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Beverly Ch. 03

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Bev had been dismissed from the hospital two weeks ago. She was doing great and able to be at home alone when Lou was at work. She had talked to the people in the Army Human Resource area and there was a job that she was qualified for, on paper, at a military hospital in the northwest part of the country. She was disappointed in the location because she did not want to leave Lou. She finally told him that night she had talked to them and where it was. Lou said she should go for it and he would go up with her for the interview. She said she would think about it more and let him know.

She finally decided she would at least go and see what it was about and it would be great to go someplace with Lou for a few days. She called and got an appointment for an interview and then called Lou and told him what she had done. That night Lou told her had had a week off and he had made flight reservations for them. She was very excited to at least be going somewhere with him.

Just after Bev had gotten out of the hospital she had an appointment to have her tubes tied and that had happened. Tonight was the end of the waiting period even though the doctor had told her she was ok to have sex right after the procedure. They had been careful anyway and she had a period right after also. She did not know if Lou had remembered the date but she was going to plan a candle light dinner for him and then let him screw her silly. They had worked out two or three ways to have sex comfortably and he could pick it. She just wanted him deep in her spewing his cum.

She had taken her shower, shaved everything, douched and had a sexy night gown on when he got home. Earlier she had most of the stuff cooked he liked and even had candles on the table. He could not believe what he saw as he came into the kitchen and all she let him do was give her a peck on the cheek. She told him to go take a shower and get comfortable which he did pronto. She had dinner ready and on the table when he came out naked as a Jay bird except for his prosthesis. She laughed and then let him kiss her good. She let him push her to the table and she had things arranged so they sat side by side. She locked her wheels and he took his seat beside her. Bev could not resist and leaned over and they kissed again long and hard.

Her gown was open in front and Lou had his hand in on her breast. She finally pulled back and said they had better eat. Lou said ok but I get you for desert right after. They laughed and had a great meal together. After they were done with their food Lou asked if she knew the latest and Bev said no. He said he had it on the best word that the dishes would wait for them to get done in the bedroom, they would not move, they promised. Bev said that was sure nice of them and unlocked her wheelchair. Lou pushed her, limping badly, to their bedroom and he lit some candles. She got in bed and Lou moved over to her so she could undo the belt that held his leg on. After she did he pulled his short hip stump out of the bucket and joined her on the bed.

He pulled her to him and they kissed more and as Lou worked on her breasts Bev stroked his hard cock and played with his balls. He soon let her down on to her back and moved down to her pussy. It was very wet and he started in on it having his desert. Bev soon came but Lou wanted at least two out of her before he slid his cock in. Bev soon came again and Lou reached up on the headboard for a rubber. Bev grabbed his hand and said not tonight, I want to feel you squirt my pussy full. The light came on for him and he remembered the two weeks were up. He moved down to her legless hips and put his missing leg side in the air and his leg on the bed and slid his cock into her pussy. They both moaned in pleasure and Lou started pumping.

He was behind her slightly and used his fingers to rub her clit. Bev loved having her legless torso balled by him and was in seventh heaven. She clinched and relaxed her pussy on him and too soon felt his balls retracting. She stopped and grasp them with her hand and pulled on them. This slowed his cum reflex down and they started again. This time she needed her release also and let him cum just as she did. She could feel his strong cum hitting her cervix. They were soon spent and just relaxed in the same position. When he fell out she put a towel to catch his cum flowing out of her so they did not have to sleep on a cold, wet spot.

Lou said that was fantastic. It had been a long time since he had been able to do anyone without a rubber on. He grabbed Bev and kissed her all over. They finally got up and returned to the kitchen and did the dishes. Lou was in his wheelchair also. They got them done and sat on the deck for a while then went to bed. Bev cuddled behind him and reached over his almost legless hip and took hold of his limp penis. She asked if he had anything left and he said she had done a good job on him and doubted if he did. She continued to play as they talked. Lou said he had a favor to ask about their trip. Could he go in his wheelchair and leave his leg at home. Not even take his güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri crutches, be as dependent on his chair as she was on hers.

