Eylül 28, 2022

A Santa’s Grotto

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Clutching the scrap of paper that had been handed to me last night and wondering what the hell I was doing here I tapped three hard short knocks on the door, lamenting to the shop bought Christmas wreath that ‘yes it was that time of year again’.

When approached last night I had been in a terrible mood, whether this was obvious or not I have no idea, presumably, it was written in capitals across my chest as the only person who approached me was the stranger who gave me this paper and disappeared back into the frosty night.

Around the Christmas period (before and after) I suggest that there are three types of people; A) Those like the miser scrooge; This type dread Christmas with a ‘bah-humbug’ type of attitude; B) Those who are like excitable children; Counting down the days from the start of advent to the big day in a hyper active, impenetrable vortex and C) Those who have no one and no body to celebrate with and so mimic the characteristics of the first person I mentioned.

I fall somewhere in between numbers one and three, not quite knowing how much of my distaste towards Christmas is genuinely there or part of an automatic defence mechanism, put in place by hurt after so many lonely Christmas’s.

Knowing myself and knowing that I am usually such a ‘sissy, never-try-anything-new’ type of girl I was surprising myself with each step I took away from the bus stop towards my current destination and now I stood at the door waiting to enter I felt nothing short of shock. Adding to the unusualness of the situation was the outfit I had chosen to wear. As a rule I only wore anything ‘sexy’ if put under a lot of pressure from girlfriends and was much more comfortable in loose jeans and baggy T-shirts. Tonight though I had dressed up, and as I hadn’t told anyone where I was going or about my chance encounter with the sexy guy in the street last night, I had no one to blame but myself. Trying to look inconspicuous on the doorstep of a house on a street that looked like something out of the Stepford Wives was not easy. Knowing that under the leather knee length trench coat I had chosen not to wear pants, or anything else, made me grip the bottom of the coat against my thighs nervously.

The house I was standing outside of had no exceptional qualities in comparison to the other detached houses lining the small cul-de-sac. The size, shape and mostly the design of the small front gardens copied each other in uniformly distasteful Christmas decorations. The garden belonging to this house, on the left of where I stood was home to a giant, neon, Santa sleigh and only one reindeer. Looking like a cross between a horse and a donkey, I only identified it as a reindeer because of its shiny red nose!

After what seemed like an age, the door opened, dragging me out of my dreamy, observant state. I was face to face with the guy who had handed me the mysterious note with only this address written on it, looking at him I knew exactly why I had taken a chance and come to meet him.

Tonight he was dressed in scruffy, drain-pipe jeans pulled tight across his skinny hips and a plain T-shirt. This guy was indeed hot!

“I’m Jack”, he introduced. He offered me a rough hand shaking it, I told him my name was Carla inwardly cursing myself. I’d just told a complete stranger my real name, so much for the fantasy element of our meeting! In the past 24 hours when I had been thinking about this meeting I had always used a much sexier name; usually Lolita! Well, too late now.

Turning to let me follow him into the house, I was transfixed by Jacks beautiful arse, causing me to almost trip on the Persian carpet covering the wooden floor in the hall. Cursing myself inwardly again, this time for being such a clutz I stared at the floor, too nervous to pay proper attention to my surroundings.

Handing me a black carrier bag, escort bayanlar the type that porn films are always packaged in and asking me to get ready Jack held out his arm indicating that I should enter the room on my left. Cramped and dimly lit, there was nothing very exciting about the room I now stood in; my heart was beating incredibly fast. As if Jack knew that I was desperate to look in the bag he had handed me he quietly left the room.

Kneeling down on the plush red carpet I removed the lamp and a few make up items from the upturned box that was serving as a table. Frantically shaking the bag upside down onto the table and piling its contents on top of each other, I realised that I was expected to wear the outfit I saw. I took off the coat, naked now except for the knee-high boots and stroked the latex skirt. My nipples stood erect despite the room being quite warm.

