Kasım 30, 2023

Alice Pt. 04: House of the Sun

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Alice woke slowly, luxuriating in the warmth of the sun on her naked body. Looking at her watch she saw she had been asleep for 2 hours “Wow this sex lark really takes it out of you,” She mused.

Rolling on to her tummy she dozed for a while, a knock at the door brought her fully awake. Opening the door she saw a man with a white doctors type coat and a huge bunch of red and white roses. The man explained that he was the houses doctor and had been asked to give her a medical, ahead of tonight’s celebrations.

Taking the flowers from the man Alice invited him in. Putting them in the bathroom she filled the sink and put the huge bouquet in the water. Going back to the lounge she wondered where the doctor had gone. Hearing a noise from the bedroom she assumed her mother was getting up. Walking into the bedroom she froze, the man was naked and holding a Knife to Patricia’s throat.

“Gonna fuck you 2 bitches up,” he snarled.

“Why are you doing this,” Alice asked. “If you want sex, we will gladly do a 3 some for you.”

“That’s no fucking good, like my bitches to beg.”

Patricia whimpered as he tightened his grip and the knife drew some blood from her neck. Getting on her knees.

“Oh please don’t hurt my mummy sir, may I suck your lovely cock.”

“Don’t patronise me you fucking slag.”

Moving the knife from Patricias throat he slashed at the soft underside of her breast. The razor sharp knife cut deep into Patricias left breast, her scream was cut short as he smashed the handle of the heavy knife into her head. Letting her slump to the floor he moved quickly and held the blade at Alice”s lower stomach.

“Be fucking quiet bitch and I might make it easy on you.”

Alice’s eye’s welled with tears as she looked at her mother bleeding on the floor, wincing with pain as the man ran the knife down her stomach to her mons. The pain as the blade cut a thin line in her skin focused her mind and she adopted a submissive pose, lowering her eyes from his gaze she tried to look small and defenceless.

Moving over her mons and down her slit he mused.

” I might just cut those long lips off and keep them as a souvenir.”

The pain was intense as the blade ran over her clit and cut the delicate flesh below it. As he pushed the blade through her outer lips she couldn’t stop herself from crying out, his response was to slap her with a backhand. Desperately trying not to pass out, Alice was in agony, her mouth filled with blood and she felt a tooth in her mouth. The pain between her legs was extreme as he pushed the blade into her delicate folds and twisted it until the blades edge rested on her perineum.

Her eyes were full of tears, but she just saw the movement behind the man as she blacked out. As she slumped to the floor the knife pulled out of her pussy, cutting her further and left a vicious cut on her inner thigh. Suddenly the man felt himself lifted off his feet and thrown against the wall. Picking himself up he snarled at the big, bare chested man.

“Oh fuck I am gonna cut you in little pieces, then finish carving up these bitches.”

Lunging at the man he couldn’t believe how easily he sidestepped the knife and landed a crashing blow onto his back. Getting up the man’s confidence started to ebb away as he saw the big man waiting for him to get up with a big easy smile on his face.

“Dropping the knife the man said “I have been a bad boy, I want my doctor.”

“My name’s Mark, and you have hurt 2 of my good friends. Pick the knife up you maggot coz I am going to take you apart.”

Picking the blade up the man made a slash towards Mark, the tip of the blade cut a thin line across Marks chest.

“Thank you, now I can claim self defence.”

Seeing the murderous look on Marks face and hearing his calm voice made the man even wilder as he lunged and slashed at Mark. Moving clear of the blade Mark carefully hit the man in the ribs with a crashing right hand. His ribs smashed the man doubled up in pain, grabbing a handful of hair Mark jerked him upright and hit him in the throat with an uppercut.

The force of the blow lifted the man off his feet and he hit the floor hard. Checking to make sure he was no longer a threat he moved to check on the girls. Mary, Marks sister was already on the phone to the medical centre as Mark gently laid the 2 women on the bed. Looking at the blood oozing from Alice’s Vulva and Patricia’s breast hanging at an odd angle, Mark felt helpless. Within a few minutes, 2 private ambulances, a nurse and doctor arrived on the scene.

