Şubat 28, 2024

A Surprise At The Lake

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It was way too hot to be doing anything except cooling down.

I’d spent the day running a class in a room with nothing but fans and then come home to a hot stuffy closed up house. I needed to cool down and that was why I’d gone down to the Lake baths. Swimming in the cool water seemed like an ideal solution.

There was a breeze coming in off the lake and the sparklingly clean, clear water was refreshingly cool, almost cold. It was heaven after the humid heat of the day and I did as much floating as swimming, keeping out of the way of a group of teenagers who were the only others there in the water that late.

A couple of small cruisers and a yacht were tied up against the jetty that surrounded the baths. The café’s opposite the water were all good, and attracted people from all around the lake so that on a warm summer evening like this the jetties could get quite crowded with boats that had brought people into Toronto for a meal, at the Anacapri or The Double Take, or one of several others.

After my swim I found a sheltered spot under some Casuarina trees to spread out my towel. It was late, but there was still another hour of daylight and I wanted to have another swim to cool me down again before I went back to my hot house and tried to get a good night’s sleep, with nothing but a fan to keep me cool.

I went to sleep lying there, I’d been tired and the cool breeze and soft grass under my towel had combined to make me way too comfortable. When I woke up it was with a start, and to find myself lying in the dark. The sky must have been full of clouds, as I couldn’t even see any stars when I looked up, and the only light was from the distant road, the jetty running around the baths, the couple of the bigger boats still tied up there, and what the water reflected back.

I felt pretty stupid to find myself sleeping half the night on the foreshore, but then I heard a grunting noise, quite loud and not too far away. And I knew that must have been what woke me, as I lay there listening and the sounds stopped and started again in the darkness. Then just as I was about to get up and leave they came again, but it was more of a whimpering sound this time.

But I was also sure I heard words mixed in, ‘yes’, I definitely heard a ‘yes’. I got up as quietly as I could having a pretty good idea now what was going on and wanting to leave without being noticed.

Of course I had picked up my towel and got my thongs back on and was just stepping out from under the trees when the clouds parted and the whole area before me was lit up by a bright silvery full moon. I was still standing in the shadow of the trees and froze where I was, hoping I was out of sight. But in front of me, not 10 yards away, the light revealed clearly the source of the noises.

Lying back across the aluminium illegal bahis picnic table was a young man with rippling muscles arching his back and moaning, while standing below him between his raised thighs, with his back 3/4 to me, was another muscular young male whose butt muscles clenched and relaxed as he plowed the arse of the one stretched out before him on the table.

I felt my cock jump inside my shorts at the sight and the sounds, and stayed frozen. The guy being fucked was obviously enjoying it, he was moaning now and one hand moved over his body stopping at his nipples as his other hand played with his own long hard cock and balls. He was big, I could clearly see and my cock lurched again in my shorts, and the guy fucking him was long too. He was working his friend’s arse with deep long strokes, in and out, with the moon glinted on the slick length of him each time he pulled out, I was mesmerised and my own cock lurched higher

I couldn’t stop watching. Both were built like athletes and both were obviously enjoying what they were doing, or having done to them. The one on the table in particular was not holding back in showing his pleasure in what was pumping so deeply in and out of him. After standing there watching and listening to them for a few minutes I had to push my shorts down to let out my own hardening cock and give it some attention.

The young man lying back on the table seemed to turn his head in my direction but I doubted he could see me. He was moaning loudly then and the man with his back to me gave several sharp shuddering thrusts, deep into him, before holding steady and letting out a deep grunt. He jerked himself inside his friends passage a couple of times and I almost came imagining his cum shooting inside his friend before he fell forward over his partner,

I came with a huge shudder, going weak as I shot off jolt after jolt.

“Hey, why don’t you join us?” a voice said.

I hardly understood someone was talking too me, I was still so shaky.

“Hey,” the voice said again, and the guy on top stood up and turned to me.

“You like what you see? Then come and join in.” he said in a deeper slower voice than the one that had spoken before.

I tugged up my shorts in embarrassment as the guy slipped his softening cock out of his friends gaping arse – I could see the dark patch of his hole in the moonlight – and walked over to me. His friend remained lying back on the table playing his hands over himself, his legs still spread and bent showing me everything he had on offer. His cock still long and hard as he stroked it slowly.

“Luke wants you to join in,” the man who’s butt I’d been watching pumping, said when he was up close. And he reached out to squeeze my deflating tool through my shorts.

I pulled back. “Umm, I’d better illegal bahis siteleri go. I don’t do it with guys,” I said, but I was still not moving far.

“Never want to try it?” he asked.

Now Luke was up and coming over too, with his big cock bobbing up near his belly. He moved in behind me and pressed close.

