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A Simple Night Alone

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Female Ejaculation

I couldn’t help but notice myself becoming wetter and wetter. I didn’t do anything about it, but when it’s 3 AM and you’re completely alone then it’s a bit hard to not want to.

I kept doing what I was doing on my computer, but before I knew it my hand was moving down and in between my legs. I rubbed my hand over my vag once only to move it back up to my keyboard. This cycle began to repeat briefly and I pushed my body further down to a more relaxing position in my chair.

Glancing below, dirty thoughts began filling my head as I placed my hand over my pussy and began applying pressure. Just pushing against it was enough to get me excited. I lifted my shirt up just a little so my belly button was bare. I could feel my nipples starting to stand up so I slipped my hand up my shirt and groped my left breast.. while I started rubbing the palm of my left hand over my clothed clitoris.

I didn’t intend to already start touching myself but I couldn’t hold off and began moving my fingers up and back rapidly. My breathing sped up with my movements and even though I still had my shorts on, I was ready to cum. I could feel more moisture coming out of me. escort bayan I was near there – and just like that, a quick moan shot out of my mouth as my legs knocked together and my body struggled upward. I was cumming and loving it, but definitely wasn’t stopping there.

My eyes peeked open when the orgasm came to a steady halt. Moving my hand over my pussy, I could feel that even my shorts had become really damp. I forced my hand under them and over my soaked panties. I was so very horny. I let my fingers drift towards my clit and lightly rubbed it. I pushed both my shorts and panties back with my spare hand while putting the other over my exposed vagina. I started rubbing myself again, and just as fast as the last time. I knew it wouldn’t take long to climax at this rate, so I figured I’d spend a little more time for this orgasm. I managed to stop myself and sat up in my chair a bit.

I let my shorts drop to the floor and could now easily see the slightly large wet spot left on my panties. I began massaging my clitoris again through my underwear. It was so sensitive. I wanted to hold back for a little while so put my fingers a little further down. escort ankara It was much more damp in this spot. My fingers were getting so wet just through my panties. I moved them about and could hear the small noises from my secretions. I touched myself in this manner for a little bit before saying goodbye to my panties.

As they came off over my feet, my legs spread and I let myself coast further down the chair again. I quickly moved my fingers back over my labia. I caressed the lips a little, gliding my fingers all over until finally sliding one inside. My heartbeat was starting to increase a little. I pushed the single finger up inside of me as far as I could. I let a second one join it. My fingers danced inside me. I was nearly on my back in the chair. I lifted my shirt up over my breasts and cupped one with my free hand. My erect nipple was poking against the palm. I wiggled my fingers all throughout my vagina, feeling the inside in every way possible. My eyes were sealed shut now and I couldn’t help but let out a soft moan here and there. In and out my fingers went, slipping around so easily due to the heavy moisture. I started speeding up a little ankara escort bayan and ran my fingers against my g-spot. The noise from my juices increased as my speed did and my moaning became much more constant. I was near heaven’s peak. I took my hand off my breast and drove it straight to my clitoris. I began rubbing it to the same rhythm of my fingering. It wasn’t long before I was ready to cum. My fingers were moving faster and faster. I could feel my pussy just ready to explode. My eyes locked tighter than ever and my mouth opened a bit.. with every breath and moan coming out at a heavy volume. I hit a rather intense climax. I was cumming so hard. I felt so hot and could tell my face was completely flushed. My vagina was contracting and expanding over my fingers constantly and it felt so perfect. Breathing so heavily, a small stream of cum shot from my pussy. I gripped the back of my chair and yelped a little. My juices were rocking out of me from the orgasm, covering my hand and chair. It felt like my whole body was shaking. I was in paradise and enjoyed every second of it.

Finally my noises slowed down along with the intensity of the orgasm and I began getting a sense of all things real. I pulled my fingers out of me.

My whole vulva felt so sensitive. I let out a final big breath and was most definitely satisfied now.

I shut my eyes and started to relax once again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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