Asking Mark and Mary to stay with the man, the doctor helped the medics take the 2 women to the waiting bursa escort bayan Ambulance. Mary looked at the man spread eagled on the floor, his neck tilted at a strange angle.

“What the fuck did you do Mark, he tried to give up”

“Maggot’s like him don’t give up, ever.”

Mary didn’t like the feeling’s she had. She had seen her brother beat people up before, but the way he had skilfully evaded a knife before literally beating the man to a pulp, made her tingle. Knowing her pussy was wet, she could feel her nipples pressing against the taut material of her blouse. Moving over to her brother she grabbed at his crotch and slid her hand under her skirt.

Ignoring her brothers protest, her hand found his hardening cock. As she worked her hand up and down his now stiff cock, she took the tip in her mouth. Groaning, Mark leaned back against the sofa arm and surrendered to her. Seeing her chance she pushed Mark in the chest so he fell onto the sofa.

The surprised look on his face made her giggle as she straddled him. Reaching between her legs she guided him to her soaking entrance. Feeling the heat and wetness of his sister, Mark thrust his hips up, forcing his cock deep into her velvety softness. It didn’t seem to matter how many times Mary fucked her brother, the girth of his cock still caused her some pain. The pain was delicious though and Mary forced her cunt onto his massive shaft. As he bottomed out, she felt his engorged bell end batter her cervix, strumming her clit a few times she crashed into a massive, noisy orgasm.

Mark started to thrust into his sister, recovering from her orgasm she heard the Doctor come back into the room. The Doctor couldn’t believe what he was seeing, he watched as the young, beautiful women’s cunt was hammered by the biggest cock he had ever seen. Calling the Doc over Mary unzipped his fly and started to suck his semi hard cock.

Soon the Doctor’s cock was raging hard and dribbling pre cum. Mary had an idea, since seeing Alice double teamed she had been wanting to try it. Mark grunted in frustration as Mary put her hand on his chest and got off his cock. Telling the Doctor to sit on a chair she scooped the girl cum from her steaming cunt and smothered it around her arsehole. Taking his cock in her mouth she got as much spittle on it as she could.

Seeing what she was doing Mark rammed 2 fingers deep in her pussy and slid a well lubricated finger into her arse up to his knuckle. Forcing a 2nd finger in, he loosened and opened her tight bud. Spinning round Mary lowered her arse onto the man’s straining cock, as the Doc thrust into her she forced herself down onto his pole.

When her arse cheeks rested on his stomach she draped her legs over his knees and told Mark,

“Cum fuck me”

Mark loved the way his sister had spread her running cunt open, holding her pussy open with her lips. Kneeling between their legs he pushed his cock to her entrance.

“Oh fuck Mark, ram it into me I want it to hurt, want to feel completely full of hard cock. Mark managed to force around 4” into her and started to pump her swollen cunt. As he forced more into her she screamed in ecstasy and pain as she felt herself cumming again. Looking down Mark could clearly see his cock outlined in her lower belly as he battered her, not wanting to damage her he backed off slightly.

Like a women possessed she snarled at him to push it all the way in. As Mary came again the Doctor couldn’t last any longer and pumped his seed deep in her arse. Mark continued to bang his sister as the Doctor softened and plopped out of Mary’s arse. Feeling her brothers cock expand she pulled him balls deep into her as he shot rope after rope of hot spunk into her slippery depths.

As Mark’s and the Doctors spunk ran out of her body, Mary felt amazing, bruised and slightly sore. Cumming several more times as she came down. Hearing a noise, Mary looked towards the door and saw they had an audience. The couple from next door had heard the noise and walked in through the open door. Noticing the couple the Doctor hastily got dressed and started to examine the body on the floor.

“This man is dead, he pronounced, likely cause of death asphyxiation from a crushed windpipe and broken neck”

The couple barely heard him and Mark shrugged his indifference, as he sat in the chair adjacent to Mary. The couple introduced themselves as Tracy and Marcus. Tracy could not take her eyes off of Marys gaping arse and swollen cunt, dropping to her knees she licked and sucked Marks load from Marys still streaming cunt. Tracy had never licked another women before and was surprised at the exquisite taste gorukle escort of spunk and girl cum. Breathing heavily she knew her husband wouldn’t be able to fuck her for hours.

