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Bashful Betsy

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Betsy was fresh out of high school and was eager to get a job and help out her struggling mother. Her father deserted them last year and her mom was doing her best as a waitress to provide for them but they lost their house and moved into an apartment. The shy, introverted girl was a loner and did not have any close friends.

The light-brown-haired 18 year old put on a skirt and blouse and walked to the bus stop. It was drizzling and she was glad when the bus pulled to the curb. Betsy sat next to a young woman with a baby and was shocked when the woman took out a breast and started nursing the infant. She tried not to stare but she could not take her eyes off of the ample breast on display.

The woman noticed her embarrassment and discomfort and taunted her by saying, “What’s the matter baby? You look like you have never seen a big tit before. Do you want me to take out the other one so that you can nurse too? I have enough milk for both of you. You would like that wouldn’t you?”

“I…I… Don’t know; maybe.” Was all the bashful girl could mutter. They exchanged telephone numbers and the flustered girl got off the bus at the women’s prison. Betsy had no sexual experience except for masturbation and did not know why she exchanged numbers with the woman except that she could never say no to anyone and she was very lonely. She stuffed the piece of paper in her pocket and walked to the prison to apply for a job.

After filling out an application and a couple of interviews, Betsy was pleased to learn that she was to start work at the prison on Monday morning. She was told to be there at 7 am sharp and to report to Latasha Brown in the uniform room. When she stepped out the door, she was dismayed to find that it was pouring. She remembered that Brenda, the woman on the bus, was on her way to pick up her car from the repair shop and decided to give her a call.

Betsy was relieved to learn that Brenda was on her way to give her a ride. Betsy peered out the window until Brenda got there and then she rushed through the rain to get to the car. “Wow, you are soaked girl; we will go to my place and I will give you a drink to warm you up.”

The shy girl thanked the beautiful redhead and smiled when she saw the infant in her carriage in the back seat. They pulled up to a modest house off of a dirt road and rushed in the house but they were soaked. The first thing Brenda did was to dry and change the baby and put her in the crib.

Brenda fixed them coffee spiked with rum and brandy and instructed Betsy to take off her wet clothing and she would put them in the dryer. Betsy was reluctant to disrobe in front of this busty 24 year old redhead with the big green eyes but mustered up her courage and slowly took off her clothes but her face turned crimson when she noticed Brenda doing the same. Betsy stopped when she got to her white panties and bra but Brenda did not and laughed when she saw how nervous the girl was and commanded, “Come on girl, off with the underwear; it’s only us girls and we can’t have you going home in dry clothes and wet undergarments, can we?”

Finally Betsy was naked and Brenda gathered up all the clothes, put them in the dryer and brought towels and robes for them. The voluptuous redhead urged the girl to finish her drink and then made them another. They sat on the sofa sipping the drinks, wearing only thin robes and Brenda asked, “What were you doing at the prison? Visiting somebody?”

“No, I went to get a job and I start Monday.”

“Good girl, drink up and we will celebrate your new job.”

“My head is spinning now, I never drank before.”

“Relax and enjoy yourself; my husband is out of town and I am horny as hell!” The seductive woman opened her robe and Betsy’s wide eyes traveled from her big tits to the red pubic hair above her pretty pussy. Brenda opened Betsy’s robe and tweaked her small breasts and said, “No wonder you are so fascinated by my big tits; you have the tits of a little boy. Come to mommy and suck her big tits, little girl. I know you want to suck them, I can see it in your blue eyes.”

First Brenda guided Betsy’s trembling hands to her tits and told her to play with them. The young girl was mesmerized by the large melons and squeezed them, slowly at first but soon she was playing with them as if they were new toys. Her face was pushed to the stiff nipples and she sucked hungrily. The busty redhead hand fed each tit to the aroused girl and fingered Betsy’s tight pussy. The young girl was lost in lust and eagerly nursed on the large breasts and was delighted when she tasted the mother’s milk.

Brenda got to her knees and kissed up the slender legs to her thighs and lingered there kissing and licking. Then her face was buried in the young girl’s soaking pussy and she licked and sucked it with passion while pushing two fingers in and out of the sopping pussy. Betsy had never known such intense pleasure and unleashed a river of love juice as she erupted in a glorious orgasm. Brenda stood up and placed one leg on the sofa. Betsy’s face was only inches from the smoldering pussy. bahis firmaları She stared at the swollen pussy lips and enlarged clit; she licked her lips when she inhaled the intoxicating aroma of the aroused pussy and watched the drops of moisture form on the redhead’s pussy like dew on a flower.

