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A Shy Kid Ch. 04

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I dashed into the school building hoping to see Gloria before my first class, but no luck. The next couple hours drug by until I got to my third period class and there she was standing at the door waiting. As soon as she spotted me, she gave me a really big smile and when I approached her she actually reached over and took my hand as we walked through the door. She said, “Are you ready for the test, I know I am after your help.”

“I think so”, was my response as we split going to our separate desks, but I know she caught me looking at her tits. My heart was just buzzing first from just seeing her after last night and then for her wearing another tight sweater making her tits really stand out along with a short skirt showing her great legs and tight ass plus from her taking my hand at the door. My cock of course, came immediately to attention and I had to sit down quick to hide it. As soon as I sat down, I had to quickly get my mind off Gloria and on the subject of English. The teacher handed out the test and what seemed like a flash, I was done like most everybody else. I looked over at Gloria; she was smiling at me and gave me the thumbs up sign. My heart went into high gear again and was feeling very anxious in anticipation of asking her for a date.

When the bell rang, I headed for the door hoping to catch Gloria. She was obviously stalling while walking to her next class. I caught up to her and said, “How did you do?”

“Oh Peter, that test was simple after having studied like we did last night. I so appreciate it and would like to do something for you in return.” Gloria continued, “Anything comes to mind that I could do for you?”

I was totally surprised at her offer and said, “Well, how about going to a movie with me tomorrow night?”

“Oh Peter, that sounds like fun, yes I would like to do that. I’m sure my mom will not object to me going to a movie with you. She really likes you.”

I responded, “OK, what movie would you like to see?”

“Oh, let me check to see what is playing and after I talk with my mom, I will call you and we can decide.”

“Okay, here is my phone number.” I had reached in my pocket and pulled out my cell phone and showed her my number. She put the number in her phone and said, “I will call you this evening.” She then ran off to her next class and waived as she rounded the corner. I was on cloud nine again, the rest of the school day just whizzed by.

When I got home, mom was already there, I had forgotten she told me she would be home early. When I walked into the living room she was sitting on the couch with a magazine in her hand looking so beautiful, she was wearing her work apparel, a very stylist and beautiful suit that really fit her. She looked very professional and I thought very sexy at the same time. Of course I know what her body under the garment looks like, she is one hot with beautiful lady with shapely legs, tight ass, hot pussy and nice big tits.

Mom greeted me saying, “Hi sweetie, I just got home a minute or two ago. How was your day? How do you think you did in the English test? And the big question is did you get a date?”

“Oh. Hi mom! My day was just fine.”

“Good, but what about my other questions?”

“Oh. Yea the test was easy and Gloria thought it was easy too.”


I could not hold back my grin any longer and burst out, “YES, YES! I got a date with Gloria to go to a movie tomorrow night! Yahooo!”

“Oh fuck, that is wonderful baby. I knew you could do it. This will be your first step to … no it’s your second step to getting into Gloria’s pants. Congratulations big boy!”

“You think I will really get into her pants?”

“Isn’t that what you want? And if you treat her like you treat me and work up to it gradually, you will definitely get into her pants. Plus you will be able to fondle her nice big tits that you so much admire and when you get her pants off, you will be able to see and touch her pussy. Unfortunately when you start getting in her pants and playing with her boobs and pussy, you will be spending less time getting into my pants assuming I have any on.” We both laughed as she continued, “That is going to be something which I will have to adjust to, but that will be fine.”

I could see some sadness in my mom’s eyes and said, “Oh mom, I will still be getting in your knickers regularly if you wore any. I would not forsake you for a minute, you are too hot and sexy and I love you.”

“Thanks baby and I love you too. But once you get a regular girlfriend with benefits, you will be spending lots of time with her and I expect that, and I want you to do that. Hey, maybe you will even get into her mother’s pants and you will get a chance to play with her great big tits that you admire and talk about so much. Just think of that! Maybe you will be spending your nights fucking both of them and with your fast recovery and stamina; you could do that with no sweat.”

“What? Fuck Gloria and her mother Victoria, in the same house and maybe in the same bed?”

