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This is an episode in the NAKED LEGAL group of stories. It is recommended that you at least read the original story, NAKED LEGAL, before reading this story to understand the origin of the office relationships and the main characters. NAKED LEGAL preceding ACCESSORIES:

• NAKED LEGAL, Chapters 1 – 4

This is the continuing story of Grace McBride, a former attorney with a hard-driving, dominant, and extroverted personality; or, at least, that was what she showed the professional world, the image she cultivated from c***dhood because it was demanded that she succeed. That was the mask she wore to hide the reality of a mild, submissive, and introverted personality. It was only a matter of time before the method of her break-down appeared. When it did, it was stellar. Once that mask begins slipping, people can either adjust to incorporate the real part that was being hidden or … the division, the gap, between the two can become destructive. In her case, it was very destruction, resulting in disbarment.

Her redemption was in being recruited for a special role in a small law office. The shiver-producing words in the contract she signed were in entire section under a descriptive heading, NAKED LEGAL: she was to remain naked, except for stockings, heels, and jewelry while in the offices; she was to be available for the sexual pleasure of all members of the team at any time and in any way; she was to be sexually available to any member of the team outside of work with the approval of Mr. Franklin, the highly regarded attorney and owner of the small firm; she was to be sexually submissive to the team and primarily to Mr. Franklin who would represent ultimate control; all males would be referred to as ‘sir’ or ‘Mr. last name’; all females would be referred to as ‘ma’am’ or ‘Mrs. or Miss last name’; and, as reinforcement, she agreed to respond at any time, anyhow, anywhere, and with anyone, as directed. Besides all this, she also had a position that defied label. Though she was not allowed by law to present herself as an attorney, any longer, she performed all the functions within the office as though she were a full attorney.

This episode is a shopping adventure seeking accessories for her office attire and other times when playing after-hours. Her companion shopping is Jake, the large, black investigator in the firm and, not surprisingly, far more happens in this shopping trip than shopping. Later, Jake’s two associates, Tim and Blake, join them for some clubbing and fun.


“Hey, Grace.”

I looked up from the brief I was writing to find Jake filling the doorway of my glass office. I glanced out the glass wall to find a very quiet and darkened office area. I was surprised it had become so late. I pulled my attention from the keyboard and monitor, letting my body fall back into the chair with a long sigh escaping my mouth.

“I didn’t realize it had become so late …” My eyes traveled back to the monitor, though. And, he saw it.

He chuckled and as I looked up I saw the glint in his eyes that I had come to recognize as his teasing of me. “You know, if you didn’t screw around so much during the day, you might not have to spend this time at night doing your work.”

I leaned my elbows on the desktop and pointed at him. “You mean … if I wasn’t screwed so much during the day, mister … sir.” For a moment I held onto an appearance of defiance, then I cracked a smile and we both chuckled. Truth was, they all knew I was as eager to be fucked or asked for a suck during the day as they were to enjoy the use of my body. I was fucked almost anywhere in the office area by the three men and one woman, Marjorie when she felt like using the strap-on she kept in her desk for those occasions. Other times, I might be found under one of their desks delivering a blowjob or eating pussy while they managed to carry on a phone call or take care of some paperwork. He was right, though, to the extent that the sexual activity in the office did require me to spend more long nights either in the office or in my apartment after work.

I wasn’t about to complain, though. After being disbarred when a video of one of my gangbangs found its way to the Board, I thought I might never be able to practice law, again. Mr. Franklin, the owner and attorney of the firm, found a combination of responsibilities for me to take advantage of all my creative talents, both in the law and sexual. He allowed me to practice law in every way like an attorney except publicly. He allowed me to do the inside work and he presented it in court. He gave me an “in the office” title of Naked Legal, which also established me as the office sexual toy. I got fucked enough by the four members of our small firm to keep my desires in some sort of check. Of course, the office wasn’t the only time I got to spend quality time with them as I spent time with each outside the office as well, including with Marjorie and her lesbian partner.

“I have a little bit more, then I want to proof it before sending it to Mr. Franklin.” I tried to use ‘sir’ for all the men and ‘ma’am’ for Marjorie, but I NEVER used Mr. Franklin’s first name. He was my primary dominant in the office and I held that sacred in the relationship. He saw through the disguise I had shown the world in order to become successful. He saw the woman who struggled not to show the submissive nature that was my true being. In doing so, he gave me a little world where I could be who I truly was while continuing to use the legal mind he thought might be brilliant.

