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Anna’s Awakening

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Emily and Anna had worked together for about a month and their relationship had begun to grow as they got to know each other more. Both girls were in their mid-twenties and both had gone to college; however, neither of them had quite finished yet. They both seemed to be looking for their place in the world and they were fairly content with their lives to this point. Both ladies worked as temp workers for a manufacturing company both in the office and in the warehouse. During the day they would chat about various their lives and various random subjects.

Emily, who had thick, long auburn hair, was definitely the more worldly of the two women. She had been married once and had just gotten through a divorce recently. She would talk with Anna about her experiences in marriage and what a lazy fool she had married. She told Anna that she was now hanging around a few lesbian friends because she was fed up with men and found she was accepted. Anna never asked Emily if she was sexually active with any of these lesbians and the thought was very intriguing to her. Anna grew up in a very conservative home and had been involved in church. Although she was an attractive woman she had never been involved in a serious relationship. She had plenty of guy friends and once traveled in a band with 4 guys, but nothing ever happened. Anna was always having to answer the questions when she went back home if she had “met” any guys yet and she always had a smile and a joking comment back the her Prince Charming still had not shown up on her door-step. Anna’s mom commented that she would be found attractive by more men if she had lost about 10 lbs and started wearing more make up and dressing up a little rather than always wearing jeans and baggy shirts. Anna’s mom also told her she should be proud of the chest she had (38D) and not always try and hide it. Her mom said she may be perceived by some men as being a little too much like them and that they would think she was gay. Anna always jokingly told her mom to not worry about it and if the women at the church though Anna was a lesbian, she would go out and buy some flannel shirts to wear the next time she came home. In all honesty, Anna very much wanted to find someone she could develop a relationship with. Anna lived in a little apartment alone and she hung around a few married couples and she always felt the role of third wheel when she was with them. Being a bit shy did not help her out much with meeting people. She would rather hang out in a coffee shop than a bar and would rather read or watch TV than spend a night dancing and club hopping.

One Monday at work, Emily and Anna wear going through some old invoices that needed to be filed away and chatting about their weekends. Emily told Anna that she did something that she never thought she would ever do. She got a tattoo! Emily told her about her and a friend had finished off a bottle of wine on Saturday and wanted to do something out of the ordinary. Emily suggested they go and get a tattoo. Emily’s friend, who already had a couple of tattoo’s, bet Emily that she would never get a tattoo and that she was too much of a chicken. Whether it was the bravery of the Blush Emily drank or the dare itself she decided to go ahead and do it. Anna asked Emily where she had the tattoo done and Emily told her it was on her lower back. Emily said that she always thought tattoos on a woman’s lower back were very sexy and that is where she would want one. Anna did not ask to see the tattoo; however, she did catch glances of it occasionally when Emily reach for something or bent down to pick something up.

Anna was very intrigued by Emily. In Anna’s eyes Emily was a bit of a wild child and Anna loved hearing about Emily’s exploits. Anna almost wished she could be like Emily, but she was very afraid of what others would think of her if she ever let go. There were days when Emily went outside on her cigarette break that Anna wanted to go out and join her. She had snuck a cigarette a few times growing up, but always was worried about what others would think of her. Anna had a problem with her self-image and was always worried about what other people would say if she did something a little off. Emily would often laugh at Anna at work and tell her she was going to have a nervous breakdown. Emily said that she should go out with her and her friends and that would definitely loosen Anna up. Anna always thanked her and said it sounded fun; however, she never would accept Emily’s invitations. Emily came to work one day and told Anna that her roommate had just accepted a job out of town and that she would be moving soon. Emily said she needed to find someone since the mortgage on the house she lived in was a little too high for her to pay for by herself. Emily asked Anna if she would be interested in moving in to help them both out financially. She said it was a pretty two-bedroom home about 10 minutes outside the city. Emily told her all about the house to try and sweeten the deal. Emily had planted quite a few shade trees for more privacy and she had spent money her grandmother left her to buy a hot tub to bahis firmaları go in the backyard. Anna liked Emily and she thanked her for offering and said she would think about it. Emily said that she would never want Anna to make a decision with seeing the house and she knew that living alone could be very lonely at times. Emily invited Anna over for dinner on Saturday night to have a look around and for her to keep an open mind until then. Anna agreed and said she would come by and Emily promised Anna would not regret it.