Without having to be told, Betsy stuck out her tongue to sample another woman for the first time. She liked what she tasted and dove right in. Her tongue flicked like a serpent and she pushed it as far as she could into the scrumptious tasting pussy. Her arms wrapped around her new lover and she squeezed the shapely buttocks while lapping up the moisture oozing cunt. Betsy was lost in a wild feeding frenzy and couldn’t get enough of the tasty treat.

Brenda moaned, “Good little girl, yes, eat mommy’s pussy, make her feel good. Just like that, suck the clit; oh, yessss! So fucking good; you’ve done this before, haven’t you baby?”

Betsy loved the urging almost as much as she loved the juicy pussy. She paused briefly to catch her breath and looked up at her beautiful new friend and cooed, “No, I’ve never done this before but I love it so much! If I had known how wonderful it was, I would have done it a long time ago. You are delicious and I want to bring you pleasure like you did to me.”

Brenda pushed the girl’s face to her steamy cunt and said, “Eat it then, make momma cum all over your pretty face. Lick it all up! Yessss, taste my cum and don’t stop! Oh my god, you are divine, just like that, oh baby, I love it.” Brenda plopped down on the sofa and embraced Betsy and held the girl in her loving arms. They kissed and tasted each other and that made Betsy even hotter. Betsy called her mom and told her that she was spending the night with a friend.

The two young women did not get much sleep but they were both fully satisfied. Over coffee, Betsy asked Brenda if she would drive her home so she could see her mother and get ready for work. “Get ready for work? It’s only Friday and you don’t start until Monday.”

“I know but it is my first job and I want to be ready.” Brenda laughed and told her that she would take her home but only if she promised to visit her again. Betsy told her that she could count on it.

When they arrived at the apartment complex, Betsy invited her new friend and lover in to meet her mom but Brenda declined because of the baby. The 18 year old girl skipped to her apt. door. For the first time in her young live she felt accepted, wanted and even loved. She never imagined that such feelings of ecstasy existed. Finally there was some joy in her lonely life.

As she entered the apartment she heard loud noises from her mother’s bedroom and knew that her mom was entertaining another man. Much to her surprise, the door to her mom’s room was open and her mother was in bed on her knees and the man was plowing a big dick into her ass. She saw the look of pain on her mother’s face and wondered why her mom let those vile men do such nasty things to her. She hurried to her room, locked the door and stayed there until she heard the man leave.

Betsy entered the living room and felt sad when she spotted her mother sobbing uncontrollably. “What’s wrong mom? Why are you crying? Did he hurt you?”

“Oh Betsy, every man I meet is no good. That son-of-a-bitch wants to bring a friend over and share me with him. I wish I could meet a good man like your father was.”

“Mom he left us and didn’t even say goodbye! Maybe you would do better if you stopped picking up men in that bar you work at. Start going to church or something, but I don’t think there is such a thing as a good man. Guess what, I start work at the prison Monday, isn’t that great?”

“OH yes, that’s wonderful news, I am so proud of you. I hope you have better luck than me with men but you will never meet one at a woman’s prison.”

“I don’t want to meet any men, they are nothing but trouble.”

“You will find out that we need them. I am surprised that you don’t have a boyfriend yet, you are too shy and insecure. I don’t know why because you are a very pretty girl and should have lots of boyfriends. Get out of your shell girl and find yourself a man and then you will understand.”

“No thanks, why don’t you find another woman instead, perhaps you will have better luck?” Her mother got angry and said that was sick and perverted and asked if she was a lesbian. Not wanting to fight with her mother Betsy just shook her head no and said that she only meant that a woman wouldn’t treat her so badly. Her mom got ready and went to work at 6 pm.

Betsy called Brenda and she came over and they enjoyed a night of wild passionate lust. After Brenda went home, Betsy went to bed but was awakened to the sound of her mom and a couple of men talking and laughing. She knew that her mom had been drinking. They went to her mom’s bedroom and left the door open again. Betsy snuck out of her room and watched as her mom’s legs were spread wide and one guy was fucking her furiously and the other was filling her mouth with his cock. The young woman was disgusted kaçak iddaa and frightened and hurried back in her room, locked the door, and tried to sleep.

