Nisan 13, 2024

Balance the Tie

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You greet me at the door with a smile and a kiss, and I can’t inhale enough of your scent. I have a need for you tonight, and I know it’s been a while since I’ve satisfied your desire for my command. I wash my hands, listening as you tell me about your day, thinking about you, and the way you move, and the way you smile. I drop three cubes of ice in my tumbler and pour the nice scotch over it. You watch, your litany of the day faltering just a bit. The scotch isn’t an every day.

I can tell you aren’t sure if it was a hard day, or if something else is up, so I ask you to come with me to the living room as I pull of my tie and drape it over the back of the seat, carrying the scotch with me as the glass cools in my hand. It’s the green tie, the one you aren’t so fond of, but it paired off with the meeting I was in that day, driving home points at the board.

You stand near and look at me as I sit in the leather lounge chair. I know my time is now, before you ask, and I speak. “May,” I pause, and instantly your posture changes. “Could you retrieve your favorite tie and come back to me.” Your face brightens and your back arches to perfection. Your shoulders completely melt, as your name is called aloud, and you nod perfectly, just as I’ve taught you.

“Yes Beloved.”

The feeling is electric. My shoulders release as well, any thought of tension from the day leaving me immediately, melting into the floor. My prize is here with me, and she is mine. I need nothing else in the world. You return with the red one, classic, sharp, long because you like the knots it can tie.

“I am here Beloved.” you say to me, standing just as you left, tie in your hands as if you are cradling a gem, offering it to me. You are gorgeous in your daily clothes, and the room is beautiful around you. Your worth lies full with you, you are mine. Your eyes are only for me, intent and full of fire. Your hope to please is worth more than every ounce of scotch I could ever buy.

“I’d like you to drape the tie around your neck, loosely, don’t tie it.” I think for a moment as you wait on my signal. “Put the broad end on your right.” and with my nod, you do as told, never leaving contact with my eyes, the simple smile on your lips all the confirmation I need that you are ready.

“Now, undress for me, but keep the tie draped on your shoulders as you do.” I enjoy the slight moment of puzzling as you take the command in and think about the complications involved. I know you’ll figure them out, but I worry a bit about your dropping the tie in the process. I want you to please me, and I never like to correct, but I must if you are to learn.

I watch as you begin, starting with your shoes, gingerly removing them. I sip my scotch and roll the ice around in the glass. All of your movements are simple, straightforward, but charged with energy as you do them, everything measured, just as I like. Nothing showy, but sexual through Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort and through. All the while your eyes never leave my smile.You place your shoes to the side, and then begin to unhook your skirt, letting it drop dramatically to the ground, stepping out of it before you slide your fingers up your body to pull up your shirt. There is a moment that the tie perches nervously close to slipping, and I sit up just a little, but you know what you are about, and the tie slides through the neck of your shirt easily in the end.

Your smile broadens with mine, especially as I notice how deftly you removed your bra along with the shirt, your breasts bare to me now. You stand confidently exposed, knowing how much I treasure you, and how much I like you to show for me. Your face alters slightly, more hunger in your eyes as you slide your hands down to hook them in your panties. You pause, knowing that at times I like you to stop here, but not tonight, I want you bare and open to me, nothing but the tie to cover you.

“You’re such a good girl, pausing there.” The beam of your smile when I compliment you warms me deep down “I want them off tonight, in fact, hold on to them to bring to me.”

“Thank you, Beloved.” Your fingers slip under the panties sides and slide them down your thighs, past your knees, over you calves, the tie draped around your neck as you bend at the waist, staring at me the whole way, hair and tie cascading from your gorgeous neck and back. I smile as I look over you seeing another part of my prize.

You step out of the panties and hold them in a finger as you slowly roll up to standing, now fully bare before me. Completely open to me, like a statue, bold and complete. I marvel at the way you respond, it took a lot of effort to remove the shell that held you captive to hiding yourself, and still on a normal day you would, but for now, you are May. My May.

“May, come over here to me.” I wave you over with my scotch and pat my lap with my free hand.

“Yes Beloved.” You say as you walk over, striding to me, head held high as I admire you. The blush on your cheek tells me of the effort you are making, but all else is flawless, beautiful confidence.

“Come sit on my lap. Straddle my leg as you do, and rub yourself along my thigh. Yes, put your hands on my knee as you do.” I hold my hand out to take the panties from you, and slide them into the waistband of my pants as you prepare yourself.

Your gorgeous thighs turn before me, and you lose sight of me for a fraction of a second as you sit, longing to turn yourself back to me. I feel you tensing slightly and remind you of how good a job you are doing.

“You are my joy, the warmth I feel with you here with me is intoxicating, can you feel it, May?” I know you are in a precarious position, not able to focus on my reaction, but I soothe you with my voice.

