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Clarissa’s New Job Pt. 05

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Thanks for reading my story. This won’t make much sense if you haven’t read the other parts. 🙂


Emma opened the door as I approached and I saw her standing there in all her beauty. I smiled as I approached but let my eyes wander downwards, enjoying how she looked in her red shirt, denim shorts and black stockings, the tops of which were just visible under her tight shorts. Black, strappy, high heels finished off her outfit perfectly.

Reaching out her hand as I approached, Emma pulled me close to her and we kissed deeply, I felt her sweet tongue immediately slide into my mouth. I savoured the feeling and taste as our tongues brushed each others and explored our mouths. After only a few seconds, I felt the warm feeling of pleasure spreading through me.

Emma pulled her lips away from mine and grinned, saying quickly, “let’s go!”

“Yes!” I agreed and suddenly started to feel a little nervous about what the night would bring. After all, I had only known Emma for a few days and never worked with another escort.

As we left Emma’s building, we were talking about our day. I told her about the client I’d seen and also told her about how useless most of my clients were. Emma explained the difference between the high end clients that she worked with and the one time men who I was attracting. It had all to do with price and standards. Tonight, was my first look into that world.

“Its only about 5 minutes walk.” Emma mentioned as we turned the first corner. It was almost dark and the air was warm but fresh.

Emma took my hand, I think she could sense I was feeling a little nervous. I felt her give my hand a little squeeze and she said “This guy we’re seeing, Jay, he’s a nice guy, about 30 I guess.” I was just about to speak but Emma continued, “I know it’s your first duo, so just follow my lead, OK baby?

I nodded as we turned the next corner and into a residential street of expensive buildings. “Here we are.” Said Emma as we stopped outside an apartment building with a big black front door which reflected the street lights. Emma let go of my hand and I realised that I was gripping the strap of my bag really tight. Managing to take a deep breath, I also realised that I was curious how this would all play out. I had come to no harm so far and I loved being with Emma so I took a couple of deep breaths and followed her up the first few steps.

Turning to me with a huge smile, Emma, kissed my cheek and turned back to the door, pressing the intercom button. The buzzing noise made me jump a little. A few seconds later a deep voice came through the speaker. “Come in!” The voice said, abruptly as the door unlocked.

Stepping forward, Emma opened the door, saying cheerfully, “come on baby.”

“Right behind you.” I managed to say as I followed her into the hall.

The door closed behind us and the silence in the hallway was only broken by the sharp clattering sound of our high heels on the polished marble floor. We passed 2 apartments on the ground floor and reached the final door at the end of the corridor. I noticed that the door was slightly open. Emma turned to me, grabbed my hand again and slowly pushed open the door as she walked in.

“Hi Baby!” Emma called out as she entered.

“Get ready in the bedroom and come into my front room.” came the stern reply from the room to the right.

“You got it sweety.” Emma said as she pulled me into the hallway and closed the door.

We headed down the corridor and into a large bedroom with dark blue painted walls, and a huge bed with black sheets as well as some dark coloured furniture. The room was spotlessly tidy and clean but the entire place was dark and smelled of cigarette smoke.

Emma looked at me as she dropped her bag onto the bed. “Strip baby.” she said quietly with a smile on her face. I wasn’t feeling nervous any longer, more like I was interested and so I took off my top and my skirt dropping them onto the bed. “Leave the lingerie, he likes it.” Emma added.

Very soon, we were standing in the strange room in our underwear and heels. Emma was dressed in black hold up stockings with pretty lace around the tops, a tiny g string and lace bra to match. She looked so sexy and hot. I wanted to take her right there but I knew we were there to work.

“Baby, just do as I say, go along with me.” Emma said as she grabbed my hand again and lead me out of the bedroom. Emma stopped and added “Shit, I forgot to say, no condoms for this guy, he’s tested and safe. You cool?” I managed to nod as she turned and I obediently followed her back along the corridor. I liked the feeling of sex with no rubber barrier and I trusted Emma that it was safe. I also took birth control pills so there wasn’t an issue for me. We walked past some other rooms before we finally entered the front room.

As we stepped inside my view was blocked for a few seconds by Emma who was in front of me. I heard the deep voice say “Hey baby, you brought me a new bitch huh?” Just at that moment, I caught my first view of Jay, bahis firmaları sitting on a leather sofa wearing only boxer shorts. He was a really muscular black guy with a shaved head, over 6 feet tall and he looked imposing, even when he was sitting.

“Yeah baby, got one just for you.” Emma said as she pulled me beside her, positioning me right in front of Jay, who looked up and down at me slowly.

