Eylül 28, 2022

A Quiet Place Ch. 01

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– Make the beds

– Fix the squeaky step

– Put away food

– Clean windows

– Dust

– Sweep floors

– Trim back bushes

– Rehang the tire swing

– Check bikes

– Fix the kitchen sink

The list seemed to go on and on. When Brandon’s wife Holly suggested renting a lake house for a few weeks it had sounded like fun. He was regretting giving in to her now. They were sharing the place with three other couples and they had come up a day early to get settled in. Their own kids were at a summer camp nearby and they would pick them up in the morning.

“I’m no good at making beds,” Brandon reminded Holly, hoping that he could get out of the more frustrating tasks. Trying to figure out the fitted sheet always ended with him raging.

“Kira can help you with those,” Holly stated bossily over her shoulder as she walked out the kitchen door with a bucket in her hand. “I’m starting on the windows down here. You guys can start on the kids’ room upstairs.”

Brandon groaned outwardly because he’d lost the battle, but he was also groaning because it meant spending time with Kira. Mmmm, Kira.

Kira was the college freshman that regularly watched their son and daughter on date nights. She also helped Holly when Brandon traveled for business. At 5’2″, Kira was slender. Her long, tan, trim legs seemed to stretch for miles out of the adorable jean shorts she wore. Her chestnut hair hung down her back, almost to her waist. She was constantly pushing the long strands out of her eyes, the unruly tresses falling over her shoulders, hiding her small, perky breasts from lustful eyes.

For the most part, Brandon was a gentleman with Kira. Even though he was only 42, he didn’t want to be the creepy old guy that made her job uncomfortable for her. He was always personable and kind to Kira, joking with her about movies that they’d both watched or how she felt about her class subjects.

Lately, however, he couldn’t help being more lascivious, more dry, and more ornery. He’d started slipping sexual innuendos into those same, innocent discussions. Careful to keep his expression blank, Brandon wanted to keep her guessing. He’d watch her pause and wonder if he was hitting on her, but he never took it any further so she could never quite be sure he was being lewd on purpose. He liked it best when she would blush. Her cheeks coloring prettily, her breath coming in shallow puffs so that it pushed her breasts against the thin, baggy t-shirts that were always hanging off of her shoulders.

Behaving today was going to be hard. Frankly, Brandon wasn’t sure he cared enough to try. Flirting with Kira would help pass the time as they tackled his wife’s honey-do list.

“You heard the woman,” he said, turning to look down into Kira’s big blue eyes, “you better get on those sheets!” He let the innuendo hang as he merrily handed her a stack of sheets from the laundry room. Together they marched up the wide staircase while he enjoyed the view of her swaying backside from behind.

When they reached the top of the stairs, she stopped short, unsure of which direction to go. Brandon came up behind her and whispered into her ear, “The last door on the left.” His breath fluttered the hair on her neck and he saw goosebumps form on her skin. He slid by her, barely brushing her as he passed.

Brandon could feel Kira’s eyes on him as he walked down the hall grinning wickedly to himself. Maybe he would like changing the sheets after all.

This room had two sets of bunk beds set along one wall. The bottom bunks jutted outward and there were two ladders in the middle for the kurtköy rus escort top bunks. Brandon set his stack of twin sheets on a toy box and walked over to where Kira unfurled a fitted sheet.

“I really am hopeless,” he reiterated to her amusement.

“Then maybe you should stay out of my way and just… watch,” she stated that last word with purpose and watched for his reaction. Brandon allowed a small smile to lift the corner of his mouth, cocking an eyebrow in her direction. She turned and bent over the mattress, her jean shorts stretching over her ass, rising up to expose the tops of her soft thighs.

Even though Kira had meant her words as a challenge, she was only playing. She was surprised and alarmed when she felt Brandon come up behind her.

“Ah-um,” she exhaled loudly, freezing. She was stretched over the mattress, reaching to get the elastic around the furthest corner.

“Shhhh,” he coaxed. “You were showing me how right?”

Kira paused—her ass in the air—she tried to decide what to do next. Her brain didn’t seem to be working because the only thing she could think to do was to finish making the bed just as he’d suggested.

