Temmuz 17, 2024

Cee Cee Obeys

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She was late. We had plans to go to a movie and then dinner…and we both like to be on time. She knew I would be waiting for her and I despise waiting on others.

In relationships she tends to be submissive and a people pleaser, while in her vocation she is decisive, smart and a very capable woman. She is wise, beautiful, has an incredible body and does not realize how attractive she is. Her family surname is a long multi-syllable Italian type, but to me she looks French in addition to Mediterranean. She still has intense face features with sexy curly dark hair, slim hips, lovely waist and large plush breasts with dark areolas and tightly wound button nipples.

She wears tight pants and tops that are too big for her. Yeh..she hides her great tits. I don’t mind. She is pleasant to talk to and a good, kind listener with something to contribute besides a good view.

That day in Phoenix, Arizona…she was running late, probably due to shitty traffic or her dog wasting time, not coming inside quick enough. Either way she ‘just knew’ she was in trouble with me.

She showed up to my little 1950’s era bungalow in central Phoenix with a measure of frustration and concern that she displeased me. She was right.

She slid open my sliding glass door, talking fast, making excuses, explaining the situation and hoping I would not be angry with her (even though she gets like a puddle between her legs when I punish her).

I didn’t speak harshly or chastise her as I got my jacket together along with my keys. I told her it was fine, we would adapt with a different movie if needed, or eat first.

I wanted to minimize the chance that she would be neurotic and a worry wart. She always wanted to please others and made too big of a deal about things no longer in her control even after others have already moved on.

This bağcılar escort was the case that day. I told her we would deal with the situation just fine…but she would NOT shut up about the why’s and details of her lateness. I just looked at her and said “Drop it and lets go”.

She crumbled emotionally right there in front of my eyes. Her shoulders drooped and I thought I was going to see her cry for the first time. She had gotten herself all worked up into a frazzle, and I concluded we needed to either cancel, or take drastic measures to get her in the present.

I made a dramatic showing of taking my jacket off, kicking my shoes to their resting area… took her purse and other belongings out of her hand and pointed to my dark bedroom. “Go to my room. Now”

My place was a little 1br and it was not far to my bed which took up only a small amount of the good sized room. She kept prattling on about how the heavens conspired against her and similar silliness while I guided her by her waist to the foot of my bed. I turned her around, facing me with her back legs against the foot end of the bed…and kept her there a moment.

I began to tell her about how she has no regard for other peoples time or preferences. I told her she was a bad girl who does not deserve to go to dinner and movie if she cannot get to her designated locations in time. She put her head down in shame and resignation, knowing she earned this correction.

Yes, that is exactly what she needed. She needed put into her place. She was worrying about something that already occurred and had been handled with grace. She knew she could use and deserved constructive and plain spoken attitude adjustment.

I told her “Shut up, I do not want to hear one word from you until I release you. If you speak, bahçelievler escort squeak or otherwise make any sounds you will be severely punished and in the doghouse for a month”

She stayed quiet, knowing speaking any acknowledgment was incorrect. Such a smart girl.

I am a big guy. I stand 6’2 and was 230lbs. I took her by her shoulders and pushed her backwards forcefully and she fell onto my bed hard, making no sound.

Previously, in our relationship I had already hand spanked, flogged and paddled her. She loved it. As a result of her tardiness she knew something scary was coming and hopefully exciting.

She always was concerned about ‘what does it mean that I love these things we do together?’, which excited her equally. She was always in her head, thinking about the past or worrying about the immediate future…until I punished her for some new or perceived infraction. She could not avoid being present when being punished.

I quickly took off her shoes, grabbed the belt buckle at her small and trim waist and pulled it right out of her belt loops with a dramatic ‘sssssllllick’ sound. Her eyes got big and she was immediately scared and excited as I soon found out.

I roughly pulled open the top button of her tight jeans and slid her zipper down. We looked at each other, with her eyes communicating a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Then, I hooked my fingers onto the sides of her pants and pulled her jeans down in one smooth and noisy movement along with her white, french cut panties.

I kept them around her ankles. Her beautiful pussy with light brown, well trimmed pussy hairs was telepathically telling me that my tongue and mouth was desperately needed to get her in the present. Her panties were soaked.

I pushed her slightly bahçeşehir escort puffy lips apart and found her clit, which was hard and absorbed all forms of pleasure I gave her for the next 10 minutes. I held her wrists, while I was licking her clit…in some way restraining her as well as giving her some familiar comfort. Even with the jeans and panties around her ankles, her legs flew as far open as she could manage. What a wonderful slut.

I made her come a few times and hard…during which she was obedient, making sure she was not making any sounds while I licked each orgasm out of her beautiful body.

When I was done, counting upon her to be wholly in the present, I stopped licking her very happy clit and pulled her up on her feet.

I made her close her eyes and watched her sway in the air while she looked like she was smacked up beside her head by an orgasm feather pillow. She was fucked up and dizzy looking…with her body not standing quite straight.

I pulled her panties and jeans up, threaded her belt back on and grabbed her hand, then handed her shoes to her and we walked back into my living room. Her hair was a mess and she walked/stumbled on the balls of her feet all stiff legged, like a kid just up from their nap.

It was beautiful sight to see.

I told her to slip her shoes on while still standing up and ensuring she NOT hold onto anything when doing so. This provided me even more beautiful mess for me to see, again.

I told her she could speak. She said. “Oh my GOD, that is the most fucked up, awesome thing I have had happen to me. THANK you!” and gave me a huge kiss and hug.

I told her “Good, you are welcome. No more talking tonight. Let’s Go.” She did not speak again for the evening.

I got our things together, grabbed her hand again, went to my truck, drove to dinner and then saw the movie we planned on seeing.

She is in DC now and I am in the Midwest. That occurred over 15 years ago and I still speak to her. In fact, I read this to her before publishing it. She laughed and laughed…saying it was certainly something that still stands out in her life. I will ensure she sees this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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