Temmuz 14, 2024

A Short Sext Adventure

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Big Tits

Me: Undress me

Him: I begin kissing you and feeling my way around your sexy body

Him: Then slowly making my way towards unzipping your dress and letting it fall to the ground

Him: I bring you in tight and kiss you some more, all the while running my hands around your body gently touching everywhere

Him: Then you begin to undress me…

Me: I undo each button tortuously slow

Me: When I reach the bottom I pause with my hand on your belt and look up teasingly. I slowly pull the leather loose and tug it free of belt loops.

Me: I release the button on your pants and inch the zipper down. You shrug out of your shirt and I push your pants down past your hips.

Me: I stand on tiptoes, pressing myself against your bare body to reach your lips, my hands curving behind your neck…

Him: We begin to make our way to the bed. I press against you, easing you back until your knees hit the edge of the mattress.

Him: I push you back slowly and you wiggle to the top of the bed and I join you, straddling your hips.

Him: You lay back looking sexy as hell.

Him: I press against you, feeling the skin to skin contact.

Him: I kiss you deeply on the mouth then begin to move down to your neck.

Him: I kiss you neck all the way down to your chest and begin to make a trail to your boobs.

Him: As I kiss one and suck on your nipple, I am massaging your other with my hand.

Him: maltepe escort Then I switch and do the same to the other.

Him: Then I kiss my way back up your chest and neck all the way to your mouth. We kiss passionately for awhile, marveling in the feel of each other. Then I…

Me: Sit up on your hands and knees and take a long wandering look down my body. Your knees hug my hips. You sit back on your heels and skim your fingers gently down my body.

Me: The touch raises goose bumps on my breasts and stomach. Your fingers splay out over my curves until they dance along my panty line.

Me: I already know my thin lace panties are wet with desire.

Me: My heart races at the thought of what’s coming.

Me: You grab the elastic and tug.

Me: The delicate fabric rips with little effort…

Him: As your panties come off, I can feel and see your desire for what is coming.

Him: You sit up and help me out my boxers then lay back down

Him: I enjoy the beautiful sight in front of my for a moment and then i begin to feel around what used to be covered by panties.

Him: I can feel your heat and my penis is rock hard and ready to go.

Him: I start lightly running my hands up your legs from your feet, getting progressively firmer as I move up

Him: I get to you vagina and i begin slowly feeling around it again you look like maslak escort you’re going to explode from the anxiety of me being so close but not actually touching where you want.

Him: I begin to slowly run my finger up and down your vagina relieving that pressure and sending a blissful wave through your body.

Him: I find your clit and then begin running my finger around it and over it.

Him: You begin to rock with my motion and I know you are getting close so I continue with a slightly faster pace.

Him: I can see you’re getting very close so I lean down and get my mouth very close to your vagina while continuing to rub

Him: I lick your clit and you rapidly begin to climax and before you know it your body is shaking because it feels so good

Him: And then you climax

Him: And you are tempted to scream but I quickly come up and kiss you so you moan loudly into my mouth as you cum

Him: I position my penis so that it is pressing up against your vagina

Him: As I am kissing you I rock my hips so that I am running the tip up and down your vagina but not enough that it’s too sensitive

Him: We are kissing passionately and I begin to spread your legs apart and move between them

Him: I position my penis so it is ready to go in but I just rub it up and down so that it is nice and lubed for the next step

Him: I begin to slowly push it in mecidiyeköy escort s we are making out and your eyes roll back and you moan deeply into my mouth…

Me: We move together for several strokes

Me: You pull out and we roll so you’re on your back. I sit on your thighs, legs still spread. My clit rests against the shaft of your erect penis

Me: I run my fingers up it a few times causing you to shiver, then angle myself over you and lower myself down

Me: You look surprised at this new position, but gently roll your hips under me

Me: Your hands grasp my hips and hold me steady as I raise and lower my body from yours in time with your thrusts…

Him: We continue to meet each other’s thrusts as best we can and we get a rhythm going

Him: I know i am about to cum, so i stop thrusting and lean up to kiss you and massage your breasts

Him: We continue like this for a bit, with me still inside you and you grinding a bit side to side as we kiss

Him: I lay back down and we continue thrusting where we left off.

Him: You are lifting yourself up and down, and I have one thumb rubbing your clit and the other is helping you move and to steady you.

Him: I am getting so close to climax, and your vagina is contracting around me…

Me: Your penis grows harder and longer inside me

Me: I gasp and press harder against you

Me: Both our breathing is ragged, we both so close to climax

Me: You stiffen suddenly and I feel you come inside me just as I also feel release.

Me: A few more half-hearted thrusts.

Me: I disentangle myself from you, and lay on my back on the bed beside you.

Me: We lie, spent for the night. Or the next 20 minutes…

The End

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