I had to wiggle into the green skirt, inching it up my arse. It was barely worth wearing; I could stroke my pussy without even lifting it up. I contemplated stroking myself to an orgasm there and then, I was surely horny enough but decided to wait. Jack had promised me a Christmas to remember and I was eager to find out if he could live up to that promise. For some reason I attracted guys who were into the missionary only position and that didn’t really do it for me! The top Jack had given me was more modest, long sleeves and a tight cut, exposing only the tops of my bra-less breasts. I liked the way it clung to the curve of my pert breasts and the way my nipples pointed through the green fabric. There were only two more items of clothing to put on now, a small pointy green hat and some silk hold-ups. The hold-ups left quite a lot of flesh exposed between their lacy tops and the bottom of the skirt, showing a strip of pale flesh. There was a small mirror on the wall, but the room was so small that I could only see the top half of my body in it. I shook out my hair and ruffled it up a little bit. Putting on the hat, I looked quite the part. My blond hair, messily framed my heart shaped face and my blue eyes shone, probably because of lusty anticipation. I couldn’t see any shoes: not wanting to put my boots back on and ruin the outfit I took small restricted steps around the room, smiling to myself that I was even the right height for an elf.

Thinking that now was probably the time to leave the room I took a deep breath, turned the door handle and headed in the opposite direction of the front door. The corridor was as dimly lit as the room I had just left, the shadows created by the tall candles leapt across by body and made me feel warm. My feet gently padded along the carpet… I was barely breathing, trying to listen for any clues as to what would happen to me. Where was Jack?

Coming to a dead end other than for a spiral staircase leading downwards, I had no other option but to go down. Without hoisting the skirt up above my hips I was unable to spread my legs and so it took a long time to get down the stairs. Still I saw nobody else. Now though the air was filled with Christmas music. I rolled my eyes as I heard the familiar chant of Jingle Bells…I hoped that where ever I was, alcohol would not be in short supply!

At the bottom of the stairs there was only one door, the music was louder as I approached here. Without knocking I pushed open the door.

Wow! This place is amazing. It looked truly beautiful. Small, silvery, flashing fairy lights glitzed around the room, hanging down from the low ceiling, the light catching in the snow flakes blowing around. There was indeed a bar, decorated in the same sparkling lights with an abundance of mistletoe hung from above. At the back of the room I spotted a huge tree. Decorated with seemingly every type of Christmas bauble and tinsel, it was the most amazing Christmas tuzla anal escort tree I have ever seen. Christmas music continued to blare out of the stereo speakers but after the initial shock of walking into a Christmas Grotto I began to pay more attention to the other people in the room. Everyone I saw was female, all very sexy. Dressed in identical outfits to myself and around the same height, it was like I had really walked into a room full of gorgeous little elves. Most people I saw were busy laughing and chatting in small groups or couples. It was extraordinarily hot in the basement room despite wearing so little. I gawped at the women who were already stroking each other lewdly. And watched one girl flick her tongue in and out of anothers mouth the small piercing catching my eye. Jack was nowhere to be seen. All over the place women were getting it on. I’d never had an experience with another girl before except for one time at high school when me and my best friend had played with each others tits. I was much more interested in finding Jack.

A fake cave had been constructed in the far corner of the room. I made my way over there picking up a rum and coke from the bar on the way. The bar was a free-for-all; some of the girls were just hanging out, pouring drink after drink for themselves. If you had been dumped and been dreading Christmas and the overt display of couple-dom that came with it, you were in the best place at this house.

One of the other ‘elves’ stood at the entrance to the cave handing out small gift wrapped parcels to people who walked past. Accepting mine and deciding not to wait I opened it. Inside there was a string of anal beads. Each individual bead was a Santa’s head. Ha ha ha! Very funny! The ‘elf’ who had handed me the gift smiled at me commenting that the gift had been chosen especially for me.

“Jack’s inside.” She said, motioning towards the cave.

So everybody knew I was here because Jack had invited me. I wondered if he had masterminded this whole thing. And if so why out of all these beautiful women was I the only one he was interested in.

The interior of the cave had been decorated as beautifully as the main room, slightly darker and with fake cave paintings of reindeer pulling sleighs and Santa and his wife in various sex positions.

Jack wasn’t dressed-up. He sat, lounging, on a reclining chair, beyond sight of the caves entrance. When he saw me his eyes bulged and followed my small dainty steps. Though not dressed as Santa it seemed appropriate for me to sit on his lap. Doing this caused the already short skirt to ride up further, exposing my naked pussy. Feeling care-free and enjoying the feel of Jack’s large cock pressed against my arse I pretended not to notice. I had planned to ask for explanations as to what this place was and who were all these other people, but that all had been replaced by an urge to sleep with this guy. I had only had one drink but felt intoxicated…not by alcohol but perhaps by the over whelming Christmas spirit in the air.

