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Backwoods Adventure

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“Didn’t bring a bathing suit,” I told my cousin Dennis after he suggested we take a swim before it got dark.

“Don’t need one back here,” Dennis said as he continued to undress, and I tried not to look when his underwear came down and he was naked.

It’s tough not to look though, so I took a peek at my cousin, and probably did a double take when I saw how skinny his cock was, although it was plenty long. My actions didn’t seem to faze Dennis, who stood there making no effort to hide himself while waiting for me to undress.

It was about then when I realized that what I had suspected, and what had been rumored about in the family for a while, was true. Dennis was gay. That didn’t bother me, and in fact was the reason I had taken my cousin up on the invitation to join him for a weekend of backwoods camping out here just north of Long Lake.

I had convinced myself around that time that I was not gay, but I was coming to terms with the fact that I wasn’t straight either. It had taken me 18 years to actually admit it, but after a friend from school invited me to his house one afternoon while his folks were at work last month and introduced me to the pleasures of another guy’s flesh, I wanted more.

I took my time undressing while Dennis waited and pretended not to look, and it took all of my willpower to keep from getting hard as I stepped out of my shorts and underwear. Pretending not to notice my cousin staring at my cock, I let him get a good look at it before heading toward the water because I was actually getting hard from being stared at like that.

At 5’9″ and almost 200 pounds, I wasn’t exactly an Adonis, but if I shed a few pounds I suspected I would look pretty good. Nothing like Dennis, who was about my height but at least 50 pounds lighter, and was probably attractive enough to be a model. It felt weird to be thinking about another guy being attractive but Dennis was, and the fact that I liked him only added to it.

We splashed around the water as the afternoon started to turn into evening, and when we started to roughhouse a little and our bodies tangled together under the water I felt my dick getting hard. I made every effort to make sure I didn’t hit Dennis with my boner as we took turns dunking each other under the surface.

Thankfully, Dennis excused himself and went over to the little beach near out tent, and it was then that I decided that I needed to do something about my rather obvious arousal. As Dennis rummaged through his backpack, my hand went down between my legs.

As subtly as I could I moved my fist up and down the length of my cock, and by the time Dennis started walking back into the water I was ejaculating into the pond while pretending it was Dennis jacking me off, all the while watching his dick wiggle around. It might not have been the best thing to do environmentally, but it felt great and got rid of what would have been an embarrassing erection.

Dennis had a cigarette in his hand and was holding it up as he got out to where I was standing in shoulder-high water. When he got close I noticed that it wasn’t a cigarette but was a joint.

“Like weed?” Dennis asked, and after I told him I was game but my hands were wet and came up next to me and held it to my lips.

“Gonna be a muggy night,” Dennis said as I took a hit, and the fact that our bodies were touching did not escape my attention, nor did the realization that I did not back off from the contact. “Maybe we’ll be better off sleeping out under the stars.”

“Maybe,” I replied after exhaling, and then I wondered whether it would get a lot more than muggy at the campsite tonight.

Maybe the stories about Dennis were wrong. Perhaps he was just a nice guy who people spread rumors about. Sure, he was a little androgynous looking, and it was odd that he didn’t seem to have any body hair except for a little tuft above his dick. At 19 he was a year older than me, so he had to have it. Did he shave his armpits and legs?

I had to admit Dennis looked cool with his body so sleek and smooth, even though that made me feel even more like a bear with my chubby body having hair sprouting out just about everywhere.

“You okay, man?” Dennis was asking, stirring me from my daydream, having been offering me the joint while I fantasized about my cousin’s body.

“Yeah. Sorry. It’s just so nice and quiet back here,” I said.

“I’ve come up here plenty of times, and I hardly ever seen a soul. It’s like we’ve got our own private pond.”

Eventually we decided to come to shore, and as we decided whether or not to make dinner we sat on the rocks to dry off.

“You hungry?”

“Not really,” I said, even though all I had eaten was a granola bar on the hike in a few hours ago. “I need to lose weight anyway.”

“You’re looking good, Bobby,” Dennis said. “Looks like you’ve lost weight since I saw you last.”

“Maybe,” I said while trying not to look at my cousin’s dick hanging there while imagining what Dennis would feel like in my hand.

