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Alisha, Ruby , The Video Camera

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When my husband and I met Ruby, she was waiting tables at a sexy strip bar near our house. I instantly knew she was bisexual: I am usually right on with my feelings when it comes to members of the same sex. I too am bisexual and my husband loves it.

My name is Alisha. I’m 21 years old, I’m about 5’4″, 110 pounds with 36c breasts, which I think is my best feature. My husband, on the other hand, believes my ass is my best feature. It is nicely rounded and I love it when he slaps it during sex.

We met Ruby, like I said, during one of our nights on the town. I found her very striking: her natural – as I found out later on that night – red hair flowing gracefully over her shoulders; her pretty face beaming as she smiled at everyone; her breasts, stretching the fabric of her top; her long legs inching to her well-toned ass.

After she had brought us a few drinks, I invited her to sit down. She smiled and took the invitation without a seconds’ thought. We engaged in idle chit-chat for a few minutes, but the conversation swiftly turned to sex. We both admitted to each other that we were bi; my husband was sitting there loving this conversation.

Ruby and I started sitting very close to each other and soon I was rubbing her thigh. I leaned to my left and whispered into her ear that I wanted to see her dancing. She blushed furiously at the suggestion, bit her lip and looked at me with sexy blue eyes. She was looking at me with her pupils near her eyelids and I felt myself getting wet, knowing that type of eye contact is a sexy way of saying “I will do it if you do it with me.”

She had walked away before returning to take the stage. She was dressed in a sexy little number – it was a firefighter’s uniform and she made that uniform look really good. Ruby didn’t take long to get rid of it, and before the crowd knew it she was down to a sexy fire engine red thong. Her breasts looked great; I wanted to go up there and suck on them and give the crowd a show, slide my tongue around her hardened nipples and make her scream.

Then she did the unthinkable: as she was swinging on the pole with her left leg wrapped around the steel shaft, she looked directly at me, winked, then wiggled her right index finger as her left hand grasped the pole. I smirked at her, looked at Shaun, my husband, and he motioned for me to go up on stage with Ruby.

I was getting wet. My panties, a blue thong, were clinging to my pussy as I walked the few feet to the stage. She was standing now, her legs spread slightly, her ass swaying back and forth. She extended her hand to me and helped me onto the stage. She simply said “lay down,” and I complied with her request. Seconds later she was sliding her body from side to side above me, slowly lowering herself into a seductive crouch. In a matter of a few shimmies she was kneeling over me, her legs canlı bahis straddling my waist. Her fingertips started to dance across my body and my body responded: as her fingers slid across my shirt over my shirt, my back arched quickly. She was teasing me, making my nipples hard. Now I wished I had worn a bra that night!

Then she pulled my shirt up, exposing my braless breasts. It was as if she had read my mind and that she knew that I wanted this. This very shy and unassuming girl had turned into a tigress, full of sensuality as she ran her fingertips over my exposed nipples.

She quickly bent over me and took my nipple into her mouth, sucking on the nub, swishing her tongue back and forth over the top of it, then flicking her tongue at it snakelike. I responded to her tongue by moaning softly while running my fingers through her fiery red tresses. She moved swiftly to my other nipple and without her even touching my pussy, I was soaked beyond belief. As the music ended, she helped me up and gave me a long wet kiss. I asked her to join Shaun and I tonight at our house; she readily accepted.

That was the beginning of a great friendship between the three of us. That night, we fucked, licked and sucked in various positions: it was so hot to see Shaun’s cock sliding in and out of Ruby’s velvet-like pussy, hearing her scream as he penetrated her. And of course, Ruby and I put on a show for him, first me repaying the favor from the stage my sucking on her beautiful nipples and breasts before I slid my body around and let her feast on my pussy while I greedily licked on hers. We were covered in sweat and cum when all three of us finally fell asleep that morning, and I awoke to seeing her sucking on Shaun’s cock. That led to more fucking, and finally Ruby and I got a few moments to ourselves in the shower with my detachable showerhead.

Ruby and I continued close contact over the next few months, even sharing each other with Shaun on numerous occasions. But we never really had the chance to have sex by ourselves, with no one present.

That is, until this past week.

I had been reading some sexy stories and one day I was reading one that really turned me on, so I called Ruby and began to read it over the phone to her. I was getting extremely horny reading this story to her and I heard Ruby’s breathing get faster. After I asked what she was doing, she told me that her fingers were slowly massaging her clit and that her panties were around her knees. I pictured my sexy Ruby in her bed with her legs spread slightly, her fingers manipulating her pussy. She tasted her cum, licking her fingers clean. She told me she would be right over.

This was an exciting moment for me. I showered and did a quick shave of my pussy, just to clean it up for her. Then I pulled the tripod out of the closet and set the video camera up. This bahis siteleri was a plus for us, because I had been after Ruby for a few days to allow me to videotape us during sex. I thought this would be a nice present for Shaun. As I was inserting the tape, Ruby came walking into my house.

