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Bed-Wetters Wedding Ch. 01

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A couple years ago I was invited to attend an old friends wedding. When I called to decline due to finances my friend suggested I could stay with her older brother. “You know I lost my virginity to him, that might makes things awkward for his wife or my boyfriend.” I knew he was married but I had never met his wife.

“Call them,” Nikki said, “Karine isn’t that bad and I really want you at my wedding. I’ll even let you bring your worthless boyfriend.” Though we lived over a thousand miles apart, Nikki knew most of my complaints about my boyfriend (not all). After the call I pondered if I really wanted to go. It had been years, but I still missed Nikki’s brother lovemaking, even though he treated me like dirt. Oddly enough I was jealous of whatever woman he had married. My boyfriend James, friends call him Jim, I call him Jenny when he is wearing panties was still barely making money as a cook. We could barely afford the tickets to fly, if we didn’t have to pay for a hotel and could cook our own meals in a kitchen we would be able to swing it.

If James didn’t want to go I decided I would go without him. Then again would Karl and Karine let us stay? I called to find out.

“…..Hello,” answered Karine in a kind voice.

“Yes, this Bri, I am a childhood friend of Karl and Nikki..”

“Oh Brianna.” She said, her voice acknowledging some sort of familiarity. “You have become a stranger to these parts, I hope you have plans to rectify the situation,” she kidded. You missed Karl and my wedding, you are not going to blow off Nikki’s are you?” There was a warmth and confidence in her tone that would have made me feel welcome and safe. Did she know about the things I had done with Karl? Nikki?

“Actually that is what I am calling about, I have a huge favor to ask of you….” and we discussed Jim and I staying at their place for the week before the wedding. She outlined the inconvenience and hassle that it would involve. She was friendly but matter of fact.

“Sometimes Karl and I have very vocal sex, I wouldn’t want to be inhibited for a whole week.”

“I understand, we would do anything if you allowed us to stay with you.”

“Anything?” She asked with erotic intrigue.

After a second of hesitation I answered in my most submissive and compliant whisper, “Anything!” There was a pause on the other end and then she told me that she would ensure Karl allowed us to stay only on the condition that James served as their cook for the week and I helped with the housework as a maid. “Really, that is all you want.” I tried not to sound disappointed.

“Hmmm,” she laughed on the other end. “We are doing very well financially and have considered hiring help around the house. That is what you should tell your boyfriend Jim. Between you and me,” she cleared her throat softly, “My ass-hole needs a break from Karl’s cock and….,” I couldn’t help giggling, “He seems to have fond memories of yours.” She waited for me to respond. I was working out the words, the questions, and then she answered them for me. “I am a Nurse and Karl is a pharmaceutical representative. We can spike Jim’s drink every-night and he will never know.”

“OK.” I answered eagerly.


Jim was excited for a chance to return. We grew up in neighboring towns. He also was surprisingly excited to become a couples personal chef. I realized that both of us were willing to become somebodies servant and filed it in my brain to bring up again later.

I asked him if he was going to wear panties since we were going back bahis firmaları home. He gave it some thought and decided that he should wear them at night but not during the day. I say ‘should’ because although Nikki knows he wears panties she doesn’t know he sometimes wets the bed. It is an inconvenience in our life, but I have found that he is less likely to wet if he is sleeping in a pair of his favorite satin panties.

We both put in for vacation time and booked flights. The best part of the trip was when Jim had his carry-on luggage searched and the inspector actually unrolled each pair of panties he had packed. She held up the little roll he had carefully made, gave it a squeeze, unrolled it, looked inside and showed it to her supervisor. When she unrolled a pink floral print one her supervisor commented, “I used to have a a pair of those. Comfy” Jim was beat red. When it was over he was about to complain but the supervisor said, “Don’t get your panties in a bunch, unless you want to volunteer for a strip search.” Jim’s anger melted and he sulked like a school girl on the verge of tears as he repacked his bags. I knew he was wearing white cotton panties for the flight out and the prospect of being strip searched terrified him.