“Sure why not? I think it will mostly depend on Gloria’s attitude as to whether she is willing to share you because, based canlı bahis on what you said about her mother, once she sees the size of your dick, she will want you in her bed in a heartbeat. A young well hung stud like you, she probably will want more sex from you than Gloria does. Maybe she will want you to be her regular fuck buddy on the side; just think about that. Your girlfriend’s mother wanting and maybe even begging you to fuck her every chance she gets. You take Gloria out for a night and when you take her home, you give her a routine fuck that she expects and then before you leave to come home, her mother invites you into her bed and you fuck her too. Or maybe she waits for you out in the backseat of your car, ready and waiting with her legs spread and her tits exposed in anticipation of you fucking her. Once an experienced woman sees your cock, she will want you to fuck her. Most women will crave the feeling of having a cock as big as yours deep inside their cunts filling them with sperm.”

“Mom your nuts, I don’t think that would ever happen. If it did though, that would be really hot, but it’s hard to think that Gloria would let that happen or that her mom would actually do that.”

“I’m just fantasying sweetie, I have no idea what your sexual possibilities are with Gloria and her mother. But like you said, you would like to fuck her mother if you had the chance and like all men, you guys love to fuck women with big tits!”

“Well you have big tits mom, have lots of guys wanted to fuck you?”

“Of course sweetie, I never had any trouble getting a man to fuck me. All I had to do was flirt a little and they would be eating out of my hand or actually eating my pussy.”

“Really mom, it was that easy.”

“Oh baby you are still pretty naive. Isn’t one of the reasons you are attracted and want to fuck Gloria is because of her big tits?”

“Yea, you’re right mom.”

“If Gloria’s mom had her breast enlarged like you said, she did it so she can attract more men and therefore get fucked more. Why else do you think women get breast implants?”

I responded, “Never really gave it much thought, but I guess you are right. Big tits do make a man take notice and gets his juices running.”

Mom responded as she got off the couch, “And makes his dick get hard.” She headed for the kitchen asking me if I wanted anything to drink. I said yes and she brought me a beer while she had a glass of wine. I was still sitting on the arm of the couch when she came back and handed me a beer. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her into me causing her tits to be pressed against my face. She wiggled her tits in my face and then bent way down to kiss me with lots of tongue. I slowly moved my arm down from her waist to her hips and then to the back of her thighs as we continued our passionate kissing. I slowly moved my hand under her skirt and up her bare thigh and across her butt cheeks. She was wearing very tight fitting bikini panties as I detected only a string running up her ass crack. As I began to play with her ass cheeks which I could tell she liked by the way she was rotating her ass against me. I set the beer down and reached up to squeeze one of her tits through her blouse and bra. I was now fondling both her ass and her tits as she pressed her body into me while she let out a soft moan. She slightly parted her legs as I moved my hand deeper into her crotch from her backside and began to rub her pussy through her panties. I could immediately feel the dampness in her panties as I fondled her pussy. She leaned her head way back giving out a loud moan when I pulled her bikini string aside and began to move my fingers back along her ass crack, paying attention to her tight little asshole as well as her pussy.

She stopped moaning and said, “Peter! Oh Peter your hands feels so nice rubbing along my ass, I love it when you so play with me this way, freely touching my pussy and asshole. Ahhhhh, so nice, so very very nice. But what would you think if you knew one of your buddies was molesting their mother like you are doing to me, putting their hands all over their mother’s privates? How do you think the mother should respond to such behavior by her son?”

“I think the mother should remove her panties.” At that point I slid my hand inside her bikini and pressed a finger into her slit that was already very wet.

My mother sighed saying, “Oh so you think the mother should remove her panties so her son could have easier access to her private parts.”

“Oh YEA mom, that would be good, soooo good!”

“Ohhhhh, yes, yes Peter, I like having you slide your finger up inside me like you are doing, yes… ohhhhh yes baby, ohhhh yes shove your finger way up inside my pussy, your mother’s pussy. Yes, ohhhh yes deep inside me, way up inside me, inside my cunt …Oh FUCK YES I LOVE THIS!” She then continued, “So you think your buddy’s mother should just reach down and willingly slip her panties off her butt and expose her private parts to her son, letting him see and play with the most intimate parts of her body?”

“Yes, that is what I think the mother should do. By taking her panties off, she would be saying bahis siteleri to her son, yes, yes play with me, play with your mother, your mother’s pussy, your mother’s cunt, your mother’s main fuck hole, yes finger fuck your mother.” As I was speaking, I shoved my finger deeper into my mother’s cunt and wiggled it saying, “I know she would love having her son’s finger way up in her pussy like I have mine in yours. Right?”

“Oh god yes.”

My mother at first bent her knees a little allowing me to get my finger even deeper up into her cunt. She then looked directly into my eyes and without saying a word but with a smirk on her face, reached down and pulled up her skirt up revealing my hand in her crotch and said, “Do you like my skimpy little panties that I am wearing?”