I stood up and walked around the desk, my breasts jiggling with each slightly exaggerated step in my 4-inch heels. He watched me unabashed as he always did. Mark, our computer researcher, and Mr. Franklin snuck their appraising gazes of my body, but not Jake. Jake was bold and completely open in his gaze and appraisal. And, typical of my workday, I wasn’t hiding much from his or anyone else’s gaze. Besides my heels, I was wearing sheer black thigh-highs with lace elastic tops, a necklace that hung between my breasts, and earrings. Besides fucking me, they like me this way … hence the “naked” part of Naked Legal.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. His hands went for my bare back and slid down to my ass. He pulled me into him and I felt his large cock through his slacks and, for a moment, I wondered if I was going to be bent over my desk in the next moment or two.

I looked him in the eyes, partly to see if something was going to happen. When it didn’t, I gave him another quick kiss.

“Thank you for digging up that information. It strengthened the brief. I think Mr. Franklin will be able to close out another case in our favor with his usual flare that will have the opposing attorney shaking his head.”

He grinned. “You two make a good team … even if you might wish to be able to be doing that yourself.”

I stepped back a few steps and leaned my butt against the desk edge, my palms flat on the desktop, crossing my ankles. “Yeah, well … there was a time I relished dissecting the opposition and watching him or her squirming, but … Mr. Franklin is right. I almost destroyed my life by trying to live that alternate personality.” I swung my right arm out toward the office beyond my glass wall. “As perverse as it sounds, this is right for me.”

He was quiet for a moment but unmoving so I knew there was another reason for his stopping. Then, “Doing anything Saturday?” I shook my head, no. “We all got together and agreed we like when you change your look sometimes. Not that seeing in only stocking and heels isn’t amazing! But, you’re right, sometimes a negligee or other outrageous outfit adds some spice. I thought I would take you out shopping for some accessories to use around here.”


“Yeah, not jewelry, though a body chain might work. We’ll see what we like. Whatever it is, it will definitely be sheer and exposing.” I laughed.

* * * * *

Jake picked me up at 2:30 PM on Saturday. He instructed me to wear a very short full skirt and buttoned semi-sheer blouse with a white lace demi-bra. No panties or stockings. Of course, he wanted me in heels. They all wanted me in heels as much as possible. They insisted they made my calves pop out.

He told me he got names of a couple shops from friends but the first couple didn’t satisfy him. They were nice shops with very sexy outfits, but they were for clubbing, not for what we were doing in the office. For our office purposes, they were far too overdressed, which looking at them might be hard to believe.

The third shop he was more confident about and he led me into it with his hand on my elbow with a mischievous smile on his face like a boy who knew he was entering his favorite toy store. Upon entering, it looked very much like the previous ones, but he walked directly to a salesperson who looked around his imposing body at me and smiled while nodding. He motioned to me and I followed them into a separate part of the store and I saw why he had been so confident.

While Jake talked to the woman, I checked out a couple of the racks. Everything was fine lace or completely sheer. The bras might provide some support but they were definitely intended to expose the nipple underneath. The panties, whether panty or thong, were the same. Everything I saw seemed to have the express intent of exposure above function.

The woman was suddenly moving about the area selecting a variety of items and with an armful, led the way to the fitting rooms. Jake interrupted her, however, to explain that there was no reason for a fitting room. I would try everything on here in the shop. The woman gaped at him. This area of the shop was more secluded but was not private. She looked at me and I gave her a wry smile. Although I didn’t anticipate it, I wasn’t surprised by it, either. Jake, more than any of the others, loves to expose me whether it is on the dance floor, in the car, or somewhere else in public. He is a physically imposing man and it somehow feels safe with him so I have always gone with it and found it very arousing, which has led to some amazing sexual activity later.

Jake pressed the woman and she relented while emphasizing that güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri she could not give us privacy and others may end up watching. Jake was fine with that. I was nervous and it showed, but I relented to Jake as long as it wouldn’t get any of us in trouble. I looked around and saw we were far enough removed from the entrance that I wouldn’t be visible from the outside windows, but other shoppers wandering further into the shop would find us easily.

