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As The Massage Turns

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In my fifties, right after receiving my first magazine from the senior’s group so well known, my sciatica began to give me problems. So, almost out of desperation, I looked in a personal services section of a highly regarded provider of ads for things from house repairs to healthcare. I knew I didn’t want to use one of the chains because I felt they had a good number of underpaid and disaffected staff. So I made a choice of a guy who listed a good sounding model of care, was licensed, had degrees in physiology and specialized in sciatica. Here’s an account of the encounter with Ben, my masseur:

Well, the place looks clean. Nice waiting room. Mellow music. Wonder how long this guy’s been here. Hope he’s not a guy that’s just faking it or looks like a troll or something. Oh well, just as long as he can give a good massage and help with this pain in my back and leg. Ah, here comes. Looks good. Tall with a beard. Good affect.

“Hi, Bill, right?” he greets me.

“Yeah that’s right. Good to meet you, Ben. So, you know what’s going on with my back from our email contact?” I reply. He’s well groomed, neat beard. Clean clothes. Wearing a pair of gym shorts and a tee but guessing it gets really warm doing his job so that’s no biggie.

“Yep. Sciatica, right. It’s a big problem in my field. There’s really no cure but maybe with a routine of massage and other things you’re doing we can get you feeling better. I make no promise of immediate relief or cure, though. Just to make it clear.” he inquires.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ve been in healthcare for a few years. Which makes me a danger to myself, right.” I laugh.

“Well some of you folks do form preconceived notions that are hard to change. Alternative healthcare is not quite as fact and science based but there’s a lot of anecdotal stuff showing massage is effective for some in pain control.” he says.

“Well, I’m pretty stubborn about sticking with the scientific route but I don’t have a closed mind about alternative. And, if you can help this pain in my side and down my leg then mission accomplished.” I reply.

“Ok, well the fee is sixty dollars per massage or I offer a ten pack for five hundred fifty. If you want to test things out and then decide you want a massage routine that’s always there. I’ll take you back to the room. You have a choice of draping or not. I see this is your first professional massage?” he asks.

“Yeah, it’s me taking a leap of faith. I know I shouldn’t be this way but the thought of a guy giving me a massage kind of creeped me out. And letting a woman wasn’t an option since it would really piss the wife off.” I tell him.

“No prob. I get a lot of men that feel funny if it’s their first time. It’s all professional. I put a towel over areas in the pubic region. I go by my training but if anything feels uncomfortable or painful just let me know and we’ll adjust. You do need to know there’s going to be some pain if I’m going to work on the sciatica. I’ll be doing some deep massage in the sacral and buttock and thigh areas. That’s usually the main areas and I think I remember you mentioning those areas.” he tells me.

“That’s right. And I expect there’s going to be pain. I’ve been doing self massage an it hurt like hell but afterwards it gives me some relief. Here let me get the fee for you. Here you go, sixty bucks.” I answer.

“Ok, then let’s go back to the room bahis firmaları and get you started.” he says.

Mmmm…nice mountain photos on the hallway walls. That’s cool. Ah, big room. Has a big table. Like the smell. Some kind of lavender. New age. Kind of a stereotype thing but guess it relaxes for getting a massage.

“Alright…I’ll let you get undressed and come back in about five minutes if that’s good for you.” he tells me.

“Yeah, think I can undress in that time. How do you want me on the table?”

“We’ll start with you face down. There’s an opening in the table for you to put you face in. It keeps your neck from having strain. There’s a towel there on the end of the table. Once you’re disrobed just get on the table and put the towel over your buttocks region. I’ll let you decide how far you want to disrobe. And if you want to have draping or not. Oh, yeah, let me get you a water out of the fridge over there.” he says.

“Thanks. I’m kind of thirsty from being nervous. I’ll probably just do no drape. What the hell. sure you’ve seen plenty of bodies in your field. I know in my work it just becomes something that is routine.” I reply.

“Yep. Being undraped is no biggie. Whatever is comfortable. Oh, by the way, you filled out some medical stuff online. Can I get a signature?” he asks.

“So this is a consent to treat?” I ask.

“Right. I have to make sure I have all my client’s consent for the health department to allow me to practice. And for all the privacy stuff.” he answers.

