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Abigail and Emily

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I had to stand up on my tiptoes to lift the latch and step into the backyard. I’d always gone to the front of the house in the past, but I knew Emily was already out at the pool, and wouldn’t mind me coming straight back. The pool was up on a raised deck, with high hedges all around. I ascended the steps and saw Emily was laying out on a deck chair. I called out hello, but there was no response. I came a little closer and gasped. Emily was lying face down on the deck chair, entirely nude. Her head rested on her crossed arms. Her bikini lay in a pile beside the chair.

“Emily?” I said again. Again there was no reply. Emily’s back rose and fell evenly, and her breath gently stirred the strands of hair over her face.

On the small glass table close by, there was a pot pipe, a wine glass, and a bottle of red wine. I could guess what had happened. Emily had thought she would work on her tan lines and get some nude sunbathing in before I arrived. But she’d gotten drunk and stoned and fallen asleep in the hot sun.

I kicked the leg of Emily’s chair. “Hey! Emily!” I yelled. I leaned down and shook her shoulder. Man, she’s really out, I thought.

In fact, Emily’s ability to sleep through anything was near-legendary. Once she had locked herself in her dorm room the night after a party and slept right through the building’s fire alarm, despite everyone pounding on her door to get her up. Luckily it had turned out to be a false alarm.

Another time a friend of ours, Wendy, had confessed to me that she’d had noisy sex in the same bed with Emily, who’d been completely unaware. I’d been flabbergasted at this story, blushing furiously, much to the amusement of Emily. She didn’t seem to mind at all.

Oh, well. Emily would be the embarrassed one when she woke up naked and found me here. I may as well get on with swimming like I came here to do. I really couldn’t take this heat for much longer.

I grasped the hem of my dress and pulled it off over my head. Underneath I wore a simple one piece with a striped pattern. I went to the edge of the pool and stepped out of my flip flops, diving in with a splash. I swam a breaststroke from one end of the pool to the other several times, then flipped over and switched to a lazy backstroke. The water was refreshing and pleasantly warm from the sun. I stopped swimming for a while and just floated in the center. It was so relaxing.

When I climbed out, I realized I didn’t have a towel. I went to the deck chair next to Emily, inadvertently dripping some water on her back and legs. Still she didn’t wake. I stretched out on the chair, content to let the sun dry me.

Soon I began to feel thirsty. I poured the remainder of the wine into Emily’s glass and drank it. I took the pipe and smoked what was left in the bowl. My throat burned with the smoke and my head buzzed. My belly felt warm with the wine. My skin was feeling hot and I fished in my bag for my sunscreen. It was probably time to reapply. With my fair skin I had to be very careful. I squeezed a dollop into my hands and along both my arms, my neck and chest, and my legs. I looked over at my sleeping friend. While she wasn’t quite as pale as me, Emily probably burned pretty easily too. When had she last applied some sunscreen?

“Hey Emily, wake up. You’re gonna burn.” I jostled her shoulder again.

I looked around. Was there anything I could cover her with? She was already laying on the only towel. I could go in the house and look for a towel, I supposed. I stood up to do just that, but then I thought, What will she think when she wakes up and she’s covered with a towel? She’ll think I was ashamed to see her naked. She’ll say I was being a prude, just like she always says. I could hear her taunts so clearly, I had to look to be sure she was still asleep.

I’d had to endure her jibes just two nights ago, along with those of her boyfriend, Rick. I had come over and we’d spent the evening drinking and talking. We’d goaded each other into doing shots.

Emily had wound up on Rick’s lap, the two of them exchanging passionate open-mouthed kisses while I sat uncomfortably nearby. I was trying to be casual, but I wasn’t sure where to look as the two grew bolder. Was I supposed to be watching them? Emily fondled the obvious tent in Rick’s jeans. Rick’s hand moved further up Emily’s inner thigh, under her skirt. He tugged the strap of Emily’s tank top down and her nipple popped into view. I squeezed my thighs together and sat on my hands.