Jake suggested I leave the heels on and remove everything else so the trials could begin. I unbuttoned the blouse, which the woman took from me and laid on a rack of clothes she apparently didn’t feel appropriate for our purposes. I unclipped my bra and she smiled as my breast came into full view and giggled slightly with the new freedom. When I removed the small skirt, she smiled bigger at finding no panties. She looked at Jake and appraised him for a moment, no doubt trying to understand the relationship of this large black man and a white woman who yielded to his wishes so comfortably.

She arranged several matching bra and panty sets. Though the office wasn’t keen on me being covered very much, Jake saw the titillation of my starting some days out in just bra and panties, especially if they were enticing enough. He especially favored panties and thongs that could be pulled to the side to allow access to my pussy and when he demonstrated that by having me bend over, the woman assisting us not only understood the situational relationship better but became visibly aroused, too. She handed me a set that was very pretty. Both bra and bikini panty were a highly sheer material with lace flower appliques placed on the top edges of the panty and s**ttered over the panty while avoiding where they might cover the puss or butt crack. The bra was similarly decorated while keeping the nipples exposed. I loved them and Jake did even more. He ended up selecting them in flesh, white, and reddish tones. He said the reddish even captured the reddish tones in my hair.

Another of his favorites was a gown that was fixed at the throat with almost a collar look. The sheer material was attached at the front in a tight clutch that d****d down and around my body. The gown ended inches below my pussy and exposed the bottom of my butt cheeks. The back was almost non-existent as it d****d from the front to the back. The material was black sheer with sequin threads and fine beaded strings d****d from the collar to the sides and scooping to the bottom in front. It hung in such a way that while moving it tended to gather between my breasts, which had quite an erotic effect. It was a lovely gown that I wondered where it could be worn except as an elaborate sexy bedroom gown to tease a lover. Jake was right, though, it was a perfect teaser for the office.

Another outfit he loved was almost a bustier except it wasn’t firm or completely around my body. It had sheer covering in front over the breasts and stomach while ending above my pussy with a lacy garter belt around my hips. The back was thin black straps holding everything together. It was intended to be worn with black seamed stocking, though he also selected several pairs of fishnet to go with them. He selected this outfit in black and white both.

Some truly playful items were a body chain the clipped around my neck, clipped to my nipples and clitoris hood, then d****d around my body. It covered nothing but gave an interesting appearance of coverage. The light chains in front came together at a ring just above my belly button. Jake found that pulling on that chair applied tension to all three clips simultaneously, which was an instant, pinching arousal for me.

The woman gasped, “My God … it looks like she might cum!”

When Jake also saw my arousal at the application of the little clips, he enquired about other clamps and was shown some heavy-duty clips on chains that would connect to my nipples. Again, pulling on the chain applied tension on both nipples and sent a shiver through my body. I gasped and bit my lower lip as he slowly increased the tension on my nipples. I looked down as the tension increased to find my flattened nipples being pulled out, my breasts rising slightly as he pulled up on the chain. He maintained tension on the chain and watched my face and naked body as my eyes squeezed tight against the delicious pain in my nipples that sent shock waves through my body that was shivering as an orgasm rose as his free hand stroked down my front to my pussy. I separated my legs, no longer caring that there was a woman standing just to the side of me as Jake encouraged me with whispers and touches.

While this was happening and I was nearing an orgasm inside the store, I hadn’t noticed a small audience forming discretely apart from us. Jake did, though, and when my eyes fluttered open I glimpsed him looking behind me to the side and that was when I realized I was putting on a show to a small group.

“Oooooooo … Jake … sir … not … not in front … oooooooooooo … yessssssssssss …” I was embarrassed and aroused at the same time that my impending orgasm if it was allowed to continue, would be in front of strangers in a public place. “I … Godddddddd … do we … mmmmmmm … want to do this … here … now?”

My eyes managed to focus on his, which were smiling. In the next instant, two things happened: he said yes; and, he pulled hard on the chain as a finger drove into my pussy. My reaction was instantaneous. My body shook, my head fell back, and I cried out as the orgasm finally broke over me. Jake’s arm wrapped around me and held me tightly to him as my knees weakened and my body shook in response.