“Hi.” I said as I looked down at him, feeling a little silly that I had almost forgotten to speak.

“You’re a hot bitch.” Jay said as he laughed. I wasn’t used to people speaking to me like that but given the circumstances, I kinda liked it and I felt safe with Emma. I sensed it was part of the act.

“I’m so glad you like her baby.” Emma said as she looked at me. “Wanna see more?”

“Yeah, show me her tittes.”

I breathed slowly as Emma stepped behind me and I stood, staring at Jay as I felt Emma’s fingers grip the clasp on my bra. Releasing it in a couple of seconds, she moved to my side and slid the bra straps off my shoulders and down my arms. I felt my breasts sag slightly as the bra fell away. I never took my eyes off Jay who clearly liked what he saw and loved being in control even more.

Emma moved slightly and leant her head down, bending in front of Jay as she moved her lips to my breast. I shuddered as her lips touched my skin, and felt her lovely, sweet kisses all over my right breast.

“Yeah, good girl, suck the bitches’ tits.” Ordered Jay as he leaned further back on the sofa.

With that, I felt Emma suck my nipple into her mouth which made me moan out loud.

“You like that bitch?” Jay barked at me.

“Uh huh baby,” I managed as I felt my nipples getting rock hard and the warmth from Emma’s mouth.

It wasn’t long before I felt the tingling sensation flood through my body and my pussy started to feel a little damp. Emma worked her mouth on my nipple, sucking and licking it, while giving Jay a great view of her ass. Jay leaned forward and put his hands on Emma’s butt, then he gave her a little slap which made her moan through her nose.

I looked at him as he pulled her g string to one side and I saw that he was rubbing her pussy as she wiggled her butt. “Dirty bitch, you’re so fucking wet for me already.” he said as his fingers worked between her legs. Emma gripped her hands on my waist as my nipple slipped from her mouth accompanied by grunts as Jay played with her pussy. I was watching her back arch when Jay looked up at me.

“Here!” Jay ordered at me as he pulled his hand away from Emma and pushed her to one side. I moved towards him and Emma sat on the floor to his right. Jay stood up from the chair and towered over me. He looked at me for a few seconds then put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down. I knew what he wanted. I obediently knelt in front of him and he slid his boxer shorts down, letting his cock flop out right in front of my face.

I was shocked I have to admit. His cock was huge, at least 13 inches long and so thick hanging there right in front of me, semi – erect. I glanced at Emma who grinned at me and winked.

Raising my head, I looked up at Jay as I slowly wrapped my hand around his dick, feeling it throb in my hand. “Yeah baby, go on” he said as I moved my head towards him. Opening my mouth as wide as it could go, I slid my lips over the head of his cock and slid my mouth down his shaft, sucking firmly as he groaned above me. I held the base of his cock in my hand as I slowly and firmly slid my head up and down, feeling him harden in my mouth.

Jay began to thrust his hips slowly and I felt his hands on the back of my head. His cock started to hit the back of the throat and I relaxed my as best I could but I was still gagging a little with each thrust. Jay pulled his cock out and I took a deep breath as my saliva dribbled out. Glancing over at Emma who was watching me, with her hand between her legs, she was gently rubbing her clit as she looked at me.

Jay’s cock was fully hard and it had swelled to a huge size, I had never seen a dick this big, let alone fucked one. Reaching down to Emma, Jay grabbed her arm and pulled her up, she got to he feet. “Made yourself wet huh?” Jay said as he looked at Emma.

“You know I’m always wet for you baby.” Emma said seductively.

“You ready to sit on my big black dick bitch?”

Emma nodded at Jay while biting her lip who let go of her arm and sat down. He grabbed his cock and stroked it as we both watched Emma straddle over Jay with her ass towards him. I looked up at her and she smiled and winked at me, “Baby, guide his cock in for me.” Emma almost panted at me.

I got to my knees and moved between Jay’s legs.

“Yes, go on, put that cock in your friends cunt, watch it stretch her tight white cunt open.” Jay barked as I spat on my hand and curled my fingers around his giant throbbing cock. I stroked up and down giving his dick a good coating of my saliva. Emma squatted over his dick and stopped an inch or so away.

“I want it in me kaçak iddaa now baby, give me that dick.”

Reaching up, I put my hand on Emma’s thigh and I realised that my mouth was wide open as I saw Emma touch her wet pussy on the head of Jay’s cock. I moved his dick back a little, watching as it spread her pussy lips open. They both let out a little groan. Once I was sure that his dick was in the right place, I put a little pressure on Emma’s thigh and nodded at her. “Go on baby, slide down on him.”

