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After School Detention Pt. 02

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Based off the feedback from the first part of this story which I really appreciated, I thought I’d try a second piece. Thank you and hope you enjoy! x


Days like this are always hectic; constantly scramming around and printing off tests, assignments, handouts, reviewing presentations all while teaching classes in between. Thankfully the day was calming down a bit as last period approached.

I hate to admit it but I couldn’t stop thinking of Vanessa. I’ve been passing her in the halls every day now, and I hardly ever used to see her before ‘detention.’ We haven’t spoken since, which was about a week and a half ago. But I’ve been paranoid each time another teacher wants to talk, or just by walking down the hall. I feel like a fish out of water, that everyone knows the horrible thing I did.

I tried to convince myself just how bad it was, but I honestly felt great with Vanessa. Could it really be that bad if it felt that good? Of course it was bad! I’m surprised it got that far… how did it ever get to that point? When did my mind ever think it was okay?

The last bell rang and I stayed behind, stapling tests together and organizing my desk and filing cabinets. My last period was a math class and I suddenly realized the class where Vanessa and I were was just a few rooms down. My heart pounded as I thought about her while sorting my files. Her smooth silky tongue that she expertly knew how to use… touching me in all the right places. Her gentle hands on my body but her rough fingers pounding me. She was the best sexual combination.

I got lost in thought and abruptly realized that it had already been 20 minutes since the home bell rang. I placed all the stapled tests at the top of my desk, closed all my filing cabinets and zipped up my bag. The halls were quiet until I heard soft footsteps walking by, and before I could turn around, the footsteps grew louder behind me. I caught a breath as I reluctantly turned my body.

‘Vanessa…’ I breathed out as I came face to face with her once again. She was smiling me down, and it was only seconds of looking at her until I remembered exactly why I gave into her. She was stunning, a truly pretty girl. Even though she was labelled as a bad student, I found her kinda sweet. But then again, she was a student… and it was wrong of me to think these ways.

‘I was looking for you,’ she whispered to me, leaning in and pressing a kiss to my cheek. Her blue eyes looked deeply into mine and she took a hold of my hand, squeezing it slightly. The door was open ajar and I feared once again of an interruption. But her pretty face looked intently at me and I couldn’t bring my focus away from her.

‘This… this is so wrong Vanessa… so inappropriate on my part… I’m sorry for what happened last week- I – I can’t…’ I trailed off into my sentence as I quickly became scatterbrained over the entire situation.

‘I can’t stop thinking about it,’ she said, pulling me closer and pressing her lips against my neck this time, kissing it firmly. I closed my eyes for a second from the soft contact of her lips on my skin, and apart of me wanted to step back but another part of me was rooted to the ground. She stopped kissing my neck and rose her lips up to my ear, whispering gently.

‘Come to my house later… no one will be there but me… come over,’ she said deep in my ear, and I instantly opened my eyes and looked her in the face, holding onto her shoulders.

‘What… Vanessa… I can’t do that, you know I can’t. You know this is isn’t right,’ I told her, looking at her earnestly. She offered another smile, holding onto my hand still. She looked down then looked up into my eyes.

‘If it’s that wrong, then it must be right…’ she whispered to me, melting my heart with her smile once again. I shook my head in disbelief, I never thought in a million years I’d be in a position like this with a student, let alone a female student. I tried to fight the urge, and kept voicing my concerns to her, but her response left me almost speechless.

‘I… I need to go Vanessa…’ I spoke words of departing but my body couldn’t seem to move away from her. She leaned her lips to my ear once again, pressing them against the front of my ear. Her warm breath sent tingles down my spine, and I tried not to surrender to her.

‘I want to lick that pussy out again, not in a shitty desk chair, I want to do it on my bed. I want to fuck you deep and hard, but not with just my fingers this time. I want to hear all of your moans, nice and loud. And I want to feel every twitch from your legs and every shake from your body. Come over, Miss. Gilmore… I’ll take care of you, I’ll make sure you feel good…’

I was practically shaking as she leaned back from my ear and placed a piece of paper in my hand, kissing my cheek once again. She picked up her bag and gave me one last look before she left the room, closing the door slightly. I let out a long breath as I opened up the paper, and canlı bahis it was her address written in thick black marker. I bit my lip, truly wondering now if this was some dream. I’m way over my head, this is surreal.

