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Alice Pantyhose in Wonderland Ch. 05

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She couldn’t remember the last time she had cum so many times. Her head was a numb dizzying blur of one orgasm after the next as her entire body was assaulted with the sensation of pantyhose on tights on nylons rubbing, grinding and penetrating her. Looking down she saw two pairs of eyes. One pair were blazing emerald green as they looked up at her from a torn patch in her white and lace gray pantyhose, while a deep brown pair of eyes, belonging to the Mad Hatress glared at her lustfully from her exposed breasts.

How had she gotten here? She tried to remember where her day had started and slowly, between the shattering waves of pleasure, her mind raced back to a cabin the woods. How very distant it seemed now, but what a blissful way to continue her adventures in this Pantyhose Wonderland.


Alice awoke in the small wooden house with a sheepish rubbing of her eyes. She had slept all night in her torn pantyhose after her loving sex with Samantha, her woods woman savior that had rescued her from certain death. Even now she had chills about her harrowing experience, but it quickly passed.

Sitting up in the cozy queen sized bed, Alice pulled the sheets up around her naked breasts as she looked around in the waking daylight. The house was empty and lifeless save for the crackling fire that had seemed to have been burning all morning, and the remnant scent of eggs and bacon that were warming on a glass plate atop the woodstove.

Hearing her stomach rumble at her in agitation, Alice got out of bed, trading the sheets for her ripped red velvet riding hood, and walked in her stocking feet to get the delicious smelling plate of breakfast. Sitting down at the little table, pouring a glass of water, Alice ate quietly wondering what to do today. She certainly wasn’t back in New York, she thought looking down at her legs. Otherwise she’d have her arsenal of over 40 pairs of lovely silken tights and pantyhose to put on vice the tattered shiny brown tights she’d explored in yesterday.

Seeing a wash basin and some clean towels, Alice resigned to start her day with a little freshen up and then begin the task of hunting for the clue she’d been promised by Gwen. Dropping her cloak, Alice set to work undoing the tight linen bandages on her arms and legs. Her wounds from the scratching Atholas briar thorn bushes, was nothing more now than a series of pink lines that were fading nearly before her eyes. Burning the bandages, Alice next wiggled out of her torn sheer tights. The cool air tickled her pussy lips as she bent over, and a bead of her slippery sap, left over from Samantha’s masterful fingers working Alice into a frenzy, ebbed from her opening.

Grinning from the delight she’d found in her company, she tossed the discarded pantyhose onto the floor and set to the task of sponging herself. The water was luke warm, but soothing to her skin. Washing away the flecks of mud and spattered wilderness that was all over her from her scuffle with the wolves, as well as the scent of sex from her union last night, she felt refreshed as she cleaned her firm young body. Untying the red ribbon that still held her blonde locks in a pony tail, she used the remaining water from the ivory pitcher to wash out her hair. Using the white towels near the wash basin, Alice walked into the pouring sunbeam to dry herself in the glorious warm light. She could feel her skin soft as satin heating as she spun in naked circles in the middle of Samantha’s house. A funny thought occurred to her, ‘What would I do if she came back? Kind of embarrassing to eat someone’s breakfast, bathe in their clean water, use their towels and then traipse around the house naked sun drying.

The thought was fleeting though, as she walked to the large clothing chest and drawers near the bed. Hopefully there was something here made for the body of a smaller young woman and not grossly oversized flannel shirts and woolen trousers. Looking at her naked body in the mirror, she ran her fingers lightly over her pert breasts and nipples, trailing her fingers down to her blonde triangular patch. She was having a grand time indeed as of late, though her experiences seemed to be in the extremes of pleasure, fear or confusion.

Opening the large wardrobe locker, she searched through Sam’s clothes to no avail. She did find a pouch of lavender flowers used for refreshing a drawer and idly rubbed it along her body for a sweet perfumed scent. Returning the pouch Alice closed the wardrobe doors.

“You won’t find what you need in there, silly Alice,” said a very familiar, but none-the-less startling voice.

Alice screamed as she saw a pair of emerald green eyes floating over her shoulder in the wardrobe mirror’s reflection. Instinctively covering her body with her red riding hooded cloak from the floor, Alice whipped around coming face to face with the swirling apparition of Gwendolyn.

Easing her racing heart, Alice smirked embarrassed at her fright. “GWEN!” she exclaimed. canlı bahis şirketleri “I’m sure there is a much better way to start a conversation with someone aside from scaring the shit out of them.”

