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Back Stage

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Jared sat in a corner of the greenroom off by himself going over the script once more. It helped him to get into character and smooth over any rough spots. He picked absently at the blue silk shirt that was part of his costume and turned the page. He was reading a part that had been giving him trouble recently and the director was getting tired of pointing it out. Jared tried to get into character, but what did he know about the life a gay man led?

He wasn’t homophobic. Not by any means. There were times, actually, when he wondered what it would be like to have sex with a man. The thought was often accompanied by fantasies in his mind about the event and he’d find himself stroking himself. Those were the most vivid fantasies he had, but he wasn’t gay. He just had sex with a woman last night. No. He wasn’t gay. So what did he know about playing a gay man?

He was so engrossed in the script he didn’t hear the footsteps approaching and was startled out of his thoughts when he heard someone clearing their throat. His gaze roamed up into the face of one of the other company members, a handsome blond man by the name of Sean, who was playing the main supporting role. Jared stared at Sean for a moment. The man was very good looking and likely would have gotten the lead if Jared hadn’t usurped him. Sean’s grey-green eyes looked down at Jared with amusement. Despite their situation, Sean was one of the few people who didn’t resent Jared’s place in the lead role and had helped him get adjusted into the company these past six months.

A blush broke out on Jared’s face as he stood up. Sean waved him back down on the couch and sat beside him. Jared felt butterflies in his stomach in a way he didn’t usually get when talking with other people. Sean sometimes unnerved him, though he tried hard to hide it. Jared wasn’t sure why, but being this close to the well-muscled man set his groin tingling and his penis began to stir to life. Jared readjusted himself to make it less obvious, but he was afraid Sean noticed already.

It was no secret that Sean was gay. Sean was open about it and very comfortable with it. Jared was surprised when he first found out. Sean didn’t act gay or at least what Jared thought a gay man was supposed to act like. Sean had a good laugh when Jared told him that in the first month of their friendship and explained that he was gay, not flaming. It relaxed Jared a lot, but Jared still got this strange, excited feeling when he was around Sean.

“Still working on that part, huh?” Sean asked.

Jared looked at the script and felt his blush deepen. “Yeah. It’s still a little beyond me.”

“No it isn’t,” Sean said softly.

Still looking at the script, Jared responded, “yes it is. I don’t know what it’s like to be gay.”

Jared felt Sean lift his chin up gently and peer deeply into his russet colored eyes. “No. It isn’t.”

Something stirred in Jared that felt peculiar but familiar; an awareness of something deep inside. Captured by Sean’s intense gaze, Jared felt his breathing deepen and tried to control it. He felt his penis swell quickly in response to that which his body knew, but bahis firmaları his mind tried to deny.

Sean leaned forward and kissed Jared softly on the lips. In the front of his mind Jared screamed to stop. People were probably looking, staring at him. Him! Kissing this man! His body knew what it wanted, though and bent in to the kiss. Sean’s tongue probed forward and gently outlined Jared’s lips, making his breath come all that much harder. Jared opened his mouth slightly and gently, Sean pushed his tongue forward.

The sensation of that kiss was more than Jared could bear. Script forgotten, he grabbed Sean’s face and pushed his own tongue into Sean’s mouth greedily. Jared could taste butterscotch and feel the warmth of Sean’s mouth, sucking on his intruding tongue. His penis throbbed in response.

Finally, they broke free and, gasping, Jared stared at his friend. He understood now what his unconscious had been trying to make so clear to him. He tried to speak but Sean laid a gentle finger on his lips.

“I know,” he said. “We’ll meet after the show.”

With that, he got up and left Jared’s thoughts and feelings in a turmoil. Jared stared after his retreating body and realized they had been all alone. Sean must have gotten everyone to leave. The greenroom was never empty.

The show went better that night since Jared had first stepped into the lead role. Something inside Jared clicked and he gave a better performance than he ever had before. The other actors seemed to sense the change in him that night and flowed with the pace he set. Even the director, a man who relished breaking down his actors, had nothing bad to say about the show.

Jared was in his dressing room, with a towel wrapped around his middle, relaxing and washing off his make-up when he heard the knock on his door. He was about to call out when Sean opened the door and walked in. Jared’s heart skipped a beat and his stomach tightened. He tried to control his breathing, but couldn’t help staring at his friend.

Sean stood with his back against the closed door, arms crossed across his chest, well aware of Jared’s scrutiny. Jared took in his 6’1″ frame, well muscled and toned. Sean liked to work out and it showed. He was blessed with the Nordic look of his Swedish mother; high cheekbones, full lips, square jaw and smooth, pale skin. Sean cocked his head to the side and gave a small smile at Jared’s gaze.

Jared lowered his gaze and finished removing his make-up. Suddenly he felt Sean run his fingers lightly through his dark hair. He looked up to see Sean staring at him in the mirror. Their gazes met and Jared found himself being assessed in turn. His light olive skin hid his blush somewhat, but he couldn’t turn away. Held captive by that gaze, Jared could do nothing but stare. He felt as though he were being undressed with nothing more than a look. His stomach did excited little flip flops at the thought.

“You did well tonight,” Sean finally said. Jared heard a catch in his voice. “I told you it wasn’t hard.”

Jared stood up and tightened the towel on his midsection, well aware of his vulnerability in this situation. kaçak iddaa Sean moved his hand to his chest and let it linger there.

“Yeah, thanks.”