I blushed deeply when I heard light clapping from behind me. I found six women of mixed ages and a lone man who was in his 40’s, his arm around a similarly aged woman. I buried my face into Jake’s shoulder and sighed as the last of the orgasm flowed out of my embarrassed body.

I wanted to get dressed but Jake was indicating to the saleswoman all the items he wanted to purchase. As he did, to my further embarrassment, a middle-aged woman and younger woman approached and stood five feet away. I finally worked up the courage to look directly at them as it was apparent they weren’t intending to leave. I gave them a weak smile and could feel a new blush rushing over my face, neck, and upper chest.

“That was amazing, dear.” The older of the two was looking from me to the saleswoman, “That is a very creative way to get customers interested in the eroticism of these items.”

The saleswoman heard and stepped up, “I’m sorry, that was not intended to be witnessed, I am sure. These are customers, too.”

The older woman apologized, but looked at the younger woman who was her daughter, then back to me, now ignoring the saleswoman, “In that case … would you mind trying on a gown for my daughter so she can see what it will look like? It’s for her wedding night. A gift from me to get her marriage started off right.” The younger woman was blushing as much as I was. The other people were still gathered, apparently recognizing that something more was about to happen.

Jake turned around and caught everyone by surprise by taking the conversation over, “Of course, she’d be delighted.” He caught my eye as his next words came out and I blushed deeper. “I don’t think we should have her try on the panties, though.” Everyone’s eyes dropped to my glistening pussy and inner thighs.

* * * * *

“Are you mad?” I had been quiet since dressing and leaving the store, both of us carrying several bags of newly acquired “accessories” for the office.

I glanced at him. For some reason, I was much more aware of my state of dress than I had been before. The exposure and exhibition in the shop, not to mention the public orgasm, still had my arousal at a high point. The short skirt allowed my entire thighs to be exposed as I sat in the car with the seatbelt cinched around my waist.

I finally turned to him and smiled, “No, sir. I’m … just trying to figure out why that experience seemed so powerful. I have been naked for all of you daily, but this was … I don’t know … so different. What you did should have only aroused me. Instead, I exploded. It was amazing.”

He smiled and chuckled, “Remember those times on the dance floor? Twirling you around so your skirt swung up and exposed your bare ass and pussy? When I had you remove your bra and unbutton your blouse so your magnificent breasts could dance themselves? You almost came on the dance floor.” He studied me as I weighed his comments. “You get off on exhibitionism, Grace … among a lot of other things.”

I blushed, again. I was beginning to think he and Mr. Franklin understood my body and its responses better than I did. I was also glad for the pattern on the skirt. The wetness seeping from my pussy might not be quite as noticeable when I stood up.

It was already getting dark. We had spent hours in the shop, more than a little while modeling various negligees for the bride-to-be. She ended up buying two and Jake purchased a similar baby-doll in black for me.

“How are you feeling?” We were stopped at a red light but I could see he was trying to decide if the day was over or not.

“Horny. God, that made me hot!”

He laughed. “I meant, how are you feeling about what should happen? Should I take you home or decide on our next course of action?”

I thought for a moment, then twisted in the seat, raising my left knee to allow it. I knew the action hiked my skirt higher and opened my thighs. That was confirmed when he glanced at me but his attention immediately dropped down to my legs and likely exposed pussy.

“Were you wanting this evening to be just us, or ….” He chuckled and told me to elaborate on the ‘or’. “Or … I’ve been wanting to thank Tim and Blake for their handling of those attorneys. Maybe it could be a group night?”

He smiled. Jake was perfectly capable of satisfying me, but he also enjoyed seeing me ravaged and his friends had certainly proven adept at doing that. “You want to thank them for beating up those guys?”

“I hope you know I wouldn’t ever ask for something like that to happen, but … well … it reflected how they felt about me and what those guys did to me. You know what güvenilir bahis şirketleri I mean?”

He nodded and pulled his cell phone out, pushed up his contacts and found Blake. He handed the phone to me. “Tell him to get Tim and meet us at The Club.” When I took the phone from him, his hand dropped to my bent knee and slid up my thigh. As I relayed the message to Blake, Jake’s fingers were sliding along my wet pussy lips. I leaned against the door and opened my right leg.