As I arrived home, I contemplated the offer of going over for hours. I shouldn’t, but I wanted to. I can’t, and I shouldn’t. I would if I could. I felt like I was losing my mind but before I knew it I found myself walking to my car once again. It was dark out by now and I began driving to my destination… wondering what the hell I was doing the entire way there. I don’t know what Vanessa did to me.

And before I knew it I found myself on her doorstep, knocking quietly with my knuckles. Suddenly I realized just how crazy this was and started walking off the porch hesitantly but hurriedly. I stopped in my tracks as the door opened wide, and I turned around to see Vanessa standing there, stepping aside with a big smile.

‘You came,’ she said, and reached for me, pulling me close and welcoming me inside. The house was quiet and I instantly became anxious of someone being home, she closed the front door and held my face. It was almost like she read my mind as she looked into my eyes.

‘It’s just us, I promise,’ and she pulled me in for a gentle kiss. I had no words as we kissed by her front door, and the same arousal that she had given me the first time quickly started to return. I reached for her hands that were rested against my cheek, speaking breathlessly between the kisses.

‘I can’t believe this… Vanessa…’ I told her, kissing her repeatedly. She only held onto my face harder, pulling me closer to her. She took a breath in as she opened her mouth to speak.

‘I know… but … it feels so right with you Miss. Gilmore,’ she breathed out and we began kissing harshly against the front door. Her body was pressed deeply against mine and she started to move her hips against me. The sensations of arousal coursing through me were starting to become unavoidable.

‘Let’s go somewhere else,’ she said, pulling back and taking my hand. I closed my eyes as she guided us to another place, still in shock and trying to process all of this. She stopped and opened a door, leading us into a room. I opened my eyes to a dark bedroom, which I assumed was hers. I could faintly make out the posters in the room were punk and rock bands, proving that it must be her room. She took me to the bed, and went to light a small candle on her window pane, giving a nice shade of light in the room. The smell of the burning match filled my nostrils as she blew it out, her eyes darker than ever.

‘Wow… I can’t believe you’re on my bed,’ she smiled and lay me down to the mattress, hovering over me. ‘So hot,’ she added before she leaned in, and we started to kiss passionately on her bed. She was touching me up and down, poking her tongue in my mouth every now and again which I fully accepted each time. I quickly started to appreciate that we were alone, and quickly started finding it even harder this time to back away and with all honesty, I didn’t want to. I was scared… but I believe she was worth the fear.

She started to undress me, beginning with my top and tossing it. She took my bra off with quick hands and ran her fingers up and down my stomach, leaning down and kissing my nipples gently, making them stand up. I twisted and turned on the mattress as she curled her tongue around my nipples, slurping away at them and lapping at them with her tongue.

‘Mmm- God, Vanessa,’ I moaned and couldn’t stop squirming on the bed as she lapped her lips on my nipples and made my inner thighs throb. She looked up at me as she licked, touching my face gently.

‘Yes- I want to hear you, all of you,’ she said, leaning her head back down and closing her lips around my nipples, swirling her tongue around them. My moans only got louder as she unbuttoned my pants and pulled them halfway down my legs, all while still keeping her mouth on my breasts. She trailed her fingers to my panties and placed her hand outside of them, rubbing me gently against the fabric. I gasped aloud, arching my back into the mattress. The feeling of her lips on my breasts while she rubbed me softly was mind boggling, and my body fought to focus on the two sensations.

I didn’t realize how loud I was moaning until she sat up and pulled the remainder of my pants down my legs, followed by my panties. My legs were weak as they fell to the bed when my pants came off. She was kissing down my legs as she discarded my panties, leaving me fully naked once again. She rose above me and stroked her hands up and down my sides, looking at me with dark eyes. She smiled down to me.

‘You’re so pretty, so hot, Miss. Gilmore,’ she said before her head disappeared downwards, and I gasped once again as I felt her warm breath on my inner thigh. I rose my hands over my head, gripping onto the sides of the bed. I started to lose focus as I felt her breath travelling higher, making my hips roll around. I heard her bahis siteleri lips come apart as she spoke.

‘Remember my tongue, Miss. Gilmore? How good did it feel?’ she asked, causing me to look down at her breathlessly, holding onto the back of her head. She was rested in between my legs, looking at me seductively. The sight made my breath hitch, and my voice trembled as I responded.

