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After Class Ch. 02

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She often thought back on the encounter; remembering how he had been looking at her during class, how he suggested music for the class to listen to, which caused in her a deep sexual yearning. The false pretenses about listening to an album, which lead to some of the best sex she had ever had. Life, however, had gone on. A few years had passed since the encounter, and she still was struck by the memories, and held them dear.

It was Halloween night, and she had planned to attend a party held in nightclub in a nearby city. She was looking forward to tonight. Playing dress up had always been intriguing to her, she had always been able to act more confidently and openly while wearing a costume. There was something liberating about dressing up in costume, to play. She was ready to play.

She got ready for the party, showering, and donning the special garter panties she had ordered. She liked to feel the straps dangling down her leg, the silky slide of the thigh high stockings as they were smoothed over her calves, and snugly attached to the garter straps. She stood, clothed only in her garter and stockings, and began the almost ritualistic process of applying makeup and arranging her hair.

Finally satisfied with her appearance, she opened the closet to reach for her dress for the evening. It was a deep maroon v-neck dress that nipped in her waist, and flared out over her hips and thighs. She was very aware of the way the hem barely covered the lacey tops of her stockings, and was about to ditch the outfit when she chided herself, and rushed out of the room. She moved to put on her shoes, her black, lacy mask, and leave. Tonight was partly about having fun, and also partly about challenging herself to be more free with who she felt she was at her core. After all, wasn’t Halloween a time where it is encouraged openly and enthusiastically for women to dress as “sluts”?

She smiled to herself, ‘Lucky for me,’ she thought wryly, and her cunt tightened as she heard in her mind his deep and soft, but controlled and confident voice saying, “Say you’re a slut.” as he knelt over her, his dick wagging before her lips. She bit the inside of her lip as she recalled that afternoon, again, and felt her cunt respond as she whispered, “I’m a slut”, blood flushing to her face and her groin.


She had been at the event for over an hour, and already had had a few drinks. She had been dancing, mostly by herself. Dancing and letting her body respond to the music had always been thrilling for her. She always imagined that someone, some man, was watching her. She hoped that he, whoever he was – that part was something about which she had never been very discerning – that he was enjoying her.

The music was dark, with deep tones she could feel in her body, and lyrics that were full of raw emotion, and something almost like anger; this type of music was connected to a sexual part of her. It was a pleasant surprise that this event was playing a mostly “metal” and dark type of music. Her body just responded, and as she consumed each drink, her dancing became more and more overcome by that part of herself. Her secret slut.

Her hips swayed and grinded to the pulsating beat, her eyes were closed and she hugged herself, ran her hands over her own sweaty body. She could feel her heavy breasts swinging freely, and was exhilarated when she passed a palm quickly over one and felt her hard nipple thru the fabric. She groaned, one hand running through her damp hair, the other teasing the side of her breast. This kind of dark, gritty music spoke directly to the secret slut she was in her core.

The song dwindled and melded into a different song. As this new song stuck it’s opening notes, her breath caught and she stopped, both hands clutching her heart, and pressing against her neck. ‘Oh my god,’ she thought, his silver blue, brooding, piercing eyes suddenly clear in her mind, ‘it’s the damn song.’ She groaned again, and her hands traveled; one to her neck, feeling her quickening pulse under it’s hot palm, the other grazing quickly over her breast, down her side, and over her hip, only to begin its slow journey back again.

She was no longer dancing, she was just slowly undulating to the song, letting memories of his hands, his eyes, and his words wash over her. She was turning herself on, the alcohol made her loose, and the song had brought up memories that made her stomach flutter, and her pussy feel tingly.

Something made her open her eyes, and he immediately noticed a man standing off to the side of the fray. He was tall, and was wearing a black coat, black pants, black leather fingerless gloves, and a full head mask; she recognized it as some anime mask, but couldn’t place it. There was something about the way he stood, his arms crossed over his chest, that made her feel like she knew him. He was completely still, while the everything around him was moving and swaying. She couldn’t be sure, but she felt as if his masked gaze was directed bahis firmaları right at her.