I looked at Jake as his finger entered me while driving with his left hand, “You two better hurry or Jake is going to have me exhausted.” I knew they would be at The Club in record time.

* * * * *

The Club was a favorite of these guys. It was a civilized place with good, live music, and a comfortable atmosphere. Being here with them was always an experience for me, especially when Jake had dictated my outfit for the occasion like tonight. We had settled into a booth for a drink while Jake relayed to the Tim and Blake the outfits we purchased. If they managed to control the drool at their mouths, their eyes reflected it instead. And, it turned me on. I might have occasionally acted like a slut before with my gangbangs, but now it was just me being easily aroused and comfortable with allowing it to show on my body. That’s what happens when you are a sex object, and loving it, at the office every day.

The band was getting ready to start the first sessions. I was leaning into Tim as he quizzed me about one of the outfits, getting me to describe it in detail, especially in the description of how my body wasn’t covered. I was aware of Jake’s hand and fingers stroking my back but didn’t think anything of it, just enjoying the feel of his hand on me. He wasn’t the only one, either. As I leaned into Tim, he moved his hand to my thigh and lightly stroked his fingers on the inside, not yet moving too high. I separated my knees a little more but his fingers remained close to my knees. They were both just warming me up and I knew it and that turned me on. These guys had become friends, with benefits, yes, but friends none the less. They might hope for or anticipate more intimacy later, but there would be nothing crude or rough leading up to it.

Jake gently pulled me back to rest against his chest and I was comfortable in doing so in front of his friends. His hand wound around and cupped a breast. I was watching his friends as he did it. They were watching intently as his fingers played easily over my breast as the band began the first song.

He leaned his mouth next to my ear, “You know what they are hoping will happen tonight?”

I slipped my hand onto his crotch and rubbed the large cock firming up underneath his pants, “And, I think they aren’t alone.”

He chuckled, “You’re hot for it, aren’t you?” I nodded. God, was I ever. “Go to the restroom and take off your bra and leave your blouse unbuttoned to the middle of breasts. Leave the bra on the table top.”

I bumped my hip into his so I could slide out of the booth. I was so hot and anxious for something to start I might be talked into anything he wanted. I knew I was about to be displayed tonight while dancing. No panties and a very short full skirt. With no bra and a semi-sheer blouse opened halfway down, my breasts were going to be dancing to their own beat and may strain for release from the little covering my blouse might provide. As I walked through the tables to the restrooms, a shiver ran through me as I imagined the return walk while holding the bra in my hand and my breasts freed to move.

True to my imagination, heads turned as people noticed what was dangling from my hand, then focused on my swaying and giggling breasts. I caught several tables of guys watching intently as I walked only to see the disappointment, and maybe jealousy, on their faces as I stopped at the booth with three big black men.

I stopped at the edge of the table and held the bra above it. I looked each of them in the eyes, then, “This is what you wanted, sirs?” I dropped the bra and took Jake’s hand to lead him to the dance floor.

Tim cut in after a couple songs, then Blake took his turn. Jake came back for a slow dance and pulled me in close. He didn’t blatantly pull my skirt up, but I felt the air different on my ass and knew there had to be more exposure. I pressed my body into his and his groin pressed into me. I could feel his erection pressing into me.

I looked up at him, “Is this going to be a wild night, sir?”

This time when he pressed his cock into me harder, I felt his hand on my bare ass. “It feels that way, doesn’t it?” I nodded and reached my face up to his for a kiss.

The next song was fast and he twirled me, then swung me to one side, then the other side. I knew my pussy and ass were on full display. My breasts were bouncing when they weren’t squashed into his chest. Every now and then it felt like they might also be fully exposed.

* * * * *

“He said that? You’re putting me on, right?” Tim was pushing his buddy.

Blake leaned in to be heard clearly, “I am not k**ding you. That’s what he said while you were dancing with her. Right there in the store.”

“God, can you imagine seeing something like that? A woman who looks like her in an orgasm in the middle of a store with a half dozen strangers watching.” He shook his head in wonder as he followed us dancing. “She is a hot woman, isn’t she?”

“No k**ding. You suppose something will happen tonight?”

“Look at her out there. Have you ever seen a woman more on fire?”