On Saturday, Anna slept in and then ran errands around town for a few hours. She was surprisingly excited about going over to Emily’s later. She liked Emily and was amazed that they became friends since they were very different in most ways. Emily was the wild child than Anna fantasized she could be, but was always afraid to be. Anna took a shower around 4:00 and then got dressed. She dressed in her normal baggy jeans and shirt. Her make-up was done to the minimum and Anna pulled her hair up in a ponytail. Anna had no idea that this would be a night that she would never forget and change everything she ever thought about herself or what she believed in.

Anna arrived at Emily’s around 6:00 PM. As she pulled off the main road she was amazed at how secluded and beautiful Emily’s yard was. Emily had told her all of the back wrenching hours she had spent in the yard with her room mate and how they both had taken courses in massage to ease each others muscles after a hard day in the yard. Anna parked her car and walked up to the front door. She rang the bell and waited. Nobody answered and she rang it again. She heard Emily yelling and Anna looked through the window and saw Emily come running around the corner to the door. She opened the door and apologized to Anna telling her she had just got home from the store and wanted to shower quickly before Anna arrived. Emily was dressed in a robe and had her head covered in a towel. Emily invited her in and told Anna to have a look around the house and if Anna wanted some, she had left a bottle of wine on the counter in the kitchen. Anna walked around the living room and dining room noticing how nice a comfy Emily’s home was. Anna headed towards the kitchen to check it out. She saw a glass of Zinfandel on the counter and two glasses sitting next to it. Normally she would rarely drink wine, but Anna figured what the heck. She knew Emily would certainly not judge her for having a drink so she pulled the cork and poured herself a glass. Anna sat down in the living room and was looking through a copy of BH&G when Emily came into the room. Emily was dressed in a pair of jeans and a sleeveless sweater that fit snug and came down and exposed a bit of her flat stomach. Emily was about 5’9” and she wore a very shapely size 10. She was not fat by and means and had very curvy and a very nice butt. At least that is what the guys in the warehouse at work always were telling her. Emily did not have large breasts at all. In fact, she barely wore a 34B and often went without a bra, as was the case on this night. Her long, thick, curly hair was pulled back and she was wearing her glasses. She often joked that her glasses made her look like a dork, but she liked the style of the ones she had bought.

“I see you decided to through caution to the wind and have a drink Anna.” Emily said with a sly smile as she set the bottle down on the coffee table.

“I pulled the curtains closed and made sure nobody was looking smarty!” Anna said sarcastically

Emily winked and replied, “Just make sure nobody you know saw you and you will be safe. I promise what happens in my home, stays in my home.”

“I will keep that in mind.” Anna said

Emily walked in the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of wine and was pouring herself a glass as she walked back into the room.

“So Anna, what do you think of my dump? She cracked as she sat down next to Anna on the couch.

“Dump? Are you kidding me? My place is a hellhole compared to yours. How did you get such nice things?”

“Well, I love to go to auctions and estate sales. You would not believe the deals you can find there.” Emily said, “In fact, come back to the main bedroom and I will show you my latest find.”

Anna followed Emily down the hallway into her room. The room was beautiful. Emily had painted the walls a dark red and she had candles lit, which made it even more appealing to Anna. What really caught Anna’s eye was the King Size bed in the corner. The bed was huge and it stood nearly 3’ feet off the floor.

“My gosh Emily! You must have to climb a ladder to get into that thing.” Anna laughed

“It is not too bad. Maybe a shorty like you would have a problem but I am fine.” Emily chided

“Really?!” Anna rolled her eyes. “Watch this!”

Anna ran over and dove onto the bed. She lay there for a second and then rolled over onto her back. Emily was standing next to the bed with the glass of wine in her hand. She looked down at Anna and said,

“Well, you certainly proved me wrong. I did not know you could catch such air Anna!”

