Mayıs 29, 2023

Advice for Ed’s Wife Ch. 01

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This is a rewrite of my first story posted here. I wrote it in a hurry and did not edit it and I posted it to the wrong group. I hope you enjoy this rewrite.

“My friend’s wife needed some advice.” This encounter happened when I was in my mid 40s. The husband was my relative through marriage and his wife was a bit plain but I found her to be very sexy. She really did come to me for advice about their nonexistent sex life. I was always horny so I used the opportunity to play with this lady. My advice must not have worked as they later divorced.

I have taken the basics of the encounter, as best as I can remember it, and set it in the present time with new actors who are retired senior citizens. I based the characters of this remake using my close friends who also suffer from the same problem although the wife has not asked me for advice. I have enhanced the original encounter a bit to match the personalities of these friends.

My friend Ed lives in the mountains so we do not get to see each other too often. About once a month he and I get together at our favorite restaurant and “catch up” over brunch. So I received an email from him setting up a brunch date but his email said not to reply. Great! Something must be going on with him.

On the day and time, I showed up at the restaurant and found his wife at one of the tables, so I joined her.

“Hello, Caroline. I assume that Ed will be joining us,” I said.

“No he won’t. Actually I wanted to meet with you alone. I need some advice.” she replied. ” You and your wife are such a wonderful couple and I know from things you both have said that you guys enjoy an active sex life.”

The waitress showed up to take our order so we held our conversation until she left.

She continued, ” By the way, please do not tell Ed that we had this meeting. This is hard to say but we haven’t had much of a sex life for some time now. He is always on his computer and in the evenings while I clean up the dishes from supper, he goes to bed and we watch TV movies until he falls asleep. You know Ed very well so I thought you might have some advice that I could use to get him interested.”

“Well, Caroline, my wife and I have a great sex life but maybe what we do would not work for you two,” I replied.

Our brunch meal showed up so I waited until the waitress was gone again before continuing.

“I am sorry to hear that things aren’t going well for you both. Ed always seems to be very happy,” I said.

“Yes, he is happy but somehow he has lost his interest in sex.”

“Well, we all are over 65 now and maybe he has reached his limit and wants to get on with what is left of his life,” I replied.

“While we are eating our brunch, think about something that maybe I could try to get him back into the mood,” she said.

While we were eating, we changed the topic of the conversation to the meal. I noticed that the restaurant was getting busy and now there were people sitting all around us. I decided that when we were finished with brunch that we should talk somewhere more private for Caroline’s sake.

When we were finished eating, I said I would pay the bill and asked her to wait for me outside. When I came out of the restaurant, I took her arm and said, “There were too many people listening to us in there so I thought we could talk some more in my car. I parked at the back of the lot and there are no other cars back there. That way we can talk privately and no one will hear us.”

“Thank you. I appreciate you secrecy in the matter. Remember, don’t tell Ed that we have met.”

I opened the passenger door of my SUV and helped her into the front seat. I went around and got in the driver’s side. I said, “Caroline, I have thought about your situation. I think you have to become the aggressor, but not too strong or it won’t work because Ed can be stubborn.”

“Yes, he can be that way. What do you think I should do?” she asked.

” I can show to you some things that my wife and I do. In our case it is not one person all the time initiating sex. Sometimes I start it and sometimes she starts it.”

“I see — maybe something you guys do might work for us.”

“First, we start with a kiss. Not a peck or quickie but something that says “I am interested; are you?” I said.

“I am not sure I understand. Isn’t a kiss just a kiss?” she asked.

“No. Let’s try something. I want you to kiss me with that intent. OK?” I turned sideways in my seat and leaned Bahçelievler Escort close to her. She looked at me with a frown. So I continued, “Look, you are not going to seduce me but what I want to do is give you feedback on how your kiss is received.”

“Ok, I guess I can do this,” she replied.

I held still and made her come to me. She kissed me with closed lips and kept her eyes open. I noticed that she had thin lips that were a bit pokey. No passion there.

“That was very nice; however I did not feel any message coming from you. I am going to kiss you and see if you can see the difference,” I explained.

I slipped my right hand behind her head and guided her to my lips. I turned my head a bit to the side and parted my lips slightly. As I kissed her, I gently provided some pressure to the back of her head. I allowed my fingers to lightly caress the back of her head. When we parted, I did notice that her eyes had closed. Good….we are making some progress here.

I removed my hand from the back of her head and said, “Did you notice the difference? Do you think you can do that to Ed?”

“Wow! That is different from the way we kiss,” she explained.

“How did it make you feel?” I asked.

“It was soft and sensuous. and …. different,” she replied.

“Perfect. You want to convey that you want something when you kiss Ed. Also a hand to the head or the side of the face conveys intimacy. Give me your right hand.” I took her hand and placed it on the side of my face and said, “Now you kiss me and tell me you want something.”

