Şubat 27, 2024

Adventures After 35: Episode 04

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In my last episode Alex had surprised me with Jasmine and Misty at dinner. And Jasmine and I had a great night. I woke to the sound of the shower running the next morning, On the dresser was the clothes freshly washed and pressed that I had wore over to Alex’s the previous day. I stepped into the bathroom and watched Jasmine wash herself off. She stuck her head out of the shower door and told me good morning. She said for me to go lay back down, that she would only be a few more minutes. I was hoping to join her in the shower. But respected her privacy ad returned to the bedroom. I laid back down waiting on Jasmine to finish. I fell back asleep for when I woke up there was a note on the pillow from Jasmine with her phone number and the pair of thongs she had wore the night before. I took the thongs and held them to my nose as I inhaled her sweet fragrance. I decided I needed to clean up myself so I jumped in the shower. The house was very quiet as I finished cleaning up and dressing. I figured everyone was gone to work as I made my way down the hall to leave I noticed Misty sitting in a robe at the bar sipping on some orange juice and eating a bagel.

“Why don’t you join me for some breakfast, if you have the time,” Misty offered.

As Misty was fixing my juice I couldn’t help but notice she was naked under the robe her body was even more magnificent that I remembered form just last night. Her skin was nice and bronzed and very toned, her huge breast made her waist look tiny. She had some of the most beautiful green eyes. She stood across the bar from where I was sitting as she casually left her robe open as we made small talk.

“Its just us in the house now babe,” Misty began telling me. “Alex has an early meeting and its Jasmines day to open,” She went on telling me. “I sure hope its not the last time you come to one of Alex’s little party’s.” Pinching and rubbing her nipples in front of me, “It was so hot to watch Jasmine fuck your ass with that strap on, I have always wanted to do something nasty like that to a guy,” Misty told me.

I was a lil surprised that Alex hadn’t let her do that to him. Maybe it was the fact they didn’t know he was bi. Anyhow I told her that my ass was hers the next time she saw me.

Misty giggled saying “I guess that makes my ass yours as well then”.

My cell phone rang. It was a damn client, and I had to go on a service call. I told Misty I hated to go but I had to get. She walked around to my side of the bar letting her robe drop as he did. She wrapped her arms around my waist bringing me in for a kiss.

“Well babe if you have to go right now I understand, but I still owe you at least a blow job.” She said as dropped to the floor and undid my jeans.

Letting my jeans drop to the floor, she slid my boxers down also and grabbed my cock teasingly licking it. All I could do is grab the back of her head and guide her mouth to my hardening cock. Misty was sucking on the head of my cock like it was a blow pop, swirling her tongue around the head and massaging my canlı bahis balls at he same time. She then began going down all the way to the base of my cock and pulling back off and swirling her head around the head again. This girl really knew how to give a blow job and seemed as if she loved doing it. She wrapped both of her hands around my waist digging her nails into my ass as she started to really bob up and down on my cock. I put my hands behind her head and was driving my cock as far as I could down her throat. I was getting close to blowing my load and warned Misty. She backed completely off my cock and put just the head in her mouth as she rapidly jacked my cock with one hand and played with my balls with the other. She was sucking me for everything she was worth as I grabbed on to the side of her head and began blowing my load into her mouth. She seemed to really be getting off as I emptied my load into her sweet mouth.

I was spent after the blow job, and fell back against the bar, Misty slid up my body rubbing her breasts along my chest as looked me in the eyes opening her mouth showing me my load. She leaned into me and I readily accepted and began kissing her with a passion. Our tongues intertwining as she passed my load into my mouth. I cupped her firm ass cheeks and pulled her in close feeling the heat and moisture from her pussy on my cock. She wrapped one leg around me as we continued kissing, I could feel her hard nipples as her breasts crushed against my chest. The load I had just deposited in her mouth was now long gone but we continued to kiss, as my cock was beginning to respond to her hot pussy. I felt her hand wrap around my cock and squeeze as she broke our kiss licking my lips as she pulled away.

Flashing that sexy smile at me. “That all you get for now, you naughty lil fuck slut,” Misty told me.

I sighed but knew I had to get going anyway. As I was pulling up my jeans, Misty gave me her number and said to call her later and we could finish what we had just started. Misty walked me to the door giving me another quick kiss as I left to go to work. I finished my service call rather quickly and headed back to my office. I called Holly and told her that I had a very wild weekend and was anxious to tell her all about it. I wasn’t to worried about her reaction thought, knowing that she would get off just with me telling her all the things I did. Back at the office I settled into my normal routine for a Monday, that was until Gregg showed up. I was busy and didn’t hear the truck when he pulled in the drive. I was bending over when he opened the door.

“Boy do I wish I had time to dump a load in that ass, but your mouth will do.” Gregg said as he walked towards me.

I turned to look at Gregg as he approached me rubbing his cock through his uniform pants. I was wondering just what I had gotten myself into and what did Gregg expect of me now that we had been together. Gregg approached me his dick getting harder with each step. He shoved me against the wall and stuck his tongue deep in my mouth kissing bahis siteleri me forcefully as he began rubbing my cock, he had so much power over me I didn’t know how to explain it but I knew I would so whatever he wanted me to do as long as he used that big dick of his on me. My hands dropped to his harden cock and began rubbing him thru his pants as he placed his hands on my shoulder forcing me to my knees.