Without realizing it, she ran her hands along herself; one grazing her throat, gently urging the knot that had formed down, the other hand kissing along the side of her breast, and down to her hip. She glanced away, her heart pounding, and her cunt beginning to swell and pulsate.

Now she danced purposefully, only glancing to make sure that his face was turned towards her. While she felt no qualms about dancing for him, whether or not he was really watching, she was not yet comfortable to outright watch him as she danced, in her mind, giving herself away.

After a few more songs, she was getting thirsty, and had discerned through her furtive glances that he was alone. She had a plan. She sashayed over to the bar, no longer self conscious about the way her tits bounced as she strode, nor of the way her skirt swung on her hips, flashing the tops of her stockings. She got her drink, and made her way over to the wall where he was standing.

With her heart in her throat, she glanced quickly at him and smiled, then stood casually next to him. She took a deep drink, and tried to look like she was observing the crowd. In reality she was aware of only him. His height as he stood next to her. The glimpse of the hairs on his wrists in between his jacket sleeve and glove. The steady rhythm of his breathing as it inflated his chest. She swallowed, and took another drink.

He turned towards her, saying nothing, just silently observing her. She swallowed again, her heart pounding faster, and turned casually, she hoped, to face him.

He said nothing.

“Um… Hi” she said, introducing herself.

He uncrossed his arms slowly, but still said nothing. She might have thought he couldn’t hear her, or wasn’t paying attention, but he gave a slight incline of his head, like a nod.

“This is my first time here….” she trailed off, unsure of how to continue, but wanting desperately to keep talking to him.

He was silent, but his face was definitely angled straight at her.

“I…I don’t live around her….” she took another sip as he stared at her, “um… do you live around here?”

He slowly gave a small nod, but still no response.

“Oh.. that’s nice..um…” She could feel herself blushing, she had no idea why she felt so compelled to keep talking to him, other than the fact that she swore he had been watching her dance like the slut she was. She couldn’t explain it, she just felt drawn to him. “Um… oh fuck it, do you want to dance with me?” She smiled sheepishly at him, or rather, up into his impassive mask.

He slowly shook his head from side to side. Her heart dropped, and she glanced down and away, smiling and saying, “Oh, ok… um… well see ya then.” She quickly turned to walk away from him, when she was stopped.

He had gripped her elbow, firmly, and was easing her back around to face him. His close proximity, and the feel of his skin and leather gloves handling her body made her pussy throb. She stood, biting her lip and looking back up into his mask, a shy smile spreading back across her face.

“So… yeah, ok then…. If you don’t want to dance, do you want to go sit down and talk?” she asked.

Another slow shake of his head.

She was starting to get slightly annoyed, “Ok, well what else is there… “

She went through a few more attempts, and each time he shook his head. She knew he was just being… strange, or playing with her by not talking. For whatever reason, she felt compelled by his silence, and his intense focus on her.

Finally she asked if he wanted to go somewhere else, and her stomach did a little flip when he nodded in the affirmative.

She said she had a hotel room rented for the night, ready to blow it off as a joke if he rejected her, but he reached out again and took her by the wrist. She protested a little, but only because he surprised her, and because it was sexually thrilling for his hands to be on her. He did not relent, but began pulling her towards the exit.

“Wait, wait,” she got her arm away from him, and he stopped to look at her, “I’m sorry, but you’d really like to go back to my hotel with me?” She couldn’t believe he was serious, and that she had actually said it and he had accepted.

He nodded again, and he put out his hand, waiting for her to take it.

She stared up into the blank, red, white, and black mask; not even able to see any feature of his face, and yet, she could feel his gaze through the fabric of her mask. She bit her lip again, and as she swallowed her hand fluttered to her throat, trailing down between her cleavage. She reached out and took his hand.

He led her to the doorway of the building, and she was instantly refreshed and invigorated by the cool night air. She stood for a few seconds, breathing in the cold air, and then turned with him and walked the few blocks down towards her hotel.

