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Compare , Contrast

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Sorry, Dear Reader, this is not the first instalment of some seemingly-endless saga. It is just a little snippet of erotica for your immediate gratification. Please enjoy. Oh, and don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards.


Janet did not seem at all pleased. ‘How could you have?’ she asked.

Gus was confused. What did she mean? How could he have what?

‘How could you have?’ Janet repeated. ‘And with Tom and I right there.’

Gus was still confused. And not just because Janet had said ‘Tom and I’ when it should have been ‘Tom and me’. Putting that aside, it wasn’t as if he and Sally had sneaked off somewhere. It wasn’t as if they had pretended that they hadn’t done it. They had done it. No argument there.

Sally had sort of knelt on the padded arm of the sofa, supporting herself with her left hand on the back of the sofa, and Gus had put his Tab A into Sally’s Slot B. A satisfyingly warm and slippery Slot B, Gus thought. They had done it right there with Janet and Tom looking on. Watching every move. Willing every thrust. And wasn’t that why they were all there in the first place? ‘I don’t understand,’ Gus said.

‘You don’t understand? Huh! I’m the one who doesn’t understand. You bastard.’

Gus waited for Janet to explain.

‘Well?’ she said.

‘Well what?’

‘How could you have?’

‘I’m sorry. I still don’t understand,’ Gus said. ‘I assume that we are talking about tonight. OK, so I fucked Sally. Or maybe Sally fucked me. But wasn’t that why we were all there?’

‘So that you could fuck my sister?’

‘Well … so that any of us could fuck any of us. And there were only four of us. I could have fucked you. And, of course, I do from time to time. This morning for example. Tom and Sally might have enjoyed watching that.

‘You could have fucked Tom – if you had felt inclined. And, under what I understood to be the unstated rules, I suppose that I could have fucked Tom. Although that might have been a bit awkward. I’m not sure what one does when it’s two blokes. I mean … I have a sort of idea, but I’m not sure who does what to whom and in what order – if you see what I mean. It’s a bit outside my realm of experience.’

Janet shook her head.

‘And, anyway, I’m not sure why you didn’t take the opportunity to fuck Tom. I thought that you fancied the pants off him,’ Gus said. ‘You’ve accidentally called me Tom more than once. You know – when we’ve been getting down and dirty.’

Janet picked up the wine bottle and refilled her glass. ‘What must Tom have thought?’ she said. ‘About you. And Sally.’

‘Tom? antep escort From the expression on his face, I would say that he thought it was pretty damn nice.’


‘Well … you know. Sexy. Arousing. Stimulating. I expect that, right now, he has his own Tab A in Sally’s Slot B. Aided perhaps by a little leftover lubrication from yours truly. And he’s probably replaying the whole scene in his head. I think I would be.’

Janet snorted.

Gus picked up his own wine glass and held it out towards Janet.

‘What?’ she said.

‘Another small splash would not be unappreciated,’ Gus said.

Janet scowled but refilled his glass anyway.

Gus glanced down at his wilted cock. It was hanging, as it tended to, with a slight twist to port. Interesting that. For as long as Gus could remember, he had masturbated with his right hand. Surely his cock should have favoured starboard.

‘So what was it like?’ Janet asked.

‘What was what like?’

‘Fucking my sister.’

‘Oh. It was nice. Yes. Although … umm … different of course.’


‘Yeah. But nice.’

Janet shook her head again. ‘I still can’t believe it,’ she said. ‘You and Sally.’

‘Yeah, well, you and I had already done it once today. And, as I said, I wasn’t really sure about Tom – so that just left Sally. And you have to admit, she seemed pretty keen.’

‘Far too keen, I thought.’

‘Well, she … did sort of start it. Yes. But I thought that you would have been pleased. You were the one who suggested the naked supper.’

Janet said nothing.

‘I assume that you expected sitting around eating and drinking while completely naked to lead to something. And I’m sure that Sally did too.’

‘What sort of different?’ Janet said.

‘What sort of different?’

‘You said that it felt different.’

‘Well … you know,’ Gus said. ‘Different people. Just … well … different.’

‘Better? Is that what you are trying to say? That fucking my sister was better than fucking me.’

‘No. Not better. Just … well … different.’


‘Yeah. You know. Different people go together in different ways. Don’t they?’ Gus made a circle with the thumb and forefinger of his left hand and absent-mindedly poked two fingers of his right hand into the hole and then withdrew them again.

‘Do they?’

‘Yeah. Different shapes … I guess.’

‘My sister’s a different shape?’

‘Well, everybody’s a bit different, aren’t they?’

‘I don’t know. You’re telling the story.’

‘If it had been you and Tom, I’m sure that you would have thought it felt different. For a start off, he’s taller than me. And his cock’s a bit different. Longer perhaps? Thinner?’

‘Not that different. Not once you’re both hard.’