“Ok. Let’s do it.” I tell him.

“Alright. So, I’m going to leave and let you get ready. I’ll be back with a choice of oils and towels.”

Ah, nice and warm in here. Guess it’s no big deal getting naked for this. Still, what if I get a hard on? Guess it happens but I don’t want to get hard from another man touching me.

Damn, this table is comfortable. Hey not bad putting my face in this hole in the table. He’s right. I don’t feel my neck hurting like it does when Suze gives me a massage at home using pillows. Have to cut a hole in the bed for her to put my head.

Ok, I’m ready. Let’s get this going. I hope I’m not paying for this time out of the hour I’m paying for. I’m sure he’ll set a timer once he gets in here. Should have kept my watch on to make sure. But how could I see it with my head in this hole?

What happens when he asks me to turn over and my dick is showing? Maybe naked was a mistake. No, no…I think he’s seen dicks before. Ah, here he comes.

“Ok, are you ready. I have a couple of massage oils to use. I’ll let you smell them and decide. If you don’t want oil, we can go without. Oil just makes it easier to massage without hitting dry areas that make it uncomfortable. Anyway, here’s a peppermint type oil. It gets a little tingly but leaves a nice smell. The other oil is a lavender. It is really calming. Sometimes clients say it helps them slow down. Some fall asleep.

I’ll just put your arms at your side instead of dangling.”

Ahh…I like the peppermint. Maybe it will actually get me all tingly.

“I’ll do the peppermint.” I say with my face still facing down in the table’s hole.

“Ok, let’s get going. I’m going to start at your head, doing shoulders, arms, hands than going to back and working down to your feet. Ok.” he asks

“Sounds good.” I answer.

MMM…that oil does feel good. kaçak iddaa Damn he has a strong touch. Suze could never do as strong as he’s doing. Ahh, my shoulders need this. Ouch, he’s hitting all the sore spots I never knew I had.

Wait, did I just feel his cock touch the back of my head when he reached down to my lower shoulders? No way. I’m just imagining things.

There it is again. That’s definitely his cock. And it’s hard! Shit. And I was worried about me getting a hard on. Maybe I should call this off. But it was kind of hot to feel. What the fuck? Why the hell does it feel hot to me?

Oh, shit that feels good. This guy has a talent. So what if his cock occasionally hits me on the head. He’s got shorts on. And man, does that feel good.

Ahhh…that massage of my neck was so good. I’ve been wanting that for ages. His hands are really strong.

MMM…that back massage is so nice.

“Ok, I’m going to move to the side and work around from one side over to the other. This will be where I get to your sacrum. I just need to get some more oil real quick.”

“Ok…that was really nice. You’re really good.” I tell him

“Thanks. I’ll just be a sec to get some more oil.” he says

Well guess it’s not true about professional masseurs always keeping hands on. Oh well…so far it’s been great. Even with the dick thing. And, truthfully, feeling another man’s cock wasn’t all that bad. It actually made me excited. What the fuck. Sexualize everything Bill. Must be a man, heh, heh.

“Ok, here we go. Shouldn’t have any more breaks in the session. Just bring the oil to us.” he says.

Oh, yeah. there he goes on the old sacroiliac. Ouch, ouch…it does hurt so good. This guy is really good. Wait, there’s his cock on the side of my hand. I felt his cock just touch the outside of my hand. And it wasn’t in no fucking shorts! What the hell is this guy doing. I better lift my head to see if he’s wearing anything.

Fuck, he’s nude. And that cock is hard! I better get up off this table. Ok, so why am I not getting up? Why am I getting more excited?

“Guess you saw I took my clothes off. Sorry, should have told you. It’s really hot in here and my AC is on the fritz. I can quit and give you your money back if it offends you.” he tells me.

“No, that’s fine. I was a bit shocked but it is hot as hell in here. And I’m naked so what the hell. Your massage is excellent. Go ahead.” I tell him, amazing myself as I do.

You just gave him permission to swing his cock all over the place, dumbass. What the fuck?

Oh, come on. The feel of that hard cock on your hand has gotten you hard. Just relax and enjoy his hands and the occasional feel of his hard cock.

