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Andrea and Stix Ch. 02: The Invite

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They had wrapped up another Sunday night affair and were sitting around the table chatting when Maria brought up plans for the coming weekend. Gloria turned to Andrea and asked if she had any plans.

“My husband and son are going camping with a friend and his son so I’m going to be alone from Wednesday through Sunday. I plan on doing nothing.” That gave everyone a chuckle. As they talked among themselves Stix turned to Andrea.

“I go to my favorite bar every Thursday night. Why don’t you come with me?” she asked.

“I’m not really a bar person,” Andrea replied. “I did my bar hopping when I was younger and it was a meat market. Guys hitting on you all the time.”

“I promise you that’s not the case at this place. That’s one of the reasons I go there,” Stix replied. “Good people and good music. Tell you what… I’ll touch base with you later during the week after you’ve had time to think about it.”

Andrea agreed and at that point everyone was ready to call it a night. While Andrea drove home she thought of Stix’s invitation but still felt it wasn’t a good idea. She was married and Mike probably wouldn’t like her going out. Not that he didn’t spend a lot of his time at bars and drinking with friends. But still she felt it was wrong.

The bahis firmaları week went by and Andrea had worked hard in the house all week and was tired. She climbed into bed around 9:00 and dozed off. She was hoping Mike would come home from whatever he was doing and just climb into bed. That usually wasn’t the case. Mike had a pretty strong libido.

It’s not that Andrea minded that much. When they first started dating and early in their marriage, she enjoyed sex with Mike. He was a caring lover, taking his time to make sure Andrea was sexually pleased. She did the same for him. Andrea learned from her mother at an early age after her father had left the family. “If you’re not doing it for your husband, some other woman will,” she kept saying to Andrea. So Andrea never refused Mike’s advances.

But over the past few years, something changed with Mike. Maybe it was the advent of on-line porn but whatever the reason, sex with Mike became less enjoyable and more centered around him. He no longer performed cunnilingus on her and was often times more rough and humiliating during sex. If she was lucky, Mike would ejaculate inside her. Other times he preferred oral sex and would ejaculate in her mouth. She wasn’t thrilled with the taste but was kaçak iddaa willing to do it since there really wasn’t any clean-up involved. The alternative, however was less enjoyable. Sometimes Mike would pull out of either her vagina or mouth, point his penis towards her and ejaculate on her face or breasts. When he was done he liked to use his penis to spread his semen around and have Andrea lick it off. And in all cases, once he had his orgasm, he would roll over and fall asleep.

“If you’re not doing it for your husband, some other woman will,” the voice in her mind would say.

But tonight she was lucky. Mike got home late and just climbed into bed without bothering her. Maybe another woman had taken care of him tonight. She didn’t know.

But the next morning was different. Mike had gotten up and walked over to Andrea’s side of the bed.

“Open up,” he commanded. Andrea was half asleep but she knew what he wanted. She took his penis in her hand, opened her mouth and started performing oral sex on Mike.

“If you’re not doing it for your husband, some other woman will.

Mike’s penis grew in her mouth and she knew from experience that he wouldn’t take long. She used her hand to help him along and a few minutes later she felt his penis kaçak bahis swell. He was about to ejaculate but instead of shooting in her mouth, he pulled out at the last second and shot his ejaculate of her face. Andrea just lay there as rope after rope of thick ejaculate splashed on her face. A few second later Mike was finished. Or was he?

Mike took his penis and smeared the ejaculate across Andrea’s face, stopping only momentarily for Andrea to lick his penis clean. Then he would again smear the white globs across her face. After a few minutes he tired of this.

“I’m taking a shower,” he said and headed to the bathroom. Andrea went to get up but Mike stopped her.

“Lay there until I come out,” he said. Andrea lay back on the bed, Mike’s ejaculate drying on her face and in her hair. She waited patiently until Mike came out about 15 minutes later. He looked at Andrea and laughed.

“You look like a cheap whore,” he said and went to get dressed. Andrea laid there watching him until he walked out the bedroom, out the front door and heard his car start. At that she picked up her phone and opened the last text message from Stix and started typing.

Thought about it and I’m in. Tell me where to meet you.

Seconds later Stix replied with a two emoji’s. One was a thumbs up and another was a smiley face blowing a kiss. Andrea thought it was cute. Stix gave her the address of Anna’s Place and said she looked forward to seeing her there.

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