Pouting in mock hurt Gwen’s angelic face solidified from blue smoke to her creamy skinned texture. “Awww, but where would be the fun in that?” she goaded with a catlike grin.

Alice watched as Gwen solidified right before her eyes. Still the demure, spritely young woman with a nimble body and long shapely legs, she was dressed differently than the last time she’d evaporated before Alice.

Alice looked longingly at the hovering green-eyed woman. She was beautiful and mischievous all at once. Her shoulder length chestnut hair was pulled back and bound in three spots along the back of her head. As if she had gathered up her hair in a single topknot and then fastened it in hoops all down the back, making 3 rounded humps of hair that Alice could see through.

She wore a deep maroon colored satin ribbon around her neck as a choker, fastened in front with a silver emblem of a cat. Her neckline and shoulders were bare, but the rest of her was coated quite elegantly.

Gwen’s arms were covered tightly in a sheer black pair of above the elbow nylon lace gloves. Her dress had gone from a supple powder blue to a black and rich purple colored bodice that was laced down the front with black ties that ended just above her belly button. Her midriff was visible for a sparse patch, like a creamy flesh colored belt that showed off a ruby jewel stuck into her navel. Gwen’s lower body made Alice drool with want, both for fashion and for womanly desire. She had on a rumpled deep red colored dress that had a wispy veil of black lace resting on top of it. Instead of having the dress flowing down to the ground all about her waist, the back was left long and the front part was drawn up to the top of her thighs, barely hiding her womanhood, but showing off her long tender legs.

As she floated around her, Gwen saw Alice looking at her silk covered legs. Gwen was wearing what appeared to be rich opaque maroon tights that were soft looking as they hugged her legs. Over the top of which she had a supremely sheer pair of shiny black lace nylon pantyhose that made slivers of yellow sunlight gleam off her, as she writhed about rubbing her legs together. On her feet she wore simple deep purple flats that had silver cat emblems on the tops of the toes in tandem with her choker. She was elegant and seductive all at once and a spike of pleasure went up Alice’s spine as she recalled their last meeting.

“Gwendolyn, I’m so happy to see you!” Alice remarked. “I had a feeling we’d meet again, but didn’t know the pleasure would be so soon.”

“Oh, you have no idea what a pleasure it will be to have seen me again so soon,” Gwen mimicked Alice’s words with a coy, sly grin.

“Where do I go from here?” Alice asked. “You’d said I’d find a clue here to know where to go next.”

“Tut, tut!” Gwen replied in a reprimanding manner. “Not what I said at all, silly Alice.” Gwen floated around her and came about to rest in front of her, nearly an inch from Alice’s face with her body behind her as if laying on a cushion of air, her legs idly waggling back and forth as she spoke.

“Within those wooden walls you’ll find the next step, I said. And in the wooden walls you are, stepping next to go beyond!” Gwen purred softly in her riddling tone.

“So what is my next step?” Alice asked somewhat frustrated. “If I’ve created this wonderland, than I should know where I need to go, shouldn’t I?” she asked.

“Indeed you should, but you don’t know what you should know, and that is why I am here! Your very next step is one of delights, for tea and cakes and afternoon sights.” Gwen jibed with a wink and smile. “Sweet Alice; you have so many questions and needs you want now, but time must pass here to unfurrow your brow,” she chimed rhyming.

Looking down at her feet, Alice began to feel sad. While her days were becoming more fantastic by the moment, she still longed to be home.

Lifting Alice’s chin with a small gentle finger, Gwen looked into her ocean blue eyes with her green eyes alight, saying “You worry so much, precious one. Let me help you again so we can get you back on the path through your wonderland.”

Wafting around behind Alice as she stood in the sunlight, Gwen reappeared in a plume of blue smoke, resting her hands on Alice’s shoulders. “Let’s see…” she purred playfully. “If you’re going to see the Hatress, you’ll need to be dressed to impress.”

“Who is the Hatress?” Alice asked, her skin tingling as she felt Gwendolyn’s hands caress her bare back and waist.

“You’ll see soon enough, sweetheart” her maroon and black nylon lace coated guide replied. “She alone knows what path you’ll take next. There are many roads that you don’t know about, and many roads that don’t know about you,” she riddled.

