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Allison Wonderland Ch. 01

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“UGH!” I huffed, tossing the paper across the table. The torn envelope lay at my feet, crumpled and forgotten as I sat in the stiff wooden dining chair. Tears finally reached my eyes as the heart wrenching sob took over my rib and chest, constricting and painful before I collapsed over the table. My arms lay out on the stable wood, the tears pooling under my head as my forehead banged restlessly on the tabletop. Another failed university application.

I felt lost, I felt like my world was shrinking. That was four places, my only four places that I didn’t have to move state to go to. I could feel my body shivering from the onslaught of emotions overtaking my body. I lifted my head and pushed my palms into my eyes, taking three deep breaths. By the third my body had stopped shaking and the tears had slowed. Standing, I scooping up both the paper and the envelope and threw them in the bin as I walked out the small kitchen into the hall/walkway. I stopped before my bedroom door, looking at the mirror hung on the wall beside it. My eyes were the greatest and worst thing about my appearance, great because they were big and framed with naturally curled long lashes, bad because of their colour. They were brown; but not just brown, brown with orange around the pupil. The colour often made me cringe. As for my hair, I couldn’t waste any money on a real hairdresser so I just let me friend do it, she was good enough to cut it so what the hell. The left side of my hair was significantly shorter, and curled and flicked at my jawline, tousled naturally. Where as my right side went a bit lower and flicked out around my face and framed it nicely. My fringe swept to my right side and evened out my appearance. Currently my eyes were puffy, and my small upturned nose was blotched with red. My normally cheeky pink lips were down turned at the sides in a small frown. I sighed and walked into my small room plonking myself down on my bed. My hand grabbed my phone from the charger on the beside table and hit speed dial two, brrr…. Brrr….

“Hello?” chimed Sarah’s voice, my heart melted immediately and my shoulders sunk as the tension swept from my body.

“Hi,” my voice shook slightly as I clasped the phone to my ear with a shaky smile.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” I could hear the slight crash of pots and pans in the background and knew she was baking again, she was a whizz at cooking especially decorating cupcakes and cakes. My tummy growled in thought of her cakes and I sighed.

“UQ Declined my application,” I could hear my voice quaver and bit my lip to stop fresh tears.

All noise in the background stopped, and all I heard was Sarah’s intake of breath,”Need me to come over?”

Yeah, that was just what I needed; my gorgeous straight friend to come over and curl against my body as we did when I was hurt. No. Not this time. I needed to stop pining after her. Pining and wallowing in self pity does nothing. My mind clouded with images of her wavy blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, her thin body and large breasts, and her infectious perfect white smile. I pinched the bridge of my nose and shook my head.

“Nah, babe. I’ll be okay, you know me. Strong as steel.”

“Not everyone can be okay all the time, Felicity.”

“I know, but this is just a small bump in the road, I’ll figure it out,”

“O..okay babe, let me know if you need anything. Anything at all,” I heard her soft giggle and a muffled male voice in the background followed by a squeal.

“Gotta go, bye!” she said breathlessly, followed by the dial tone.

My hand gripped my phone hard as I laid on the bed and gritted my teeth. I briefly considered throwing it at the wall but I swallowed my anger. My fingers slowly released my phone onto the bed. Sarah can date whoever she wants. And I need to stop falling for the straight ones, even if we did drunkly kiss once. I looked around my small apartment bedroom, the door on opposite the bed lead into the hall and directly across to the small entertainment area/study/living room. The room had a small tv and couch in the middle of it, and behind the tv sat a half full bookshelf against the wall. On the far side of the lounge room sat my desk and laptop, covered in books and papers. My apartment was small, but it was enough. I had my bedroom and my kitchen that was hardly used. It was homely to me, I didn’t need much to live.

I spent most of my time in the study reading or watching animated Japanese movies, occasionally even drawing. I’m not the best but I am a natural at judging curves and shapes, which is a main factor of art. My dad is an artist and I know he wanted me to follow his footsteps, but all I’ve ever wanted to do was help people. Since I could think of a serious career all I wanted to do was be a surgeon. But as high school ended reality dawned on me that I had needed to study more for that, and I just wasn’t a studier. It was hard to keep my thoughts together enough to sit and study. Speaking of which, I swung my legs off the bed and headed bets10 for the small en suite bathroom. I opened the mirrored cabinet above the small sink and grabbed the bottle of pills, shaking two into my hand and putting them in my mouth.

