Mart 24, 2023

Beneath the Green Glass Shade

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She is lingering in the doorway. She is full of doubt and desire and darkness. Her hair is long and her skin. Dark. Smooth. Supple tight stretched across her body her muscles her fat her hormones glands wetness.

She is sitting across from me and I… I can see her eyes. Even though the room is dark-maybe because the room is dark-I can see her eyes. The light the sparkle the shine. I can see the smoulder the spark the flicker. Heat. Coming off of this girl-she is interested. And I can taste it through the air. See it in her. Smell. The bar is dark the light dim music slow chocolate.

She is wearing a dress that clings to her body allows me to see every curve of her flesh. The stretchy black material halting just below her mound her sex her sex. Two legs long long short skirt long legs long. Go. Down. Up. Darkness. The dress is tiny, man. So tiny it shows what it hides and it hides very little and I can feel my prick tickle lengthen stiffen hard hard looking at her. Legs. Her mound that little hump where the dress ends and my imagination begins. Smooth smooth skin.

Smell sweat. Sweet. Salt. Musk. Her musk her pussy is so so damp and I can smell it smells good like burying my nose in her all those chemicals those… Hormones. My cock twitches and she can see that I am. Interested. Lips. Lick. Eyes. Flick. I want to reach out want to touch. Finger. Feel. Smooth. Damp. Just sticky, just. Her hand resting on the table between us. Her fingers resting on the patina of the table. Her fingers. Resting. Like the fingers of a statue. Her skin. Dark. Smooth. Fine. I can reach. I reach. My hands move across the table. My pinky finger grazes her pinky finger. No one else in the room notices but her heart skips a beat. My heart speeds up. There is sweat fine damp moistness on our fingers. Our skin warm hot.

The room is darker and her eyes are larger. Big so big bigger and larger. They swallow the whole room swallow me but I can see her still. Our fingers just touching just so. Just touching there on the table. her legs are parted slightly and I can smell it. And my cock is so hard hard. I can see her nipples through the stretchy black material of the short short dress. The black dress. The short black dress that stretches and clings to her. Breasts. Mound. Belly. Her breasts are moving with her breath, which is coming just faster than it was before. Faster. Quickness. Breasts moving. Nipples hard. Mound damp. Pussy. Damp. And my prick aching to be buried in her soft moist warmth.

To enter to push to cleave to stab to invade to thrust to defile to inhabit to rub to massage to slip and slide and fuck to squirt ejaculate and cum within her moist close warm pussy to ejaculate inside her to cum in her feel the walls of her cunt engulf consume me squeeze suck hungrily surround. Her pussy her sex her pussy.

The mound is inflamed. And my almanbahis cock is hard. When her hand touches my leg. Beneath the table, her hand touches my leg my knee the material the khaki material of my trousers, she puts her hand onto my leg onto my knee. My prick jumps. I want her to touch it. To slide her hand up my leg, slide it up my leg and over into my crotch to where my cock is. Where my testicles are. The place where all of the sensation is prickling and twinkling and flashing. My hard cock. My prick. Engorged. Erect. Hard. Desire. Need. Want to be touched to be stroked her fingernails grazing the skin the surface of the shaft the sensitive skin the head the ridges the lines wrinkles stiff. Skin. Wants her to touch to stroke to grasp it and stroke it under the table. Right here under the table at this bar. To unzip my trousers, pull my cock out, and begin stroking it right here where someone might see, where anyone could catch us here in this dim bar with the chocolate music and the dim lights.

Wants her to unzip my trousers and pull it out and stroke it slowly beneath the table to notice how hard it is how proud how erect how manly I am how virile. To be impressed. For her to gasp slightly at the size of it the feeling of that hard cock underneath the patina of the table underneath the dimness of the light the lamp the hanging brass lamp with the green glass shade, the hanging brass lamp. Wants to feel her slight intake of breath, the movement of her breasts her hard nipples, her damp cunt under the table as she strokes it, grazes it with her fingernails. I can see the slight movement of her arm. No one else can see it how slight it is the slight repetitive movement as she strokes the hard hard cock underneath the table. The look in her eyes, the slightest smile in the corner of her eyes corner of her mouth breasts move arm moves hand strokes fingernails scrape pussy cunt wet damp moist hot she’s so. fucking. dirty. Stroking this cock underneath the table in the dim bar.

Does she know I’m going to cum soon? That this is unbelievable? That it is an unbelievable fantasy to have this chocolate woman in the dimly lit bar with the chocolate music and the green glass lampshades stroking my cock under the table? A stranger stroking my cock under the table? Seeing her breasts her nipples moving the thin and stretchy black material is so tight I can see her nipples the outlines the hard erect nipples moving just slightly the breasts moving just slightly. I can smell her cunt reeking under the table her mound her moist wet damp hot inflamed mound secreting fluid sticky fluid lubricating labia while her hand moves under the table teases my cock my hard cock and no one else can see. The music plays like it’s just for us two strangers sitting across from one another at a table with beers moist cold condensation there on the table.