Jared felt he should make some protest. Some admission of being straight and not interested but he couldn’t. He wanted this, ached for it even as he tried to make arguments against it. He watched as Sean’s hand covered the hand holding the towel, forcing him to release his hold on his towel.

Sean leaned in and kissed Jared. Jared stumbled back against the make-up dresser. He heard the mirror thump against the wall and put his hands on the dresser to brace himself. In a quick, easy move, Sean pulled on the towel and moved it aside. Jared felt exposed, but a thrill raced through him as Sean pressed himself against his loins. He felt himself stir as he became aware of Sean’s hard on pressing into him through his jeans.

He gasped loudly when Sean moved away, acutely aware that he didn’t want Sean to go anywhere. He wanted, craved, more. Disregarding the towel and his nudity, he stepped into Sean and kissed him. As he probed his tongue forward, Sean gently took him by the shoulders and pushed him back. He smiled the lopsided smile that made Jared melt and began to remove his shirt.

Jared watched with fascination as Sean’s well-toned chest came into view. He lacked any chest hair and Jared had an urge to touch him to see if he was as smooth as he looked. Tentatively, he reached out a hand and put it on Sean’s chest. Sean looked down to his hand and watched it trail down to his stomach. He took in a deep breath and held it when Jared made a timid start towards Sean’s groin.

“Oh god,” Sean moaned. “Do you know how long I’ve waited for this?”

The sound startled Jared and he froze in the very act of touching, as though he’d been caught doing something he shouldn’t. Sean caught his hand, pressed it on his groin and squeezed. Jared felt the penis throb in response and relaxed. He wanted this. Dear god, he wanted this. He moved back in and began to unbutton the jeans.

Sean let him unbutton and unzip his jeans. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and, once freed, his penis jumped up in response. Jared stared at it in fascination. Almost of its own volition, his hand wrapped around the member and embraced it. Sean moaned again.

This time Sean stepped into Jared and kissed him hard. He was a little startled to feel Jared respond in kind, but kept it up. Finally, he could stand it no longer and kicked the chair away from the dresser. Jared began to pump his penis but Sean pulled his hand away as he moved down to Jared’s neck and began licking and nibbling his way down to Jared’s chest. Jared braced himself against the desk once more as he felt Sean’s warm mouth take in his pierced nipple. His breath caught as Sean pulled lightly at the ring with his teeth and caused an explosion of pleasure to rip through him.

Sean kept moving down until he was kneeling in front of Jared. He took time to appreciate Jared’s size and girth which were considerable. Sean wasn’t nearly as large, but he was skilled. He’d been taught by a man who took great pleasure in kaçak bahis playing Sean’s body like a virtuoso. Sean wanted to depart some of that to Jared especially since he was well aware that it was Jared’s first time. He wanted Jared to have all the pleasure he knew was possible.

Slowly he took the throbbing cock in his mouth. He tongued the tip a bit before moving his mouth down further on the shaft. He began to move his mouth up and down the shaft as he ran his hand down between Jared’s legs. Jared moved his legs apart in response and moaned again as he felt Sean’s finger penetrate his anus. Jared had engaged in ass play before and enjoyed it a lot. It was different somehow knowing it was a man who penetrated him, more enjoyable.

Jared felt the tension build as Sean expertly sucked his cock and fingered him at the same time. Soon it was more than he could bear. He tried to push Sean off, but he continued to suck until Jared reached an explosive climax. He felt Sean continue sucking until the orgasm was well over, swallowing as Jared came.

Sean stood up and looked at Jared. “I want you,” he said huskily.

All Jared could do was nod. Sean went over to his jeans and produced a condom which he quickly placed on his throbbing erection. When he turned around, he found Jared already bent over, hands on the dresser, waiting for him. It was nearly more than Sean could take.

Sean grabbed some petroleum jelly and spread it on Jared’s anus. He wasn’t sure if petroleum jelly was good for condoms, but he was very sure he almost didn’t care at this point. Slowly he pressed the tip to Jared’s anus and let it stay there a moment, waiting for Jared to relax. Finally, he felt the anus relax and he slowly, but insistently penetrated Jared. Once inside he sat still and waited for Jared to become accustomed to the sensation. Jared began moving his hips back, encouraging Sean to go as deep as possible. Jared groaned loudly and let a sigh of pleasure loose.

Sean backed out of the anus until he was nearly out and stopped. He re-entered the hole and groaned in response. He slowly built up a rhythm, letting Jared’s need guide him. He reached around to grab Jared’s penis which had become erect again. As he massaged the penis, he quickened the rhythm of both his penetration and his stroking. The excitement built in both of them and shortly they both came again. First Sean came, letting loose a loud growl from deep in his throat, then Jared, releasing his own primal yell.

After, Sean threw out the condom and they both stood looking at each other in silence for a moment. It was Jared who broke the stillness and asked, “so, what now?”

“What would you like to happen?” Sean responded, holding his hand gently.

Jared looked down. Lost and confused for a moment. “I don’t know.”

“Tell me,” Sean said gently.

“I like this,” he said, a hesitation in his voice. “I want to see you again.”

“I liked this, too,” Sean said as he lifted Jared’s chin up so he could look in his eyes. “I wouldn’t have done this if it was only meant to be a onetime thing. I want to see more of you.”

“Yes,” Jared said as they kissed. “I’d like that.”

Sean laughed as Jared’s penis tried to rise again. “I can see that you would.”

This time they kissed more deeply and passionately, filled with the promise of things to come.

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