“I saw you stroking off as you watched. I love a guy getting off watching me being fucked. And you liked it, so you must be curious,” Luke said, and my cock was paying attention to his body rubbing lightly against my back, and his cock sliding up and down my crack and hitting my lower back. In fact I couldn’t focus on much else.

The guy in front moved in and kissed me. Feeling another man’s lips on mine sent a shiver of horrified shock and instant arousal through me, and his hand was inside my shorts before I realised it.

“Nice,” he said, and I couldn’t make myself disagree – so the kissing went on as Luke’s cock stroked up between my now bare cheeks.

Then Luke’s hands were at my nipples. His sudden rubbing and pinching of them had me moaning and I realised that I was sandwiched between the two of them, and wondered why I didn’t get myself un-sandwiched and home.

I made a half hearted move to leave.

“Don’t you want to know what it’s like? With another man,” Luke whispered in my ear, his firm hands now making my hard tingling nipples hum and the rest of my skin shiver as he stroked them all over me . “You’ll enjoy it, I saw the way you got off just watching Vince fucking me, imagine if you were the one doing the fucking?” he said, speaking in a low sex filled voice as I felt his hardening rod sliding up and down as he rocked his hips dry fucking my crease. Then I jumped as I felt his cock slide between my thighs. “You have a lovely cock, yes. Come on, fuck me,” he whispered in my ear, as his hand joined Vince’s on my hard cock, one playing my slit and cap with a finger as another hand stroked and rotated on my shaft and Luke’s cock slid back and forth, massaging my balls.

“Oh God,” I moaned loudly.

Luke’s pubes sliding against my butt, his other hand on my thighs, my chest, ‘Oh Christ,” I groaned, throbbing under their attentions as Vince pushed in closer moving his mouth to my hair and neck, his tongue snaking around on my throat.

“No,” I said huskily, “I have to go,” and I made another move, but even I knew it was a half hearted gesture.

Yes I was curious, especially after the way watching them fuck had made me feel. Especially the way I felt sandwiched between them. I was torn, giving in, just as I heard voices. Suddenly I was frozen with fear that whoever was coming would see me like that, sandwiched between the two young hunks, and that they would report me to the school and that I would be out of a job. I now had canlı bahis siteleri no doubts about my need to leave immediately and when the voices had moved on I had every intention of roughly pushing Vince aside and going.

“I’m sorry, I have to go,” I hissed, pulling free as soon as it was quiet, dragging my shorts back up and grabbing my towel.

I didn’t look back as I walked hurriedly to my car, trying to look innocent, and relieved that I didn’t actually meet anyone. I ached for release, my cock still throbbing, and in the car jerked off to the memory of Vince’s cock stroking in and out of Luke’s arse.

“Shit,” I could still feel Luke’s cock slipping under my balls and I wanted to fuck him.

Then he was standing there, leaning into the car window turning my head and kissing my mouth as I moaned helplessly. “They’re gone and we’ve got a boat,” he said. “With a big private cabin. So come on, come for a ride onto the Lake,” he added as his groping hand found my package.

I looked at him seeing his erection pressing against his shorts.

“Shit,” I said.


We’d anchored out by Green Point and down in the cabin Vince resumed his kissing and stroking down my throat and chest. But Luke lay back on the bed and fixing his eyes on mine raised and spread his legs to show me what he had, as he stroked his cock back to full size. I was soon moaning again and focussed on his slitted eyes and cock until he moved a hand beneath his balls to his arsehole and slid a finger inside himself. I nearly lost it at the sight.

“Oh yes,” I moaned loudly as Vince sucked at my nipples alternately, and probed my slit with his little finger, making me lurch and grunt.

Luke was smiling and working another finger into his hole and pumping himself with small strokes, “I think he’s ready Vince,” he husked.

Vince turned to look at him and released me, I moved to the end of the bed as Luke’s eyes followed me and he whispered, “Fuck me Chris, hard, deep, oh fuck me with that beautiful cock of yours.”

I was convinced already. I stood for a moment bending and joining two of my fingers to the two he already had inside himself. Me almost coming as he moaned. Then he reached both arms for my hips as I directed my cap to his entrance. I had expected more resistance but after a push past his rim I slipped in smoothly, unable to stop myself driving deep for maximum penetration. He arched and moaned under me as Vince pressed in behind and ran his hands over my cheeks.

I had barely started to fuck Luke when I bucked and came and bucked and shot off again deep inside his passage. I stayed there inside him panting as he ran his hands over my hips and belly, his legs running up my sides and resting on my shoulders. Behind me Vince was kneeling, parting my cheeks and licking my arse. I shuddered as I went with it, and he began to play with my hole, as I stroked Luke off, watching his eyes narrow and his body undulate and twist as he ejaculated up to his face and chest. My tool still resting happily inside him, waiting.

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