I dropped the pill bottle back in its spot and almost slammed the mirror back. I grabbed each side of the sink and took deep breaths, my head lowered. The pills do little to help my bipolar disorder, but my mum said it was for the best. They kept me neutral and I hated feeling like my emotions had a black blanket smothering them down. My passion and life was snuffed out on pills, but at least I didn’t fly off the handle all the time. I walked to the toilet and spat the pills in, flushing them. To hell with it. I have ways to control myself without feeling so empty and void.

I walked out of the room as my phone alarm buzzed, I sighed thinking “Just perfect.” I returned to the bathroom and donned my work uniform that was hanging on the shower stall. I ran a brush through my hair and slipped on the visor we had to wear. SAMS SANDWICHES was written in blazing orange and red over the visor band and under my left breast on the black shirt. I straightened my black skirt and pulled on my faded black converse shoes as I gathered my bag and phone. My boss, Sam, was a douchebag and “didn’t tolerate lateness”. As it was, I was always determined to be ten minutes early anyway, only living down the block. I walked with my iPod up loud, the music numbing my wild emotions. I sighed and closed my eyes, and allowed my body to finally relax. Music was my vice, it allowed me to return to normal and calm. I hummed along to “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” my feet stomping on the footpath in rhythm with my song.

I turned off my iPod and slipped inside my workplace, tucking it into my bag as I walked past the counter and waved at Drew, my co worker. Drew was, if I was attracted to men, a woman’s wet dream. He had short tousled brown hair, piercing green eyes and a naturally tanned and muscles body. He knew the affect he had on women and usually abused it unashamedly when flirting with customers. I waved to my boss through the office window as I stepped out the back. He gave me a stern smile, holding the phone to his ear. I rolled my eyes and went to my locker, tucking away my bag. Grabbing my time sheet I fed it through the machine to clock on. I adjusted my hair once more before walking out the door and behind the counter with Drew. My routine began with checking all the ingredients in the salad bay as Drew prattled to me about his “adventurous” weekend party, where he undoubtedly slept with many women. He was only 19 like me, but very much aware of his sexual allure. I shook my head and suppressed a grin at his antics.

“Drew, honestly, do you ever think with your brain and not with your pants?” I sighed, allowing him a cheeky smile.

“Would you like to see what my pants think of you, Fee?” He grinned, leaning back against the drink fridge.

“Ha ha,” I said, lifting my head as the door chimed for customers.

A flock of giggly tanned girls walked to the sandwich bar and I smiled to them, stepping back before Drew swept me off my feet in his eagerness. I followed after him, making two sandwiches as he made two, and flirted with the customers. I actually don’t mind him doing this as much as I give him shit about it. It allows me to do my job without having to talk to anyone. I wrapped my two sandwiches and handed them to the bimbos as Drew rung up the order and got a phone number out of it. The giggly girls left and I just shook my head at him. He had his shit eating grin on his face, thinking he had won something special.

“Drew you and I both know getting a phone number from THEM isn’t hard,” I sighed, looking at him with my half smile.

“Oh yeah? Then how come YOU never get any?”

“Duh! I don’t have a dick!”

We both burst out laughing till our boss stuck his fat, blading head around the corner and frowned at us.


I was pacing the room, holding my phone to my ear as my mum lectured me on and on and on. I knew I should’ve just said I didn’t hear from the University, but no. I put the phone on the table and walked down the hall into the bedroom and bathroom. Peeling off my sweaty uniform felt so good, I dug my feet into my shoes and kicked them into the corner. I hung my uniform back up on their hangers on the top of the shower stall and opened the shower door. As soon as the heated water cascaded down my body the stress of the day leaked out of me and down the drain. Being a Friday night I thought I might as well go out on the town. The tap squeaked slightly as I turned the blissful water off and pulled a fluffy white towel around my torso. I padded down the hall and picked up my phone, hearing dial tone and smirking.

“Serves her right,” I thought with a snarky smile as I scroll through my contacts.

“HEY BABE!” My flamboyantly gay friend, Jason answered with flourish on bahis siteleri the third ring.

I giggled, “Hey hot stuff, fancy a trip to Bris-Vegas?” Unfortunately, Brisbane was the closest to Vegas us Australians got, but I didn’t mind and neither did Jason. We flaunted our stuff no matter where we were.