Finally illegal bahis they remembered I was there. “We’re being rude,” Rick said, looking over at me.

“Abigail doesn’t mind,” said Emily. “Isn’t that right?”

I couldn’t think what to say. Something that would seem casual, to show how cool I was with the whole thing. “I’m fine!” I managed.

Emily giggled and rolled her eyes. “I forgot. She’s such a prude. She gets so uncomfortable whenever I undress in front of her.” She turned to face me more fully, cupping her exposed breast in her hand. “You don’t want to see this, do you?”

“It’s fine!” I said.

Rick gripped Emily and began sucking on her nipple. Emily kept her eye contact with me. “Really? So this doesn’t bother you?”

I could see Rick’s tongue playing over Emily’s breast, coaxing a gasp from her. “Really, I don’t care!” I said, louder than before.

With a sigh, Emily pushed Rick off of her. She hooked a thumb under her strap and put it back in place. Her breast disappeared from view. “God, Abigail. When are you going to lighten up and have some fun?”

“You know what, I have to go anyway, I have an early morning,” I said. I gathered my things and left. As the door closed behind me, I could hear Emily and Rick laughing at me.

Well, today I’ll show her I’m not a prude, I thought. “I am totally comfortable with you being naked, Emily,” I announced out loud. “So comfortable, in fact, that I’m going to do this.”

I grabbed up the bottle of sunscreen and squeezed some into my hands. I leaned down over Emily’s body and spread the lotion over her skin, starting with her back and shoulders. I used just my fingertips, and moved in quick, broad circles, half-expecting her to wake with the cool touch of the lotion. I didn’t bother to rub it fully into her skin, leaving some areas still showing thick white streaks. I turned and bent over her legs, treating them the same. All that was left was Emily’s butt. There was no avoiding it, I’d come this far. I was surprised at how soft her ass was. It jiggled a little under my touch.

There. I was done. I felt rather proud of myself.

I laid back down on my own deck chair again. I thought of what Emily would say when she woke up. I would tell her proudly how I’d put sunscreen on her body while she slept.

What would Emily say? She’d probably still call me a prude, I thought. After all, I’m still sitting here in my suit, while she was brave enough to go nude. Maybe Emily had intended us to sunbathe nude together. Maybe she’d meant this as an invitation. For some reason I felt warm all over at the thought.

“That’s it!” I said out loud. “You win, Emily!” I grasped the straps of my suit and shrugged them off my shoulders. I peeled the damp fabric down my body, wriggling my hips and lifting my butt to get it down to my legs. I sat up and put the suit near my chair where I could reach it if I had to. If Emily started waking up and I chickened out, I probably still had time to get it back on.

I laid back down, trying to be calm and enjoy the feeling of the sun on my exposed flesh, but I found my heart was racing and my stomach was in knots. I was feeling flushed and warm all over. Oh my goodness! I thought. I’ll burn! I grabbed up the bottle of sunscreen, squeezing out a generous portion. I would have to pay good attention to my breasts. They had never been in direct sunlight like this. And they were so big, there was more of them to burn. I squeezed them together, and rolled my hard nipples between my fingers. My slick hands massaged the sunscreen into my sensitive flesh. I had to admit it felt good. At last I moved on, spreading lotion over my soft white belly, my hips, and reapplying to my arms and legs. I stretched languorously, practically purring with pleasure. I imagined showing Emily the gorgeous new all-over tan I’d soon have.

There was one area I hadn’t seen to yet. Stealing a glance at Emily, still sleeping beside me, I spread my legs and gazed down at my tender pink pussy. I really should take care of this as well. After all, I kept it completely free of pubic hair. Emily didn’t know that, did she? It was so exposed now, so naughty, for me to spread it open with one hand as I was doing now, letting the strong sun strike my inner lips and clit directly. With my other hand I spread lotion in a circle all around my pussy. I raised my knees up to my chest so I could reach further down, to the beginning of my ass cheeks, and in between, around the bud of my illegal bahis siteleri asshole. I wanted to be sure to protect all these sensitive areas. Emily didn’t know I liked to play with myself like this. There was a lot Emily didn’t know. I allowed myself to touch my asshole with one questing finger and shuddered. I shouldn’t play with myself here, not now. That would be so naughty, wouldn’t it? Emily could still wake up at any moment. I stroked my finger back up between my parted pussy lips, dragged it over my erect clit, teasing myself. Was it being exposed outdoors like this that made me so horny? Was it the pot? I looked over at my sleeping friend. Or was it being close to Emily?