Anna kaçak iddaa laughed and said it must be the wine. She was feeling pretty good and she was very comfortable talking with Emily. Emily sat down on the bed and they talked for a while. Emily was always telling Anna about the places she had been and how she loved taking photos from her trips. Anna asked if she had any albums and Emily got up and walked over to the corner to a small cabinet she had. As Emily bent over Anna looked at her butt and felt a strange feeling. As Emily bent over at the waist rummaging through the photo albums her sweater pulled up in the back. Anna stared at the tattoo that came up from the back of Emily’s jeans. The tattoo was like a vine coming out either side of Emily’s jeans. Anna could not make out what it was but she was very intrigued by it.

“Does your skin still hurt from getting the tattoo Emily?” Anna asked

“It was very tender for a few days, but it has seemed to gotten better the last couple of days. Emily replied, “Why do you ask?”

“I just saw it as you bent over looking at the books.” Anna said. She felt a little flushed and embarrassed now for asking.

Emily did not help the situation out either. “Anna were you checking out my ass as well as my tattoo?

“Of course not!” Anna protested. But she knew she had done so was felt her face go even more flush.

“Oh! Well that is good. We couldn’t have good little Anna checking out a woman. What would people say!?!” Emily said with a laugh.

Emily found the book she was looking for and came back over to the bed. She sat next to Anna and started showing her the photos from her trips. As they sat there Anna almost hypnotized by the wine and the fragrance of Emily’s lotion. She almost felt like she was being seduced but she had no idea what was going on. They joked about photos in the book and Emily even poked Anna in the ribs once with her finger after Anna made fun of a photo taken of Emily her hot tub. Anna laughed and rolled over and lost her balance falling off the side of the bed. She hit the floor with a thud! Emily laughed and rolled over the edge of the bed looking at Anna on the floor staring back up at her.

“I guess you have had way too much to drink there woman!” She said with a wink

“Nah!” Anna said, “I just felt like getting back to Earth. I felt like I was in the clubs up there.”

Emily stared down at Anna. She had developed a crush on this girl and she was afraid to scare her off. Emily did indeed have a few lesbian experiences under her belt, but she never felt comfortable with the manly women type though. She was attracted to Anna and she thought Anna was feeling the same; however, since she knew Anna had little to no experience with men, let alone a woman, she would never rush in and scare her off.

Emily got up off the bed and came around to where Anna laid. She offered Anna her hand and pulled Anna up off the ground. As she lifted her up Anna kind of stumbled into Emily and Emily felt the softness of Anna’s breasts push up against her. Emily loved that! She had been looking at them for months now and wanted to see what the looked like away from the baggy clothes that Anna wore. But she resisted. She told Anna that their dinner should be ready and asked if she could help her set the table. They walked towards the kitchen and Emily watched the back of Anna as they walked. Emily wanted to jump her in the bedroom, but common sense helped her out of it. For now at least.

Emily had made chicken enchiladas and they sat and ate over a couple more glasses of wine. Anna was feeling very giggly and she told Emily she better stop drinking or she would pass out. She worried that she was going to get pulled over on her way home and wondered if she could call a cab.

“Anna, there is no way I am going to have a cab come and get you all the way out here.” Emily said, “They would take half your savings by the time you made it home and who knows if the cabbie wouldn’t just pull over the side of the road and take advantage of you in your drunken state”

“Very funny smart ass! What the heck will I do then Emily?”

“Well, why don’t you just stay here tonight with me. Remember the reason you came over was too see if you would be interested in moving out here.” Emily reasoned “And what better way to see than to stay over.”

“Are you sure Emily” Anna said

“I insist! Besides, in the morning I can make you my special pancakes!”

“Cool!” Anna laughed

They cleaned up in the kitchen and Emily said she would give Anna the grand tour. She showed Anna all over the house and told her stories about different things she had picked up. Emily led Anna out the patio door into the backyard. Anna was amazed at the beauty of it. Emily lit a cigarette and sat on a leaned on a railing and told her how this was her place to get away from the world. She told Anna that she never smoked inside the house and would only come in the back to smoke. Anna saw a gazebo out in the yard and asked Emily about it.

“That is my hot tub!” Emily said kaçak bahis and started walking out towards it.

Emily had turned it on earlier in the evening in hope they would eventually end up out there. Anna was very impressed with the tub and she dropped her hand down into the water.

“That feels good!” Anna said

“Would you like to get in?” Emily said. Her heart was beating a lilted faster now.