I just nodded yes as she continued, “Why don’t you be a good boy and take your mother’s panties off for her? I want you to see and play with my pussy, your mother’s pussy. I want to feel your fingers way up inside me sweetie, way up inside my cunt, yes your MOTHER’s CUNT! It is something that we both enjoy so very much.” I glanced up and smiled while I reached over taking a hold of her panties on each side of her waist and slowly slid them down over her hips. We both looked at her crotch as her pussy lips gradually came into view. God I love looking at her pussy, her nice protruding pussy lips looking so inviting to be licked, kissed and sucked. I let her panties fall to the floor while she slowly and deliberately stepped out of them; she just remained standing right in front of me holding up her skirt with her pussy directly in front of me at eye level. She then did a little bump and grind while spreading her legs even a little wider, I couldn’t resist and moved my face into her crotch and gave her a French kiss on her cunt lips while she placed her hand on the back of my head and gently pressed my face into her pussy.

She moaned and said, “What do you think of my freshly shaved pussy baby, my love tunnel, my CUNT, as you like to call it? Do you like seeing your mother’s cunt up close, to smell it, to taste it, to touch it, and of course to eventually FUCK IT? God I love being like this with you, to be talking trash while showing you my naked body. Wanting you to fuck me, YES, WANTING MY SON TO FUCK ME, TO FUCK HIS MOTHER! Oh baby, you have me so fucking turned on, god I love it.” She continued her bump and grind as I licked and sucked on her cunt. I opened my mouth wide and sucked her entire pussy lips into my mouth as she said, “My cunt is your most favorite part of me, the hole you most like to fuck, isn’t it baby?”

I just nodded as she continued, “I shaved it just for you this morning. I wanted to make it nice and smooth and inviting so you would want to eat me like what you are doing right now. God I love having you eat me like this.”

I released her cunt lips and said, “Oooohhhh yes mom, I love seeing your cunt up real close, to eat it and to lick it, it’s the most intimate part of your body. I love seeing your protruding cunt lips and love to lick them and suck them into my mouth. You taste so good. I love to reach down and rub my fingers across your cunt lips, to feel how soft they are, and to feel the insides of your cunt. I like feeling how wet your cunt hole gets and how warm your pussy is. I especially love to feel my cock slide inside your cunt and then to feel myself ejaculating inside you. I just love knowing that I’m pumping your pussy full of my sperm, the feeling is awesome.”

She smiled as she pushed her pussy even closer to my face saying, “Oh you nasty nasty boy, talking about your mother’s cunt like that. But I love to hear that you want to see…to touch…to eat…to photograph and especially that you want to FUCK my cunt. I love having my pussy in your face, watching the expression on your face as you eat me, I love having you tongue fuck my pussy, ooops .. I mean my cunt, yes MY CUNT. I just love knowing that you want to FUCK ME, THAT YOU LIKE SHIDING YOUR COCK UP INTO MY CUNT, YOUR MOTHER’S CUNT AND THAT YOU NOT ONLY WANT TO FUCK MY CUNT BUT ALSO YOU WANT TO FUCK ME IN THE ASS. YES I LOVE THE FEELING OF YOU SHOVING YOUR BIG BEAUTIFUL COCK INTO MY TIGHT ASSHOLE AND PUMPING ME FULL OF YOUR SPERM! OH FUCK THAT IS SO NASTY AND EXCITINNG! I LOVE HAVING YOU FUCK ME MISSION STYLE SO I CAN WATCH YOUR COCK SLIDE INTO ME AS I FEEL IT PENETRATE ME.” She just remained standing in front of me humping my face.

She then continued, “I like it that you like to photograph my private parts, my cunt, my asshole and my tits knowing that you want to jack off to them when I’m not around. I find that I also like looking at those photos, of seeing me totally exposed to whoever, thinking that maybe someday some stranger will be seeing them and wanting to stick their cock in me. I get a charge out of porn when it’s me in the photo. I like it that you like to see me in the nude and especially having me spread my legs so you can have an unobstructed view of all my privates. OH GOD I love the sexual freedom I feel with you Peter! Please don’t ever change. I have never ever been like this before, not even with your dad. I never ever talked to bahis şirketleri him like I talk with you. I hardly ever used the word cunt, but I love using it now. I love having you call my pussy my CUNT. I don’t know why, but I like that. You can even call me a cunt when we are together if you want to, cause maybe that is what I am, just a cunt, just a cock hungry cunt. Maybe someday we can share our sexual activities with others and you can tell them your mother is a CUNT, that she is a cock hungry CUNT… that you eat her CUNT… that you finger fuck her CUNT… and that you fuck her CUNT every chance you get which is almost all the time.”