Floating canlı kaçak iddaa in the air behind her, Alice felt Gwen wrapping her silky smooth pantyhose legs around her ass and thighs, with her heels resting softly on the inside of each of Alice’s knees. “mmmm your legs are so soft,” Alice muttered softly as she let the red riding cloak fall away so she could rest her hands on Gwendolyn’s nylon legs.

Her black lace pantyhose and opaque maroon tights were luxuriously smooth, and the feeling of silk sliding on top of silk on skin reminded her of her own lost double nylons that she’d had when she fell through to Wonderland.

As Gwen squeezed her from behind with her lower body and the nylon rubbed against Alice’s naked ass, she began to get turned on by the tingling silky sensation.

“I think you’d do well for a little sliver of silver today, my love!” Gwen piped up. Her legs, like a pantyhose loom, began to spread white pantyhose over Alice’s legs. Just like before they formed out of nowhere, but the sensation of having silk drawn up her legs was uncanny. Her thighs tightened as the white pantyhose grew up and down from her knees.

Continuing to rub her magic legs against Alice, Gwen scooped her hands under Alice’s arms as the pantyhose covered every square inch of her legs. With one hand, Gwen cupped one of Alice’s C-cup sized breasts, pinching the nipple ever so gently and making it stiff and sensitive. With the other hand she walked her fingers down Alice’s flat belly making the waistband of the white pantyhose form. The last area that wasn’t clad in nylon was Alice’s wet mound, and with a hesitation that nearly drove Alice mad, Gwen paused for only a moment until Alice whispered “Please… Please don’t stop”

Grinning with a Cheshire smile, Gwen pursed her lips as her hand dove down past the blonde triangle of pubic hair. Gasping for air Alice’s body surged with pleasure. Gwen’s fingers, covered with the same sheer nylon lace as her legs, was like a pantyhose delight as she slid two fingers firmly over Alice’s clit, parting her wet lips and gliding down to dip barely into her wanting hole.

The rapture she felt when her nylon covered nails slid inside up to the first knuckle was heaven. She could feel the pantyhose gloves sending electric pulses of pleasure into the walls of her pussy as they wiggled ever so gently, playing with her increasingly slippery entrance. And then as if to cut off a lover in the throes of passion, her fingers slipped out, and her pussy lips were encased in white pantyhose, her clit became concealed and the rest of her nylons became complete.

Panting lightly, Alice looked over her shoulders at Gwen. “God I love it when you clothe me,” a satisfied yet wanting smile on her face.

“Oh, I’m not even done yet, honey,” Gwen retorted.

With an almost explosive abruptness, Gwen’s fingers pressed hard on Alice’s clit through the white pantyhose making her quiver with delight.

“Oh my GODDDD!” Alice shouted unexpectedly as Gwen fondled her clit for an instant. Alice felt her legs get tighter still and looked down to see a pair of gray lace sheer pantyhose covering her white ones. The sensation was orgasmic as she wiggled her toes and rubbed her legs together.

Feeling her pussy pulse lightly at the sudden sexual gratification, she didn’t have time to speak as Gwen disappeared in the blue smoke vortex that always accompanied her movements. This time was different though, more sensual. She felt fingers caressing her mouth and neckline, a kiss on her stomach and shoulders, a suckling of her nipples that was wet and hot. Alice felt ticklish all of the sudden with a giggle escaping her throat.

She felt the weight of cloth growing on her and the tightening of a gown which formed out of thin air. In a final burst of bright blue smoke, the wisps faded and Alice was in the middle of the room alone in a glorious dress. Much like Gwen’s’ maroon and purple attire, Alice had a large dress of crumpled fabric that was pulled up short to just below her womanhood. The style of her dress was identical to Gwendolyn’s save for the fact that her Bodice was a brilliant silver color, the fabric of her skirt was a deep warm gray with a wispy white lace veil mirroring Gwen’s black lace décor.

Alice’s arms had gray sheer lace nylon gloves on them from the upper arm down to her fingers, a silver ribbon chocker with a pair of legs like the kind you see on the back of a trucker’s mud flaps was around her neck. Silver flat shoes, bearing the same silver leg charms as her choker, hugged her petite feet and she indeed looked all dressed up.

Her hair was an elegant weave, put up in a bun leaving her neck exposed with silver and blue butterfly clips pinching her long blonde locks up here and there.

Alice smiled like a school girl and shouted out to Gwen who wasn’t there, “This is amazing Gwen!! I look…. Well….. AMAZING!!”

“That’s the whole point, kitten” Gwen’s voice came from above.