Anna said, “I can’t! I did not bring my swimsuit.”

“Well, there is no way my bikini tops would fit you Anna. Your boobs would be bursting at the seams.” Emily said with a laugh.

“Bummer!” Anna said, “I have not been in a hot tub in a few years.”

“I have an idea.” Emily said. “I know this may sound crazy to you; however, why don’t you just take your clothes off and get in? I will go naked as well so you won’t be the only one.”

“Well….I am not sure.” Anna said with a little fear.

“I tell you what Anna. I will go inside and get us some towels and another bottle of wine. You can undress out here and nobody will ever see you. That is why I put such large trees out here.”

Anna was very nervous, but she was strangely excited as well.

“OK! I will do it!” Anna said “Please don’t tell anyone I went skinny dipping at your house at work on Monday though.”

“I would never betray your trust Anna.” Emily said

“Ok! The last thing I need is people think I am some wild partier.”

“I am sure they don’t Anna; however, I know the truth of your wild ways!” Emily said as she walked away back towards the house.

Emily went into her room and started to undress. She was very excited and she wanted to take her time in this. She brushed her teeth and headed to the kitchen to get some wine and a couple of glasses.

As Anna underdressed she kept looking around to see if anyone could see her. It was January and the cool air felt good on her flushed body. When she took her panties off she noticed they were wet in the crotch area. At first Anna though she had peed in her pants. She reached down and touched her vagina. It was very lubricated and her clit was swollen. She closed her eyes and rubbed a little bit. Anna masturbated occasionally; however, she was usually overcome with guilt after she did it. The wine helped loosen her up and she was a little caught up in the moment. Anna did not see Emily come out of the house and head towards the gazebo. Emily stopped and watched Anna standing there. Although Anna always said she was fat, Emily noticed that she had a nice body. Sure she was a little bigger in the hips, but what else could support those beautiful boobs Anna had. Emily thought Anna was just standing there waiting, but then she saw Anna’s hand between her legs and this brought a smile to Emily’s face.

“Hey! No jacking off in my backyard woman!” Emily said sternly

Anna whipped her hand away from her crotch and turned towards the hot tub.

“I..I…I was just finishing up undressing.” Anna stammered

“Oh! Is that what you call it.” Emily said.

Anna blushed and stepped up into the hot tub platform. Emily looked at her beautiful legs and thighs as Anna stepped into the hot tub. Anna sat down on the seat and looked back at Emily. Emily set the towels down and took off her robe.

“I better make it even to make you more comfortable.” Emily said as she poured two glasses of wine.

Anna could see the tattoo on Emily’s back fully now and she was amazed at the artwork. It stretched just above Emily’s butt checks into a “V” pattern above her hips. She looked at Emily’s breasts and noticed her very erect nipples. They were huge! They each stuck out near 2 inches off of Emily’s smaller breasts. Emily noticed Anna’s watchful eye and turned to put the bottle down on a table next to the hot tub. Emily stepped up onto the platform and she was right in front of Anna.

“I hope you do not mind my grotesque figure Anna.” Emily said, “During the winter I do not run as often as I should.”

“Nothing grotesque at all Emily. I wish I had your figure.”

“Oh really?” Emily said “With such a large chest like yours and curvy hips you should be proud Anna.”

“My mom always tells me to lose some wait to attract a good man.” Anna sighed

“Your mom is a fool Anna. She should be proud of what a hot girl she raised.” Emily said and took a deep drink.

They sat across from each other quietly for a few minutes. Anna sat lower down the tub and her breasts were mostly hidden in the swirling water from the jets. Emily sat up with her chest out of the water. Anna could not help but look at Emily’s nipples. She tried to not be obvious, but Emily caught on pretty quickly and she raised herself even higher. The women chatted for a while and eventually ended up on talking about sex. Emily told Anna about how her sex life with her ex was and how unsatisfied she was being married to him. Emily was feeling bold by the situation and the wine and told Emily about how she never felt sexually satisfied until she was seduced by a friend of hers. Emily said how wonderful the sex was and how she felt like she was with someone who actually wanted to make her feel good rather than just get off in two minutes and roll over and go to sleep. Anna was a bit shocked at Emily’s boldness and she was blushing a bit.

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