“Yes Darling, I feel you.” You breathe my lesser name as you rub yourself against my silky dress pants. Your back arches with each press and you look over your shoulder at me as you move, torn between enjoying the feeling and watching my eyes. Your look of hunger and the sweetness of your scent make me begin to stiffen beneath you with each slide back.

“That feels so nice, May, but stop for me.” You freeze, staring at me longing to continue, but unable to for fear of disappointing. I put my scotch down on the side table and reach around you touching as little as possible to deftly tie the tie into a half windsor, the silk of the tie touching your body as you grind. I pull the knot tight at the end, squeezing it up to throat. I brush my hands gently over your breasts as I let the tie come to rest.

“Good girl, you make me so happy, I have a beautiful plan for us tonight. Lean back against me.” I gently guide you back to lay against me, your legs splayed out in front of us, exposed to the room. I note the effort you put into not closing them, knowing I like for you to be open and seen. Then you relax, as you see me grinning, and rest comfortably back into my chest, arms limp at your sides, head turned gently smiling up at me, waiting.

I pick up my scotch again and hold it beside your arm, the cool condensation beading on the glass. I run the glass down to your hips, resting it there and letting the condensation drip down there down your skin. My other hand comes to rest just inside your knee, fingers so close, but so far away.

“Touch your breasts for me, get your nipples nice and hard.” You begin to touch yourself, squeezing your breast the way I do, one finger from each hand exiting it’s nipple to stiffen. “That’s a good girl, just like that.”

I pick the tumbler up and pour a drop of the scotch onto each nipple, then press its cool glass against one and say, “Good girl, now, I want you to touch your neck with one hand, and place the other on mine at your knee.” I smile deeply at you as you do, you can feel my body giving in to you.

I lean down and whisper in your ear, “Now, guide my hand slowly up your leg, but don’t put it on just yet.” I wait as you do, trying not to rush. “There. Stop there.” Just at the top of your thigh, a breath from your lips.

The color rising in your cheeks begins to make me inflamed, and I take in a large breath of air to cool myself, keeping the embers low and steady. I see your lips part, knowing you have driven me past my cool, into my passion. You are working your magic on me, and I am regaining the control. I pull the glass from your nipple and place it at your mouth, “Drink some, precious.” I gently spill just a bit onto your tongue.

I reach over and place the scotch back on the side table, dipping my finger into it and reaching up to your lips. “Don’t forget that drop as well.” I say, into your neck now. I allow you to suck my finger intently, clearing off the scotch and then suggesting more. I gently nuzzle your neck while you do, enjoying the scent of you. Your body still open and exposed, my hand resting still on your thigh, so close.

I moan gently into your shoulder as you suck. Then say, “Yes, just like that. You are May.” I pull my finger down along your bottom lip, and out of your mouth, sweeping your chin down with me to look at your body. Then down along the length of the tie, just enough pressure to mark your entire body as mine. The tip of the tie pointing at the prize you desperately want me to seek. I rest my finger there, at the tip of the tie, poised, waiting, feeling your wet now through my slacks.

You bite your lip and look up at me, hoping I’m not upset at how wet you’ve gotten me, and I respond, “You’re such a good girl, I would like to reward you for making me so content. Put your hands on the arms of the chair to keep them out of the way, and watch my eyes.” You nod and do as you’re told, fingers gripping into the leather, barely able to speak, my hands resting at the tip of the tie, and I see the longing in your eyes as I stare back. Our gaze locks for just a moment, and I drink you in as both my hands close in on you, one opening your labia and feeling the wet there, the other diving down between your legs and into you, just pulling back at the entrance.

You moan, and beg me for more, barely making words as you clutch at the chair. I smile at your passion and begin rubbing your clit as I slide two finger in and press back up against my outer fingers. The moan and look on your face is driving me on. Intently staring into your eyes I say, “I want you to feel this and sing for me as you do, but only as you feel it.”

I lean down and kiss your collarbone, gently brushing my lips along as you move violently under my manipulations. Your breath becomes ragged as I work you, all your energy focused on letting me know how pleased you are. Knowing how close you are, feeling you ready to cum I say, “Kiss me now.” Our tongues entwine, and the kiss deepens as I continue melting you in my hands. You moan into my throat, giving up and cumming on my fingers and pants, the sound of your wet all over my motions. I continue as the movement pulses through you, swallowing your song in our kiss, not letting up until you shake from the sensation, legs wobbling on my lap.

I gently remove my hand from inside you and break the kiss long enough to taste you. “You are better than the finest wine, May. I’ll savor every drop.” I lean your body back against me, hand resting on your stomach as you curl up into me.

“Oh my Beloved.” You say, and my heart melts and burns all at once. “I am yours, it is I.” The catch of poetry, from the precious things I’ve shared with you, causes my heart to flutter against your ear, resting now on my chest.

I drape my arm around you protectively, and squeeze you in close, holding you warm and safe in my arms. My precious May. Loved and cherished. Prized above all things. I smile knowing the night has begun wonderfully.

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