Eylül 28, 2022

A Vision on Vacation

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Have you ever just seen a woman walk past and feel your heart skip a beat? I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. My company had sent me down to check on one of our factories down there and put me up into a nice all inclusive resort hotel for a few days, so when my assignment was over I decided to make it a solid week and stay by the pool for a few days to catch some sun and drink some nice rum. Of course, staying out of the cold climate of home was always an added bonus, as were all of the bodies by the pool. After several days of work I needed to relax with a good book.

One of the nice things about the Caribbean is the variety of women that go down there. As I set up my spot by the pool and settled in with my book, and of course my reflective sunglasses I was treated to a display of bodies I didn’t get to see in the cold of winter. For quite some time I did not turn a page of my book as I was too busy checking out all of the women who came to sun themselves at poolside. Most of them were mothers and had children in tow. One couple set up very close to me and I was treated to a stunning Italian woman slowly stripping off her shorts and short to reveal perfect C cup breasts barely contained in a striped black and green bikini and a full, round ass to match. It was hard not to stare when she stretched out her long body on her chair and started to rub herself down with lotion. I was close enough to see the lotion glistening on her already olive skin and her flowing black hair just completed the package. Unfortunately she also had a husband with her.

One of the problems of being by yourself at these places was meeting people, especially when your primary language is English. It was easy to spot the Americans and Canadians, but normally the more attractive women were from Europe and South America, and my Spanish and French were not up to par. However, that didn’t mean I couldn’t try but really that’s not what I was there for. Plus, finding a woman that you could flirt with that didn’t have a husband or boyfriend close at hand was a challenge as well. After the first day I had resigned myself to stroking myself while picturing my Italian beauty riding my cock with her breasts moving slowly above me.

Of course, one of the positive things about these resorts was that they get new people in every day. It is easy to spot them because they show up at the pool white as ghosts and usually fry themselves red on the first day. It was the second day that she walked onto the pool deck and I almost dropped my book when she walked by. It was obviously a family from another country and with the French I heard it could only be France. Two little girls and an older one of probably 10 plus a mother and father. But it was who walked with the youngest girls’ hand in hers that made me stare. She was obviously young, with the flawless body that only comes with lack of age. Her dirty blonde hair flowed in light curls over her shoulders. Her small breasts were encased in a black bikini top and pushed together for a hint of cleavage and her lower body was wrapped in a see through sarong that showed the hint of her ass encased in a black bikini bottom to match. The most stunning thing was her ice blue eyes and her full, red lips. Her skin was already slightly dark and she had no flaws anywhere. As she walked by slowly I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

Luckily the family could only put their things on the chairs just within my line of sight, and I was treated to this young girl slowly stripping off her sarong to reveal a tight, firm ass barely covered by a French cut bikini bottom. She was obviously the nanny, and over the next hour I was treated to her sliding her firm young body in and out of the pool, splashing and playing and then lying in the sun after a while to tan her gorgeous body. I probably didn’t even turn a page in my book. However, there was no way I could approach her while the whole family was around. Plus I had no idea how old she was and didn’t want to get into any trouble of course. I decided to head over to the pool bar and when I got up and stretched I noticed her eyes on me. I am only 30 and keep myself in very good shape, and I’m sure my tan from already being there for a while didn’t hurt. I had found more than one wife or girlfriend checking me out as I walked around the pool. I made sure to look at her and smile slightly so that she knew I had seen her. She immediately looked away but not before a smile broke out on her lips as well. That’s when I knew that she was looking at me as well.

For the rest of the afternoon I made sure that I was always in the area near her, and had an opportunity to speak to her after a ball came flying over to me. As I walked over she accepted it with a “merci” and I made sure she noticed me devouring her body with my eyes as I responded in my broken French. All I could think of to say was “you are magnificent” and she blushed, but I could tell that she didn’t think it was too forward because she smiled, dropped her eyes and lightly ran away, flashing her gorgeous ass as she jumped into the pool. My cock was getting hard just watching her. I started to think about tuzla eve gelen escort a plan so that I could see if she was interested in some companionship without the family around. Seducing younger girls is always either totally impossible or very easy in my experience, I was hoping she would be in the latter category. However, it was not going to be easy with her employers and charges around. I had a feeling though after those first few flirtatious looks that there was more to this girl than met the eye. When she looked at me and I smiled, she got a mischievous glint in her ice blue eyes and more than once I knew she was positioning herself so that I could see her stretch her long lean body and push her breasts out. Maybe this was a French girl who was interested in a little bit of fun after all.