They didn’t kaçak iddaa speak, but his dark silent presence was thrilling to her, and she kept glancing over at him as they walked. Each time he would glance slowly at her, and cause an immediate jolt to strike from her womb to her cunt. She knew her breasts were bouncing unbound, nipples erect in the cool night air, unbound except for the cloth of her dress. She never went out braless, and she hoped that he was enjoying the way her body jiggled and moved as she strode.

Finally they reached the hotel, and crossed the empty lobby towards the elevators. She pressed the button for up, and within a few seconds, the doors opened. They entered, and he leaned against the back wall and watched her while she pressed the button for the top floor.

Suddenly she felt him pressing against her, turning her slightly to the right and up against the wall of the elevator. He ground himself into her ass, one hand gripping the back of her neck and holding her there, the other running down her side to pull up the skirt of her dress. She groaned into the wall when she heard his deep guttural growl as he uncovered her ass, and pressed herself back into him. The hand on her neck came around to firmly cup her breast, she felt her pussy weep, flushing with juice as his fingers circled her nipple and gently tugged at it.

His mask was pressed up against her neck, and she could feel his hot breathing against her skin. It made her shiver and groan, and she pressed herself back again into his body, arching her back so that her breast pressed up into his palm, and rubbing her ass back onto his crotch. The hand on her breast ran up her neck, over her chin, and inserted a finger into her open mouth.

She grunted in surprise, but immediately began sucking on the finger, running her tongue along it, wrapping her lips around it; mimicking how she would nurse a cock. He pressed into her harder, his other hand gripping her hip, when the elevator dinged and the doors opened. He pulled away from her, and she was left gripping the rail along the wall, and panting, her pussy aching and her nipples tingling. She turned, still shaky, and looked up into his mask, still equal parts thrilled, scared, and turned on by his silence and masked identity. She smiled at him, and took his hand, leading him into the nondescript hotel hallway.

She stopped in front of her door, and withdrew her key card from her wristlet. She opened the door, her hands shaking as he brushed her hair away from her neck to caress her neck and shoulder. As she finally got the door to flash green and turn the handle at the same time, he pushed up against her, his hands running up and down her body even as she opened the door and stepped across the threshold.

There was a soft rustle, and his hands left her; she knew he had turned to engage the locks. She turned back to look at him, and he was still wearing his mask. His chest was rising and falling rapidly, and she ran her gaze down to his pants, biting her lip again when she noticed the bulge along his zipper. There was a dark dot she could barely make out at the top of the bulge. She moaned, and licked her lips as she shot a glance back at his face.

He reached out and cupped her face, running his thumb across her bottom lip. She darted her tongue out and lapped at it, trying to suck it into her mouth. She heard him chuckle softly under his mask, and her heart danced inside her chest. He ran his hand back down her neck and over to her shoulder, and brought his other hand to rest warmly on the other shoulder. She smiled up at his mask, feeling his sharp gaze through it.

She felt pressure on her shoulders, gentle yet persistent, and she chuckled herself, licking her lips again. She understood what he wanted. She reached up and placed her hands on top of his. She smiled up at him, trying to look confident, but knowing she was blushing. She glanced away, bit her lip in distress, and then started sliding her hands up his arms and over his shoulders. When she could feel the strong beat of his heart under her palm, she dared to peek at him again.

As she ran her hands down his chest, she slowly sank to her knees in front of him, her hands finally resting on his hips. She stared unabashedly at his cock, straining against the fabric of his pants, the damp spot slightly bigger than before. She moaned softly to herself, and again began licking along her lips.

Slowly bringing her hands towards his fly, she glanced back up at him again, and was thrilled to find his blank mask facing her. His hands were still gently on her shoulders, now giving a slight squeeze as she looked up at his face. She undid his button, and began to unzip his pants.

As she worked them loose, she was thrilled at how forward she was being, and again struck by the body language of this man. He was dark and somber and gentle and quiet. He was contemplative, and intriguing. She was still certain that she knew him from somewhere. She kaçak bahis glanced back at his groin as she worked his pants open and over his hips.