* * * * *

Suddenly, Jake took my hand and pulled me off the dance floor. In mid-song and after the wildest twirl, I was struggling to keep up with him in my heels. He pointed at our booth and then to the door. I glanced back as we passed them and found Tim and Blake getting our stuff, signing the tab, and sliding out of the booth. I saw my bra lying there on the tabletop as Blake rushed back to grab it and jogged after us, the bra hanging from a finger.

The others met up with us at Jake’s car. Everyone had a look of anticipation and confusion of what was happening. Finally, I broke the awkward silence, “Okay, Jake’s place or mine?”

The three guys looked at each other, then Tim stepped up to me. “Grace, would you consider fulfilling a fantasy?”

I looked at Jake who shrugged. I stepped into Tim and put my arms around his neck, “And what fantasy would that be?”

He looked over my shoulder at Jake, then back to me, “Public sex.” I cocked my head and peered intently at him. Jake suddenly appeared behind me, his hands moving my short skirt up over my ass. Tim reacted to the action already starting in the parking lot, “Not here! Geeze, man, there’s public and there’s dangerous public. This is dangerous public. I was thinking Johnson Park. There are some walking trails and we could get away from the main area, but still be in a public place.”

“I don’t want to get arrested. I already lost my license, I don’t want to get fired on top of it.” I stepped back into Jake and gazed at the other two men. I remembered what I had said to Jake earlier. “Listen, guys … I want to thank you for everything you have done for me personally. I appreciate what you did to help me with those three attorneys. I was really touched.”

Blake tried to lighten it up, “Not as touched as they were.”

I stepped up to him and kissed him on the lips, “That’s what I mean.” I did the same to Tim. “I really mean it, so … if you want to live out a fantasy, you name it.”

It got awkward, again. This time Jake broke it. “Okay, then. Johnson Park. Go to the north entrance, I think it is least used.”

* * * * *

Jake got us to the park, first. As we waited in the otherwise empty lot late at night, “You’re going to spoil those two, you know.”

I smiled in the dark, “That’s okay. I don’t think I could ever understand how close you three became over there, but I am beginning to get a hint.” I leaned over the console and kissed his cheek, “I admire you three for what you’ve been through, what you survived, how you’ve honored each other. They are special to you so they are special to me and they proved that by how they reacted with those attorneys.”

He smiled but also shook his head. That was the part I understood from Jake. Their past was a two-edged sword. The physical response they were all capable of had to be held in check. Sometimes, though, it was a response that was satisfying.

They pulled in alongside my door and Blake held my door open for me. We stood in a line in front of the cars and made a quick survey of what we could and couldn’t see in front of us. Jake pointed ahead and to the left where the picnic area was. Ahead and to the right was the playground and ball fields. Straight ahead would be the trail leading into the nature park. I pointed to the picnic area where there was no light poles and less ambient light from the parking lot.

Since I already wasn’t wearing much, it didn’t take me long to become naked before we made the short trek across the grassy expanse. I only had a few more buttons on my blouse to open and the zipper on my skirt. At that point, I was naked in my heels and carrying those items into the dark where we anticipated finding some picnic tables for our use.

There was enough defused light at the first table that we could see each other and the parking lot to keep track of any other visitors. Jake took me into his arms and occupied me with kisses and stroking my bare body as I heard the distinct sounds of clothing be removed by the other two. He broke a kiss that made me gasp, putting his lips next to my ear, “You’re an amazing woman.”

I smiled in the dark and turned around to find two naked men. They came up to me and I soon found myself sandwiched between them, Tim in front and Blake in back. Both used their hands and lips where they could, which was just about everywhere. I was soon sighing and moaning while my hands also became active, seeking out flesh to touch and cock to stroke.

Blake, being in back, encouraged my shoulders forward and down. As I moved in compliance with his indication, I bent over far enough to engulf Tim’s cock into my mouth. At the same time, Blake held my waist with one hand as he rubbed his cock head along my pussy until it sank into my opening canlı bahis şirketleri and he pressed forward. I gasped around Tim’s cock as Blake steadily and smoothly sank deeper and deeper into my wet and clenching pussy. He pulled back smoothly until it seemed like he might escape my pussy in the next inch and my pussy clamped around his cock as if to resist the escape of the cock it wanted so desperately after all the teasing of the day and evening. But, it wasn’t escaping. It was preparing to ravage me. Blake pulled back and back, then with just the head still inside, he leaned forward to apply the weight of his body to the thrust of his hips. His cock thrust with an a****listic energy fully and completely to consume and fill my pussy.