The noise went on for hours and Betsy did not get to sleep until the men left. She made up her mind that as much as she loved her mother, she didn’t want to live like this and vowed to get her own place as soon as she could.

Monday morning came and Betsy excitedly reported for work and shook the hand of her boss, Latasha Brown. Latasha was an imposing figure; she was 6′ and had huge breasts, her hair was braded and her brown eyes were penetrating. Betsy found the black woman captivating and wanted to make a good impression on her new boss.

They went to the supply room and picked up some uniforms for Betsy. Latasha issued her a locker and filled Betsy in on the job description while she changed. The shy little white girl felt embarrassed changing in front of her boss. The inmates came to them for supplies; soap, towels and an assortment of needs. Latasha told Betsy to take care of the inmates as they lined up on the outside of the metal cage that separated them. They filled out the paper work and received the supplies. The first was a heavyset Latin girl who was issued her supplies and told Betsy, “Thank you sweet thing, why don’t you come to the shower with me and we can dry each other’s backs?”

Bashful Betsy answered, “I don’t think we are allowed to do that.”

The inmate laughed and stuck out her tongue and wiggled it saying, “Come on baby girl, you won’t regret it and you sure won’t forget it!” Latasha told her to move on. After a few more inmates, Latasha took over and she sent Betsy to fetch each item that was needed. Latasha was a lesbian and she loved to dominate her girls. The 32 year old, busty black woman realized that her little white helper was a submissive. She noticed that Betsy liked taking orders and was eager to please. She smiled when she caught Betsy staring at the tent in her shirt where her 40 DD’s pressed against the material and threatened to pop the buttons.

The seductive black woman decided right then and there that she would make the white girl her little cunt lapping bitch. Betsy was in the back of the storeroom on her knees trying to reach a box on the bottom shelf when Latasha walked up to her and handed the girl a reach-saver, it was a four foot pole with prongs and it worked like a charm. The young girl thanked her boss and was about to get up when Latasha pushed her back down and said with authority, “While you are down there I want you to do me a favor!”

The bashful girl looked up at her boss with a puzzled expression on her pretty face. Latasha wanted to see how far she could go with the bashful girl and commanded, “Get a rag and spit on my boot and shine it; there is a scuff mark on it and I want you to make it shine!” Betsy wanted to please her boss and eagerly spit and shined. A devilish grin spread over the black woman’s face as she realized that she could get the white girl to do anything that she wanted her to do.

At noon they closed the storeroom and went to lunch. Latasha introduced the new employee to coworkers but they sat at an empty table because the boss wanted to talk to Betsy. The sexy black woman asked, “What’s wrong baby? You seem far away at times, what is on your mind? If word gets back to the warden she will call you to her office and you don’t want that, trust me. She might fire you or make you suck her cunt! Would you like that baby? Now tell me what is bothering you.”

The bashful girl was totally embarrassed but told her boss, “It’s my mom; she brings strange men to our apartment and they drink a lot. They have loud sex and I can’t sleep. I worry about them trying to have sex with me, it’s awful. I keep silent in bed and have the door locked, I can’t live like that anymore and as soon as I can, I will get a place of my own.”

“Sounds like you have a lousy mother; you shouldn’t have to live like that. You will come home with me tonight and stay until you can find your own place. I will help you go home and get your things.”

“Thanks so much but I couldn’t impose on you like that.”

“Nonsense, you would be good company for me. I have a house a few miles down the road and I noticed you taking the bus, now you can ride with me. It’s settled then, we don’t want you jeopardizing your job by worrying about problems at home.”

“Well, if you are certain that it is ok. This is so nice of you; I will pay you and do work around the house. I will repay your kindness in any way that I can.”

The seductive ebony boss smiled and said, “Don’t you be concerned with that now baby girl. I just want to provide a peaceful, loving, and carefree environment for you.” The rest of the day passed quickly and Latasha was pleased with the way the little white girl willingly obeyed every command. Betsy was delighted when her boss expressed her approval of her work and told her that she was doing a fine job. Betsy could not help but stare at the ebony goddess as they changed out of their uniforms. The kaçak bahis other girls were going into the shower but Latasha told her that they would get one at home. Betsy turned crimson when her boss told her, “You get excited watching me change; I don’t know if you could take being in the shower with a bunch of naked bitches.”