The evening found me at one of the restaurants, and I had the fortune to have her family walk in twenty minutes after I arrived. My position didn’t allow me to see her, but when I went up to the salad bar she was there. I smiled at her again and tried some more of my broken French, asking about the food. She barely said anything but still smiled. Her thin frame was encased in a pair of tight beige Capri pants and a light blue halter top, and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra but her thong underwear peeked out from her pants as she walked away, a little bit of a shimmy in her hips as she looked over her shoulder at me. The kids were obviously going to bed after dinner and I was hoping to run into her at the show. After dinner I proceeded to the event but saw no sign of her. Disappointed, I decided to head to the “disco” bar to have one final drink before bed. When I walked in it was crowded and smoky, so I knew I wouldn’t stay long.

Maybe there would be another older woman to flirt with who could actually speak English and that would help to kill my time there because I didn’t feel like going to bed just yet. Walking to the bar and taking a long look around there were a couple of enticing looking women around but again, they all had partners with them or were part of large groups. I was standing at the bar thinking about what to do next when a body pushed up against me and I turned to see a pair of icy blue eyes I had been staring at all day. My face immediately broke out into a big smile. Not knowing what to say, I merely introduced myself and started trying to make conversation with my broken French. The good thing was that her English was just as bad as my French so we played with each other through language. After a few minutes I forgot the rest of the bar was even there. Every time she smiled and played with her hair my cock grew just a little bit harder, but I had a feeling it was the wrong time to make any sort of move. Instead I began to flirt, lightly touching her arms and keeping my body close to hers as we tried to talk. I found out that she was an au pair for the family she was with, and confirmed that she was 18 and a student in university. She was very interested in my country and had always wanted to visit there. When I asked about boyfriends she simply blushed and shook her head. Not much was said beyond usual basic talk but her body language was driving me crazy. She was leaning her body against me the whole time and her perky breasts pushed against my arm. Occasionally I would run my fingers up and down her upper arms and she would shiver. I think she knew how hard I was because it was hard to hide my raging erection in my loose khaki pants, and being this close to her was enough to let me throw caution to the wind.

Suddenly she surprised me by taking my hand and leading me to the dance floor when a particular bump and grind song came on. Her eyes were electric under the lights and all I could do was shuffle and watch her ass sway side to side to the music. After a minute of torture watching her she turned and pressed herself into me. It would have been impossible for her not to feel my cock at this point, but she started grinding against me anyway, wrapping one arm around my shoulders and letting me smell her hair and neck as she writhed against me. This innocent looking girl was obviously looking for something a little bit more than just babysitting and reading in the sun. I decided to take things a step further and slid my hands down to feel her firm ass as she continued to move against me.

My one hand moved up her back into her hair and began to stroke her neck as we moved together. When the song ended she moved away, still with my hand in hers and we moved off the dance floor. I guided her into a corner and was about to lean in to finally kiss her when she pulled away from me, apologizing for having to leave suddenly. That’s when I spotted the parents she had come with across the room looking around as if they were searching for her. Then again, I knew that if I let her get away I might not get the opportunity again. I grabbed her wrist firmly and slipped my room card key into her pocket, whispering my room number to her. She gave me a quick smile and was gone.