She looked stunning. She wore sexy jeans and a low V-neck shirt that showed off plenty of cleavage. I didn’t want to waste time with her, as we had not had sex in a few weeks. I brought her into my bedroom, turned the video camera on and started to record the action. I quickly stripped her clothes off to find her cleanly shaven pussy as well as no panties. She was a sex vixen.

I slowly licked her pussy, because she likes it slow at first. My tongue dragged along the crease, catching the juices which were already starting to collect and seep through. She squirmed a little, finally ending up with herself propped on her elbows so she could see me licking her. As I was letting my tongue softly probe just barely inside her, I started to rub her thighs with my hands, making little circles on her skin. She told me that it tingled. I smiled to myself and continued licking her.

Soon I had her lips spread and I was eating her a little faster, nibbling on her silky inner pelvis. My teeth were gnawing at the inner vaginal walls, making her coo and moan. Her hands reached around and grabbed the back of my head and started to pull her into me even deeper. I ran my hands underneath her legs to her hamstrings and rubbed them all the way up to her sexy ass. My tongue ring was catching the roof of her pussy, grazing the sensitive flesh as I tongued her.

She was approaching orgasm rapidly. Slowly I ran my hands up to her breasts and started to rub her nipples. I rubbed them lightly at first, using just the pads of my fingertips Then I started to roll them between my thumbs and my index fingers before flicking them with my thumbs. Then I got daring – I began to pinch her nipples softly, then a little harder, then I pinched them hard, like they were in a vise. That, combined with my oral work on her pussy, caused her body to arch and come completely off the bed. Her pussy was leaking juices, and I was slurping them up as quick as I could while letting my tongue spear her.

I then snaked my hands under the bed, where I kept all of my special toys. I pulled out two of them, a 9-inch dildo as well as a vibrating bullet. I slid the dildo into her warm, wet pussy, and it only took a few strokes before it was firmly wedged inside her. Ruby was moaning and wailing, pleading with me to fuck her hard. I obeyed, pulling the toy out before driving it back in. She groaned as the friction in her pussy was building up and she spread her legs further apart.

She was ready for the bullet. I quickly turned the toy on and I could feel it pulsing into my hand. bahis şirketleri With the dildo still enveloped by her sweet pussy, I located her engorged clit and put the vibrator on it. She let out a deep moan followed by a loud scream that pierced my eardrums and ricocheted off the walls. I quickly got up off my knees and hopped on her so I could suck on her nipples. The position of my body allowed my to hump her body slowly, forcing the dildo to go into her deeper and harder. I never lost contact with her clit. Soon she was cumming all over the toy. I rolled off her onto my back next to her. I pulled it out of her soaking wet pussy and began to suck her cum off it. Then I fingered the remaining cum out of her twat and wiped it off on the toy. That too went into my mouth.

Ruby was wiped out, but that did not stop her from rolling her sweaty body onto mine. She started to kiss me passionately, tasting the remnants of her cum in my kiss. Her tongue delved further into my mouth and mine danced with hers.

After she finished kissing me, she opened my bathrobe to reveal a sexy multi-colored thong. It was soaked and sticking to me. She pulled it off and immediately the rooms’ smell of horny pussy increased.

She immediately started to eat my pussy. She did the same things to me that I did to her, with her teeth nibbling on me like I was the sweetest candy. Her eyes looked up at me as she licked and sucked on my pussy. Her hands also roamed my body, fondling my breasts as her tongue invaded me. Soon she had me squirming. My pussy was so wet that she was drowning in my juices.

Soon I had her insert the dildo and fuck me with it. She knew how to work the toy. She was working it so good that my vaginal muscles were contracting all around the fake phallus. While she was fucking me, I held the bullet onto my clit. My eyes were closed and I was moaning to both the sensations in my pussy and on my clit. I was reaching orgasm fairly quickly. Ruby bent over and began to suck on my tits again, leaving small hickeys for Shaun to find later.

I announced to her that I was cumming and she sped up the motions. The fake cock was slamming me, pounding my pussy and colliding with my cervix. It felt so good that I didn’t want it to stop. But my body tensed as multiple waves of pleasure rocked my body. My nipples were very erect, I had goosebumps on my body and my pussy was drenched. Ruby removed the plastic dick from my pussy and brought it up to my mouth so we could share my cum.

We enjoyed the next hour or so before she had to leave, and of course we got it all on tape.

A few hours later, I was at work when Shaun called me. He had seen the beginnings of the tape and called me to find out when Ruby had been here. I told him not to watch the rest of the tape and that we would watch it together when I got home.

Sufficed to say, Shaun was surprised and we had hot sex for three hours while watching and rewinding the tape. We even sent Ruby a copy of her performance and we’re going to try to get a threesome on tape very soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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