Bev said she thought that would be tremendous; very sexy. You bet you can and pumped him harder getting him hard. She pulled him over on his back and took his cock in her mouth. She knew it would take a while but she was determined to suck him off. After almost 20 minutes she stuck her finger in her slippery pussy then stuck it up Lou’s anus and pushed on his prostate. This finished him off and she got some cum in her mouth for her hard work. Bev worked up to his mouth and their tongues enjoyed the taste together. Lou said I bet you would screw me to death if I had the other leg taken off. She said are you serious and he said he was thinking about doing it after he retired. That would be something Bev said.

They got everything ready to go over the weekend and headed to the airport Monday morning. They had called the airline letting them know there would be two wheelchair dependent people for the flight needing seats together. Their military status got it done with no problems, bulkhead seats. Their bags and wheelchairs were marked with VIP tags and they were pushed to the gate. About 15 minutes before everyone was to board they were taken aboard and transferred to their seats which had been upgraded to first class. Their chairs were put in the closet in the cabin, not dumped with the baggage. The travel people at the hospital had gotten them on direct flights and they got into the destination airport on time.

Lou had rented a wheelchair lift van and they were dropped off right at the van with the driver moving their luggage for them. Lou gave him a good tip and they headed to their hotel. They got up to their room and decided to rest for a while. They thought that today they would look around the area to see what homes were like. They had called a realtor and she had sent them a few accessible homes that were for sale. They wanted to just drive by a few to see what they were like. Bev’s appointment was at 9 the next morning. Lou told her he had done some checking and that the person that was going to do the interview was very nice. SHE was very well liked by the people in the department. Bev said that might not be good; what if she got jealous of my beauty. They both laughed long and hard.

They had lunch in the hotel coffee shop and headed out to find the hospital and then see where the houses were. They found the hospital and where to park with no problems. They were also able to find the houses and several of them were very nice. They wondered what the prices were like but decided to wait as see what happens in the morning. They also found a place that looked like it would be good to have dinner at. They got back to the hotel and took a short nap. They got up and decided not much to eat tonight sounded like a good idea. They went out and found a place to eat a light dinner and then drove around the area more.

After they got back to the hotel they undressed each other and got into the shower. They enjoyed each other and adjourned to the big bed. Lou was at his favorite place, where her legs had been, lapping at her pussy and fingering her G-spot. Bev just enjoyed it, telling him how good he was, and what pleased her as he went along. She came and they traded places. Bev was alongside Lou with her bottom near his face and with her mouth over his hard cock. This direction gave it a straight shot down her throat and she loved it there. Lou never complained either. She could work him and either play or pull hard on his balls to keep him from Cumming.

She loved the taste of his pre cum and this position also gave Lou another chance to play with her exposed pussy. Bev always tried to get herself on his left side so she could also handle his short, right leg stump, rubbing it and pushing on the bone end through the skin. She had told him several times how sexy he looked in his wheelchair and no prosthetic leg on this trip. She let him cum in her mouth savoring the results. Lou had her very wet again and that felt good. She turned to face him and they kissed and held each other. They were tired after a long day of travel and fell asleep.

They were both up in time to shower and get ready. Bev wore a short skirt that she finally decided to fold just once and put the end at her legless hips. She did put a bra on along with a short sleeved blouse. Lou told her it won’t do any good to try and hide herself; she was very sexy no matter what she had on. He had slacks and a sport shirt on. His pants leg was folded a couple of times but lay on the seat of his chair at the end of his stump also. Bev was too nervous to eat anything so they just went to the hospital.

They found the office and Lou sat in the waiting room. Bev was led into an office and Major Brenda Barton introduced herself and welcomed Bev. She put her prosthetic hook hand out for her to shake and Bev took it in both of her hands and said she was very glad to meet her and be there. Barton güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri had a long sleeve shirt on but Bev could see by how she manipulated it, she must be an AE amputee.