I couldn’t believe what had happened. Just thinking about that young tuzla yeni escort firm body grinding against mine was enough to keep my cock rock hard as I got a new card key from the front desk and headed back to my room. As soon as I was inside I slipped off my clothes and began to stroke my cock thinking of her firm breasts, moist lips and tight ass and what they would look like exposed lying on my bed. It certainly didn’t take much for me to finish myself off, with my cock pulsing I shot load after load onto my stomach as I lay in bed in anticipation. The night branched out before me as I lay in bed, hoping to hear the noise of my door opening until I finally fell asleep in the early hours of the morning. When I woke up and headed into the breakfast area there was no sign of her or her family around, although it was late considering that I hadn’t slept most of the night. When I eagerly moved to the pool area, there was again no sign of them. I lay down in my usual spot and resigned myself to gazing at the other bodies around me.

After what had happened the night before I was almost pining to see her tight body again. However, I knew that after what happened the night before she might be staying away from me. It was a very long day, and finally as I headed to dinner I saw her and her family heading back into the resort. They had obviously been on a day excursion and were just getting back. With relief I watched as they walked towards me. Her eyes briefly lifted and met mine with a small smile as we passed and I said a polite hello to her family. As they walked past she hung in the back and I turned around to see her fingers move to signal an hour. I knew then that she mad more in mind than just dancing. My heart raced and my evening could not move fast enough. When I got back to my room after dinner I still had some time before the hour she had signalled so I stripped down to only my shorts and began to read in bed, waiting for what I hoped would be a knock on the door. I jerked awake suddenly, hearing a key working in the lock. I sprung out of bed and switched off the light. As the door opened, she stood in the doorway framed by the light as a perfect vision of young loveliness. The light behind her shone through her hair and framed her body, wrapped in a tight summer dress.

She moved past me into the room smelling of light perfume and my cock was already hard just thinking about what was going to happen. I kept the light off as she walked in and moved behind her, wrapping my arms around her in a light hug. As her hands moved up to hold my arms I leaned down and began lightly kissing her neck. Since we both knew what she was here for I didn’t see any point in moving slowly. Her blonde hair ticked my nose and I inhaled the scent of her skin, it smelled so fresh. My hard cock was poking her in the back and she began grinding her hips onto it just as she had in the club on the night before. I used my tongue to lick lightly down the side of her neck to her shoulder, just barely covered with the lightest of straps and kissed my way back up, feeling her shiver in my arms and goose bumps appear on her arms. I have a good grasp of the areas to touch on a woman, and kept gently nibbling at her neck and ear lobes while stroking her upper arms lightly to create more friction. Her firm ass kept moving against me and I had to stop it for fear of exploding in my pants like a teenager.

I gently turned her around and move my hands into her long hair, pulling her mouth to mine and finally got to taste her lips for the first time. She surprised me by sliding her tongue immediately into my mouth and sensually moving it slowly in and out. French girls obviously knew how to french kiss. Her small firm breasts were not covered by a bra, and I slowly moved my hands down her tight body to reveal a pair of thong bikini underwear, which just served to drive me even crazier. Gently moving her back, I kept my tongue dancing with hers as we moved our position to the front of the bed. I sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed the bottom of her dress, sliding it up and over her head. Her body in the moonlight coming through the window was a vision of perfection, with her small breasts standing proud. They were capped with quarter size nipples and were hard as rocks already. Her bikini underwear came over her hips and showed not a trace of fat on her thighs. She still had a small bit of fat on her stomach, which I found even sexier and I began kissing her stomach as she moved her hands into my hair. I could smell the fact that her pussy was already dripping wet and slid my hands between her thighs to confirm that her panties were wet and ready to be stripped off of her. She was trembling as I sat in front of her and moved my mouth to her breasts, licking and sucking each one in turn and moving my kisses in between them. Her skin tasted so sweet I wanted to take her right there and then. However, it was me who got the sudden surprise. Not a word had been exchanged so far but suddenly she pushed me back onto the bed.

