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A Suddenly Single Doc Ch. 01

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All characters in this story are age eighteen or older.

A Suddenly Single Doc

Chapter 01

Although he had considerable experience with sex, he was pretty inexperienced. Steve had been married for almost ten years when his wife decided to look for greener pastures and left. He was in the Air Force, and they were stationed in northern Japan. His on-base house was only a few blocks from the base hospital, where he worked, and more often than not, Steve came home for lunch. The last time he did his wife informed him she was leaving that afternoon. Since they were so remote in northern Japan, he assumed she was going grocery shopping or somewhere local, but he never imagined she was leaving the country. Innocently, he didn’t pursue her comment. He returned to work, then went to his evening classes, as he did every Monday through Thursday. Steve was taking college classes in the evenings, but now for the fun of learning, rather than career or degree oriented. Steve had finished his residency and Japan was his first assignment as a doc, Captain Steve Arnolds, MD. When he got home from class that day, a little after ten pm, he quickly discovered what ‘I’m leaving this afternoon’ meant. She and her clothes were gone. There was a note on the kitchen table explaining, sort of. She had decided that Steve, being an Air Force Physician’s wife, and living in Japan were not what she wanted.

Steve wasn’t even hurt. He was pissed that she had picked that particular time to leave. His first thought was ‘Dammit, I’ve got finals next week.’ That pretty well covered how he felt about it. They had married right out of high school and were both virgins. They learned everything they knew from each other. Steve had never been with another woman. Thus, his ‘inexperienced’ experience. Finals did go well that next week and he had the summer off from school. Steve had told Art, a friend from work, that she had gone, and Art had invited him to come to a party with him on Friday night. Steve agreed. The party was being thrown by the base theater group and Art was involved with the group.

Art lived in the barracks not far from Steve’s house and walked over a little before it was time to leave for the party. Steve had no memory of ever going to a party as a single guy and felt a bit awkward at the idea. He wasn’t shy at all and since he worked in the hospital clinic, almost everyone on base knew who he was. He didn’t remember who they were, but they all knew him.

Steve walked in behind Art carrying a bottle of red wine. They hadn’t gotten more than a few feet in the door when she walked up to Steve.

She smiled and reached for the bottle, “Let me get you a glass.” She was absolutely beautiful. Almost the same height as he was, dark brown hair, flipped under at the shoulder. Her smile, obviously genuine, was heartwarming. Her deep brown and sparkling eyes drew you in. She wore a long sleeve pullover t-shirt and designer jeans that accentuated her luscious curves. She took the bottle from his hand and with her free hand took his arm and walked him to the kitchen. She opened the bottle and poured two glasses then handed him one. She sipped hers looking at him and smiling. She was hot. Steve felt way out of his league.

“What’s your name?” he stammered.

“Diana, with an A.”

“My name is…”

“I know who you are. You’ve seen me as a patient a few times.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember.”

He would have remembered her. Steve would have remained the consummate professional, but he would have remembered her. There were three types of patients that Doc Steve remembered. First, were the ones who were a pain in the ass. Second, were the ones that had some sort of interesting illness or injury. And third, were the ones that made him wish he wasn’t so fucking ethical.

“I don’t usually look like this. I’m usually wearing a green cap and ugly green fatigues,” she said.

“What did I see you for?”

“I injured my knee and you put me in a cast the first visit. Two weeks later I saw you to have it taken off. I thought I would die?”

“From a knee injury?”

“No, I was afraid you would see what my boyfriend, at the time, had written to you on the cast.”

“I don’t usually take the cast off myself. The techs do that.”

“I discovered that,” she replied, still smiling.

“What was the message?”

Diana laughed, “Thanks for fucking up my sex life, Doc.” She had no hint of embarrassment at all.

Steve chuckled. “How’s your knee now?”

“Great.” She squatted in front of him for a moment, looking up at him, then stood easily. Her demonstration relayed more than how well her knee functioned.

“I’m really surprised I don’t remember you. You are beautiful.”

“You’re a babe yourself.”

Steve blushed. “Were those the only two times I saw you?”

“No, there was one other time. The section I work in is a tiny room with a lot of people in it. When one person gets a cold, we all get a cold. Someone got the crabs.