“Please Mark feed my pussy with hard cock”

Marcus could barely believe his ears. Tracy had always liked watching other people fuck, but as she was a virgin when they married he knew he was the only man she had ever had. Mark looked at him to make sure he was ok, nodding in agreement, he couldn’t wait to see his wife take Marks monster cock.

Lowering her head back between Marys thighs, she forced her tongue into her gaped arse. Spreading Tracy’s legs wider and lifting her arse Mark could see her pink lips poking out from her thick bush. Her pubes were slick with moisture as her cunt juices ran from her body. Mark pushed his cock in and sank around 6″ of hard cock into her. Mark loved doggie as he watched his cock force her pink slit apart her wetness and heat blasted his bell end as she screamed in orgasmic pleasure.

Tracy knew for sure, Mark was a lot bigger than her husband. Tracy was 39 and childless, they had tried a few times but were content to get on with their careers when nothing happened. Feeling Mark force his way further in, she started to cum again and couldn’t stop herself bearing down on Marks cock as she came again and again

Mark was amazed at how tight this women was and as her cunt rippled and squeezed his cock he knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

“I am going to cum, In or out?”

“Oh cum in me, want to feel your spunk hitting my cunt”

Marks cock expanded and he jetted his load deep into her steaming wet pussy. Tracy knew that she was at her most fertile and hoped this huge cock would finally end her baron spell as she had always suspected that their problem lay with Marcus. Laying back in the chair Mark recovered and looked at Tracy, pleased to see her huge smile and content look he laid back and drifted off to sleep.

Marcus was stunned, watching his wife being brutally fucked by another man had been a huge turn on and his cock was raging hard. Seeing his hard cock Mary pulled him onto her, kissing him deeply she felt his cock bump into her sex, finally sliding into her entrance.

Marcus was soon balls deep in Mary, unable to believe he was fucking this beautiful young girl he soon shot a load into her grasping cunt. Mary had been hardly able to feel his relatively small cock and had done her best to grip him with her soaking wet pussy. As Marcus came in her, she simulated orgasm as she was a long way from cumming.

Getting dressed Marcus and Tracy smiled broadly as they went back to their own apartment. As they were leaving Marcus wrote a note, folding it tightly he laid it on Marks chest. As they opened the door to leave 2 medics were about to knock on the door.

“We are here to collect the body.” Waving them in, they went into their own apartment giggling like teenagers.

Walking into the apartment, the medics started to work on the body to prepare it for the mortuary. The medic had noticed Mark asleep in the chair so worked quietly. As they rolled the body onto the stretcher, Mary came out of the shower. The men took in her beauty as she stood completely unconcerned about her nudity. Her nipples stiffened as she enjoyed flaunting her body, changing her stance she adopted a pose with her legs slightly apart. The men’s eyes were drawn to her shaven pussy, lips still swollen and slightly parted they could see the pink of her cunt.

Feeling drunk with her sexual power and dizzy with need.

“OK boys, I need a good fucking who’s 1st. Maybe you would like to double team me!”

Looking at each other, they started to undress. As their cocks sprung free, Mary licked her lips. Another of her fantasies was 2 cocks in her cunt, seeing her chance she asked one man to lay on the floor, laying on her back on top of him she held his cock at her entrance.The other man shuffled between her legs and held his cock on top of his mate’s at her entrance.

Furiously rubbing her clit she said.

“OK, when I say go ram those monsters in my tight pussy”

Pulling her mons up to open her hole as much as possible, “GO”. Both men pushed their cocks into her willing hole as hard as they could and gradually forced there cocks as deep as they could reach. After a little trial and error they had a system where as 1 pulled out the other thrust in. The effect on Mary was electric, every fibre of her body felt on fire as 2 cocks thrust in and out of her cunt. Even Marks thick cock hadn’t rubbed some of the spots one or the other of these cocks were reaching.