Apparently bahis firmaları I failed, because in a minute or so I noticed Dennis staring at me while I stared at him. Dennis didn’t say anything about where my eyes were, but he turned the conversation to a rather personal area.

“Must be nice,” Dennis suggested as he gestured down between my legs. “To have a big cock, I mean.”

I suspect my face turned red as I stammered and stuttered while trying to tell him that it wasn’t all that big, and besides, what difference did it make if you never used it?

“You a virgin?” Dennis asked, and I confessed that while I wasn’t, there was only one notch on my bedpost. One girl’s pussy, two girl’s mouths, and Todd, but I made no mention of any names.

“Didn’t think so”, Dennis said. “But damn! Bet you’re twice as big as I am. Here. Stand up. Hold yours up.”

I got up and looked around at the deserted lake and woods that surrounded us, and as my cousin held his dick up over mine, I knew that something was going to be happening.


I looked down at my cousin’s cock, and while mine was noticeably thicker there was not any great difference in length, although that was rapidly changing because Dennis was getting hard as our dicks touched. As he rubbed his cock against mine and I saw the look on his face, I realized the real reason Dennis was standing there like that was not to see who was bigger but instead simply providing a reason for us to make physical contact.

“You know I’m gay, don’t you Bobby?” Dennis said as he squeezed our cocks together, his erect prong hot against my flaccid member.

“Uh – I guess,” I mumbled, continuing to hold my dick while Dennis started to rub the tip of his into my opening.

“Pretty cool – you coming up here to camp with me despite knowing that.”

“Don’t know – whether it – whether it,” I gasped, the sensation of the two cocks rubbing as he drooled pre-cum over my tip sending shivers through my body. “Whether it was despite that – or because of that.”

“You mean?” Dennis asked, stunned at what he thought might be a confession. “You are too?”

“Don’t know,” I said honestly, hypnotized by the sight that was occurring down below our waists. “Only messed around with one guy.”

“And you liked it?” Dennis asked, and after I nodded Dennis added, “Do you like what I’m doing now? Seems like I’m liking this more than you are.”

“I like this. Like it a lot,” I said, and then confessed about what I had done out in the lake, which was the reason my cock wasn’t hard like his was, although that was starting to change with every passing second.

“You jerked off out there?”

“Had to. I didn’t want you to see I had a hard-on,” I confessed. “Came while looking at you and hoping something like this was going to happen.”

“Can I hold you?” Dennis asked, brushing my hand away and taking my cock in his fist.

“I don’t really know how to do stuff,” I confessed as Dennis suggested I could hold him.

“You’re doing fine,” Dennis said as I wrapped my hand around a very rigid tube that burned in my palm. “I can feel you getting hard too. It’s pulsing – throbbing.”

“You too,” I said, feeling his cock throbbing in my palm.

“Love hairy guys like you,” Dennis said. “Can I?”

Dennis let go of my cock and put him arms around me, rubbing his smooth chest into mine, which had begun to sprout what was rapidly becoming a mat of hair, and while I had been self-conscious about feeling like a bear, the way Dennis was enjoying it made me feel a little different.

“Can I kiss you?” Dennis asked, and while it wasn’t something that was part of my fantasy, once his lips met mine I found it pleasant, and when his tongue pushed into my mouth, I didn’t resist.

“Whew,” I said after our lips separated.

“You kiss nice. Was that your first – from a guy, I mean?” Dennis asked, and I nodded.

“I want to do things with you,” Dennis said and he continued to hold me tight, our cocks still grinding together. “Don’t be afraid – I mean, if I do anything that you don’t want – just say so. Please. I want this to be so good for you. For us.”

With that my cousin sank to his knees, nibbling and kissing all the way until he reached my cock. Our eyes met as Dennis grabbed the shaft of my member in his fist and ran his tongue over the tip

before opening his mouth.

Down his lips went with a slowness that made my legs turn to jelly, all the time keeping eye contact with me, and when his mouth hit his fist he brought his lips back down to the end. Up and down Dennis went, sucking hard and doing incredible things with his tongue as he did.

“Tell me if you think you’re about to cum,” Dennis said before wrapping his lips back onto my cock and continuing.

I nodded, figuring that he didn’t want me to cum in his mouth, but that wasn’t the reason. I think he wanted to give me head that I would never forget, and Dennis certainly did that. I stood there on our little patch of beach kaçak iddaa while Dennis knelt in the moist sand, both of us naked, and while that might not have been something different for Dennis it certainly was for me.