Looking canlı kaçak bahis up, Alice saw her purple maroon love hovering on her back looking down at Alice.

“You need to get moving sweetie if you’re going to make the tea party,” Gwen sighed.

“Where is this tea party you keep talking about?” Alice asked a little confused.

Floating down to eye level, Gwen began to disappear as her green eyes flared to life. Drifting back towards the rear door of the wooden cabin Gwen muttered “You need to go over the river and through the woods my pet,” Gwen chimed in a sweeter than honey voice. “Just keep walking straight till the hair stands up on the back of your neck and then you’ll be there.” The back door opened by itself showing another stone path similar to the one Alice had walked yesterday.

“Oh and one more thing,” Gwen added, “The Mad Hatress has some very obscure practices that you may encounter when you arrive, be sure to bring an umbrella.”

“What does that even mean?” Alice asked with a creased forehead. “Wait, will I see you again?” She shouted to the nearly vanished form.

“Of course you will sweetheart, I never get dressed up for a party and then never make it. It is entirely rude to be there and not be there,” she riddled and then was gone.

Walking to the back door, Alice found a cane bin that had several walking sticks and umbrellas. Plucking out a silver parasol, she looked up at the brilliant sky. “Not a cloud in the sky, and she says to take an umbrella. Silly little Gwen.” Alice said and set out onto the path.


The path wasn’t nearly as treacherous as yesterday’s afternoon/evening jaunt through the briar woods. The path of stones she was on, while not a complete road was at least consistent with patches of cobbled blocks here and there leading her on. The ground itself had leveled out significantly and the oaken woods gave way to soft bristling pines that had large lush green bushes along the ground that were sprouting blue and yellow flowers.

Alice loved the walk. It was supremely enjoyable for several reasons. The cool air married up with the warm sunshine was a delight. The crisp scent of pine in her nostrils and the chirping of life above her in the canopy of the forest gave her a great sense of security. And her pantyhose were a dream that made every step lively. While not necessarily in the habit of wearing two pairs of pantyhose or tights all the time, she couldn’t help but appreciate the double layers and was beginning to wonder if her daily routine for wearing nylons was on the brink of change.

She swished this way and that as her silver shoes made a dull melody on the path. The sound of her dress behind her was like curtains billowing on a clothesline. She wiggled her fingers in the gloves luxuriating in the sensation of having silk on her upper body as well. In essence she hadn’t felt so feminine before. All dressed up for a party, her hair sculpted like Cinderella’s and her nylons gently caressing her body with each step she took.

As the day wore on, the sunlight changed to a warmer pink glow that seemed to linger vice changing to a darker red from a setting sun. Almost like the sky itself was changing the yellow sunlight to a warm cotton candy glow.

Before too long Alice was wondering when she’d get there; she traveled for the better part of an hour and a half, estimating her distance at about 4 miles. The path stayed reliable all throughout the land, however the scenery was changing slightly. The trees began to thin and change going from pines to a heavy barked looking ash tree, the trunks going from a brown to a mottled gray and white; very similar to a birch tree but with much thicker bark. The branches didn’t bear many leaves and the ones that still clung to the tree were faded orange or other colors of autumn. The bushes thinned and the flowers went from blue and yellow to simple red berries that looked more like seeds in waiting vice a luscious snack.

Kicking her silver parasol along as she stepped, Alice heard a light rustling in the bushes to her right. Immediately her defenses went up for fear of another wolf attack. Raising the parasol above her head like a baseball bat, she could only imagine the spectacle she was making out of herself. Here was a beautiful blonde young woman standing in the middle of a stone and dirt path in an ash forest, while dressed in a gray and silver tea party dress, with shiny gray lace nylons over white pantyhose in silver flats wielding a dangerous looking umbrella held at the ready to smite anyone.

With relief, Alice saw a little brown bunny rabbit scamper slowly out from under a nearby bush. His little nose was wiggling while his ears perked this way and that. “Awwwww aren’t you the cutest thing!” Alice said cheerfully.

Scampering up to Alice the bunny stood up on its hind legs staring up at her. Matter of fact it looked as is if it were staring up her dress. With an odd twisting of its expression the rabbit grinned with broken and yellowing teeth, his eyebrows going silly as he grabbed his ears and pulled them down to his shoulders. “Aye!! You don’t look so bad yuirself hot stuff!” the rabbit spoke in an uncanny Scottish drawl.

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