I was surprised but couldn’t wait to have this sexy young nymph on top of me, and she crawled tuzla genç escort immediately onto the bed and pulled my shorts off. My cock sprung into the air as hard as a rock. I knew that it wouldn’t take much to make me explode. Unfortunately she was obviously as hard as I was and slid her panties off quickly, climbing on top of me and sliding my cock into her deep and hard right away. I thought one stroke would make me blow right away, but her pussy was so wet I slid all the way into her with one stroke and she buried her face on my chest giving a small cry of satisfaction. I could feel her tight pussy muscles gripping me deep inside her. I decided that we could always go for another round because this beauty was not leaving my room anytime soon so I began to move my hips slowly so that my cock moved in and out of her, knowing it would not take much for me to shoot inside her. However, I wanted to feel her explode first so I moved my hand between our bodies to tease her clit. Wrapping my other hand around her as she gasped into my chest I began to play with her clit while my cock moved inside her and felt her pussy get tighter and tighter, ready to explode all over me, which she proceeded to do after a couple of minutes, digging her hands into the sheets around us. Not more than ten minutes had passed since she walked into the door and I couldn’t take it any longer. My cock exploded as hard as it ever has and I felt my hot sperm shooting inside her. As we came down, I wrapped my arms around her and looked into her gorgeous blue eyes. She had a dazed look on her face and we kissed deeply and hard again. It was obvious that she wanted the release just as much as I did. I was beginning to wonder where this girl got all of her experience. We sat there for a moment while my cock grew soft inside her and she moved off of me, standing as if in a daze.

I certainly didn’t want this night to end so quickly so I stood up and again wrapped my arms around her, kissing her lips and holding her close. After a short hesitation, she wrapped her arms around me and allowed me to guide her towards the bed, where I laid down and slid her into my arms, holding her head on my chest and lightly stroking her hair. It smelled so good I laid there just inhaling her scent and moving my hands lightly up and down her body while we laid there quietly. I got an idea and after a few minutes stood her up, taking her hand and leading her into the bathroom for a shower to keep us both awake and get us ready for the next encounter. I kept the lights off but the water was warm and I guided her under the spray with another shiver for both of us. It was easy at that point for me to let me hands roam all over her nearly perfect body. I slid them from her shoulders down her upper back, raking my nails lightly down her back, and then moving them down to squeeze her firm ass from behind. I then moved them around and explored the area around her pussy, noticing that she was mostly shaved except for a light mound of hair. Moving my hands up I squeezed her breasts. They were hard and firm and her nipples were hard again with anticipation. I grabbed the soap and cleaned her body completely, letting the water wash it off and turned her to face me, kissing her again. At first gently, and then with more force as I slid my tongue into her mouth again and felt my cock get hard again pressing against her tight body. I knew what I wanted to do ever since I saw her perfect ass and knowing he would be dripping wet already I turned her around. Taking her hands and bracing them against the shower walls in front of her I lined my cock up with her perfect pussy from behind and slowly slid my cock into her from behind. There was no protest or even hesitation on her part, and like the first time my cock entered her she just gave a sigh and started to slide back and forth on my hard cock. Thankfully since I had already come once I knew I could take my time and was planning on making this time last.

We moved together like that with me moving my hands to her breasts and I decided to see how she liked it a little rougher, beginning to pinch her nipples and bite her lightly on the neck. She responded aggressively, growling in her throat and starting to push back against me even harder. Bringing my mouth to the back of her neck and my hand to her hard clit, I started to rub it furiously while keeping my cock buried deep inside her. She started to squeal harder and just when I felt her pussy tighten I bit down hard on her neck and she cried out, her pussy spasming in orgasm. Her hands beat tiny fists against the wall as her cries came shorter and quieter. She obviously had a very hard orgasm and stopped my thrusting to let her calm down. Now it was time to change venues and really enjoy myself. Obviously she liked it a little rough and I was going to take advantage of that. I pulled my cock out of her, shut the water off and pulled her back out into the bedroom soaking wet. Taking no time I pushed her down on the bed roughly and mounted her right away, my cock entering her fully and I pushed my mouth into hers, sliding my tongue deep into her mouth. It was like heaven when I felt her wrap her legs around me and start pushing her hips up to meet my hard thrusts. She started to grunt with each thrust getting louder and louder until her cries reached a fever pitch in my ears. I was amazed at how this young girl was taking my cock with every stride and giving back to me in every way possible.

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