Ahhh. man he has me all blissed. Now he’s on my feet and I’ve felt his cock on my hands, my butt and now on the bottom of my feet. You’re really a sick fuck. Who cares. It feels nice. It’s exciting.

“So, let’s have you turn over. Get the other side as relaxed as the back.”

“Ok, but I’m going to be embarrassed about something. You know what I mean?”

“No worries. Happens all the time. Just a physiological response to touch. “

Ok. Here goes nothing. Hope my hard cock isn’t going to get in the way. Heh, heh.

“Nice cock. Got a big head and shaft.” he calmly tells me.

“Ahhh…yeah, guess it’s a bit big.”

“Ok, ready? I’m going to start up kaçak bahis on top again and work down.”


Close your eyes. Close your eyes. That cock of his is going to be right above you. Oh yeah, he’s really making my shoulders feel good. That’s sooo nice. MMMMMM.

Wait his cock is on my lips! What’s he doing. Is he trying to get me to suck it?? Maybe I’ll open my mouth to see what he does. If he tries something, I’ll end it. Ok, mouth open.

Mmmmmmm…oh my god! Oh my god. His cock tastes so fucking good. His precum was all over the head. Oh, yeah…he’s got it pushed down my throat. Oh fuck, oh fuck that feels so good. Can’t believe I’m actually sucking cock. But it’s really hot…really hot.

“I thought you might be looking for a little extra. You like that man cock? Just nod cause it looks like you have your mouth full.”

“MMMM…hmmm.” I mouth over his big cock. And nod my head.

“Ok, let’s try a new position. I’m going to crawl down to that big cock of yours’ and suck it while you get to keep sucking on mine. Good old 69 for you to enjoy.”

Ohhh fuck…his mouth is fantastic on my cock. Suze would never swallow the whole thing like he just did. Fuuuck. I’ve got to try that.

Yeah, his whole cock. Gagging the fuck out of me…but I did it! MMMM…like it down this deep with his balls on my nose. Ahhh…his asshole damn near in my nose.

Oh shit, his mouth is fucking hot…and that tongue…fuck. Don’t know if I can go very much longer without shooting.

Wait, what if he cums? What if he cums in my mouth? Fuck. Am I going to swallow his cum?? Oh, damn…he’s fucking my mouth. That is sooo erotic…don’t understand why Suze doesn’t like this. Oh, man…now he has his ass hole with my nose touching it. Ahhh fuck he’s sucking my balls…ahhh…his tongue…it’s in my asshole. Fuck that’s goood!

I have to lick his balls. Just once since I have the chance. MMMM…they taste good. And his cock flopping on my nose. How hot is that?

Ok, there’s his asshole. Put my tongue in it? Hell, might as well. He’s doing mine. Ok, here goes. Nice, tangy, but think I could like this. Maybe push my tongue inside it just to see? Oh yes…look at the way he’s groaning when I do that.

Alright, back to that cock. That’s it…all the way down. Ohhhh yeah fuck my mouth…more…make me gag…yeahhhh…ohhhhh yeah…he’s going to come. I can fell the head quiver…shit I’m going to shoot…


OHHH…he’s shooting…he’s shooting…fuck…it’s really warm…ohhhhhh…here comes another shot. Fuckkkk…taste that shit…it’s so damn hot…love it…fuckkkkk…my cock is still shooting.

That was fucking hot…his cum is all over my mouth. Think I have some on my face. Yep…nice.

“You suck like a real cocksucker, dude. And that cock of yours’ is incredible. Next time is on me if you want to come back. I really don’t hit on everybody but somehow I thought you might be ready to be a cocksucker and gave it a shot. Probably risky but it was worth it.”

“I’ll say! That was incredible. I got so damn excited when we both came at the same time. And…I do like what we did. Your cock is so nice in my mouth. And the cum…I never thought I’d ever do something like swallowing a guy’s cum but damn, that was nice. Even tongue fucking your asshole excited the hell out of me. I’ve never thought about doing it with another man. But now here I am. For sure I want more.”

“Then let’s set it up and we’ll work on your back too.”

Holy shit, what just fucking happened????

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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