My mouth was pressed down over Tim’s cock in the same action and it drove through my mouth and into my throat. I cried out in lust and delight but little was heard from the muffling of the cock embedded in my throat. When I pulled back from Tim’s cock, Blake was driving forward, again. This time my cry was heard clearly and loudly as I pulled my mouth completely off Tim’s cock.

We were fulfilling Tim’s expressed fantasy, but it could have been any of ours at the moment. There was an intensity and excitement I could only attribute to being outdoors in a public park. Even if nobody else came to the park tonight, there was always a sense that someone could appear, drive up at any moment.

Tim pulled away from my mouth several times and I knew he was simply waiting his turn to fuck me. I was in no hurry and it could last for hours as far as I was concerned.

When I heard and felt Blake stiffening and grunting for his release, I pressed back against him to match his thrusts while slipping my fingers onto my clit. I wanted to cum with each of them, however many times they did. My orgasm crashed over me as his seed spurt into my pussy. My mouth came off Tim’s cock, but that didn’t really matter. His turn was next.

My hands were gripping Tim’s hips as I cruised through my orgasm and Blake drove his final thrusts into me to deposit the last of his semen. The top of my head fell into Tim’s abdomen as Blake pulled out and I groaned at the feeling of emptiness following the loss of the cock.

I almost crawled my hands up Tim’s body while taking deep breaths to recover. When I was fully erect, I flung my arms around his neck and held on tightly through the last shivers of orgasm.

Tim didn’t even say anything, he held me and turned me so my back was to him and stepped back to sit on the table bench. He supported me and pulled me to him while holding his cock up. He moved me so I straddled his legs and it didn’t take any thought to know what he was desiring. I put my right hand on his knee and reached between my legs for his cock and slowly lowered my body until I felt the head of his cock against my butt. I adjusted slightly, moving back and forth, and wiggling until I felt his cock slip into my opening. I sighed as I slid his big, hard cock into my cum-filled pussy. I heard him gasp as I settled onto his thighs, his cock buried deep and my pussy already clenching around him.

I leaned back against him, his hands finding my breasts and nipples. I raised my hips, pressing down with my feet. I got a rhythm of up and down while he worked my nipples, then moving a hand down to my clit. I pulled away from him after a while, my hands on his knees to allow me to rise and fall with more force and control. He leaned forward with me, continuing to manipulate my body with the same interest as I was giving him. I leaned back into him and pulled away to lean over his knees, changing the contact inside me as I continued to fuck his hard cock. Our mutual orgasms were a chorus of grunts, groans, moans, and gasps.

When I stood up, Tim’s cock slipping from my over-filled pussy, cum dripped from the gaping hole. I stood in front of Jake who had stripped at some point during the previous fucks. “How about you, sir?”

He turned me around and directed me to an end of the table and leaned me over it. He drove his cock into my dripping pussy and fucked me aggressively for a minute, then suddenly pulled out. My initial reaction was frustration, then I felt his hands on my butt cheeks, spreading them and exposing my asshole. I lowered my upper body to the table and moved my hands back to spread my cheeks for him, showing him and offering him my ass.

I heard one of the others at the side, “Damn, look at that …” And, the other one, “Why do we continue to act surprised?”

I smiled, whether they could see it or not. Jake pressed his cock head onto my puckered hole and pushed. I pushed, too. My pushing, though, was to open my asshole for him. When his large cock head pierced my sphincter, I gasped out, “Yessssss … goooodddddddd, yessssssss …. Take me, Jake … sir …”

The man he is, he held still for a moment letting my ass adjust to the invasion of his baseball bat, at least that’s how it feels in my ass. I moved back toward him and he took over at that signal. He pulled out just a bit and pressed more into me, over and over until his hips pressed against mine. Then, fully seated, he pulled back and droved aggressively back in. I moved my hands to the edges of the table to stabilize myself against his powerful thrusts.

