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Anal Sex

The queen was known for her appetite. Any who entered her court found themselves stunned by her ability to clear a plate. She was insatiable in a way that her body, while voluptuous, didn’t seem to parallel.

It was also rumored that her appetite extended beyond food. Tales spun in tones ranging from intrigued to downright wistful were in no short supply across the kingdoms, from nobles and peasants alike.

Her long nails rapped an impatient rhythm against the long, polished table. The court and her guests were still eating the first course, and as always, her servants had miscalculated how quickly they’d need the next one ready for her. By the time the rest of them had finished with all they were offered, she was leaning back, fingers laced over her belly, full-fed on her own personal, expansive spread.

It didn’t take long for her to feel the first signs that she was starting to grow. The chatter and merriment was slurred into a drunken whirl, so much so that they didn’t notice her plump form beginning to look a little rounder. Only one did—her own, personal servant, who kept his gaze on her both while she ate and after, his perfectly-fitted uniform seeming a little tight below the waist.

Her already-generous bust was testing her seamstress’ work, threatening to spill over at any moment. Deciding that none of those in her presence were owed an explanation, she left her subjects to the remainders of their desserts and drinks, sauntering to her chambers as her floor-length dress slowly started to reveal her ankles.

Once she found herself in solitude, she tried to reach the buttons on the back of her straining dress, to no avail. She was about to turn and call for him, but he was already there. Almost pressed up against her back, he wordlessly released her from the confines of the dress, practiced fingers güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri saving each button one by one.

“You should have left sooner,” He murmured in her ear, his hands slipping along her sides, barely touching her breasts as he helped her out of the dress. “We barely saved this one.”

“It was tight to begin with,” She shrugged.

“I noticed.” Was that a smile she heard in his voice? Cocky mutt.

She leaned back to close the tiny gap between them, allowing him to reach for her breasts fully. He kissed down her neck slowly as he cradled them in his hands, the white flesh looking tight as they filled up with milk.

“Are your breasts feeling too full, mistress?” He pinched her nipples softly, coaxing thin streams of milk that he wiped up with his fingers, which he took his time licking clean. He moved his hands to massage her taut, swollen belly. “Or are you looking for more dessert, perhaps?”

She managed to tear herself away from his touch and move to her bed, making sure to let her ass grab his attention as she did. Her meal had certainly done all of her best curves a great favor. As she turned and lounged back, she laughed at the sight of him, shifting his weight from foot to foot with his arms crossed over his chest. The fabric below his waist was looking tight again.

“Take that off before you bust out of it,” She smirked.

He scowled at her lightly, unable to be truly mad at her jab when he knew it to be a compliment. he slipped his tunic off, then his pants, revealing himself to be more than ready for her. She licked her lips. “I’m feeling hungry again,” She decided, her gaze fixed on his member.

He couldn’t avoid smiling as he straddled her, feeling her breasts against his legs as he filled her waiting mouth with his cock. It was hard to avoid panting, moaning, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri howling beneath her expert tongue as she brought him to orgasm once, twice, three times, each huge load a nourishment she accepted with glee as drool dribbled down her chin. Over and over again, she forced him into productive climaxes, the sensations and euphoria intoxicating him. By the time she was finally satisfied, he barely had to move to sit back on her massive belly.

She leaned back, wiping her mouth with satisfaction before crossing her arms behind her head. He took a minute to recollect himself, up until his belly growled loudly. She laughed and pushed him off. “Let’s see if we can’t make your skinny ass fat, huh? You’re such a spoiled mutt. Come here.”

She heaved herself to her side and pulled him close, latching him to her nipple and massaging her breast to squeeze a flood of milk into his greedy mouth. He moaned again, almost as much as before. His hands groped at her soft, fat body, seeking greedy purchase as though it would help him guzzle her milk faster.

She was moaning now, too—each huge sip of his made her feel better and better as he immediately relieved the deep aching of her engorged breasts. Pure pleasure was all that was left in its wake, amplified as she watched her pet grow, feeling hungry all over again as his belly began to swell and press up against her. He was oblivious, too focused on filling a hunger he couldn’t hope to satisfy.

She gave him a little while longer before the sight of her fat, spoiled pet was too much. He whined in protest as she rolled onto her back and spread her legs, up until her glistening pussy caught his attention. “Your dessert, pet.”

Mischief gleamed in his eyes suddenly. “Yes, mistress,” He purred, hiding a smile as he settled his new bulk down güvenilir bahis şirketleri between her duanting thighs. He wrapped his arms around them for purchase, feeling them tense as he settled kiss after delicate kiss down their expanses. Leading down to where he wanted to be, he let his tongue meet her pussy carefully in a broad, deliberate sweep from her entrance all the way up. She convulsed beneath his tongue, and he chuckled, low in his throat.

He took his time with her, playing her sex with a practiced tongue to rival hers. The room resounded with her moans, then her screams as he flooded her body with the pleasures of orgasm. She was his now, she knew, and she wouldn’t… couldn’t stop him.

“Want more?” He murmured softly, teasing her too-sensitive clit with the tip of his tongue. She whimpered in desperation. He chuckled and moved to lounge beside her. “I’m all yours.”

She managed to heave herself up and mount him, moaning as his thick cock slipped deep inside of her sopping pussy. He moved slowly at first, rubbing her huge belly and reaching to make more milk stream down her breasts. “I’ll bet i can make you even bigger,” He challenged.

She only managed to shake her head. “No way,” She mumbled.

“Oh yeah?” He broke into a devious grin and picked up his rhythm. Her soft whimpers of pleasure broke into whines, then howls as he pushed faster into her until he stopped, his back arched as he spilled his seed up inside of her. Panting, he looked up in time to watch her plump belly taking on a slight, but distinct roundness.

She was too busy in her own orgasm to notice her belly, he noted. No matter, he thought, and he began moving again. He barely paused now between orgasms, producing an almost continuous stream of cum to fill her waiting womb with. When she finally noticed her belly growing round and taut, he laughed at her shock, watching her grope, feeling a fullness she had never experienced before. He gave them both one last orgasm to enjoy before releasing her, discreetly plugging up her over-filled pussy as he did. She was his to enjoy now, and he certainly wasn’t going to let his hard work go to waste.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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