‘Well, it doesn’t have to be that different to be a bit different.’

‘And did Sally’s cunt feel different to mine?’

‘Umm … yeah. A bit different. You know …’

‘In what way?’

‘Well, Sally’s a bit more … rounded. Her cunt’s a bit … umm … fatter than yours. A bit …’

‘And that’s what you prefer, is it? A fatter cunt?’

‘Not prefer. No.’ Gus was starting to regret letting the conversation take the particular turn it was taking. But, as he tried to picture how or why Sally was different to Janet, he had to think about both of them and, thinking about both of them, and in particular thinking about their cunts, he could feel his cock starting to swell again.

When Sally and Tom had left, Janet had slipped on a towelling robe. Now she untied the tie and inspected her vulva. ‘When you say fatter …,’ she said. And she gently prodded her outer labia. And then she pushed them together and then separated them again.

‘Perhaps a bit … you know.’ And Gus’s cock grew a little more. Not a lot more. But enough for Janet to notice.

‘Why is your cock growing?’

‘Probably because of all this talk of girly bits,’ Gus said.

‘Are you thinking of Sally’s fat cunt now? Is that what’s getting you going?’

Gus didn’t answer. What could he say? Whatever he said was going to get him into trouble. That much he knew.

Janet wet her finger and then slowly ran it the length of her cuntal valley. ‘You say different,’ Janet said. ‘OK. Compare and contrast. Perhaps that should be your assignment.’ And she let the open towelling robe fall from her shoulders. ‘Give me an opening statement. Come on,’ she said.

Gus frowned. But his cock continued to grow. ‘An opening statement?’

‘Think of it as an essay. Compare and contrast. Imagine that Sally and I are both standing here. Side by side,’ Janet said. ‘What do you see?’

Now there was a tasty prospect, Gus thought. ‘Well … as I’ve already said, the differences are small. Sally is slightly older, of course.’

‘And always will be,’ Janet said with a little smile of satisfaction.

‘Yes. That tends to be the way these things go,’ Gus said. ‘And you are slightly taller.’

Janet nodded. ‘Is taller better?’

‘Hmm … not necessarily better. But it probably affects the point of entry – if you see what I mean.’

‘Perhaps you need to consider me from behind,’ Janet said. And she half knelt on the arm of the sofa – as Sally had. ‘Talk to me,’ she said. ‘What do you see?’

‘Well … a rather nice arse, obviously,’ Gus said.

‘But not as nice as Sally’s arse. Is that what you’re saying?’

‘To be honest, I don’t think that I could tell them apart.’

‘Perhaps you’re not looking closely enough.’

‘OK. Then let me look closer.’ And Gus slipped his hand between Janet’s slightly-spread thighs and gently fingered her plumpish cunt lips. ‘No. Pretty much the same,’ he said. ‘Both very nice.

‘But mine’s not fat enough?’

‘Fat enough? Well, you want shape. But you don’t want too much. Although some people like a fat arsed woman, don’t they? Personally, I would have said that yours was just about perfect,’ Gus said, working Janet’s cuntal valley and spreading her warm juices.

‘Just about perfect? You don’t sound sure. Perhaps you should … you know … test it out with your cock. See what your cock thinks. Consider the point of entry or whatever it is that you reckon is different.’

‘Yes. I probably should, shouldn’t I?’ Gus said.

Gus took his cock in hand and gave it a few stimulating pumps. And then he parted Janet’s now-glistening cunt lips and let his cockhead find its way to her entrance. Oh, yes, he thought. Oh, fuck yes. Was there a difference between the two sisters? It was so hard to tell.

‘Does that feel different from when you fucked Sally, from when you fucked my sister?’ Janet asked.

‘Different? Mmm … perhaps slightly. But, no, not really.’

‘Make your mind up,’ Janet said.

‘I’m trying to,’ Gus said. ‘Perhaps I need a little longer. Perhaps I need to go a little deeper.’

‘Perhaps you do. You went balls deep with Sally,’ Janet said.

‘Did I?’

‘You certainly appeared to.’

‘I can’t really remember,’ Gus said. ‘It seems a long time ago now.’

‘It wasn’t that long ago.’

Janet repositioned her near-perfect arse slightly and Gus pushed deeper into her hot hole.

‘Oh, yes,’ Janet said. ‘Right there.’

Funnily enough, once Gus got into his work, Janet forgot all about comparing and contrasting. And when Gus put his thumb to work on her conveniently exposed arsehole, Janet took a shortcut to heaven. ‘Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, fuck yes!’ she somehow managed to pant out while gasping for breath. It was only after she had enjoyed an orgasmic climax that she got back to the matter of Gus and her sister. ‘Did you finger Sally’s arsehole?’ she asked.

‘Umm … no, I don’t think that I did,’ Gus said. ‘Why? Should I have.’

‘Perhaps next time,’ Janet said. ‘I think that she might like it.’

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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