I could feel him stiffen unbelievably hard and the first pulse of his impending climax. I was ready. I don’t respond the same anally as vaginally. I wanted to stroke my clit to cum with him, but … Then I felt fingers pressing, pinching, and stroking my clit and felt Jake leaning over my body, now trapped between his powerful body and table.

“Cum, Grace!” His cock as plowing into me and his fingers were pinching my clit. It hurt, it felt wonderful. It felt like the most delicious pain. My ass rose from the table, pressing hard against him as another orgasm crashed over me, my hands falling from the table, limp and quivering. He crashed into me a couple more times before I felt him push so deep into my ass I thought he would deposit his seed into my very bowels.

I didn’t even sit up. After Jake pulled from my ass, I simply rolled to my back, all three of the guys assisting me more comfortably on the table. I sighed deeply as the guys took seats on the benches on either side of me, their hands and fingers gently stroking me. I reached out with my own hands and touched them, giving each a big, satisfied smile. I wondered what else they might have in mind because they were very comfortable with us resting at the picnic table completely naked, our clothes s**ttered on the grass.

With the time passing with idle chatter, lights flashed over us from the parking lot. I tried sitting up quickly, but Jake’s strong hands held me in place. The guys all turned their heads to the parking lot, but nobody really moved more than that. A car could be heard, its tires crunching on the gravel. It stopped for a moment as our cars were spotted, then moved to the side of the lot, putting it in a position somewhat between us and our cars. Then, the headlights went off and the night was quiet, again.

The guys continued their soft touching of my body, but they were on edge and very attentive to the direction of the new car. After a number of minutes, I could feel their relaxation through the touch of their fingers.

“Probably some young lovers looking for privacy. The cops would have used their spotlight.”

“Maybe we should get Grace out of here, though. Fantasy achieved.” We all chuckled softly and three sets of lips kissed some part of me.

Jake’s voice came out with authority, “One more. Grace, how would you feel about a triple-penetration?”

This time I sat up, my legs dangling over the edge of the table. “Triple? Air-tight. Three big, hard, black cocks filling all my holes at once?” I leapt off the table and turned toward them, “You guys are going to spoil me.”

They laughed, perhaps a bit too loud. Jake directed the action. He moved the group away from the table onto the grass near our clothes and laid down on the ground on his back. I was a little relieved. Though he has had me anally many times, his was the biggest cock, even if only a bit, and two of these guys filling my ass and pussy has been plenty, much less Jake in my ass.

I sat on Jake’s cock after a few quick sucks and began stroking my body up and down on him. Blake came to me and I sucked his cock before he moved behind me and worked his cock past my sphincter and deep into my ass. Finally, Tim came to my mouth, easing more and more of his cock into my mouth and throat. Airtight. All three holes filled. I wanted to explode right then as all three began moving smoothly in their respective holes. Despite having just cum, it didn’t take any of us long to orgasm, again. Possibly the fact that we had something of an audience even if they couldn’t see very well what was happening because as our sounds increased, the headlight came on, again. This time, though, we were too far gone to care and continued with our mass tangle of fucking. With the lights partially on us, though, I gave up any pretense of vocal control and let myself go and as I let go the guys did, too.

When the orgasms started, it was like a chain-reaction of explosives going off. The first orgasm triggered the orgasm of the next until we all were in the midst of our own. In the end, we were a mass of bodies, black on white, on the ground slowly untangling and spreading out on the ground next to each other.

More minutes passed before the guys began moving around collecting discarded clothes and dressing. My skirt and blouse were handed to me, along with my heels that had fallen off at the table. The guys were dressed but I was still standing among them naked.

“Not getting dressed?” It was Tim’s question and his fantasy.

The headlights were still on and I had some confidence the couple inside the car had seen something of our activity. I gave them a wicked smile and turned to the car.

“Your fantasy, Tim. You want to take my arm and escort me right past their car?”

“Holy shit!” There was a pause. My attention was still on the car, but I sensed that he was checking with Jake. Something must have passed between them, “You bet.”

He put his arm out and I slipped mine into his. Jake grabbed my clothes from me so I was walking completely naked. Tim led us directly in front of the car on the way to our own. The windows must have been open.

A female voice inside came out into the night, “My God, she naked … and … three guys with her. Talk about fantasies … lucky woman …”

* * * *

Thanks for reading.

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