Jim was still flustered when landed at the airport. Karine was there to pick us up in a very large and shiny SUV. She was absolutely beautiful, thirty something years old with auburn hair and fit curves. She stopped and looked at my boyfriend for a second, “Jimmy?” She looked harder, “You grew up on Cascade Ave.” Jim looked at her. “It’s Karine, I used to babysit you, you called me Scary-Kary.”

“Oh my gosh,” He nodded, “Small world.”

Karine updated us on an array of local gossip and wedding issues as we drove to her place, they lived in a newer development on a bluff over the river. A very nice place. As we pulled into the garage she said, “Let me show you both around and get you in your room and then Jimmy you can be a good boy and grab the bags.” I wondered if she meant to be so condescending. They had a nice house with nice things and great views. We stopped in the kitchen and she turned to Jim, “Jimmy, what do you think?”

“It is so much larger and better equipped then mine.”

She looked and me and quipped, “So is my husband.”

Jim ignored the comment, “I like the view. Do you like the view dear?”

“I like bigger and better equipped.”

“Come, let me show you your room.” She took us into a bedroom down the hall, “We just had the guest room redone, when we heard you were visiting. I hope you like it and find it comfortable,” she waived her arms across the bed. “Jimmy, go grab the bags while I show Brianna the bathroom.” Jim did an about face and marched off to get our bags.

As soon as he left the room I looked at Karine, “Scary-Kary must have left an impression on him, he doesn’t move like that for me.”

“Brianna. You and Jimmy are our guests, and our servants. I want you to be comfortable, but you will also obey Karl and me promptly both in and out of the bedroom!”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“That bed has a $1400 mattress on it.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“I was Jimmy’s babysitter for five years, I know he wet the bed. He was still wetting the bed when I went away to college. I don’t want to be rude but does he still have any problems with that?” I hesitated, this was a great opportunity, and I didn’t want to blow it. Nor did I want to embarrass Jim, As far as I saw it bed wetting was a private matter. Since he would wear kaçak iddaa panties and watch his drinking he should stay dry. “Brianna! Does he still have accidents?”

“No Ma’am! I am sorry I as just picturing you babysitting him.”

“Good. Karl will have his ass if he ruins that mattress.”


We got freshened up and Nikki picked us up to take us to lunch. We went to a nice little trendy restaurant. We chatted and caught up on things. Nikki was half crazy with wedding things and decided that she should get drunk and let loose. She made me drink too and assigned Jim as the designated driver. We were on our third round of Long Island Ice Teas, the waitress was coming up and Nikki asked loudly, “Are you wearing panties today Jimmy?”

He just shrank in his seat. I turned to him and in a drunken whisper, “I thought you took your panties off after the airport.”

“What kind of panties are you wearing?!” Nikki demanded. Jim just sat there.

Now the waitress chimed in, “I want to know what kind of panties she’s wearing.”

Nikki and I both exclaimed, “You said She!” and burst into laughter. Jim got up already starting to cry and ran to the bathroom. The waitress looked at us with smile and a ‘what the fuck’ look. We just laughed.

Nikki leaned over the table, “Is Jenny going to go to the bachelor party or the bachelorette party?


I was still buzzed when we got back to Karl and Karine’s. Jim was giving us the silent treatment which was OK. Nikki and I went to the guest bedroom to take a nap while Jimmy headed to the kitchen. Nikki stripped down to her underwear and pulled the sheets back. “It will be like a sleep over when we were younger.”

I smiled, “Except we were more horny and less intoxicated.” I tried not to stare at her breasts and still fabulous figure.

“Bri, you don’t still wet the bed?”

“No I haven’t wet the bed since I was fifteen.”

“Good. Karl would have your ass if you did.” Nikki motioned for me to come hither with her finger. I climbed on the bed and obeyed. I had told the truth I hadn’t wet the bed in almost ten years. “Spread you legs, you know what Reagan said, ‘trust but verify.'”

“Nikki, did you ever tell anyone I wet the bed?”

“My Brother, then he almost stole you from me, so I figured I shouldn’t tell anybody else.”

I smiled and settle into the sheets while Nikki settled into me.