All thoughts of shame about my pudgy body were gone as my cousin made love to my cock. It was like I was seeing this through time-lapse photography, because late afternoon was becoming night and what had started in the glow of the sun only beginning to set was continuing as the sun ducked behind the mountains behind me.

Several times I had grabbed Dennis by the hair and warned him I was going to cum, and each time he not only stopped but did something to keep me from shooting my load. My cousin’s hands were always busy as well, kneading my balls and squeezing my ass while keeping me on the brink of orgasm for what felt like forever.

“Can’t take it,” I gasped, pulling Dennis off of my cock. “Have to cum. Gonna explode.”

“Give it to me, Bobby,” was all he said before his mouth swallowed my cock, his legs going all the way down the shaft until they were buried in my pubes, and as my nuts got squeezed in his hand I came.

I came so hard that my head was spinning while my cousin sucked me dry, and the sensation of ejaculating kept going long after I think I had to have stopped shooting. It wasn’t until I fell backwards, either fainting or losing my balance, that my cock came out of his mouth, and we went into a fit of laughter as Dennis climbed on top of me and we embraced.

“You have delicious cum,” Dennis said, and even in the dusk I could see that his mouth was overflowing with my sap. “Here.”

Dennis kissed me, shocking me at first, but then as our tongues dueled and I tasted my seed, I had to agree. Since I had only sampled one other, my friend Todd’s and that only by accident, that wasn’t saying much, but I didn’t care at that point because I was having the time of my life.

“I can’t do that,” I said as we lay in the sand, my hand going down to his cock which was hard against my hip.

“You don’t have to,” Dennis said. “I understand.”

“No, that’s not what I mean,” I said quickly. “I want to – really bad – but that’s the problem. I only did it to one other guy and I don’t think I’m very good at it. Nothing like what you did to me – jeez!”

“That’s okay Bobby,” Dennis said. “I’d love it if you tried, and I’ll bet you’re better than you think you are.”

I probably wasn’t, but I was determined to try, so we went up closer to the tent. We threw a little wood in the fireplace and lit some news papers below it. After it caught, we set a couple of towels down and I had Dennis lay down.

His cock was still hard, and after I told him it was amazing that he has been able to stay erect all that time, he smiled and said it was because he had been looking at me naked all the while.

“Bullshit,” I said with a laugh.

“I’m serious,” Dennis said, and in the flickering of the fire the look in his eyes said that either he was the world’s greatest liar or he did mean it. “You really turn me on.”

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Dennis said, sitting upright and putting his hand on my shoulder while I knelt at his side.

“Nothing,” I said as I brushed the tear off of my cheek and took a deep breath. “Guess I’m just not used to hearing stuff like that.”

“What? About being the object of someones desires instead of the butt of jokes?” Dennis asked, and I nodded. “I know the feeling.”

“Ever since I figured out that I wasn’t like other guys, I’ve always fantasized about you. About being with you like this,” Dennis explained. “Dreamed about sleeping in a tent with you naked, and it’s going to happen tonight. Maybe not the sleeping, but…”

I laughed at that and Dennis squeezed my shoulder while contorting his jaw a bit.

“Didn’t picture you with such a big cock though,” he said with a laugh before laying back down on the towels.

I reached down and lifted my cousin’s cock off of his stomach and brought it upright. The second cock besides my own that I had ever held, and it was beautiful, so sleek and warm with a slight upward curve.

My mouth took in the gumdrop glans, rubbing my tongue over the tip as I tried to imitate what Dennis had done to me, and when my cousin groaned as my lips slid down the arching shaft it sent a chill down my pine.

Unlike my friend Todd’s vein riddled cock, my cousin’s shaft was smooth, and as my mouth went down to the little wisp of hair above his cock, it felt like I was sucking a thumb. A thumb probably close to 6″ long but a thumb just the same.

I felt Dennis reaching behind me, rubbing the back of my thigh before playing with my balls as I spread my thighs to give him better access. Dennis had a nice pair of balls in a wrinkled hairless sac I sampled, rolling each nut around in my mouth before going back to his dick.

There was a noise in the background – a loon perhaps out on the lake – our only company as I continued to suck my cousin’s cock, and when kaçak bahis I felt his hand come up between my buttocks I did not stop him when I felt his finger penetrate my anus.

