Eylül 28, 2023

A Taste of Heaven

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She looked ravishing, standing there at the top of the stairs. Her dark red hair flowing in waterfall-like tendrils over her shoulders and down to her breasts. Her skin resembled something akin to alabaster with a blush that was present just beneath it and her eyes glowed with an eerie, emerald likeness. At this hour, though, he was amazed that they were even glowing at all. He stood back, in the shadow of the banister, and waited to see what her next step would be. He could see that she was breathing heavily, her ample bosom raising upwards and then just as quickly, lowering to its normal level. She had a fine sprinkling of perspiration over her brow. Lord, what had she done now? He thought. He could sense urgency from her. He felt a rise in his britches and struggled to keep his thoughts tame. How he had wanted her since the first moment he had laid eyes on her. Now his brow was the one damp with sweat. His heart thudded against his chest as he stepped out from the shadows. She gasped when she saw him and took off, seemingly floating down the stairs.

He ran after her, out the French doors and out into the garden. She wasn’t that far in front of him but with the night conditions, he could lose her easily. His eyes adjusted to the darkness easily and he quickened his pace. He would have her and he would have her tonight. In the garden if it came to that. He caught up to her and reached a hand out to capture her arm. At the same time he was swinging her around. Her mouth opened to emit a scream that never came. His hand closed over it. Her eyes were wide in fear; he could see into the depths of those emerald pools. Her chest was heaving with her attempts at breathing. He stepped closer to her and fell into heaven. Her breasts brushed against his chest. He could feel her nipples harden against him, through their clothing. Good God, he thought, this will be harder than anything I’ve ever known. His restraint was failing him. Her gaze was mesmerizing and had all but entranced him. He still had some basic thoughts and actions left. The only one he truly had left was the thought about how his lips would feel on hers. He gave up the struggle and tumbled in.

The sound that came from the back of her throat as his lips came down on hers was one of submission. He felt the fight drain from her as his lips swept over hers. She opened hers readily. His tongue gained access to the dark corners of her mouth. So this was how passion tasted, he thought to himself. A taste of heaven. His hands came up to tangle in that mane of autumn fire that he so tuzla bayan escortlar loved. He pulled her head back and greedily feasted on her neck. His lips could not cover enough skin, could not devour enough of her velvet. He couldn’t taste enough of her fast enough. She gasped as his teeth gently nipped her shoulder. She was trembling in his arms. It was amazing the fire that she stoked in him. He was totally aflame and had no thoughts about putting it out. Her arms encircled his back, fingers digging into his waistcoat. She pressed herself closer. His lips came back up to nibble at the corners of her mouth. The hands in her hair pulled her back from him so that he could face her.

“I don’t know where or what you’ve been doing tonight nor do I wish to know. But I do know that from this moment on, until I’m finished, you are completely mine,” he stated. No sound came from her. No response, nothing at all. Her face even became totally masked.

“I’d like a response from you,” he nipped again at her heart shaped mouth. She quivered against him.

“You can have your way with me, milord. Just make sure to return me in the morning or whenever it is that you will be finished with me,” she replied, a smug grin tugging at the corners of her mouth. How dare her, to tease him, to make fun of him. To chastise him. Well, she would just be seeing about that. His emotions drove him now. His fist yanked the hair that was in it, down, so that he would have free access to her chest. His other hand freed itself from her hair and nimbly undid the ties that kept her dress together in front. He had her corset revealed in less time than she thought. Apparently he had some experience at this. He drew the corset down and enjoyed the view. Creamy white breasts with sienna colored nipples, which were achingly hard, were part of the scenery he took in. He drew a turgid peak into his mouth and began to suckle. Her head dropped back and a soft moan escaped its prison. His hand tore the dress further open, ripping the ties out of their stays. He wanted her naked in every way. He wanted to stare into those twin pools of liquid jade as he poured himself into her. He lowered her to the ground but not before he put his waistcoat out for her to lie on. He removed her dress and undid her underthings. Those he neatly set aside as well. Before he joined her he unbuttoned his shirt, undid his trousers and removed his shoes. Shirt, trousers and his underthings joined hers on the garden floor. He stretched out beside her. She was escort tuzla bayanlar all about curiosity. Her hands were roaming over his body, touching this and fondling that. He sucked in air as she found his manhood and caressed it. He couldn’t help the fierce tremor she felt in her hand.