She leaned forward and kissed me but did not pull my face toward her nor were her lips parted. I could tell that this was uncomfortable for her to do.

“That was much better. I felt it. Some people might break the kiss and tell their partner what they want, but I do not think that will work with Ed. Let’s try a different way. For example I am going to show you what I do with my wife sometimes that lets her know that I want more than a kiss.”

I put my right hand behind her head again and gently pulled her to me. As I kissed her this time, I put my left hand on her shirt and cupped her right breast and massaged her nipple with my thumb. She was not wearing a bra because she is quite small and had rather saggy tits. I had my lips parted and I darted the point of my tongue across her closed lips. She pulled away and stared at me intensely.

“Whoa!” she said. However she did not pull my hand away — nevertheless, I quickly removed it from her shirt.

“Caroline, I am not trying to start anything here. You asked me what my wife and I do to start sex and this is one thing that works for us. It shows my wife that I want something. As a woman, does this convey to you that I was asking for sex?”

“Oh yes, that came through loud and clear.”

“How about the kiss? What do you think about it?” I asked.

“It was soft and kind of sexy. What you did with your tongue was very interesting.”

“OK, now kiss me using your tongue like that,” I said.

I took her hand and placed it on the side of my face again. She thought about it for a minute and then leaned toward me. I saw that she closed her eyes. This time she opened her mouth and pushed her tongue against my lips but did not move it. She then pulled back and stared at me again.

“That was very good and a huge improvement over your first kiss. The tongue thing will surprise Ed just as it did to you. While he is thinking about it, you have to kiss him again before he can do anything.” She nodded her head as acceptance.

“By the way, the tongue thing — just use the point of your tongue and flick it across his lips. In fact, you may want to go to one side and then back. Don’t open your mouth so far — just enough to get the tip of your tongue through. Actually your lips should touch your tongue. Let’s do it again. OK?”

She nodded once and leaned toward me. This time I felt her hand on my face pulling me to her. She parted her lips and I felt her tongue slide across my lips. She broke the kiss and leaned back in her seat.

“You did that perfectly. It will cause his brain to start thinking about you and not the TV. Now before Ed has time to say anything, you have to kiss him again and I want you to touch him so that there is no doubt what you mean. Now give me you left hand and kiss me again.”

She leaned forward and did the same kiss Bala Escort again. While we were kissing I took her left hand and placed it on my pants where my dick was. (With all the kissing, my dick was half hard and growing in length.) She tried to pull back but I held her hand there.

“What are you doing?” Caroline questioned.

“This is going to get Ed’s attention and it works best when you are standing or maybe sitting down. I want you to squeeze me with your hand to finish the message to him.” I felt her lightly squeeze my dick.

“Great! Now squeeze it a bit more firmly and maybe move your hand around on it.” I felt her hand squeeze more firmly and I had to move her hand up and down against my dick. I instantly became fully hard. I let go of her hand and she pulled it back as though it had burned her hand.

“Well, what do you think? Can you do that to Ed?” I asked.

“I am not sure that I can be that aggressive. I think you are a lot bigger than Ed,” she stated.

“I would not know as I have never seen Ed,” I said. “With what I have shown you, any male would know what you want and they would not say no. Do you think you can do this? Do you think you want to try it again?”

“I think I understand where you are going. I can see where this will tell Ed that I am still interested in sex. No, I really don’t want to do it again,” she said.

“Let’s try that kiss one more time,” I said. I leaned toward her and put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her to me. Her kiss was much more sincere this time and the tongue zipped across my slightly open lips.

After she broke the kiss, I said, “That was perfect. I am certain that will work on Ed. Now I would like to show you a couple more things we do if you have the time. I don’t want to keep you if you have to go.”

“Sure, what else is there?” she asked.

“I have shown you what to do if you both are standing or sitting. What you should do if you are lying down in bed to get his attention?” I asked. “My wife and I sleep in the nude so this is much easier but you can figure out how to make it work for you. Have you ever given Ed a handjob?”

“I think I know what it is but we have never done it. I have only touched Ed a couple of times and only when he asked. I have not tried to actually give him a handjob. I was a naive virgin when we married. I really do not know a lot about other sex stuff. We just do intercourse,” she explained.

“So you guys don’t do much foreplay then?” I asked.

“No, we don’t. When Ed is ready, we just do it. It is never my choice.”

“It must be difficult for you to get wet enough to have an orgasm.”

“I have not had one in years but I do enjoy the stroking and the attention.”

“A handjob is most used of all the sex acts including intercourse. It is what men do to masturbate. Women use it on men to initiate sex or to prepare them for intercourse. Some women use it to see what a guy is built like while on a date. Many women use it on men when they do not want to have intercourse or do not want to give oral sex. Most men prefer a good handjob to intercourse or even oral sex. I am going to show you how to do it,” I explained.