Her almanbahis giriş fingertip swipes the head of my cock eye mouth throat precum dripping glisten finger swipes the precum and she brings it up out from beneath the table a single finger held up-she’s got a point to make-a single finger held up a glistening bead rolling slowly down my cock is jumping twisting shouting and the glisten drips down her finger brings it to her mouth and licks it off. Eyes watching me big dark eyes watching me big deep dark eyes watching me serious. Serious eyes. Precum tongue mouth lips lick suck. liquid sticky fluid seminal fluid precum glisten liquid lick suck tease lick lick.

She’s fingering her cunt. Under the table she’s making me watch her fingering her cunt with my erection under the table, my helpless erection under the table while she fingers her cunt her moist warm damp hot mound her fucking cunt her pussy her moist pussy fingered fingering fingered under the table. Fingers slipping in and out slipping in and out moist slick slippery fingers slipping in and out coated in slimy slickery slippery pussy fluid lubrication slick slippery pussy while she fingers herself and watches me from across the table. I can see her nipples getting harder. Her flesh is damper sweatier breath quicker breasts moving up and down nipples hard fingers slipping in and out playing with her hooded clit her little hooded clit her clit clit there between her legs beneath the table beneath the dimness of the lamp in the dim dark bar with the chocolate music chocolate skin smooth chocolate skin long curly black hair big dark eyes deep dark eyes as wide as the sea watching me swallowing me not blinking not moving not flickering while she fingers herself and makes me wait my cock is so hard and I’m watching her arm moving just slightly so slightly that no one would even notice no one could ever know that her fingers are slipping in and out of her pussy there underneath the table. Making me watch helpless I want to cum so much can smell her pussy her cum her cunt under the table see her arm muscles convulse as she fingers herself fingers flicking twisting slipping slick slippery fingers fingering it there.

She’s going to make herself cum. Right here. Right in front of me I can see her getting closer and closer to cumming to making herself cum right here in the dark bar the dark dimness of the bar. She’s a total stranger with chocolate skin and black hair and deep dark eyes and slender fingers and breasts moving and hard nipples and breath cumming faster and faster and faster as she gets closer and closer to cumming cumming right in front of me right in the bar. At the table across from a stranger a strange man a stranger with an erection a hard on hard cock prick twitching she’s making me keep both hands on the table. Holding my hands in her one free hand almanbahis yeni giriş she’s holding my hands like we’re friends like we know each other like we’re anything more than strangers fucking each other under a table somehow fucking one another with one hand fingers slipping in and out flicking that clit that cunt that slippery moist cunt my cock is twitching because I want to fuck her but she’s cumming she’s cumming in front of me across from me under the table her pussy is cumming it’s cumming fingers flicking slipping flickering flashing twisting flicking cumming pussy cunt pussy breath heaving breasts moving nipples hard hard hard hard hard. She’s cumming and she’s cummed. She’s come. She’s came she’s cum. cum cum all over her fingers slippery fingers slippery fingers sticking them into my mouth slipping them into my mouth slipping in and out of my mouth the finger coated in her slimy sticky slippery slickery slippery fluid her cum her pussy fluid her lubrication slippery lubrication on my tongue in my mouth swallowing her slippery salty cum slippery in my mouth throat stomach slippery sticky cum in the dim bar underneath the green glass lampshade with the chocolate music above the patina of the table the slippery patina of the table the well worn table in the dark bar where no one notices us sitting in the corner of the bar in the darkness of the corner where her tiny dress is stretchy and black and her nipples are hard and they poke out through the thin and stretchy black material and her skin is so smooth and dark and supple and my cock is so aching and hard and she’s looking into my eyes watching me deeply watching me inside me inside me her eyes are so deep and dark and wide and large.

She gets up from the table and goes to the ladies. Leaves me sitting there with the hard cock the prick sticking out through my unzipped trousers there beneath the table in the dim bar my cock is so hard the skin stretched so tight. My cock is so hard and I feel it under the table where no one else can see so stiff out of my trousers under the table. The cum is caught in my balls, caught in the base of my prick, waiting to be coaxed out for her to fuck my cock with her pussy her moist wet dampness engulf me swallow me consume me my hardness hotness hard hot hotness. Stiff so stiff.

When she walks back from the ladies, her face is radiant. Skin so smooth. I can still smell the sex still smell her cunt her sex her pussy her cum. She sits back down and takes my hand. Her other hand snakes under the table and plays with my cock, pops it back and forth, feels it to know it is still hard aching hard needing her to make it cum for me make it cum cum cum. She slaps it playfully and then gets up and walks out of the bar. Her ass is amazing as she walks out of the dim dark bar and out into the light of the streetlights outside the signs the neon signs the sings of light just outside the door. My cock is so hard under the table where my hand is going to stroke the cock there under the table, stroking the cock to cum under the table in the dim dim bar in the dim, dark darkness of the dim bar where I can still smell her cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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