Oh my gosh! How long had it been? Wasn’t it time to put more sunscreen on Emily? You had to be very careful about reapplying, I knew. She would never forgive me if I let her burn.

I got up off my own chair and sat on the edge of Emily’s. I didn’t bother being as careful this time. I knew she wouldn’t wake up for some time, not until she’d slept off the wine and pot. This time I massaged the sunscreen into Emily’s skin, rubbing her back and shoulders firmly, pressing with my palms, spreading my fingers wide to get it everywhere. I rubbed along the sides of her chest. Her breasts bulged out where they were pressed into the towel.

I had to be sure to get both sides equally. I stood up and stretched one leg over her body. I settled back down kneeling, straddled over her hips, my buttocks resting on her thighs. I went on and on, rubbing the lotion into her back. Why did it feel so good to touch her like this?

I kept thinking of the other night and how I’d left early. Maybe I’d missed out! Had Rick and Emily been trying to have a threesome with me? Oh, why hadn’t they asked directly? I might have said yes! I wasn’t attracted to Rick, not really, but what if… what if he’d forced Emily and me to kiss each other, and instead of joining in, he’d sat there and stroked his cock. He’d have told us both what to do, exactly which clothes we needed to remove, where we should kiss each other next… umm… He’d watch as I sucked gently on Emily’s tongue, on her delicate little nipples, as we made love right in front of him.

Or… or maybe it would be Emily who took charge, making me kneel before Rick, one hand holding his cock, the other on the back of my head, pushing me forward to accept him into my mouth and to taste his salty precum. Somehow I didn’t think that would be so bad, if I were doing it for her sake. Maybe I would try to deep throat Rick, to show Emily how much I wanted to do a good job for her, but I wouldn’t quite be able to do it at first. And she would gently, patiently, take Rick’s cock from me and suck it herself to show me the proper technique. We’d go back and forth, taking turns sucking his cock, and at last I would be able to do it, I’d take in all of Rick’s cock, and Emily would be so proud! She’d reward me by laying me back, parting my pussy lips, and guiding Rick’s cock deep inside me. And as he fucked me, she would keep her fingers on my clit, helping me, guiding me towards a fantastic orgasm. When I came, we would be looking into each other’s eyes, clinging together, ignoring Rick.

I found myself rocking back and forth, pushing my crotch insistently against Emily’s buttocks. I moved my hands down and began kneading her soft flesh. I watched as I pushed her cheeks together and then parted them again, and her pretty pink asshole was exposed. Further down, I could just see her pale pink slit and a few wisps of hair. I leaned backwards to get a better look. I could almost imagine that her lips parted, just slightly, showing more pink and perhaps even a hint of wetness. I groaned out loud at the sight. One hand left her body and found its way between my own legs. God, I was sopping wet. I could feel my wetness was dripping down onto her thighs. I stroked myself guiltily, promising myself that I wouldn’t have an orgasm on top of my sleeping friend, outdoors. I’d just work myself up a little, and then go in the house to the bathroom to finish. Then I’d be able to relax and enjoy the day without distraction. But first I wanted to touch her a little more.

I let one finger just brush against her little pucker… Did I see it quiver in response? I couldn’t resist doing it again, slower this time. I so badly wanted to play with her, to do the same naughty things to her that I did to myself. My finger was resting on her asshole. My heart was pounding, waiting canlı bahis siteleri for some response. I began to press, lightly… No, I couldn’t do it!