There sincan escort bayan was still no sign of embarrassment. Regulations require that before treating that condition they confirm the presence of the mite. He would have had to look at her pubic hair. He couldn’t believe this gorgeous woman had her pants off in front of him and he hadn’t noticed.

“What kind of work do you do?” he asked.

“Army, I’m not allowed to tell you what my job is.”

They were stationed at a security base and many of the people assigned there had jobs they couldn’t discuss. Several people had walked past them, and each told her hello. She was always cordial and shared her beautiful smile with everyone. When Art walked by, she grinned at him, and they kissed each other on the cheek. When he walked behind her, he turned to Steve and gave him a double thumbs up. Steve grinned at him.

“Are you in the theater group?” Steve asked her.

“Yes, I love theater. That’s what I did before joining the Army. I’m from LA. Well, Huntington Beach, but we have a lot of theater there. Where are you from?”

“Indianapolis. We have corn and race cars. That’s about it.”

“Well, I for one, am glad you’re here. I heard your wife split.”

“Last week,” he replied, surprised that she would know that.

“Word travels fast on base,” she said.

He chuckled, “Apparently.”

He looked at her left hand as she took a sip from her glass. There was no ring. Steve was still wearing his.

“Why did she leave?”

“Tired of me I guess.”

“That’s it? You didn’t beat her? Weren’t a lousy lay?”

He laughed out loud. “I’ve never hit her, and she never complained in bed. Her note wasn’t specific about her reasons.”

“So, what now?”

“What do you mean?” He was confused by her question.

“Are you going to try and get her back?”

“No, I think that relationship has run its course. Time to move forward.” He really hadn’t given it much thought. His answer was off the top of his head, but totally accurate.

“How about you? Are you married?”

“Oh, hell no! I’m single and staying that way.” Her smile grew even more. “Do you know anyone here besides Arty and me?”

He looked around. “There are a couple of faces that look familiar, but I don’t know a single person.”

She picked up her wine glass and took his arm. “Let me introduce you around.”

They walked through the crowded house, and she introduced him to everyone. They all seemed to know him, but he knew none of them. Even after introductions, he didn’t remember more than one or two names.

Diana was the belle of the ball. His wife had been a bit of an introvert and rarely even spoke in social situations. Diana was the opposite. She smiled, genuinely, at everyone. She knew them all and they all adored her. They finally settled onto a couch enjoying their conversation and laughed a lot.

“I have early shift tomorrow. I’ve gotta get up at four. Time for this girl to go home.” She made no effort to stand.

“Diana, I’ve really enjoyed visiting with you. I’d like to see you again.”

“I’d like that.”

“How about I fix you a steak dinner tomorrow?”

“You can cook?”

He laughed, “As a matter of fact, I can.”

“Other than Japanese restaurants and the chow hall, I haven’t had real food in over a year. You’re on.”

“Good. Baked potatoes and salad, okay?”

“That sounds wonderful.”

‘She’s so real, so genuine, so alive, and so hot!’ he thought. “Let me find something to write down my address.” He started to get up.

“I know where you live.” Steve apparently looked surprised at her comment. “I’ve seen you go in your front door on my way to work when I have afternoon shift. Last house in the row, right?”

“Right. What time is good for you?”

“How about six?”

“Perfect. I’m looking forward to it.”

“So am I. Walk me to my car?” she asked, as she stood.

He smiled, stood then walked her outside. She held his arm as they walked. Diana was parked about half block from the house and finally stopped at her car. He opened the driver’s door for her. She looked at him as if she were puzzled by something.

“What?” he asked.

“You don’t get out much, do you?”

Steve blushed. “I guess not. This is the first time in many years. I’m not sure what’s appropriate.”

Diana chuckled. “Let me help. Put your arms around me and pull me to you. I’ll put my arms around your neck, then you kiss me.”

Steve felt like a complete idiot but did exactly what she said. The kiss lasted a long time and was then followed by more. He was in heaven, having forgotten how exciting kissing could be. He had never been kissed this well. His erection showed up almost immediately. She pushed herself harder into him. In a moment, with her pelvis pushed into his, she pulled her upper body back a little.

“It feels like it’s been overdue.” She had a knowing smile.

“Yes, a long time.”

Diana chuckled, then got in her car. Steve closed her eryaman escort door and she rolled down the window.