I wondered whether I would be able to take his ejaculation when it came, but as I was contemplating that I heard Dennis warn me he was about to orgasm. I took my mouth off of his cock for a second but then went right back down on him, just in time as it turned out, and while I choked a little when a blast coated my throat I kept going until Dennis was limp.

“That was really good Bobby,” Dennis said as we hugged, and I didn’t argue at that, too caught up in the moment to want to risk ruining it.


We didn’t sleep much that night, using every inch of the modest sized tent that was supposed to sleep three, as we contorted to give each other pleasure, but we fell asleep not long before sunrise.

As we ate a hearty breakfast, we lamented the fact that since we had gotten so little sleep we would probably be dragging all day, but being young and resilient we proved ourselves wrong by taking a hike up a decent sized mountain nearby.

The fact that I was able to make the climb was a testament not so much to my condition, which was not great but was better than it used to be, but more of not wanting to look bad in front of my cousin. My lover.

“Better get back to camp,” Dennis said after we longed around the summit for a while. “Get back and take a dip and cook up those hot dogs before it gets dark. Going to be a muggy night.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I agreed, and after we got back and got the fire going we looked around to make sure we were alone before stripping down and wading in.

“Love the way that we’re alone,” I said. “Except for that couple in the canoe we haven’t seen a soul.”

“Miss civilization?” Dennis asked and I shook my head.

“I wish we were up here for a week,” I said.

“What happens when we get home?” Dennis asked.

“I don’t know,” I admitted. “Trying to think of a way to get rid of me?”

“No. How about you?” Dennis asked.

“No. It might be tricky though,” I said.

“Yeah, I can’t see us kissing under the mistletoe at Christmas with the families,” Dennis said.

“Can you imagine my Dad?”

“Don’t want to,” Dennis said with a laugh before wading over to me. “There is something I can imagine though.”

“What’s that?” I asked, and as Dennis put his arms around me and squeezed my butt he whispered what he was thinking.

“Okay,” I said.

“You sure?” Dennis asked, and I nodded.

“Scared though, but I know you won’t hurt me,” I replied while our cocks rubbed together underwater.

“I’m not all that much bigger than my finger, and you seem to like that,” Dennis said as he nibbled my ear, referring to the index finger which had found the way inside of me quite often. “What I really want is for you to take me, but without lube – you’d rip me up. When we get home though…”



As we ate I thought about what was going to happen after it got dark and while it wasn’t like I had never heard of it before, I had never considered doing it. I looked at the slender tube that hung between my cousin’s thighs and took a deep breath.

“Going to be tough getting used to wearing clothes again,” I said, still not believing how comfortable I had gotten about being naked and wondered how much better I would look when I lost the baby fat I still was carrying.

“Still might be able to squeeze in another weekend like this up here school starts,” Dennis said. “Especially if it stays warm like this.”

It was warm, and after we finished eating we waded out into the water before retiring. Standing in water up to our collarbones we watched the sun fall behind the mountain while in each other’s arms, and even if someone had appeared on a canoe or hiking past, I don’t think we would have been able to go of each other.

“I assume you’ve never…”

“No,” I said. “You have though, right?”

“Yeas, but not like this,” Dennis whispered in the murky darkness. “Nothing like this. I want you so bad. Are you scared?”

“Yes,” I whispered back.

“Me too. Want to go in?” Dennis asked, and I nodded.

We walked out of the lake hand in hand, and after drying each other off made sure the fire was burning itself out before going inside the tent.


It was probably close to an hour later, after we had wrestled around while nibbling and sucking on each other when I found myself on my knees with my butt in the air. Dennis had been probing my anus with one finger and then a second while I buried my face in the sleeping bag and waited for the inevitable.

“Love you Bobby,” I heard as Dennis climbed behind we and I told him the same just as I felt his cock squeeze into me, and although it had felt like a thumb when I sucked it, at first it felt like a fist as the head of his tool burrowed into me.

I was biting the bedding, snorting as my cousin cock kept going deeper and deeper into me. Dennis kept asking me if I was okay in between telling me how tight it was, and then he had fully impaled me.

“Oh man that feels good,” Dennis grunted. “Such a tight virgin ass. You okay?”

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