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A Ticklish Tussle

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It was a small little wrestling ring, perhaps 8 feet across and 8 feet wide, surrounded by what looked to be thick bungee ropes and covered in a cushioned tarp. Reba tried to calm the butterflies in her stomach as she stepped onto it, clad in a wonderfully skimpy bikini that liberally displayed her figure. Long, strong legs flowed into supple thighs, her hips flaring attractively before tapering into a dainty waist. Her backside, shapely and pert was bared by her choice of bottoms, a white lycra thong that framed her pubic area prettily and displayed both buttocks proudly. Her belly was flat, though not hard like a body-builders, but rather supple and soft. Her breasts, barely contained in the white bikini top that contrasted her tawny skin nicely, were full and perky, if not huge. She, like many other women, wished she had a more prominant busom, but she ceertainly had nothing to be ashamed of. Her raven-dark hair cascaded over her shoulders in thick waves, framing her pretty, if nervous, face. She bit her lip, anticipation eating at her.

She found the idea of wrestling with a man, of making him pin her, very erotic, but hadn’t, up until now, mustered up the courage to see her fantasy through and realize it. Now tha she was here, her nerves caused her to tremble visibly. She wrapped her arms about herself waiting for her opponent, a man she had known for some time who had quite readily agreed to take up her little idea once he had gotten her to admit to it. It had taken a few drinks to get it out of her, and once admitted to, he seemed eager to assist her in realizing her fantasy. When he stepped into the room, arms behind his back, he was clad only in a pair of boxer shorts, an impressive erection already poking at the thin black cotton. He smiled at her, stepping into the “ring” and approaching her, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

“So, it takes a wrestling ring and a good pinning to light your fires, huh?” he asked, winking at her and moving close enough that Reba could feel the heat rising from his body. He towered over her, a solid six and a half feet tall, and strong enough to lift her entirely off the floor with minimal effort, she knew. She put on her best confident grin.

“Oh, you think you’ve got what it takes to pin me?” She jutted her hip to one side, planting her fists on either side in a stance of defiance, thrusting her chest out until the very tips of her nipples were touching him. He glanced down at the slight contact, and she hoped he hadn’t noticed the slight shudder the sensation had caused ripple through her. She was getting aroused rather quickly, her pent up desires and fantasies already working on her mind before anything had actually happened. He then looked back up at her, a slow smirk crossing his features.

“Oh, I think I can handle a little thing like you,” he chuckled, his voice low, slightly husky. He then brought out one arm from behind his back, holding before her a bottle of baby oil. She glanced up at him, a bit surprised.
“No sense in getting any rug burns on your little bod while I’m whuppin’ ya!” he said with a wink. Reba was about to retort something when he flipped the lid of the bottle open and let a copious amount of it sluice down her front. He had appearantly been planning this, for the oil was quite warm, and in truth felt very good, even sexy as it dribbled down her. Her bikini top went see-thru almost instantly, her erect nipples dark and easily discernable under it. THe warm sensation caused her to tingle a bit, and then gasp as he place one large hand on her chest, near her neck, and began to smooth the oil onto her, working it around her body. Continuing to pour it all over her, he soon had her glistening, dripping with the slippery liquid. He stepped back to admire his handiwork as Reba concentrated on her breathing, not wanting to show how much this unexpected little diversion had aroused her. He then upended the bottle over himself, slathering the baby oils all over until he too was liberally canlı bahis coated and glistening. He winked at her again.

“Well…..what are you waiting for?..A referee?” He then dropped into a ready crouch, waiting for her. Like a cat, she sprang at him, her lust fueling a strength she wasn’t aware she had. She grabbed him around his slippery midsection, knocking them both to the mat in a tumbling heap. Her arms locked around his waist as she felt him grab for purches on her hips and legs. She squirmed and wriggled, letting the oils cause him to slip and fumble as he struggled for a grip. She reached for a leg, trying to wrap her arms about and wrench it back, the way she had seen girls do it in video tapes. He laughed and spun, now the one to use their slippery conditions to his advantage, sliding away from her grip before twisting and rolling onto her.