She reached over for the next corner and took a step back. Brandon’s hands came up to her hips so that he could move with her, grinding his hardened cock—covered in khaki cargo shorts—against her pert rear end. The friction hurt, but it was also kind of thrilling. Kira’s embarrassment was strong as she swallowed hard and stood. Trying to gather her dignity, she wasn’t sure what to do next.

As she stood, Brandon turned her around so that they stood toe-to-toe. Kira seemed oddly interested in those toes now if only to avoid looking into Brandon’s eyes. Wordlessly, Brandon slipped a cupped hand under Kira’s chin and lifted her jaw until their eyes meet. Hers—pale blue, clear, shimmering with unshed tears of anxiety and question. His—chocolate brown (molten and melted), his gaze searing into her. His question like a lightning bolt; arching from deep in her chest, through her womb, and into her aching pussy.

She knows what he’s asking. Or rather, his glance tells her what he’s promising. The question is, is she is willing to go along with him?

“How far am I really willing to let this go?!” She asked herself. Still no brilliant answers.

Kira looked up into Brandon’s eyes, pleading, but unsure of what she’s asking. “Brandon, I—,” she started.

“Shhh,” Brandon whispered, drawing a line down her neck with his finger.

“But, what about—,” she tried again.

“Shhh,” Brandon reiterated, placing his finger on her lips this time. “You’re going to have to be very quiet if you don’t want Holly to hear.”

“Hear what?” She asked, knowing the answer anyway.

“Weren’t you showing me how to make the bed?” He asked innocently.

Kira looked down, this time confused. “Why am I disappointed?” She asked herself, fidgeting with the edge of the sheet.

Grabbing a new set of sheets, she stepped over to the ladder. Climbing with one hand, she set the sheets on the mattress and started to unfold them.

As she arranged the bottom sheet, she felt Brandon’s hands on her hips.

“Mmmmm,” he growled, inhaling her scent. She felt his face between her cheeks. His hot breath through her shorts.

She yelped out in surprise at the intrusion.

“Shhhh,” he scolded sternly with a smile in his voice. “I’ve told you that you must be quiet.”

Kira froze for a moment to confirm Holly’s location in the house. She can still hear the Bluetooth speaker and small movements downstairs.

Brandon kurtköy otele gelen escort growled again to get her attention and motorboated into her damp crease. This time Kira bit back her moan, squeezing her eyes tight, swallowing hard.

“Make sure to get the corners nice and tight,” Brandon ordered with humor in his voice and stepped away.

Her face aflame, Kira finished the top bunk and climbed down. Brandon was arranging pillows and a quilt on the first bed when she climbed the ladder to the second bunk.

This time, Kira felt strong hands reach around her waist and unbutton her shorts. Closing her eyes, she felt the rub of every tooth on her zipper give way. Lowering her shorts, Brandon ran his fingertips up the backs of Kira’s legs and grasped her thighs under her plump cheeks. Lifting them up and apart with his thumbs, her purple panties bunched into her ass.

The change of events was so brazen and sudden that Kira can hardly grab hold of reality. She knew she should be worried about her vulnerable position—almost naked, on a ladder, being caressed by her employer. It was all bad, but it hardly seemed real. There couldn’t possibly be consequences for something that she could barely control or understand.

Brandon brought her back to the moment by planting a kiss in the middle of her lower back, making Kira shiver and thrill. He kissed lower and hooked his thumbs around the lace trim of her panties, stretching them just beneath her ass cheeks. He started licking and sucking again, drawing designs on her body with his lips and tongue.

She began to whimper as the gentle sensations of his mouth began to unsettle her. She stopped herself immediately, but not before he looked up at her sternly and spanked her sharply.

She smashed her face into the mattress to muffle her cries. Brandon climbed up a couple of rungs on the ladder and leaned down over her to whisper in her ear.

“Shhhh, little one,” he barely exhaled, teasing her with his breath. He flicked out his tongue onto the shell of her ear and traced it down, sucking her ear lobe into his mouth, gently nipping with his teeth. He continued biting and sucking down her neck and stepped back to the ground.

Brandon’s trailing fingers stroked Kira’s quivering legs down to her ankles. He grasped her ankles and helped her step out of her shorts and underwear. Looking over her shoulder, the intimacy made Kira blush. She bit down on her lip and hid her face again.