She looked up at him then and wanted to ask about it, but his lips came down on hers just then. His hand found her, sweetly wet and swollen. She arched against his hand and felt her extremities go numb. He opened her folds with thumb and forefinger and sought to find that velvet button that made each girl a woman. He found it and rubbed it with his middle finger. She was so hot and swollen. Her scent was musky and carried itself to him on the night air. He could smell how ready she was. But he would wait. Just a little longer. She began to throb against his finger. How exciting this was. She wouldn’t be waiting much longer. He stroked her once, twice. Slipped his finger between those satiny folds and into her. She climaxed against him. Hard. Her thighs trembled against his hand. He kept his finger steady. Her body clenched around his finger and then tried to expel him. He stayed firmly put. When her moans had subsided and her insides had stopped trying to rid of him he started again. Stroking and rubbing softly. It took little time to stoke her fires again. Soon she was arching against his hand again and taking shallow breaths.

He removed his finger and his hand, much to her dismay. With her eyes closed she did not know what would be replacing it shortly. All of a sudden, something much softer was in place over her womanhood. Smoothing over it and gliding effortlessly into her. She opened her eyes and looked down only to see his head between her legs. It was his tongue! On her and in her. She closed her eyes again, dropped her head back down to the fragrant garden carpet and was whisked away by new sensations. His tongue swept over her core on its way up to her button and then over it and over it and over it again. Then it entered her and proceeded to swab at her insides. He could feel her legs tensing again and her body was clutching at his tongue every time he tried to get inside. He brought his tongue up to her button one last time and inserted a finger into her.

A scream broke the night’s silence. She came apart in thousands of shattering points of light. He kept his finger firmly embedded in her as she rode this wave in her storm. He was enlightened by this second climax. He wondered briefly what gebze escort the third one would be like when he was inside of her. That thought didn’t last long. He was consumed with need and he intended to fulfill it. He rose up over her and placed himself at her opening. She was still coming down from her orgasm, her eyes had glassed over and her body was still somewhat tense.

“Relax for me, love, for this will be the best part. I promise you,” he whispered to her. He had her attention now. Her eyes cleared and the understanding came to take the fog’s place. She opened her legs wider for him, feeling him at her core. His hand came between them to collect her juice and to spread it over him. He rubbed the tip of his manhood over her. Up and down the length of her until she was gasping. Her legs fell to the sides a little more. He placed himself, again, at her opening and thrust in. She moaned and took him all the way in. He was not surprised in the fact that there was nothing stopping his entry into her. He knew that she had been with someone else, but at that moment, he didn’t let the thought enter his mind. She was arching underneath him and grasping at his back. He placed his hands on the garden floor above her shoulders. He was careful to keep his weight off of her. Her hips were coming up to meet each of his thrusts. Her legs came up to wrap around his waist and that offered him deeper entry into her very being. He was in control; he had what he wanted. Her. She was his this very moment. That thought did not pass him by. He continued his long, slow strokes in and out of her.

Her gasps had turned to moans and she was having difficulty breathing. He bent his head down and took one nipple into his mouth. A shudder could be felt from her as he gently bit it. Then he laved it with his tongue. Her fingers were digging deeper into the skin on his back. He changed the tempo of his ravishing; he began to pound into her. With force. She took him in every time. Even opened her legs wider to wrap them tighter around him. Her hips were completely off the ground now as he bore deeper into her. Her muscles were clenching around him like a fist. He could feel her climax stirring. He put one of his hands between them and rested a finger on her nub. Her eyes flew open and stared straight into his. He smiled at her from around her nipple. Her button was flicked, grazed and even pulled on lightly as he slammed into her. She was hurtling towards that shattering light again. He could feel it, her insides spasming and clutching him as he thrust into her. She came, noisily announcing her fate. He followed her with a shout and promptly collapsed onto her. Her arms came up and around him, pulling him close.

There were no words to speak. They had all been said. She knew where she was needed now. He had made her his own. He had his taste of heaven and so did she.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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