“You ready for me to dump a load in that hot mouth of yours. I been saving this nut just for you my bitch,” Gregg told me.

I undid his pants and let them drop to the floor as I snaked his rapidly hardening cock from his boxers. Opening my mouth I sucked as much as I could into my mouth. Bobbing up and down on his cock, Gregg’s hand moving to my head and guiding me as I went up and down on his cock. Slipping more in my throat with each push. I began massaging his balls as slipped all of his cock but the head out of my mouth and was swirling my tongue on the head and jacking him with my free hand.

“Damn bitch you are better at this that you was the other day, have you been practicing” He asked.

I moaned yes as I swallowed almost 3/4 of his cock down my throat. Gregg seemed to get off on the fact that I was able to easily take him deeper as began fucking face with a vengeance. Soon his balls were on my chin slapping against it as he hammered his dick deep in me. I stuck my tongue out and licked at his balls trying my best to please him. Then without any kind of warning he began cumming, holding my head as he dumped his load straight into my stomach. He would pull off just enough for me to catch my breath and jam his spurting cock back into my throat. It seemed as if he came for 5 minutes, but soon his dick softened and he let it slip from my mouth.

“Who have you been playing with to get so good bitch,” Gregg asked.

I told him about the rest of my weekend as I continued sucking of his soft cock cleaning all the traces of cum from it. I told him about Alex and Jim and how they both fucked me. And then told him about the girls and my first taste and feel of some black pussy. He was beginning to get hard again as I continued playing with his cock and balls as I finished my story.

“Well boy, it looks like the rest of my deliveries will be late today. Now get out of them clothes,” Gregg commanded.

Letting his cock slip from my mouth I quickly got out my clothes. Once I was naked I took Gregg’s hard cock back in my mouth and continued to lick and suck on his cock. His hands were rubbing through my hair as I worked his cock back down into my throat, his cock had swelled to its full length as he worked it in and out of mouth. he pulled his cock from my mouth and began slapping it across my face letting it graze my out stretched tongue.

“Get on your knees bitch. I want that ass of your high in the air,” Gregg said.

I dropped to my knees and put my head on the floor, as Gregg knelt behind me. He spit on my asshole several times as he worked a finger in and out of my ass. He was bahis şirketleri mercilessly ramming his fingers in and out of me, loosening me up for his huge tool.

“Gregg please put your cock in me,” I pleaded.

He laughed at me as he keep twisting his fingers in and out of my asshole. He soon pulled his fingers out and put the head of his cock at my hole, rubbing it up and down across my rosebud.

“Who’s bitch are you?” Gregg asked.

“I am your bitch,” I told Gregg.

“And what does my bitch need, what do you want?” He asked.

“I want your cock, I need it in my ass.” I said, as he slid the first few inches in my hole.

“Back your ass up on my cock Bitch,” Gregg commanded.

I slowly inched my way back pushing more and more of his cock deep inside me as I went. I swear that I felt the thick veins running along his massive cock as I back up on it. I soon felt his balls resting against mine as he was fully buried into my ass. His cock felt wonderful as I wiggled my ass on it. Gregg grabbed hold of my hips and began stroking his cock in and out of my hole, taking deep powerful strokes.

“You ass is a perfect fit for my cock bitch.” Gregg said, as he hammered it into me.

All I could do is moan as he reached under me stroking my cock as he fucked me. His dick felt good as it grazed against my prostrate. He slowed his pace down to where he was just barely sliding his cock in and out of my ass. He was driving me crazy as he kept stroking my cock with his hand, and his dick was pushing in my ass. I was pushing back hard into his slow stroke, he released my cock from his hand and grabbed both of my hips as he started fucking my ass fast and hard. I reached back and felt of his huge balls as he plowed in my ass. Gregg slammed deep in my ass and I felt his cock spasm as it dumped its load in my man hole, he held it there until he deposited every last drop of his cum deep in my bowels. As Gregg pulled his cock from my ass I rolled over onto my back looking at Gregg, he look like a man possessed as he dove on my hard cock taking it in his mouth and sucked me bobbing his head up and down on my shaft quickly. I was already on the edge of orgasm myself and blew my load in his mouth. He sucked me dry as I shot stream after stream of cum in his mouth. When I was limp Gregg let my cock slip from his mouth and got up and began dressing as I lay naked in the floor.

“I hope you enjoyed that bitch, I don’t that often. You keep that ass and mouth of your ready for me when I drop off your packages, and I might give you a special treat again.” Gregg said as he was walking out the door.

I sat on the floor and watched him leave thinking how much I just enjoyed dumping my load in his mouth. It wasn’t till well after Gregg left I fully realized what he said or at least what I thought he said. That he was going to have me service him every day. The rest of my day went by quickly. Soon Holly was walking in the office. Boy did I have a story to tell her. Now just where to start.

This is the forth installment of the series, I really appreciate the feedback, so please keep it coming. Let me know what you think, or what you might like to see happen. I am open to any and all criticism and compliments.

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