Again, Brandon ran his hands up Kira’s smooth thighs. Again, he parted her cheeks with his thumbs. This time, he watched them open up to reveal Kira’s soft, wet, pink lips and her ruffled asshole.

“Look at how wet you are,” Brandon whispered reverently to Kira.

Still holding her apart, he leaned in and kissed her all over. He dragged his lips over the peach fuzz on her cheeks and licked the line where her ass met her thighs. He sucked and nuzzled, but he avoided Kira’s pussy. He teased and licked so close, but wouldn’t make contact.

He could tell that his seductions were working. Kira writhed under his touch, trying to get a better angle, trying to force him.

He smiled and whispered, “On my terms little one.” He smacked her ass hard. She cried out.

“Uh, uh, uh,” he chided. “You’re supposed to be quiet.”

“Everything okay up there?” Holly’s voice rang out from the bottom of the stairs.

Heart banging in her chest, Kira choked out, “Just stubbed my toe, Holly. I’m such a klutz!”

“Be careful!” Holly called back and walked across the hardwood floors, returning to her work.

“That’s right, be careful,” Brandon mocked and then added impishly, “Be quiet little one.”

Without warning, he plunged his tongue into her soaking pussy. Kira clutched for a pillow and buried her head to stifle the sounds of her pleasure.

“So. Fucking. Good.” Kira thought to herself as Brandon stroked in and out of her with his tongue. Sucking her lips between his own, he stretched them and nibbled on them. His hands rubbed the globes of Kira’s ass, spreading her apart so that he could reach deeper and deeper with his tongue. She yearned to call out again.

Each time Kira neared orgasm, Brandon would slow down. Anytime she got close, he would pull back, placing soft kisses on her pubic bone, tonguing her taint. Each time her heart rate settled, he would start again, inching her closer and closer to madness. After the fifth time, she lifted her head up and quaked out, “Please?”

Brandon chuckled and crooned, “Of course, baby. Let me help you out.”

He gently placed a possessive a hand on her lower back and pressed down, forcing her to arch her back. Reaching his other hand between her legs, he rubbed two fingers up and down her dripping twat. His fingers lingered on her pulsing clit then slid up and down her pussy lips, collecting juices. Pushing past her lips, he eased inside her. Her mouth formed a silent “oh” as his strong fingers invaded her. Guys had fingered her in high school, but nothing like this. Brandon’s fingers seemed to fill her. His hands moved slowly and began to stroke parts of her she didn’t know she had.

Slowly at first—an agony in anticipation—Brandon drew his fingers out and paused at the last moment, twisting a little before popping out the final centimeter. It was delicious torture. He would then sink his fingers back into her grateful pussy and start stroking again.

This too brought Kira achingly close to release, and Brandon could only smile when he heard her punch the pillow when he stopped again.

After a brief pause (when he pinched and stroked her swollen clit) he sunk his fingers back inside her warm center. This time, instead of stroking, they were searching. With his middle and forefingers facing the front of her body, he began putting pressure into her abdomen from the inside as he stroked in and out.

Brandon knew when he’d found the right spot because Kira’s body spasmed and he had to press down hard on her back to keep her from squirming. He had her right where he wanted her.

He returned to his work, this time shortening his strokes and pressing down into Kira’s g-spot giving her wave, after wave of pleasure.

Kira’s body stiffened at the onslaught, Brandon’s hand was a blur attacking her pussy. The smacking sounds grew louder as he pummeled faster and faster, cream coating his fingers.

Her pleasure mounted, building higher and higher. Each time his fingers hit their mark, Kira was pushed beyond the point of reason. Over and over again he stroked her further from herself. She feared that she might not be able to stand another moment. At the same time, she feared that she wouldn’t survive if the moment ended.

On the edge of orgasm, Brandon leaned down and stuck his stiff tongue into her perfect ass. The moment shattered and so did Kira, her legs quaking, holding her breath for fear of screaming. Kira came in actual waves this time, splashing down around her legs, wetting Brandon’s too before pooling onto the floor.

After the world stopped spinning for Kira, Brandon pulled his fingers out of her sore and satisfied pussy and helped her down off of the ladder. He stood with his arms around her, bracketing her from falling over and while she figured out how to stand again.

Smiling mischievously down at her, Brandon put his pussy-soaked finger to her lips and whispered, “Shhh.” And then turned and walked out the door.

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