With that I unzipped my pants and pushed them to my knees. I don’t wear underwear anymore so my hard dick stood straight up. Caroline had a surprised/shocked look on her face and started to say something but I took her right hand and put it on my bare dick. I used my fingers to curl her hand around my dick and then I moved her hand up and down in a jackoff motion. I could feel her hand resisting me so I contracted my dick muscles so that it jumped in her hand. This surprised her and she said “Oh!”.

“Now move your hand up and down like this,” I held her hand and moved it up and down so that she got the idea. “Don’t do it too fast. Some women do it too fast trying to get it over with. This is about the right speed. I have some loose skin below the head; you want to push this skin up onto the head, like this.” I used my hand to guide her hand to show her how to do it. “Ed may not have any loose skin. Not to worry. You also want to use firm pressure on the shaft as you move your hand. Do you think that you can do this?”

She pulled her hand back. I notice that her face was very flushed. Clearly she had never done this before and she probably had never seen or touched another man. She did not say anything but she just stared at me. Balgat Escort Fearing that I may have overstepped my bounds, I quickly pulled up my pants.

“That is how you give a man a handjob. If you do it long enough, he will have an orgasm and ejaculate,” I explained.

She was quiet for a bit, probably digesting what just happened. “Doesn’t your wife’s hand get tired?” Caroline asked.

“Not really. Most of the time we do it as foreplay so it is not done very long . However, there are times that we do it until I cum,” I explained.

“Oh, I see,” she said.

“You just do it until he is ready for intercourse. This will definitely get him in the mood for sex.”

I knew better than to bring up a blowjob. Some time ago, Ed had told me that he had asked her a couple of times to try to do it a, but each time all she could do was gag almost to the point of throwing up.

I noticed that her flushed, red face had spread over her neck and that she was breathing fast. Her hands were shaking. She clearly was turned on… probably by all the kissing. I know that she does not get any of that at home. I also knew that she had not had an orgasm in a very long time. I decided that she needed to cum before she left.

“There is something that I would like to do with you before you leave, if you still have some time.”

She thought for a minute and then said, ” I guess so. I don’t have to touch you do I?”

“This is what I do to my wife if we are in bed and I want sex.” I leaned toward Caroline and pulled her head toward me with my hand. I started massaging the back of her head with my fingers. I kissed her with parted lips and I pushed the tip of my tongue inside her mouth until I found her tongue. This time she did respond with her tongue. I placed my left hand between her legs and pushed the flat of my hand against her slacks where her pussy mound was. She jumped and opened her eyes with a shocked look. I held her head tightly to me and continued my kiss.

I started to caress her pussy with my fingers over her slacks. I could feel her beginning to relax and accept what I was doing. She was very worked up from all the kissing and was ready for something to happen. I broke the kiss and we stared at each other; however I did not remove my hand. I knew that she had to think about what was happening. Will she end it or permit it to go on? I decided to let her make the next move. After a bit she leaned toward me and started kissing me with her eyes closed. She put her hand on my face and caressed my skin with her fingers. Her tongue came between my lips so I responded with my tongue. My left hand was still between her legs on the outside of her slacks. I slowly pull my hand up until I reached the top of the elastic waistband of her slacks. I slid my hand inside but over her panties. I inched my hand downward. I could feel her full bush and kept going down until I felt her pussy mound. I used my middle finger to massage the slit through her panties. She sighed and pushed her hips forward to show me that she was enjoying this. I pushed the crotch of her panties to one side and placed my middle finger between her pussy lips. I moved my fingers until I found the opening of her vagina. I used my index finger to draw circles around the rim. She made a soft noise and started rocking her hips back and forth. I slowly inserted my middle finger inside. She put her other hand on my face pulled me tighter against her. I curled my middle finger and felt around inside until I found her G spot. I lightly caressed it and she went wild.

She broke the kiss and leaned back in the seat with her eyes closed. She was moaning and breathing hard and fast. It sounded like she was starting an orgasm. I caressed her G spot more aggressively and she responded with pushing her hips against my hand much more firmly. Suddenly she held her breath, arched her back and was still.

“Oh God,” she softly screamed. Her whole body shivered and then she went limp. I held still for a minute until she came down. Then I removed my hand from her slacks and she stared at me for some time without saying a word.

“I haven’t had one of those in years,” she said softly.

She straightened her clothes, grabbed her purse and opened the car door. She stopped for a second then turned toward me and kissed me softly. With that, she got out of my car walked across the parking lot to her car. I knew that what she really needed was an orgasm more than she needed advice. I watched as she drove away and then I started my car. I had to hurry home because my dick needed some relief. My wife will enjoy hearing about this encounter and I know that it will lead to great sex!

I hope you enjoyed this story. Please leave review. I read them all — good or bad. Thank you for reading this story.

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