As she was talking, I continued my cunt eating, at first I just stuck out my tongue and licked and played with her protruding cunt lips, and when she leaned into me, I opened my mouth and sucked those gorgeous cunt lips of hers totally into my mouth. “Yes baby, Ohhhhh…I looooove having you suck on my cunt like that…oooohhhh yeaaa…that feels so fucking good…ooohhh yes, eat me baby, eat your momma’s cunt…oh my god…oh my god…oh fuck, you’re making me so fucking horny, I want to cum so bad…so fucking bad … ooohhh fuckkkkk, make me cum Peter, make your momma cum…ooohhhh I want to cum in your mouth, yes eat me until I fill your mouth with my love juices, I want you to taste me. Oh god baby, you making me so fucking crazy with lust.”

Suddenly she just kind of froze as she pressed my face hard into her crotch while she experienced an orgasm. I could immediately feel her juices begin to flow into my mouth, she tasted so good, I just sucked for all I was worth getting a mouth full of her cum. She then relaxed and removed her hand from the back of my head, but I continued licking and sucking her cunt lips for quite some time as she moaned and groaned on and on. I love the taste of my mom’s cum. I slowly raised my head and began rubbing my fingers across her pussy lips and then slipped my index finger back up inside her wet cunt again making sure I rubbed her clit. She let out a guttural sound as I probed her pussy as deep as I could and she suddenly flinched saying, “Oh baby! You so know what I like! I love it that you don’t stop fondling me after I’ve climaxed; I love having back to back climaxes. Oh fuck, I have never had a man treat me like this before. YESSSS, oh yes baby, stick your fingers way up inside me, yes stick your fingers in your mother’s cunt, stick them in really deep, oh god yes baby really really deep up inside my cunt. Play with me, yes play with me! GOD I LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO ME!”

I shoved a second finger in her pussy while saying, “You know what else the mother should do for her son?”

“Oh my god, yes, yes oh my god, that feels so fucking good Peter! Ohhhh god, yes, yes, I love having you finger fuck me over and over again. OHHH FUUUCCCK!…No baby, what else should a mother do besides take off her panties and let her son eat her pussy and finger fuck her like you are doing to me right now?”

“She should always unbutton her blouse when her son is around and unhook her bra if she is wearing one.”

“Oh my god, your fingers are driving me crazy. Yesssssss put all your fingers inside me Peter, finger fuck your mother’s cunt, make me cum again, oh god make me cum..Ohhhh…Ohhhh.. Ohhhh..” She reached down between her legs and was pushing my hand deeper into her crotch while also spreading her legs a little more while saying, “Deeper, deeper, finger me deeper, ahhhh fuck yes, more, get more fingers in me.” She then continued, “Sooooo…ohhhh fuuuccck…you want your mother…to…ohhhh ohhh bare her tits to her son and allow him

to…play…with…her…tits…and…nipples…and…suck then?”

“Yes, that is exactly what she should do, always let her son maul her tits, to suck them, to lick them and even fuck them.” Without another word my mother began unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it loose from her skirt, then she unclipped her bra letting her big beautiful tits fall free for easy fondling. I stretched my neck and was able to reach the closest tit with my mouth and began to suck on her erect nipple while I was squeezing the other tit with my free hand while continuing to press my fingers into her cunt. She just remained standing next to me with legs spread leaning hard against me but doing a little bump and grind against my hand that was in her crotch. I took full advantage of her willingness to be fondled and got her nipples very erect with all the sucking and squeezing of her tits. Her pussy was dripping with juices coating my fingers that were buried deep in her cunt. I pulled my fingers from her cunt and slid my hand back toward her asshole and when I felt her little rosebud, I shoved my middle finger into her ass. She immediately pushed her ass downward getting my finger even deeper in her ass saying, “Oh yes Peter, yes, yes play with your mother’s asshole, I love it when you get nasty with me, ohhhhh yes, yessssss, feel me up, I want you even deeper in me, yes, use two fingers, ohhhh fuck I love it you nasty nasty boy. You are going to make me cum again before I even get your cock inside meeee.” It was such a pleasure having my mother react in the way she does while I play with the intimate parts of her body, to have her so willingly let me eat her pussy, suck on her tits, finger fuck her cunt and asshole while she begs for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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