“I’m there like bees to honey,” he all but squealed, “what time?”

I grinned to my receiver “Meet you at Klub Kruise at eleven, dress slutty!”

He chuckled, “Don’t I always?”

“Touché,” I said as he hung up. I looked at my watch, I had little over an hour to get ready.

I whirled around my room and bathroom putting on makeup to draw out my lips and eyes in a pouty “fuck me” look, with dark shadowy eye and red lipstick. I ruffled my hair, and put on my lacy black dress that clung to my skinny figure, and small boobs, but brought out my great ass. Scooping up my keys and clutch I bolted out the door in my two inch heels. Any more heel and my 5″9 frame towered over people too much for my liking. Plus the shorter the heel, the more comfortable it is to walk. The greatest thing about my small apartment is that it’s in the heart of Brisbane, so it’s a short walk to the nightclub strip. I rounded the corner as Jason stepped out of the cab.

He grinned his prize winning smile at me. He had a stylised gay army man hair cut, short back and sides while fluffy and spiked up the top, iced with blonde streaks that brought out his boyish features and grey eyes. He had his tight blue skinny jeans and a white open v neck, looking hot as hell. I skipped to his side, placed my hand on his shoulder and stood on my tippy toes to kiss his cheek. His remarkable skinny and lightly toned body stands at 6″4.

He smiled and spanked my butt lightly, “Well, aren’t you just a sight for sore eyes,” he waggled his eyebrows as he winked.

“Back at ya, sugar,” I winked back saucily, we both chuckled and walked to the door, waiting for entrance. I looped my arm through his as we waited and rested my head on his shoulder.

Soon we were at the front of the line and handed our IDs to the bouncer, he eyed them and waved us through uninterested. It must suck working as a bouncer at a gay club if you’re straight.

We stepped into the almost black room, the dancers and the music making the floor vibrate slightly. Bright purple and blue lights lite the dance floor just enough to show people faces and bodies, but enough darkness for privacy.

“Sister, I am so ready to get pounded tonight,” Jason whispered in my ear as he grabbed my elbow and steered me to the bar.

“Are you ever not ready?” I questioned as I leaned on the bar, folding my arms on the tabletop and waiting.

“When I visit my grandmother, that’s it I suppose.” he said to me, his eyes scanning the heads in the room, landing on a person in the distance, “Oh yummy,” he said, wandering off.

I sighed and watched him go, rolling my eyes. That’s the thing about clubbing with Jason, nothing ever holds his interest unless he can dry hump it. I swivelled my eyes back to the bar and tilted my head, spotting a new waitress. She had flaming red hair, the kind you only get from a bottle. It was layered and hanging down near her large C cup chest. Her hand flew over the bar, pouring shots like an expert and keeping a full smile on her lips. Her eyes appeared almost white, but surely they must’ve had colour, and heavily lined with eyeliner and an Egyptian style curl at the end of her eyes. She was gorgeous. Just as that realisation hit me her eyes swivelled to mine and she looked away just as quickly. I bit my lip and lowered my eyelashes in the alluring way I learnt could hook anyone. Soon a bartender was in front of me, grinning broadly.

“Hey sugar, what can I getcha?” a coarse feminine voice asked.

I raised my eyes and smiled sweetly at the butch bartender, her hair cropped short in a buzz cut and her arms easily the size of half my body.

“A scotch on the rocks, please,” I answered, causing the bartender to scoff slightly before fixing my drink and placing it in front of me.

“No offence sweet thang, but you look more like a sugary drink girl,” she grinned at me, holding the bar with both hands.

“Looks can be deceiving,” I flirted lightly, raising my eyebrows and winking slightly as I raises my glass and took a gulp.

“True that.” she said and wandered off to serve more people.

I nursed my drink, finding a stool near me and sitting at the bar. I kept my eyes down so I wasn’t staring at the new bar tender. Pretty soon my drink was empty and I had been staring at the ice melting. A slim pale hand reached out and swept away the empty glass, “Refill?” A voice questioned quietly. I glanced up into the almost white eyes of the new girl, raising my eyebrow.

“Scotch on the rocks,” I said, eyeing her sceptically.

She laughed and nodded pouring my drink with a smirk, “Aren’t you a little too young to be wasting your taste buds on güvenilir bahis siteleri this shit?”

I raised an eyebrow and sneered at her, “Aren’t you a little too new to be questioning others in the game?”