They sat at a round table and chatted about where all they had been in the army. Major Barton had been hit while in a jeep by an IED and lost almost all of her arm. They talked about the job and she asked why Bev wanted it. Bev told her and they exchanged questions. She asked if Bev would like a tour of the hospital and Bev said she would enjoy that very much. Bev noticed that Lou was not where she left him earlier but did not think much of it. They spent almost 45 minutes on the tour and meeting people. It was mostly a rehab hospital with almost 600 beds. They got back to Major Barton’s office and she asked Bev when she would like to start work. Bev’s jaw dropped and she said you mean I have it and the Major said yes, it is yours if you want it.

Bev hesitated for a minute then said she was very interested but had to talk it over with someone and the Major said she understood. She gave Bev her cell number and said call anytime. Major Barton got up and followed Bev out to the waiting room. Lou was back and Bev introduced them. Major Barton said oh yes I have heard of you, glad you could make it. Bev looked confused at both of them. Lou asked her what her start date was and said mine is in one month if you like it here. It seems that Lou had an interview at the same time and was offered a job also. Like Bev, he told them he had to check with someone. Major Barton told him congratulations and if you will excuse me, I will let you two talk.

They went to another area where no one was and Lou finally told her there had been two jobs open and he applied for the other one. Bev was flabbergasted to say the least. She said she would love to take the job here and Lou said the same for him. They hugged and Bev went back to see if Major Barton was available. As they started out Lou said oh, one more thing, I get a promotion, you will beat me years in grade, but I am now equal to you, so there. The Major was in her office and Bev told her she would love to take the job. She said she had heard about Lou and congratulations to both of them. Bev told her she could start in the next 30 days and would have to see when she got back about a transfer.

Major Barton said she understood and gave her a name and phone number for the people back east to call to coordinate things. Bev thanked her again and said she would see her later. She went back to the waiting room and Lou came out a few minutes later. All set he said, let’s get something to eat. After lunch they decided they had better go see the real estate lady and get started on finding a house. They called and she was in the office and gave directions. She got them pre qualified for a loan (Bev was not worried about that but did not say anything) and they went and looked at the two on the list she had sent earlier. Neither one of them liked the insides so they looked at another two or three they had looked up in the office.

They saw one they sort of liked and gave up for the day. The realtor would see if she could find some more. They talked on the way to the hotel and said they would spend one more day looking then leave and see some of the other parts of the area. They got back to their room and took their good clothes off and got on the bed. They kissed and petted for a while and then took a nap. They had made a reservation at the place they saw earlier and Lou put his clothes back on and added a coat and tie. Bev used the same skirt but put a very sheer top on. It was a little too sheer so she added the lining that came with it that just covered her large breasts. She left the bra off and her nipples pushed out and Lou said she looked sexy as hell.

They got to the restaurant on time and got lots of looks as they were escorted to their table. The dinner was as good as they hoped it would be and they took a drive to another part of the city after. They saw one house with a ramp up to the front door and a for sale sign and wrote the address down. They headed back to the hotel.

They helped each other undress and headed to the shower. They washed each other good and got on to the bed. They immediately started kissing and stimulating each other. Bev got hold of his very hard cock and sucked the pre cum from it. Lou got two fingers in her pussy and brought her off then quickly got his cock in her. She was still hot from the first cum and soon came again and the third time took Lou with her. She marveled at how good it felt with no rubber in the way and told him so. They talked for a while and then Bev started playing with him again. She soon had him hard and he stayed hard long enough to give her two more orgasms.

Lou could not cum this time and later during the night he woke up with Bev sucking him. Just as he realized what was happening he shot into her mouth. Cuddled together they fell back asleep.