Now she was pinned benieth his considerable mass, his chest pressing into her back, his hands trying to grip and control her wrists. She struggled and writhed, squirming out from under him, only to have him twist aropund again, locking her in a bearhug that had her breasts mashed hard against his chest. She pressed against his shoulders, trying to push herself out of his grip, not wantinghim to notice the turgid state her sensitive nipples were now in. Each twist and squirm rubbed them across his chest and sent little thrills from their tips all along her body. She gritted her teeth, then opted for another tactic, raising her arms up and slipping from his grip downwards, rubbing her biklini top off her breasts in the process. He laughed at her ingenuity, genuine surprise on his face.
“Can’t catch me!” she giggled, slipping away from him on the mat as she tried to readjust her top into place. She was panting, her body afire, her sex-flesh hot and throbbing already. He laughed, diving after her and catching her about the waist, his head pillowed against her left buttock. She gasped as she felt a stinging slap fall on her cheek, whirling to glare at him. HIs expression was impish, and he delivered another, this time on the other cheek.

“Oh, that’s IT!” she cried, twisting around suddenly, managing to lock his head between her thighs and squeezing with all her considerable strength. He grunted and thrashed, trying to pry his head loose, but this was one thing she KNEW she could do. She worked out her legs more than any other part of her body, and figured she could keep this scissor lock on his head until he yelled “uncle”! He struggled and pushed, trying to free his head, then she felt him lunge forward, pressing his face into her groin and biting! It wasn’t a hard bite, but the shock of it was almost overwhelming. His bite took hold, pinning her clitoris down beneath her lycra bottoms, and she felt a small explosion go off inside her, electric currents pulsing out from the contact. She gasped, a small whimper of need escaping her lips, trying to pull away, her thighs parting immediately. Instead, he pressed his face in harder, his teeth seeming to pinpoint where her swollen little clit was and taking another nibble through her bottoms. Her breath cought in her throat and she felt her hips thrust involuntarily forwards, offering her up more accessibly even as she clawed to back away. She slip back suddenly, taking a few moments to catch her breath while she glared across at her oppenent’s beaming face

“THat’s CHEATING!” Reba complained, trying to put some authroity in her voice she didn’t feel. His ‘attack’ on her privates had scored more tellingly than she would like to admit, and she was now a little desperate to gain some measure of control over the situation. He simply smiled back at her, his expression impish and mocking
“You show me the rulebook where it says that!” He laughed. He crawled forward, stalking her again, and this time she was on the defensive, backing away while she tried to figure out what she should do next. Before she could do so, he grabbed at her waist and pulled bahis siteleri her towards him, flipping her onto her back and pressing down onto her with his bodyweight. She could feel his rampant erection pressed agains her belly as he slid over her, the oils squishing and glistening between them, and suddenly she had a flash of inspiration. Using the slippery oil to her advantage she wedged her hands down between then, grabbing a hold of him through his now sopping boxers and gripping tightly. He yelled out, both in surprise and discomfort and she fixed her grip on him, feeling his steely manhood as well as his more tender parts, which she took a firm hold of immediately.

“HEY! That’s not fair!” he grunted, trying to pry her hands off his package, but she held on doggedly, squeezing him a bit more for extra measure.

“Show me the rulebook where it says that!” She retorted, mocking the tone he had used on her earlier. He thrashed around a little, squeezing his eyes shut to block what Reba figured had to be pretty intense pain. She giggled, enjoying his performance, feeling her confidnece swell now that she had the upper hand. THe fact she was gripping his erection also sent a little thrill through her, as she noted it’s rigidity. It was also an impressive size, not overly big, but certainly sizeable enough. All sorts of wicked thoughts flashed through her mind, now that she had him where it counted. What would she make him do? She was about to make a snide remark when she felt him twist and tumble, his teeth gritted as he struggled into an upright position on his knees, then lunged at her, his weight crashing into her, forcing her to release him as her arms floundered to break her fall. All too suddenly she realized her advantage was gone, and that he would be out for retribution. She felt his hands grip her ribs and belly, and then, suddenly he began to tickle her. She exploded into helpless peals of laughter. Reba was hyper-ticklish, and even the mere suggestion of tickling her would often set her giggling and trying to control her breath. Now he set into her with purpose, realizing his advantage and fully exploiting her weakness. She wriggled and struggled as she gapsed for breath between girlish outbreaks of laughter. His hands roamed all over her belly, ribs and thighs, finding more and more sensitive spots to torture. Her body began to weaken, both from lack of breath and from the helplessness that tickling always seemed to impose on her. She tried to push his hands away, tride to cover her more ticklish spots, but he was ruthless, changing targets every time she moved, finding new places to tickle. He savaged the backs of her legs, her inner thighs, fingers dancing over her belly and ribs. She struggled and squirmed in vain, and he pressed his advantage, keeping her pinned while his hands took more and more of the fight froim her.