The house was out of the way and surrounded by trees. They parked in the garage and Betsy complimented her boss on the nice home. Latasha showed Betsy her room and told her that they would shower together. The little white girl did not know that her boss was a lesbian and was afraid that her desire would show if they showered together and said, “You take your shower and I will get one after you are finished.”

Latasha exerted her dominance and demanded, “Take off your fucking clothes and meet me in the bathroom. You have to get used to showering with other women at the prison so you may as well start now.” Betsy stripped and felt afraid and aroused by her new boss and wondered why being told what to do turned her on so much. Betsy nervously walked to the bathroom naked and met Latasha in the hallway. She felt her pussy dampen at the sight of the nude ebony goddess.

As they entered the bathroom, Latasha turned and kissed the frightened girl and felt her trembling in her arms. Goosebumps covered her body when Latasha probed her mouth with a long tongue and squeezed her white buttocks. The authoritative black woman stated, “I know you want me bitch, so don’t try to act all innocent with me. How long have you been into women and tell me about your experiences?”

The bashful white girl stammered, “I… I… have only been with one woman and that was last week.”

“Well, well, so you are new to the lifestyle, did you like it?”

“Yes I did, it was my first sexual experience and I loved it.”

“How did it happen and what did she look like?”

“It was raining and she gave me a ride. We got soaked in the rain and we went to her place and it just happened. She is a 24 year old redhead and very beautiful; she is a new mother and her breasts produced milk for me.”

“Good, I will be your first black woman. Baby girl, you are in for a special treat; you are going to love my juicy black cunt. I am going to make you love me and I am going to fuck the shit out of you. By the time we go to sleep tonight you will be my bitch! You will gladly do anything that I want you to do and you will love it.” The 5’2″ white girl felt intimidated by the 6′ powerful black woman and didn’t say a word.

The ebony goddess shoved the girl on the toilet seat and put her hairy black cunt in the girl’s face. The sweaty pussy emitted a musky odor that mesmerized the young girl. She gazed lovingly at the aroused pussy in her face and marveled at the sight of the swollen pussy lips, enlarged clit and lush black pubic hair surrounding the juicy pussy. A strong hand was on her neck and pulled her face to the tempting treat before her.

Betsy was overwhelmed with desire and licked and sucked with fervor. The taste and smell of the aroused black pussy drove her crazy with lust. She could not get enough and feverishly feasted on the delicious pussy. She totally yielded her own will to that of her new lover. After she flooded the white girl’s face with cum, Latasha turned and put her shapely buttocks in the girl’s face and ordered, “Worship my big black ass bitch, use your lips and tongue. I want you to fuck my ass with that tongue of yours, bring me to another orgasm.”

Betsy kissed all over the beautiful buttocks and fearfully stuck her tongue up the puckered hole. She was surprised to learn that it aroused her doing this to her boss and worked her tongue vigorously. She desperately wanted to please Latasha and stuck her tongue as far up the dark tunnel as she could. The little white girl felt a sense of accomplishment when she brought her boss to another orgasm and licked up all of the tasty love juice. They showered and Latasha led her to the master bedroom.

“Wow, this is awesome; I’ve never seen anything like it!” Betsy exclaimed when she saw the round king sized bed and mirrors on the ceiling.

“This is my playground little girl. I am glad that you like it because you are going to spend a lot of time here.” The dominate black woman pushed Betsy on the bed, on her back and kissed up her white leg until she reached the moist love hole and then she kissed, licked, and sucked the girl to several orgasms and told her, “You are one hot little bitch, just like I want my bitches to be. Now I have a special surprise for my little bitch, don’t move baby, I’ll be right back.” Betsy didn’t move, she wondered what was in store for her. Her blue eyes opened wide when Latasha emerged from the walk-in closet wearing a 9″ black strap-on-dildo.

Latasha chuckled wickedly and said “I was going to put-on the 12″ dildo but decided to break you in first. We will use that another time. Now spread your legs wide, cause I’m coming inside.” Latasha helped the girl spread her legs and lifted them up and let them rest on her muscular shoulders. The fat dildo worked its way into her tight little hole and slowly moved in and out. As the white girl’s pussy stretched to accommodate the black dildo, Latasha increased her speed and deepened her penetration.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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