“Six tomorrow, your house. I like Bleu Cheese dressing. That wine we had tonight was good too.” She blew him a kiss and drove away into the night. He stood there and watched until her car turned a corner and was out of sight. He didn’t go back inside until his erection backed off a bit and then checked himself to make sure he hadn’t spotted his jeans.

When Steve walked back inside, he felt all eyes on him. He wondered if he hadn’t overlooked something on his pants and went to the bathroom to check. His clothes were fine but there was a lot of lipstick on his mouth and his face was flushed. He washed his face before leaving. Steve returned to where we had been sitting and picked up their wine glasses. There was a small amount left in her glass and he nervously downed that. Steve looked at her lip prints on the glass once more before putting it in the sink. Art walked up beside him.

“Jesus, fucking Christ, that was Diana! You lucky son of a bitch.”

Steve smiled at him. “She’s gorgeous.”

“No shit, Sherlock. Every guy on the base would give at least one of his nuts just to talk to her.”

“She seemed friendly enough.”

“She is, but no one ever gets past that smile. Based on the lipstick you were wearing when you came back inside, you did.”

“No comment, sir.” he grinned.

“Why’d she leave?”

“Early shift tomorrow.”

“I hope you scheduled a follow-up appointment, doc.”

“Dinner, tomorrow evening.”

“You are one lucky mother-fucker.”

Steve smiled but didn’t comment. He was now accepted into the partygoers. Everyone was coming by to chat. There was one woman at the party that he had given a second look while Diana had been doing the introductions. Her name was Julie. She was a thin but shapely blonde with a cute smile. She walked up to him.

“Well, so much for who gets the Doc.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Diana snatched you up. The rest of us don’t stand a chance now.” She was smiling.

“I don’t understand.” He was pretty sure he did but wasn’t about to own up to it.

“The name is Julie, if you’re ever free, look me up.” She winked and walked away.

Diana was about all anyone talked to him about. It seemed that he had gotten the biggest prize since Charlie had found the golden ticket in Willy Wonka. She was, in fact, single and very picky about who she spent her time with. Everyone loved her and she was the life force in everything she touched. She was an Army E5 and worked in security. She listened to the Russians all day long over the radio. All top-secret stuff that she was listening to. She was what they called a ‘hotdog’. She excelled at everything. Diana was the star in nearly every production the theater group put on. She could act, sing, and dance and was very good at all those. No one had met her, but she had an identical twin sister that still lived in Huntington Beach. Many of the women on base would also give one of their nuts to be with her, if they had any. She had a lot of friends, but there were three that she spent the most time with. There was Roni, who was at the party. She was married but apparently in an open relationship. Sherry, was one of her co-workers, and they played sports together. And finally, there was Julie. The cute little blonde that had flirted with him.

When Steve and Art left the party, they went back to Steve’s house and drank a few beers. Art continued, on and on, about how lucky Steve was. He just couldn’t seem to talk about anything else. He finally went home at about midnight. Steve went to bed shortly after Art left. Diana was running through his mind. ‘God, she had been hot.’ Not being accustomed to late nights, Steve was out quickly.


Steve woke up anxious. No, that’s not quite what I was. He was terrified. It had been ten years since he had been on a date with anyone except his wife and had no clue what to do. If he was going to get her in bed, which was certainly on his mind, how would he do that? Steve and his wife, in all their years together, could pretty well sense things. He wondered, maybe part of the reason she left was because of that complacency. They had both let the romance fade away. The realization made him feel bad about it. Not bad enough to pursue her, just a little bad. ‘Dinner, that was no problem. He could do that part easily. Then what?’ he wondered.

He checked the wine cabinet and discovered he had taken his last bottle to the party. Steve usually drank B&G Beaujolais. It was inexpensive, but he liked it, and Diana had commented that she had too.

‘Okay,’ he thought. ‘Arrival first. Small talk, wine, and fix dinner. Serve and eat dinner with more small talk. Screw the dishes. He could do those on Sunday. After dinner – there was the problem. Kissing would have to come first. But where?’ He looked around the living room. Two chairs and a three-person sofa. ‘Gotta keep her out of those chairs.’ He considered taking etimesgut bayan escort them out of the room entirely, but that would make the room look incomplete. No, they had to stay. He finally decided that putting something in the chairs might help. He tossed his book bag into one. That would work probably. It looked neat enough and not like he was a slob, at least. That solved chair number one. Chair number two took more thought. He finally decided to drape a clean white lab coat over it. That would look like he had simply set it out to take to work. Chair problem solved. The sofa had a throw pillow at each end. Not big enough to prohibit three people from sitting there, but if he put both pillows at one end… ‘That’s it.’ He moved both pillows to one end, which left the center and one end open.