‘So- so good, Vanessa,’ I told her, still stunned that I was in her bed. She reciprocated and placed her lips on my pussy, giving it a wet and sloppy kiss, making me nearly cry out. She pulled her lips back again to speak.

‘Do you want to feel it again?’ she asked, holding onto my side. It was a mindless question, and she had to know I could never turn down her tongue. Once again I looked down to her breathlessly and tried to respond, as it was getting harder and harder to focus.

‘Yes- please,’ I told her, and seconds later I felt her tongue squirm its way in between my folds, instantly searching for my clit which was found seconds later. I jerked my head back and automatically began moving on the bed, already panting and trying to catch my breath. Her warm, silky tongue was directly on top of my clit, moving it slowly and gently. I was surprised how loud my moans got; I never moaned so much or loud before.

‘Oh God! Vanessa- you’re so good- feels so good,’ I spoke loudly between my episodes of moaning as she began slurping away and lapping her tongue at my clit, bringing it to a whole different level.

‘Oh fuck!’ I cried out as her mouth sounds filled the room; slurping, lapping, licking, sapping at my pussy and clit with so much power. I was shaking on the mattress as my stomach tightened, and I knew I was only moments away from a quivering orgasm. Her wet tongue and lips were making my brain slip away as she was quite literally tasting and eating me out. I’d never felt anything like it, and never experienced such an intense feeling of oral sex before. I found myself wondering once again how she learned this.

Before I knew it my orgasm crashed into me and I moved against her tongue. She kept her mouth in place as I bucked my hips, moaning loudly and shaking as the giant orgasm washed over me. My mind became foggy quickly as I saw a world of stars and as intense feelings ran through my body. I think I heard her rise from the bed, and I don’t know how long it was until I somehow gained focus again. When I gripped reality, she was hovering over me, and I heard the constant sound of metal clinging. Her voice brought me back to a more aware state.

‘I have something for you,’ she said, holding the object up. My eyes grew as I saw a large dildo hanging from her hands which was securely attached to a harness. I swallowed hard, but grew extremely excited at the thought of her using that on me. She smiled and leaned down, kissing my neck.

‘I want to fuck you so hard, so fast… Do you want me to do that for you?’ she asked, and without hesitation, I nodded firmly, biting my lip. She smiled once again and I heard her fidgeting with the metal for a moment, and she detached the dildo from the harness. She stood and looked me in the eyes as she undressed, starting from her top then to her pants, dropping the fabrics to the floor. She unhooked her bra and it hit the ground. I licked my lips as I watched her breasts, and I instinctively pulled her to me, desperately wanting to kiss and lick them. She giggled as I held her close, possibly because I threw her off guard. I held her on my lap and leaned my head down to her chest, kissing and giving small tongue strokes to her breasts.

She threw her head back, holding onto my shoulders gently. She was moaning softly as I licked her chest, lapping my lips away at them. She looked down at me doing so, smiling big and breathing hard.

‘That feels good,’ she smiled, holding me close to her. She leaned me back down to the bed, and she took the dildo, placing it to her mouth. I watched in fascination as she opened her mouth, placing the tip of it through her lips. She swirled her tongue around the tip, never breaking eye contact with me.

‘Need to get it nice and wet first,’ she whispered, and my eyes widened once again as she placed it to the back of her throat, causing her to cough and gag, drool falling from her mouth. My heart raced as she repeated the action multiple times, smiling at me each time she took it out of her mouth.

‘Do you want to try?’ she asked, her voice a little shaky from the coughing. I had no words once again, and I leaned my head forward, touching the tip of it to my mouth. She smiled as she slowly entered it in my mouth, thrusting it gently. Her saliva filled my mouth and I moved my head forward, hitting my reflex and I coughed harshly on it, gagging as she removed it, making a mess with drool. She offered it to me once again, and I fully accepted it into my mouth, coughing, gagging, swallowing hard as I did it a few more times.

‘Fuck- so hot,’ she said, reaching for the harness and attaching bahis şirketleri the dildo to it once again. I wiped my now watery eyes and she grabbed my hips, placing me in the centre of the bed. She was wearing the harness and she hovered over me, holding herself up with her arms. She smiled at me sweetly, waiting for my approval. I nodded and she placed the tip of it to me and I instantly wanted more of her, I was worried she was going to start making me beg.