Soon she was a mass of quivering ticklish flesh lying before him, helplessly thrashing as he continued his new assault. His fingers got bolder, dancing over her breasts and nipples even as his other hand held her at bay by tickling her amrpits. The mixed sensations of his tickle torture and his tweaking of her erogenous zones had an amazing effect on her. She giggled and tittered, her arrousal growing as he played her helpless body, fngers tickling her nipples and breasts as well as her belly, dancing lower and lower until he was tickling her extremely sensitive sex-flesh. Moans and whimpers mixed with her depserate laughter as he played her body like his personal toy, sending her into fits once second, then rubbing her engorged and needy clitoris the next. She felt him pull away the thong she was wearing, slipping it down her thighs and she was too weak to protest even if she wanted to. Her exposed sex glistend with a mixture of oils and it’s own secretions, delicate lips swollen and needy from his attentions. His hands continued to dance over her helpless form as he ‘tortured’ her pussy with delicate tickles and bahis şirketleri quick, mischeivous pinches. Her nipples he likewise teased, rolling each nubbing between thumb and forfinger while he tickled the breast flesh around it.

THe mix of stimulation had Reba’s mind reeling, her body bucking and writhing with a will of it’s own. Her eyes closed as the sensations overtook her and she luxuriated in them, and her helplessness to do anything about them. He had her now, to play with as he wanted.

He gripped her thighs, pulling her glistening pussy up to his face, and she cried out as a whole new onlsaught of snesations exploded within her as he attacked her with his tongue, teeth and lips. Her whole cunt was awash in the swirl of stimulation, while his tongue and teeth nibbled and tormented her clit, then darted in and out of her sopping wetness, teeth biting into her lips firmly. He continued to roll and ravage her nipples while his mouth played havoc with her sex, tongue plunging in and out of her as his teeth nipped at her engorged and helpless clit.

Hot flahses and electric shocks flowed through her body, puncuated by the tingle of his continued tickling, which only seemed to magnify the pleasures he was inflicting on her. The heat from her sex was reachin unbearable hgieghts, drawing her closer and closer to climax, the familiar burning itch taking hold. HE seemed to know this, and began to teasingly stop from time to time, never letting her get there, keeping her in a blissful state of torturous denial. She whimpered and moaned her need, body jerking and spasming with each fresh attack on it, but he refused to let her crest, holding her off with simple demial until she though her head would burst.

“PLEASE!!” she implored, finding breath at last, and she felt him chuckle, the vibrations of it resonating against her girl-flesh.

“Say, ‘uncle’!” he taunted, his tongue flicking out over her exposed clit again and again, darting and snakelike. Reba moaned, and writhed, trying to force herself against his mouth, needing the contact desperately, needing to climax as she never had in her life.

“Say UNCLE!” He laughed again, biting into her clitoris and pinching bother her nipples at the same time. Reba’s mind exploded, and she howled at the top of her lungs…

“UUUNNCCLLE!!!” HIs bite lessened, then he attacked her pussy with a devouring intensity. His hands ravaged her breasts and nipples, pulling and teasing them while his mouth completely obliterated Reba’s universe with it’s sensatory assault. She climaxed harder than she had ever climaxed before in her life, white hot explosions erupting from deep within her and rocking her body into spasms of need. Colours danced before her eyes as she succumbed to each wave, the eruptions escalating instead of stopping, growing in intensity as he continued to devour her. Her cries rang through the room
“UNCLE! UNCLE! UNCLE! UNCLE!” For long minutes, until at last she had no breath left. He continued until at long last she could take no more, lying breathless on the mat, a puddle of electrified nerve endings, panting and delirious. She stayed that way, tangled up with him for a long time, simply revelling in the burning glow of her experience. When at last the spots cleared from her eyes, she felt him move against, her, slidingup beside her and looking into her eyes, his expression knowing and intense. His hands reached up, and gripped her wrists, holding them down as he slid on top of her.

“Wha……what….what are you….?” she gasped out, still out of breath and lust-addled. His smile was feral and meaningful

“Best out of three falls..” he growled into her ear. “I got you to submit once, now I’m going to pin you…” Reba felt him pulling his boxers down and freeing his rampant erection, which he wasted no time pressing the tip of against her slippery opening. Reba’s eyes widened
“YOu….you can’t be serious!” He simply smiled wickedly, penetrating her easily, and filling her with his heat. Her eyes fluttered closed as her sex responded almost immediately. His smiled broadened…

Reba was calling out uncle long into the night as he repeatedly “pinned” her and made her submit…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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