I watched in amazement as she slowly sank down, her pussy stretching open around the giant dick, Jay grunted as Emma let out a long moan as she pushed down. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, you’re so fucking big.” She shouted out as her cunt reached the base of the shaft.

“Yeah, damn right, now fuck my cock you slut.” Jay demanded.

Emma obeyed and began to slide herself up and down. I could see her juices covering his cock as she worked it in and out of the her pussy. I was so turned on watching her be taken and hearing her grunts as he filled her with his cock. I could feel my panties were soaked. Reaching my hand up and along Emma’s thighs she nodded at me and threw her head back as my fingers reached her swollen clit. I managed to rub it as she bounced up and down on Jay who was grunting as he thrust up into Emma.

“Oh god, yes, fuck this is fucking good.” Emma wailed out as I worked on her clit.

Jay suddenly lifted Emma off his cock and I instinctively knew what to do, I leant forward and grabbed his dick, thrusting my mouth right over his hard wet cock, I could taste his salty precum mixed with Emma’s sweet juices. I sucked him hard a few times and then pulled him out of my mouth and let Emma sink back down and impale herself on him again.

This guy had some stamina and I was surprised he hadn’t cum yet. But he was only getting started. He lifted Emma off again and this time, he pushed her to one side. I watched as she stepped off him and I knew it was my turn. I couldn’t wait it feel that cock. I was determined to take it like a pro.

“Get up!” Jay demanded.

“Yes baby.” I replied as I got to my feet.

Jay took my arm and pulled me to the sofa. “Lay there!”

As I sat down and turned around, Emma crawled over to me. I felt her hands rub over my breasts as she pushed me back. I closed my eyes as she kissed me and I felt her other hand rub my pussy through my wet panties. I loved her touch and it sent shockwaves through my body. I arched up my back and opened my legs, hooking one over the back of the sofa and the other on the floor.

My moment of bliss was interrupted by Jay;s voice. “I’m ready to fuck your little friend.”

Emma pulled her head away and our lips parted. Emma moved down my body and I felt her pull my panties to one side. Next, I felt the wet material brush over my lips and it made me shudder gently. That’s when she noticed I’d shaved for her. “Oh you’ve got such a pretty little pussy.” She said with a grin. Looking up at Jay who was kneeling on the bed between my legs, she said “Look at her tight wet little cunt, push that cock in her now.”

I closed my eyes as I felt her fingers spreading my lips wide open and then, the head of Jay’s giant cock touched my pussy, exactly on target. I let out a long moan as the head pushed in, it stretched my pussy wide open. I’d never felt anything as huge.

“Oh yeah!” exclaimed Emma as she turned back towards my face, leaving her fingers between my legs.

Jay held his dick still with just the head inside. Emma looked at me and asked “You want more baby?”

“Yes, fuck me!” I gasped.

Emma looked back at Jay “Fuck this little slut’s cunt baby.”

With that I heard Jay laugh at the same time he thrust himself forward and my pussy stretched open as his giant cock filled me. I gasped and grunted as his dick hit my cervix. “Fuccckkkk! Yeah! Damn her cunt is tight.”

My head threw backwards uncontrollably and I gripped the sofa hard as he started fucking me deeply with long strokes. My pussy was making wet, squelching noises and I felt his balls slapping my ass as he pumped himself in and out of my body. Emma started to rub my clit and she stared in my eyes as I was taken like a whore.

She kept whispering to me which was making this sex so much more intense. “You like that big cock in you?” I nodded as I panted, I couldn’t speak, the pleasure was building up so fast. “Listen to Jay, he likes your cunt wrapped around his big black cock.”

I finally reached up and gripped the back of her head. I arched my thighs and Jay’s dick pushed just a little deeper but that was all it took. “Fuck, Fuck, I think I’m gonna cum baby.” I blurted out. Emma nodded and rubbed my clit faster.

I felt Jay ram his dick in deep and harder. Jay looked at me, “yeah! Cum on my cock you slut, let me feel this tight cunt cumming.”

One thrust later and it happened, I felt my body become rigid as every muscle in body began to spasm. Jay kept ramming his dick in. “Fuck I feel her cumming.” he said.

The kaçak bahis pleasure reached it’s peak and I exploded, my cunt clamped his cock like a vice and squirted hard, I head my squirt splashing on Jay’s skin and he responded by fucking me faster as I screamed.

“Damn girl!” he said as I started to come down from my orgasm.