‘Okay, I’ve got her to the couch. What next? Small talk. How do I get the kissing started? Start by touching her hair, stroking her neck or shoulder. Make sure my leg touches hers. Damn, I feel stupid! I could ask Art, but what the hell did he know? He lived in a barracks with bunk beds and a male roommate. How about the other men I know? All married or lived in the barracks. How could they possibly help? They couldn’t.’

He cleaned up, then drove to the liquor store and the base commissary with his list. Steve bought a half dozen bottles of wine. At the commissary he got a couple of nice ribeyes, salad fixings and potatoes for baking. He also picked up Bleu Cheese dressing. As an afterthought, he got everything needed to fix a nice breakfast, just in case. A trip through the commissary was always risky. Everyone knew him and expected him to remember who they were and their entire medical history. Today was no exception. The best thing about the trip was running into Claire.

Claire was the wife of the gynecologist. She was about thirty-five and drop dead gorgeous. She exuded elegance and grace. Claire was in the same league as Diana. Way out of his. They chatted for a few and he mentioned his date. She could sense he was anxious and suggested they chat over coffee next door. Steve told her about the meeting the evening before, and the scheduled dinner date for later that day. She asked several times why he was so nervous. He finally admitted to her about his ignorance.

“So, picture this evening. Where are you?” she asked.

“My house, dinner is finished. I’ve cleared off the table. Now I’m stuck.”

Claire chuckled, “She’ll probably help you clear the table. Do the dishes. Don’t let them sit overnight. She’ll think you’re a slob. If she wants to help with the dishes, let her, but don’t expect it or ask for it. If you do them alone, that’s a good thing in her eyes. If she helps, it’s bonding. Also, a good thing.”

“Okay, dishes done. What then?” he asked.

“Make sure you both have a glass of wine and just walk to the living room. She’ll walk with you. What’s your living room like?”

“Sofa, two chairs, end tables at each chair, coffee table, TV and stereo.”

“Are you playing music?”

“I hadn’t thought about it.”

“Soft music. Leave the TV off.”

“I had planned on that, Claire.”

“Please don’t tell me you put stuff in the chairs?”

Although he had, he wasn’t about to admit it. “Why not?”

“Oldest trick in the book. She’ll see right through you. Are the end tables being used?”

“Not unless you sit something on them.”

“Where’s your lighting?”

“Overhead and two floor lamps. One by a chair the other next to the couch.”

“Keep the overhead off. Get rid of the end table by the lamp. Do you have candles?”

“A few.”

“Put one on the coffee table. Have it lit before dinner. How big is your couch?”

“Three people.”


“Two, one at each end.”

“Put both at one end. Let her decide where she wants to sit. If she sits in the center, she’s giving you an invitation to join her.”

“What if she sits at the end?”

“If she’s hugging the arm of the couch, join her but keep your distance. If she isn’t, join her but not right on top of her.”

“Okay, what then?”

“Talk, be yourself.”

“I can do that, but now I have no clue what to do next.”

“Watch her body language. Are her arms folded across her chest? Legs crossed?”

“Indicating she’s not interested?”

“Not necessarily. She may just be telling you to move slowly. She’ll let you know when she’s ready to be kissed. Watch her eyes. She may take a finger and fiddle with her hair. You’ll know, it’s instinctive.”

“I hope so.”

“If she puts her arm across the back of the couch or crosses her legs like men do, she’s offering herself to you. You could probably go right for the pussy, but I suggest some kissing and breast work first. Foreplay is really nice.” Steve laughed. “Have your bed made and clean sheets on the bed. Light on in the bedroom, but dim. Don’t drown yourself in aftershave. Just wear a little. Do I know this lucky lady?”

“I doubt it. Her name is Diana. She works on the hill.”

Claire’s eyes opened wide, “Brunette, hair curled under at the shoulder? Long legs? Gorgeous? Killer smile?”

“That’s her.”

“Jesus, Steve. I’d like to get her in the sack. She’s hot!” Claire looked like she meant it. She even licked her lips.

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