Her bursa merkez escort bayan orgasm overtook her quickly and violently as her legs shook and her cunt squeezed and rippled along the length of their cocks. The combined effect of their cocks rubbing together and Marys cunt walls massaging their cocks they both started to cum almost simultaneously. Mary couldn’t believe the feelings shooting from her pussy as the 2 men sprayed their loads into her.

Collapsing in a sweaty heap the trio were startled to hear clapping, looking around Mary smiled broadly as Mark walked towards them stroking a massive hard on. Picking Mary up he laid her on the sofa, got between her legs and pushed his cock deep into his sisters cum filled pussy. Although her pussy was not as tight as normal, Mark was in heaven as he pushed balls deep enjoying the heat of her pussy wrapped around his cock.

The 2 medics got dressed and left with the body. Mark continued to fuck his sister with long, slow strokes. Mary loved it long and slow and it wasn’t long before her whole body shook as another orgasm crashed over her. Her orgasm caused her cunt to flex and stroke along the length of marks cock, working on his sensitive bell end as he pushed deep inside her. Finally he shot ropes of hot spunk into her body and collapsed to one side of his sister sweat pouring down his face.

Sharing the shower, they washed the sweat, spunk and girl cum from their bodies. Dressing quickly they headed over to the medical centre. Feeling slightly guilty about the time delay in going to see how their friends were, they entered the centre. As they walked into reception they heard a helicopter coming into land. The receptionist guided them to a room down the corridor, where they spoke to a Doctor.

“Both girls are still in Surgery, the surgeon is confident that he can save Patricia’s breast with little or no scarring. The Gynaecologist surgeon’s chopper has just landed, he is the best there is and will work on Alice.”

Giving the women their phone number they headed for the restaurant, both realising that they hadn’t eaten since yesterday. Remembering the note Mark had found on his chest, he took the piece of paper from his pocket.

“Mark, thank you so much for allowing my wife and I to join in your fun today. We have been trying for a baby all our married live’s, without success, after recent tests I know this is due to my low sperm count. I feel certain that today will see my wife pregnant, if she is and you agree to waive all affiliation with the child, I will pay £250,000 into the account held by the house on confirmation of her pregnancy.”

Regards Marcus

Mark reread the note in disbelief and passed it to his sister. Reading the note Mary gasped at the huge amount of money being offered .

“Wow that is some offer, I assume you will accept.”

“Yes of course, that money and my income elsewhere makes me a very rich man.”

As they finished their lunch they were approached by an immaculately dressed women.

“Hi, my name is Sasha, if you would follow me please the inner circle would like to talk to you.”

Following the women they were led into a large oak panelled room with 8 men sitting around a large table. Wondering what this was all about, they were more than a little surprised when all the men stood and gave them a round of applause.

“Sir, some of us around this table are known to you, most are not. We would like to extend our hearty thanks and hand of friendship in recognition of what you did this morning. If that maniac had raped and killed those 2 women this house would be ruined. It seems he escaped from a secure hospital this morning and came onto our property in the guise of a delivery driver.”

“Is their going to be a police investigation?”

“No their will not, the 2 women are receiving and will continue to receive the best medical care available.”

“What about the maggot I killed?”

“Dealt with. His body is on the way to a private crematorium. All possible witness have been spoken to and understand the situation.”

A second man stood.

“In recognition of your services we have decided to award you our highest award, it grants you a seat on the board with a retainer of a £100.000 a year. Of course, your £15,000 fee for this weekend has been returned to your account. This folder contains all the addresses of our and affiliated houses of the sun, worldwide. Your title of Grand Knight of the tables entitles you to use any of them as often as you like. In view of the circumstances we have decided to postpone the grand ball until the girls are better and able to attend”

Turning to face Mary he handed her a new Jacket, with a full sun on the breast pocket. Thanking the Inner circle profusely they were taken back to the restaurant and given a house of the sun card. Reading her card Mary gasped as she saw Mark’s award included her.

Comments and suggestion welcome as always.

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