I moved my finger aside and kept massaging Emily one-handed as I had before. My other hand continued between my legs. I plunged two fingers deep within myself and was amazed at the loud wet sounds I was making. I needed to touch my tits, though. I reached up and groped my own breasts with both hands.

I imagined Emily was behind me, pushing my tits together, offering them to Rick as he thrust his big cock up between them. She would be groping my big fat tits, pulling roughly at my nipples, while at the same time kissing my sensitive neck, making me shudder with pleasure. I would be feeling overwhelmed, pressed between her and Rick, gazing down in wonder at my friend’s fingers on my flesh, and at the angry purple head of Rick’s cock pushing up through the valley of my breasts. At last Rick would come, his cock jerking and coating my chest with his thick hot semen. Then maybe Emily, her eyes alight with pleasure, would turn me around to face her and lick it all off, then go on, licking me everywhere, long after the semen was all gone. She’d lift my breasts to her mouth, lavishing my nipples with attention, suckling until they were tender and bruised.

I lifted my breast to my own mouth now and caught my nipple between my lips. Emily didn’t know I could do this. She teased me about my bigger boobs all the time, or chided me for hiding them under baggy clothing. She didn’t understand that I couldn’t wear the skimpy bikinis and halter tops that she favored—I would fall right out of them. But she didn’t know the advantages that came with my bigger cup size. She didn’t know that sometimes I could come just from sucking on my own big tits.

Emily also didn’t know that I called in sick to work sometimes and then spent the whole day having orgasm after delicious orgasm. I’d try on slutty outfits I’d secretly bought but could never wear in public. I posed in front of my mirror, feeling like a goddess as I watched myself suckle on my own swollen nipples. I’d even made a video once, propping my phone up on a bookshelf to get a better look at my performance. God, that video was sexy. I’d watched it a thousand times, before I’d gotten ashamed and deleted it one day. I’d almost—almost!—emailed it to Emily, my cursor hovering over the send button. I just wanted Emily to see that I could be slutty too, to see the look on her face when she realized.

I leaned forward and let my breasts dangle down, my nipples dragging across Emily’s back. I moved them around, tracing lazy circles. The sensation sent a shiver of pleasure down my spine. I settled down fully, rested my body on top of Emily’s, pressing my fat breasts into her back. I brushed the hair from her face, watched her breathing peacefully through parted lips. I left a kiss on her soft shoulder.

Emily didn’t know about my drawer full of toys. I even had a strap-on, never properly used. But it gave me such a thrill to wear it as I pleasured myself, imagining Emily writhing on the end of it.

I couldn’t resist moving. The images in my head were making me crazy. I imagined I was wearing the strap-on now, and what I would do to Emily with it if I could. I ground my hips forward, bucking my smooth mound against her buttocks. Any remaining caution I felt about waking her was ebbing away as I sought my own pleasure. I gripped the sides of the deck chair and squeezed Emily’s thighs between my own. My face was right next to hers. We were breathing the same breath. I was shuddering, getting closer now. The intoxicating scent of her warm flesh filled my head. I was getting so close, my whole body was tense with anticipation. I reached back with one hand and probed between my own cheeks. My middle finger found my asshole and I pressed it in to the first knuckle. That was it! My pussy clenched and I cried out, my legs quivering, my sphincter pulsing around my finger.

After several slow, shuddering breaths, I sat up and rolled off of Emily. I needed a moment to steady myself. I sat on the edge of the deck chair, the afterglow of pleasure fading fast. What had come over me?

There was a sleepy moan from beside me. Emily was stirring, looking around.

I grabbed my suit from the ground and thrust my legs into it. I yelped and jumped into the pool, where I could finish getting the straps over my shoulders.

Emily turned her head and looked over at me through heavy-lidded eyes. “What’re you doin’?” Her voice was thick and sleepy.

“Nothing! Just swimming!” I said, too loud. “You fell asleep naked, you know.”

“Who cares? Just working on my tan lines. Lighten up. God, you’re such a prude!”

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