Jim woke us up for dinner. He had prepared an Oriental fusion meal. Karl and Karine were pretty impressed. After dinner Karine said she would get everybody some drinks. She brought back a round of Margaritas. She winked at me as she handed Jim his. Karl proposed a toast and directed everybody to slam their drink. Karine looked at me and asked, with a smile if I was feeling any jet-lag.

“Yeah, I am feeling a little Jet-lagged, we should turn in. Would you make us a list of what you want for breakfast, and what you need cleaned.” Jim and I stood up and would have headed for the bedroom but the Karl changed ad libbed.

“That is to bad because I was going to offer some Long Shadow of Death stout to share.”

Long Shadow of Death is an afterthought of a nearby Micro-Brewery. It is unavailable 20 miles from it’s origin and unknown 50 miles. Drinking Long Shadow of Death Stout is one of the few masculine things Jim does and is partially responsible for us getting together in the first place. It isn’t his masculinity that attracted him to the beer it is the perceived kaçak bahis subtle complexities that segue into unneeded discussion and excessive experimentation.

Thus the two men went out to the deck to drink their brew and Karine invited me to see her arboretum upstairs. They had a variety of banzai trees and small fruit trees. There were also some flowering vines hanging down from a trellis. “It is to bad the moon isn’t full, the blossoms stay open for that.”

“I like open blossoms. This is really nice up here. Do you want me to water these in the morning?”

“I will leave you instructions.” Karine leaned back against a post, “Brianna, have you ever been intimate with another woman?”

She was obviously oblivious that I had been with her sister-in-law that afternoon. “Occasionally, I’m not Lez but I do appreciate the feminine.”

“Is that why you like Jim?”

“Mmmmmmmm, Maybe. But right now he is arguing the obscure points of beer with Karl. He is sensitive and I need somebody sensitive, but it would be nice to be with a man…. like Karl.” I felt a little awkward talking about having sex with her husband and kind of wished we had brought some alcohol upstairs with us. “Have you ever been with a woman Karine?”

She leaned in close, “Not yet.” A half-breath later we were making out. I believed her that she was new to women, she was trembling and clumsy, but so tender and passionate. I took extra care to advance at her pace. With every caress and breath we advanced, in thought action and reaction. Slow. Strong. Steady.

Sometime later she had her ass half off some sort of patio furniture while I serviced her hedge. I felt somebody tugging at my panties and looked back to see Karl’s figure kneeling behind her. Our gazes met as he slid my panties down my thighs. Conveniently I was already in the doggy position. Karine mumbled something and then said, “Is Jim passed out?” Karl grunted. “OK well screw her but don’t interrupt what she is doing.” She place a hand on the top of my head and rotated my lips to her lips and now our eyes were locked. Her smile got wider and I heard a zipper and then denim hitting the floor. “Are you ready for a real dick again?”

I lifted my head off her pussy to answer but she smacked me lightly, “Hush, You keep eating. Honey you may want to use more lube.”

I felt his dick nudge my ass cheek and then a moment later it was at my ass-crack. I arched my back and made myself more available to him. He grabbed the flesh on my right hip and slid his dick up and down my crack with his left. “You remember this, Baby?”

I acknowledged with a long sigh and stuck my tongue deep into his wife. He slid his cock back to my ass hole and now had both hands on my hips. His wife was telling him to fuck me and before I knew it he was. My mouth was off her mound and on her belly as his thrust shook me from the inside out. My breathing escaped my control and waves of pleasure began. I was half blind in orgasm when I heard him say between thrusts, “She… is … so…. tight.” my orgasm lapsed into actual squeals and then he exclaimed, “I… I…..I am going… going to come?”

“Come in her ass, honey, just do it. Come in her ass. She is ours.”

And he did!


Afterwards we returned to the kitchen and enjoyed a a couple bottles of wine. I kept whispering but then Karine assured me that Jim wouldn’t hear anything. I went to bed about midnight. Drunk and fucked and grateful that Jim was snoring like a bear. I curled up to him , kissed his cheek and said good-night.

A while later I woke cold and wet, Jim was still snoring but something was wrong and then my still buzzed brain realized that the bed was wet. That was not good. Not good at all. Karl would have our ass.

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