“MMM, good girl.” said Emma as she kissed my head. I took a couple of deep breaths as Emma moved down and wrapped her hand around Jay’s cock, pulling it out of me. I felt my pussy gape open as it slipped out. Managing to look up, Emma was sucking his dick which gave me chance to catch my breath.

Jay issued his next order to Emma. “Sit down, I wanna fuck you.”

Emma stood up obediently, and slid her G string to the floor. Stepping out of it, she took Jay’s place on the sofa and spread her long legs wide open, pulling them back to give Jay full access. I managed to get up and turn around so that my head was next to hers as I knelt on the sofa next to her. I kissed her as Jay knelt between her legs. Moving my head down, I watched Jay rub his dick between her pussy lips and she began to breathe deeply. Jay expertly pushed his cock all the way into her pussy in one smooth motion. Emma let out a long groan. “Fuck, yes baby.” she managed to get out.

Tracing my fingers down Emma’s body, I dropped my hand between her legs and rubbed her clit as Jay was fucking her. “Damn baby, you two are fucking hot.” Jay observed. Emma’s clit was hard like a bullet and I rubbed it in circles as she grunted and moaned.

Jay pulled his dick out slowly and looked down at Emma. “You know what I want now? Right bitch?”

“Yeah baby, you wanna push that big ‘ol dick in my tight little ass.” Emma grunted out. I was a little shocked, this was massive. Emma proved that she is indeed a pro. Sliding her hands underneath her butt, she spread open her own ass cheeks and looked up at Jay. “Go on baby, take what you need.”

“Damn, Yeah!” Jay replied as he lowered his dick and pressed it against her wet and tight little ass. My head span between Emma’s ass and her face. She took a deep breath and I saw Jay push slowly, she screamed out as his cock head pushed inside. Gritting her teeth as he held still. I rubbed her clit slowly as she relaxed her ass. Jay timed it perfectly and Emma screamed out again as Jay slid the entire length of his dick up her ass.

“OH fuck!! Fuuckkkkk.” Emma repeated as Jay started to pump her ass. I slid off the sofa and knelt next to Jay, instinctively sliding my hand between his legs and massaging his balls as he fucked Emma’s ass. I looped my other arm around her thigh and started to rub her clit again.

“Shit, that’s gonna make me cum baby.” Emma screeched out between grunts. My fingers moved faster over Emma’s clit as her ass was ravaged.

“Cum for me bitch, I wanna see you cum.” Jay ordered.

Jay was grunting a little more now and I sensed he was getting close.

Emma suddenly tensed up and went silent a few seconds before she let out a loud scream and a flood of her squirt gushed from her pussy and onto the floor.

“Fuck!” yelled Jay as he fucked her faster. I’m gonna fucking cum in your bitch-ass!”

“YEEESSSSS.” Screamed out Emma as I felt his balls tighten in my hand and he thrust forward, burying his dick in Emma’s ass.

Jay grunted over and over as I felt his balls pulse. His cock was erupting inside Emma and she gasped in appreciation. After a while of catching their respective breaths, Jay slowly pulled his dick out which flopped out of Emma’s ass, followed by a dribble of white cum. It looked so hot. Jay suddenly put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me towards Emma. I smiled up at her as I put my face between her legs and licked her pussy and clit before licking downwards to her ass. I pushed my tongue inside which was definitely a new experience but fuck it! It was one of those days and I loved the taste of his cum in her ass. Probing my tongue around for a while felt so good.

Eventually, Emma pulled my head upwards and leaned down, kissing me, she slid her tongue into my mouth and we shared the taste of the three of us.

Jay walked out of the room and I heard the bathroom door close.

Emma giggled, “Holy fuck, that was amazing.” she said. “I could tell you liked it, I knew that you’d like Jay.”

“Jesus, that was one hell of a night and really fucking different from what I’m used to.” The truth was that I’d just had the fuck of my life and I was working as an escort. This was not at all what I had expected and I realised that I loved it. Any doubts about my chosen line of work were fast disappearing. Seeing Emma get fucked like that was also much hotter than I expected and it was a whole new side of her that I hadn’t seen before.

Emma and I cuddled up on the sofa for a few minutes before Jay came back. Then I got another surprise. Jay was dressed in a black gown. He Stood in front of us and said, “Thank you so much, you two are amazing. Would you like a drink?” I asked for some water and Emma said she’d have some too. Jay went off to his kitchen. The bravado and the hard-man act had all gone, that was just his way of getting down. He was a nice guy and seriously talented with his big cock!

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