her long doing this before she came again for the fourth time. This time she did let out a scream and quickly grabbed the pillow and put it over her face to stifle it. She felt sure next door would have heard her but then she thought- “Do you know what I do not care.”

She allowed herself to settle down. The room reeked of sex and she loved the smell. It was one of the most amazing smells that she knew and she could smell it all day. She sorted out her pillows and then she rang her husband to say goodnight to him. For all she might misbehave she always rang her husband at the end of the day even if there was another man in her bed. Once she had spoken to him and they had said their goodnights she settled down and went to sleep.

She woke bright and breezy in the morning. She had not had to do the travelling. She pushed herself up in bed and decided whether or not she should go down for breakfast. She decided to forego breakfast and get herself ready for the day. She was going to make sure that the men noticed her and in particular her breasts. She found them a little on the big size but men seemed to like them so who was she to complain.

She got out of bed and walked naked to the bathroom. She set the bath running and then she took the shaving mirror and looked at her pussy. It was a little hairy so she decided to give it a trim. She did not go all the way but she did shave quite a bit of her hair off and trimmed it so that it looked nice and tidy.

She then got into the bath. She soaked for a good few minutes and then she washed herself making sure that she used a scent that she knew that men liked. She covered herself in a small amount because she knew that men did not like to be over-powered by the scent that woman wore. Once she was clean she got out of the bath and wrapped herself in a towel. She walked into the bedroom and took her seat in front of the mirror. She took the tongs and plugged them in. As she did the scent of last night filled the room and she knew that this was going to be going into her hair and that would attract the men even more.

Once she had tonged her hair she added her make-up and then she finished things with a matching perfume to what she had bathed in. She then stood and went to look at herself in the mirror. She looked at herself in the full length mirror and thought that she did not look too bad for someone who was 63 years of age.

She then went to her bag and looked inside. On top there were the formal business clothes that she would wear if she was in the office but underneath were the clothes that were a bit risqué but were still business they were all just a size too small for her. She found her bra first. It was made of black silk. She put it in and pulled her breasts into it. They pushed her breasts up and made them stand up. She then found her knickers. They were French knickers. She liked them because she could fuck someone and not have to take them off. Next she found her skirt. It was a mini skirt that came just above her knee. It was taut to her arse and if you looked you could see the outline of her vulva. The blouse was next. It was black to go with the skirt that she had on and it was just a little tight and further accentuated her breasts. She finished the look with a pair of hold-up stockings. She put her feet in heels and looked in the mirror for a second time. This time she looked sexy and she felt ready to face the crowd. She picked up her briefcase and left her room and went to her first session.

The first session was a long and boring affair and lasted a good couple of hours and by the time that they were finished she needed to go to the toilet. Once this was done she came out of the bathroom and was greeted by a young man.

“Hey I am Tom.”

“Hi I am Babs.”

She looked at him. He must have been about twenty two. He was well built and rather rugged looking. She could feel the moistness begin to build in her knickers and she was thinking already of fucking him.

“Are you in room 602?” he asked.

“Yes.” She replied.

“I heard you masturbating last night and it was very horny and caused me to take my cock in my hand and masturbate along with you.” He said.

Just hearing the words from this young man’s mouth was really turning her on. She looked around and noticed that there was a cupboard halfway down the corridor. She took him by the hand and led him down the corridor. She looked up and down the corridor and made sure that they were not seen then she opened the door of the cupboard and pulled him in.

Once inside she started kissing him. It was a kiss full of passion. They were like two lovers who had not seen each other in such a long time. It was a long kiss because their hands were all over each other. They were tearing at each other clothes and they could not get enough of each other.

The young man could not believe that he was about to a fuck a woman in her sixties yet she was the sexiest woman there which did not say a lot for the other women. Babs on the other hand could not believe that it had taken her one session to get fucked. She was so hot she could have eaten the poor boy but she was going to enjoy herself and sod what anyone else thought.

Soon they were both naked. Babs got down on her knees and took his cock in her hand. She masturbated it and brought it to its full length of about seven inches. It was quite thick that she liked. She moved forward with her mouth and opened it and took the cock into her mouth. It was a bit of a strain but she managed to take all of the cock into her mouth.

She began to move her mouth up and down the shaft and she began to fondle the balls that were heavy and obviously full of spunk and she could not wait to taste it. She worked her way faster up and down the shaft. She mangled the balls in her hand so that he let out a little scream. She told him to be quiet and carried on doing what she was doing.

It took her ten minutes of sucking his cock which she was impressed by before she felt his balls tighten and she knew that he was about to cumm. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and invited him to cumm in her mouth. With a final jerk he released his cumm and it hit the back of her throat. She took another couple of squirts and then she swallowed all that he had to give her. She swallowed it all and she dropped his cock out of her mouth.

She stood up and rubbed her jaw and savoured the cumm that she had just received but now she wanted a bit of satisfaction

“Get on the floor.” She said.

He did as he was told and she liked that in a man. She hovered over him then she lowered her pussy towards his face. She managed to balance there and he began to lick her pussy. He started by licking her lips. He went up and down and got them to tingle and for her to produce some juice. She had not told him she was a leaker but he soon found out when she dripped juice onto his face. He licked it off his face and then he went for her clit. It was quite a large clit and he began to flick at it. It soon became erect like a small cock and it caused her to have her first orgasm. She had to control her legs so that she did not fall. She then watched as he went for her pussy. He stuck his tongue in and began to fuck her. She loved it and he went on for about five minutes and then she came over his face again. He was drowned in her cumm.