Jack kissed the back of my neck, sensing his urgency I let myself relax into his arms. He held me closely but gently at the same time. His lips felt silky against my skin, I realised how horny I had been since arriving and dressing up as an ‘elf’. He must’ve heard me gasp because his hand now rested gently at the top of my thigh above the stocking top. Not moving any higher but circling the flesh and tracing patterns on my skin with his short fingernails, his breath was also quickening. I tried to reach between my thighs to stroke his hard cock but his hand movements were making it hard to concentrate. I couldn’t believe that I had only just met this guy. It seemed he had been touching me all my life, he moved his hands and knew exactly how to touch; as if I were doing it myself. Knowing escort tuzla bayan that if he continued I would have an orgasm on his lap, I stood up, dizzy but strong enough to put my hand on his chest indicating that he should stay sat down. After unbuttoning his shirt, trying to pace myself rather than just ripping the thing off, I licked his chest. He tasted so good, only slightly sweaty. As I was running my tongue around his hard stomach, I unzipped his tight jeans, pulling them down with my hands. He wasn’t wearing underwear. I began to lick his balls but it was like there was an urgency in the air that prevented me from doing any more foreplay. I had a feeling that we would have all night together and wanted his hard cock inside of me at that moment. I got up and stood facing the wall, moving my arse in what I hoped was a seductive dance. It seemed to work, Jack pretty much jumped across the room, naked except for his undone shirt. He grabbed my hands with one of his, holding them against the wall and using the other to guide his cock into me. Thrusting in hard, it was amazing how good he felt. My skirt was tight around my hips and my hair was sticking to my head because of my sweat. I had to lean against the wall for support; the room was spinning and flashing around me. It all seemed like madness. It didn’t take long for us to both come, that rare occurence of coming at the same time. We collapsed together on the floor, me feeling tearful after such an amazing orgasm him also looking pretty spaced. I cuddled up to him, wishing that this feeling could outlast the whole Christmas period. I tried not to let onto him that I had fallen for him big time. I had never had such amazing sex and the fairy lights made everything look so magical.

In the morning when I woke up I was still in Jack’s arms. He looked gentler and calmer than the previous times we had spoke. Tenderly he stroked my hair and explained the whole reason behind his Christmas Grotto to me. Speaking slowly and nervously he said:

“I do it every year. After being dumped by my fiance at Christmas a few years ago and realising how shit it was to be alone at Christmas…I wanted to give people a place where they could come have great sex or company and get away from their worries over Christmas.

I had bought this house planning to live here with my fiance…her name was Sarah.

It didn’t take long to renovate the basement into the Grotto. I stay in the cave for most of the party, although other people seem to have a great time, I’ve never really got over the hurt…that is up until now, I’ve never really wanted to speak to anybody over Christmas, it’s just nice to hear other people having a good time, reminded me there’s still hope for me.”

I was relieved that he didn’t sleep with everybody and knew that he was not lying when he said he didn’t usually meet his guests. I had a couple more questions but as if he could read my thoughts he answered before I had even said anything.

“The costumes help people to get over their inhibitions, and so they just have a good time. Usually people get invited by friends of friends who have come before, so there’s never any trouble just a group of girl friends. There’s an unwritten no man policy, men aren’t capable of the sort of relationship that the people who come here need plus, if there were men, heartbroken women would feel more suspicious and it would be harder for them to have a good time. I’m thinking of setting up a similar Christmas Grotto for men next year…if you would help.” I could barely stop myself from grinning.

“And” he said “I have a confession. After seeing you in the street I knew I had to see you again but I felt too scared to ask you out and be turned down, so technically last night was sort of a first date. I didn’t want you to feel out of place here, hence the reason why I gave you the elf costume but really I knew you’d look damn hot and couldn’t resist the thought!” He smiled down at me with a dirty look in his eye and I playfully punched his chest. Holding me tight and close to him he whispered

“Merry Christmas” in my ear.

I replied with “and a Happy New Year”.

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