She began to slowly fill me up and I was gasping, cussing, moaning in seconds. She started to create a steady yet gentle hip rhythm, thrusting into me with care. She moved hair away from my face and she leaned down against me, speaking in my ear.

‘You okay?’ she asked reassuringly. I was beyond okay, I felt amazing as she thrusted even deeper inside of me with the toy, slowly picking up the pace. I can’t remember if I answered her, but I only wanted more. She started to kiss my neck as she really started to pound into me, causing me to cry out and nearly shout in pleasure. She kissed my lips gently in between the thrusting, holding me close to her. I soon found myself uttering and mumbling to her as she fucked me hard against the bed.

‘Oh Vanessa, oh God please don’t stop- please don’t stop,’ I was moaning aloud as she gripped my leg and held it against her, allowing her to hit more nerves. I opened my legs even wider for her as she pounded and rocked me against the mattress, breathing hard against my skin. I started to feel my stomach tightening once again, and I felt a huge release approaching.

‘Oh I’m going to come, oh fuck you’re going to make me come so hard,’ I told her, and she was kissing my neck and my ear as she thrusted even harder, panting and moaning deep in my ear.

‘Yes, come for me,’ she whispered, and I swear it was the sound of her voice that made me come in seconds, and before I knew it I was gushing out liquids as she still pounded me, making my toes curl and my legs weak. I shouted out, holding her closely as she started to slow down, both of us panting and out of breath. I felt the liquids seeping from my legs, and she quickly removed the dildo, heading down and licking away at my pussy once again, licking up the juices.

‘Oh my God!’ I threw my head back once again as her tongue licked every inch of my pussy, swirling it and lapping it. Her tongue found my clit again and she hungrily licked away at it, and a third orgasm started to approach quickly. I’ve never came so many times in a row, and never twice in a row from oral alone. Her warm tongue was wet with my juices and she licked my clit with passion.

‘Holy shit, I’m coming!’ and I plopped down to the bed, breathing heavily and sweating. My orgasm was even stronger and made its way through me slowly and with power. She kissed my thighs sweetly as I recovered from the third orgasm, completely out of breath. She hovered over me as my brain slowly started to refocus.

‘Wow, that was so hot- so amazing,’ she said, smiling down at me. I felt I was the one who should be saying that first, but I was still at a loss for words and trying to catch my breath. I swallowed hard, reaching up to her face.

‘Vanessa… that was fucking amazing,’ I told her, and she smiled bigger, leaning down to me and resting against me. After a few moments a surge of power came over me once again, and I switched positions, hovering over her now. She was giggling in between as I quickly removed the harness and her panties, feeling my mouth start to salivate at the thought of tasting her again. I lay her down to her back, and opened her thighs, resting myself between her legs.

‘Miss. Gilmore-‘

She stopped mid sentence as I rammed my tongue in her pussy, tasting and letting my tongue swim in her juices. She started gasping and moaning loudly, holding onto the bedsheets. I moved my tongue up until I felt a small bump, and she jerked her hips, and I knew I had found her clit. I desperately tried to repeat her oral action, licking and messily eating away at her flavours, swirling my tongue in circles. She was panting heavily as she looked down at me, holding onto my head gently.

‘Fuck! Keep doing that,’ she spoke to me firmly as she started to rock her hips against my mouth. I lifted my fingers and traced her hole, causing her to jerk her hips once again. She started to cry out as I continued to lick her clit, and added two fingers deep inside of her. I was unsure of what to do, but slowly started to move my fingers back and forth, creating a loud noise in the room.

‘Oh shit, I’m – I’m…I’m going to come!’ she shouted as I still lapped away at her pussy and took in all her juices, swallowing them in between. My fingers were still pounding in and out of her as her liquids started to release on my fingers, and I started salivating once again at the thought of licking my fingers clean. She was moaning as she came, shaking and twisting her body on the bed.

I quickly removed my fingers fresh with her liquids and inserted them deep into my mouth. It was almost as if my tastebuds were hungrily attacking the flavours of her in my mouth and I swallowed hard, making sure my fingers were clean of her liquids, not wanting to leave behind a drop.

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