They had both cumm and then she moved and placed herself over his cock. She lowered herself down onto it. It filled her quite nicely but did not stretch her too much. It was just comfortable and she was happy with it. She began to move her pussy up and down his cock. She was covering him in cumm but he seemed to enjoy it. She fucked him for about fifteen minutes and then she came and he came for a second time into her pussy. She took his cumm then she pulled herself off of his cock. She kissed him and then they got dressed. They checked the corridor and made it back for the second session.

The second session was slightly more interesting than the first but Babs was just aware that she must smell of sex and she loved that fact. Her smell would perfuse around the room and people would wonder who it was not thinking that it might be the sixty three year old woman. As the session ended the young man approached her and asked for another go but she turned him down. She did one night or day stands not relationships. He walked away defeated. Babs went for lunch. She got her food and looked around for somewhere to sit. She saw a table with two men sat at it and approached it.

“Do you mind if I join you?” She asked.

“No please feel free.” They said.

They sat and managed a conversation and got quite comfortable with each other.

“How long have we got for lunch?” One of them asked.

Babs look at her watch and said that they had another forty minutes to play with. One of them got up and disappeared for a while. It took him five minutes and then he came back.

“Do you fancy some fun?” One of them asked.

“Yeah sure.” Babs replied.

“Come to room 508 in five minutes.”

With that they both left the table and Babs was sat there alone counting down the time. It seemed to take ages but soon the five minutes were up. She got up from the table and headed for room 508. She knocked on the door and entered

What she saw made her immediately moist. Both men were naked on the bed and were masturbating each other. Babs had never seen two men play with themselves before but it turned her on. She was straight but she did not have a problem with other people.

“We are bisexual and we noticed you this morning and thought that you would be fun to play with. “

“Do you have a problem with that?”

Babs was unbuttoning her blouse which told the men that she was cool with the situation. She took her blouse off and dropped it to the floor. She then unzipped the mini-skirt that she was wearing and let it fall to the floor. She stood there for a couple of minutes in just her underwear and then she said.

“Do you want to see more boys?”

They nodded in agreement.

She did a little dance for them and then she reached round and unclipped her bra. She held it to her breasts for a while and then she dropped it to the floor. She could hear them sigh when they saw the size of her breasts. She jiggled them and picked one up and suckled on it. She then put her hands in the hem of her knickers and pulled them down to show her sparsely covered pussy. She kept her stockings on and climbed onto the bed. She touched both cocks as she passed them and snuggled in between them.

The boys were masturbating as she took turns to kiss them and they took turns to nozzle into her breasts. She loved what they were doing to them. She moved a hand down and placed it on one of the cocks.

God it was hot.

She stopped kissing them and turned herself round and looked at the two cocks. She tossed a coin in her head and decided which one she was going to suck. She took the chosen cock and began to suck on it. At the same time the boys had moved her so that they could kiss her pussy. Between them all they were kissing and licking and sucking. The room reeked of sex and they hadn’t fucked yet. Babs was the first to cumm and she came all over the young man who was sucking her. This just turned him on and he shot his cumm into her mouth. The one that she was sucking soon followed his friend and came and shot his cumm into the air.

They then got hold of her and placed her on her back. They spread her legs wide and the one who had not been sucked got first go at fucking her. Babs was impressed he was about 8in long and thick. He filled her hole nicely and she just laid back and let the two boys take turns at fucking her. She came a couple of times but still the boys fucked her. They spurted their cumm into her pussy but they stayed hard and managed to fuck her for a second time and when they came a second time they collapsed on the bed. They laid there and cuddled for a while and then they looked at the time and decided it was time to get dressed.

Babs was so horny. She could have sat in the session completely naked and not given a monkey. As it was she gave her bra to one of the boys and her knickers to the other one then she left the room and went to the final session. Throughout the final session she was thinking about what had just happened she was surprised that seeing two men together had turned her on. She could not wait for the final session to end. It seemed to go on for ages and was not helped by some busybody who kept everyone behind by asking questions In the Q and A. Eventually about six o’clock they managed to get out of the session.

She rushed to her room and quickly closed the door behind her. She stripped off her clothes and walked around the room naked. She was keen to masturbate again but she thought she would have a shower first. She turned on the shower and laid the tongs on the bed. They were not a cock but they would have to do. She stepped into the shower and cleansed herself. She wiped all the cumm off of her and made sure that she was clean. She stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel. She dried herself and then she dropped the towel to the floor and walked naked to the bed. She laid down and began to play with her breasts. She loved to play with her breasts.

Although she thought that they were too big they were sensitive and her nipples soon stood up on end. She picked one up and took the nipple into her mouth. She suckled on it and soon she was getting wet again. She used her spare hand to reach down and play with her pussy. She fingered herself and managed to get three fingers in and fucked herself. She found her clit and played with it. The combination of all the stimulation that she was experiencing soon had her cumming and she soaked the bed with her juice. She then took the tongs and inserted them into her pussy and fucked herself with them. It did not take long and she was cumming again. Sated for the moment she decided to have a rest before the final dinner. Naked she fell asleep on the bed.

She was awoken by a knock at the door. She slipped into a nightie and went to open the door. There stood a black man. He was about 6ft 4in tall and built strongly. It appeared that he was the cleaner and domestic for the room.

“Can I come in and clean your room miss?” He asked.

“Of course you can.” Babs said.

Babs showed him in and took a seat and watched him work. God he was sexy. When he was finished Babs asked him if he offered any extra services. He looked at her and said.

“Your room at eleven o’clock.”

With that he left the room.

Babs then got ready for the final dinner. She put a slip on and pulled on a thong. She completed the look with some black hold-up stockings. She then went to the wardrobe and pulled out the red dress that she had decided to wear that night. She did her hair and her make-up then checked herself in the mirror. She looked good.

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