She boldly reached into his boxers and eased the tip of his cock out of them. She sighed softly as she beheld him. His cock was hard, she could see the veins that ran through it, and saw it throb. His head was a dark color, and she drank in the sight of his excited member, her hands only gently caging it. She could feel it twitch, so she tightened one of her hands so that the fingers gently gripped his cock, pushing the fabric down along his dick until the entire length of him was set free. His hands gripped her shoulders as she ran her grip down his shaft, and as she freed his cock, he brushed her hair behind her shoulder with one hand, and gently ran it along her cheek to swipe the thumb across her bottom lip.

She glanced down at his cock again, and moaned as it twitched in her hand. She leaned forward, her other hand resting against his hip, and parted her lips as she felt the sticky heat of his head. She eagerly took him into her mouth, her tongue pressing up against his head, rubbing against it and trying to urge it deeper into her mouth. She groaned as she repositioned her head, trying to force more of his cock into her mouth, and back into her throat.

While she lapped at his cock, she felt herself getting wet. She loved knowing that she was pleasing him by what she was doing. She also genuinely loved to feel cocks. She wanted to feel the silky skin of the head, the slightly rough skin underneath his head, and then the hot flesh of his shaft. She wanted to feel his cock nestled snugly in her throat, her nose pressed into his belly and smelling his skin… but she had a fairly sensitive gag reflex, and so when his cock touched the back of her throat enough, she gagged on him, and felt tears come to her eyes and drool pooling on her lips as she breathed deeply and tried to calm the reflex.

She moaned against his cock, lapping up along his shaft to his head, beginning to stroke it with her hand. She glanced up at his face, and was again shocked and delighted by the sight of his unchanging mask, facing her. His hands were still rubbing her shoulders, and now he gently reached up and pushed her mask up over her forehead, off her head, and onto the floor behind her.

She leaned into his hand, then returned her gaze to his cock, as she was licking her lips, his hands began to pull her head back towards her cock. She could hear the heavy breathing through his mask, and heard his sigh as she enclosed her warm lips back around his dick. She swallowed around his head, and eased his cock deeper into her mouth. She tried to relax her mouth and throat, and focus on breathing deeply through her nose. She felt him begin to guide her head up and down on him, and groaned as drool and tears began to ooze down her face. Soon her nose was running, but she still tried to breathe evenly and keep her body relaxed as he fucked her mouth.

After a while, he gently pushed her off his cock, and she immediately tried to lick at his head and draw him back into her mouth. She whined softly when he relentlessly eased her head off of him, and tugged on her arms, urging her up. Letting him help her, she stood shakily in front of him, and ran her forearm across her wet lips.

He pressed her backwards against the wall, her back hot against the cold surface. She gasped and stared into his impassive mask as he pinned her by the neck to the wall with one hand, and ran the other down her front, past the hem of her dress, and up her thigh. He skimmed the lace top of her stocking, then followed the garter strap up, fingertips brushing her naked thigh. She moaned and pressed herself up towards him, her own hands running up and down the arm pinning her against the wall.

His fingertips brushed against her, nudging between her legs, and she quickly spread her legs wide, allowing his access. He pulled aside her panties, and she cried out, arching up off the wall as he grazed against her throbbing pussy lips.

“…Please…” she breathed, “oh please..”

One finger was slid up into her cunt. She could feel how easily he slipped inside her, and she groaned and writhed against him. He buried the finger deeply inside of her, then just as quickly he withdrew the finger and swept it up and down her labia, brushing against her clit. She moaned out loud as she felt how wet her pussy was, how easily he could slid his fingers in and out of her.

He pulled his hand away from her cunt, and quickly placed it on her face, gently pressing her back, and his finger wet with her pussy’s excitement was thrust across her mouth, the tip right under her nose. She groaned when she smelled the familiar smell of her own excitement. He was standing closer now, and she writhed up under his hand, trying to touch her body against his. He took his other hand away from her neck, and quickly pulled the mask up past his mouth. She could see his smirk, and she began to wriggle and moan again. He popped the finger drenched from her cunt into her mouth as he leaned closer to her. She could taste her own cum as she felt his breath in her ear.

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