She looked up at me, confused. “Whatever, princess. Enjoy you’re “maturity”.” she said with air quotes, placing the drink in front of me. I was about to snap back, but she had already moved on to other customers, talking and grinning easily.

“Why are the hot ones always bitches?” I grumbled to myself as I downed the drink. I swivelled on my chair and walked out to the dance floor to find Jason and some hot beefed up thing grinding like their pelvises were melded together. I grinned at him as I passed and found a spot to gyrate my body. Soon I felt someone pressed up against me. I tilted my head back slightly on the shoulder of my companion, as a strong hand snaked its way onto my waist. The woman behind me was in her early twenties, with thick dark hair framing her face and curling down over her shoulders in big loose ringlets. Her wide green eyes were smoky and pinned on my body, as she held me to her grinding hips. I pressed my butt to her crotch, feeling her nipples harden through the sheer fabric of her red silk dress.

I smiled slowly and lowered my eyelashes, give her a sultry look, and lowering my hand to hers on my stomach. She ran her tongue up the side of my ear slowly and flicked it around, before planting her lips on my neck. I groaned and moved my free hand up into her hair as her lips traveled along my neck. Suddenly she spun me around into her body. She had an inch on me with her heels, and I grinned, grinding against her. After a few nuzzles on my neck her hands slid down to my ass and took possession, her lips suddenly closing down over mine. She sucked greedily on my top lip and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I felt her slippery tongue roaming around my mouth and relaxed into the kiss, wrestling her tongue with mine and looping my arms around her neck. Her lips left mine with a soft gasp, looking into my eyes with dilated pupils, she smiled seductively.


She didn’t have to ask me twice. I nodded my head before she grabbed my arm. I spanked Jason and winked on my way to the bathroom, he nodded and winked before turning back to his man candy.

As soon as we reached the bathroom she pushes me into the stall and locked the door. Her lips were ravishing mine before I could release my breath, I moaned in her mouth as our tongues continued their duel. I moved my hands around to her butt and squeezed and her hands grabbed my dress and pulled it up to my bra, she used one hand to pull down my panties, her mouth travelling down my neck to suck. I moaned and massaged her firm cheeks in my hands, gasping as her fingers travelled up and down my dripping slit. I grasped her butt tight and dragged her closer to me, her fingers worming into my hot centre. She pushed two fingers in and out of my tight hole, sucking and biting my neck as moans poured from my lips. I was writhing against the wall and feeling my orgasm build as her fingers slid up and pinched my clit, rubbing it hard.

“FUCK!” I screamed in the stall, my body pushing off the wall and against her as my orgasm shook me. I coated her fingers in juices, my breath heavy and my body limp. I fell to my knees and lifted her skirt. She grinned down at me, sucking her fingers clean before hitching up her skirt. I stared at her red lace covered pussy, leaning my head forwards and traced my tongue over her swollen lips trough the fabric, feeling her moan above me. Her hands found their way to my head as she started thrusting on my face. I grabbed her hips and ran my tongue up and down her thong before tugging it down with my teeth. My tongue slid up and down her slit vigorously, her hot pussy was already dripping for me. I collected all her juices and drilled my tongue directly into her hole, thrashing it wildly. I plunged my tongue in and out of her a few more times, hearing her moans get louder, as she struggled to stay quiet. I dragged my tongue out and around her clit, roughly licking her before taking it in my teeth and sucking. Her hands in my hair clenched as her legs shook. She trusted against my face one last time before squirts of her juices hit my mouth and chin, dripping onto my chest. I stood up slowly as she panted, leaning on the wall for support. She pulled me forwards to her and kissed my lips before licking all her juices off my chin and chest.

After we had straightened up she walked out with me and tucked a card into my clutch purse.

She whispered in my ear, “Call me anytime, darlen,'”

My eyes followed her as she collected her friends and strut out the door. I grinned to myself and walked to the bar feeling thoroughly satisfied. I sat down on a bar stool and placed my hands on the bar, it wasn’t long before a bartender stood in front of me. I glanced up into the mocking pale blue eyes, “Perfect,” I thought, struggling to not roll my eyes.

“WELL, that was very mature of you,” she smirked, wiping the table in front of me so she could whisper without being heard by anyone else, “gosh I hate to think how many times you’ve been in that bathroom if you’ve been in the game SO LONG,”

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