The next morning as they were packing up Lou called the realtor güvenilir bahis şirketleri and gave her the address and company they saw last night. She said she would check it and call them back. She did in a few minutes and Lou said they would meet her there to take a look on their way out of town. When they got in the house it had been built as an accessible home, not redone like the others. It was empty and just what they had been looking for. It did not have a pool but this was not an area of the country that had that type of thing. They said they would keep in touch and headed out for the rest of their vacation.

They had a great time, it was beautiful country with lots of things to do even for two people in wheelchairs. Everyone was very friendly and nice to them. Once in a while, when someone found they were both Wounded Warriors, they bent over backwards to do even more for them. The realtor called and said the owner was inquiring if they were interested in the house and lowered the price even more after he found out more about them. He was very anxious to sell she said. This cinched their thoughts about the place and Lou told her to go ahead and write up a contract for it and they would be back on Friday.

That night they stayed in a motel that had a restaurant right along side of a creek. They had a trout dinner. After dinner they sat on the deck attached to their room and then went in and made love for two hours. They got up the next morning and headed back to the city. A stop at the real estate office got the paperwork signed and they headed to the hotel. Just as they got in the room the realtor called and said he took the deal. They had added a home inspection and appraisal at the seller’s expense and he went for it. It was too late to do anything with the loan and they were going home tomorrow so that would be handled on the phone next week.

The realtor suggested a place they might like to eat at tonight and they got dressed up again and went there. They were sitting side by side tonight with a tablecloth hiding their upper “legs”. After they gave their orders, Lou unfolded her skirt and put his hand up it finding her naked pussy. She grinned at him and said you must be as Horney as I am tonight. He said no, more than you, and stuck his finger in her. He pulled it out and carefully licked it off. She said no fair, I can’t get to you! He said she might have a chance later. Their salad came and they had to break it off. Bev broke down and told him about the money she had and that she was going to make a good down payment with it. She liked the area a lot, thought she stood a good chance of making Lt. Colonel before she retired and this would make a great home for them.

Lou asked if she was sure she wanted to spend her money on him and she said I think you will be worth it and kissed him sticking her tongue in his mouth. He quickly returned the gesture. He said he did not think he would make a higher rank before he retired but no problem with that. Bev also mentioned she needed to get something to help her sit without having to hold on to something all the time. She did not want too, but thought a lower shell or “bucket” around her lower torso with two flat pieces sticking out of the bottom would work. On Monday when she went with him to see about their transfers she would stop at the prosthetics lab and see what they had.

Smiling at him she asked if he was still thinking about becoming legless. He said yes, still thinking. Like her she asked? At least on one side he answered and maybe the whole hip. Bev said wow that would be very sexy; I bet I would not be able to let you ever get soft. Lou laughing said I will call the doctor in the morning! They got back to the room, undressed and got into the shower. They shaved each other and got out and into bed. They talked for a while about things they needed to do. Lou hoped he would not have any trouble selling his house and would add that to the down payment.

As they were talking he started playing with her nipples very gently touching them with his finger tip. Bev shivered several times and finally put her hand over his and said use your whole hand. He did and soon had her moaning wanting him to use his hand other places. He did and soon had her Cumming several times. He told her he was glad she was so easy. She glared at him and he added to make cum and they laughed. She said my turn and I want that hard cock in me for as long as you can tonight. She told him she was Horney as hell so she would probably start her period Sunday after they got home.

He was able to keep up with her with him getting a good one on her second cum. As he was screwing her, he used his thumb on her clit to get her third one and she said enough. They got up to use the john again and washed off and back to bed. It did not take long for them to fall asleep.

They got to the airport and turned the car in and got to their gate. Again they got VIP service all the way home. The travel office must somehow mark their file with the air line. They got to Lou’s place and it was late. Going west to east you lose lots of time fast. They had stopped on the way home and picked up a pizza to eat at home. They were beat from the whole trip but very happy with the outcome of everything. They made a fast trip through the shower and into bed. Both were too tired to do much more than kiss good night.

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