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A New Ray of Light

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“Come on Jane! You’re going to miss the show!”

“Um, I can’t come tonight. I have a report to finish.”

“That’s what you said last weekend! Now cut the crap and come on!”

“I’m really sorry Kate. But I really can’t.”

That was the usual talk on weekends between Jane, and her only friend Kate. Jane had always been a lonely and shy girl, and three years of college had done nothing to improve the situation. Every weekend Kate would go out with her friends, begging Jane to come along. But Jane never went. Maybe it was because she never trusted anybody. Maybe she lacked confidence or courage. Nobody knew why. Not even Jane herself.

Jane was 21 years old. She had blonde hair, soft smooth skin, average sized breasts, thin and slender waist, and thin arms and legs. Though she looked very thin, she was by no means unhealthy. In short, she was a perfectly beautiful woman. And yet, she had, until this time, never gone out with anybody. No dates, no parties, nothing. Needless to say, she had never had sex. She didn’t even masturbate. Though she was well aware of the phenomenon of self stimulation, she never felt the need.

It was a Saturday night when Kate had again in vain asked Jane to accompany her and her friends. After a long time of pleading, when Kate finally left, Jane returned to what she was doing before her interruption. She was reading Hamlet by Shakespeare. Yes, she was one of the few people who read for fun.

She closed the book and leaned back on the sofa. Her glasses were almost down to the edge of her nose. She put them off and closed her eyes. Her mind was still trapped in the entities of the book. She remembered how each character had a mate. She tried to imagine what it would feel like to kiss somebody on the lips; what it would feel like to touch their tongue…


Her microwave gave a cry of triumph as it had successfully completed it’s task of preparing food for it’s mistress.

Her train of thoughts interrupted, she cleared her mind. For the first time it occurred to her that she was missing something by not going out with Kate, or for that matter anyone else. She felt a little sad that she couldn’t go out on dates because till today no boy had asked her out. Maybe it was because of her image as a sexless person. Her glasses, and her full sleeves shirt and full length trousers were partially to blame. However, one girl had once asked her out in high school. But she didn’t agree, as she denounces the whole idea of homosexuality. But maybe she should have gone out with her, she thought. It wouldn’t have hurt. And besides, Kate’s a lesbian too. And she’s also her best friend. They would have made a great couple. She could have moved in with her. Then every night they would huddle up together on their bed and …


Her microwave gave another threatening cry that said turn me off. This interruption brought her back into the real world. She wasn’t a lesbian. Not until now. She wasn’t even sure that she was straight. But she was definitely sure that she wasn’t a lesbian.

She got up and turned off the microwave. She couldn’t eat. Her appetite had been ruined by this identity crisis.


She was sitting in the college canteen waiting for Kate. Just then, for the first time in her life, a boy came up to her and asked if the seat was taken. He was a young man, about 25 years of age, had a muscular and well built body, and was extremely handsome. Moreover, he was the most popular boy in the college.

Jane was taken aback. She had never spoken to a boy before, at least not in the absence of Kate. She could only nod in reply.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Paul, Paul Mitchell.”

Trembling, she shook the hand which was offered to her.

“I’m the captain of the basketball team. Maybe you’ve noticed me around here.”

She could only nod.

“Listen, I was hoping that if you weren’t doing anything this weekend, maybe we could have dinner together.”

Jane was amazed! The most handsome boy in college was asking her out on a date! She couldn’t believe her ears! Instead of all the hot and skimpily clad girls, he chose her! She had gone over this conversation a million times since her high school days.

She nodded to show that she had agreed to go with him.

“Great! Then I’ll pick you up on Saturday at 8. Fine with you?”

She nodded again.

“Ok then! It’s a date. See you on Saturday!”

He stood up and left the table.

As she watched him go she saw Kate coming towards her. She was wearing a sleeveless top and a very short miniskirt. Jane couldn’t help noticing that the upper button of her top was open. She could partially see her cleavage. Moving down, she saw that the lower part of her tits was visible though her top. Her belly was bare. She had a wonderfully shaped abdomen, partially due to the fact that she worked out at the gym twice every week. Further down, her crotch was visible through the upper part of her skirt when she walked. And her legs were absolutely beautiful. illegal bahis All in all, Jane had noticed once again how beautiful her best friend was.

“Why did you talk to him?”

Kate shouted at the top of her voice.

Jane was somewhat unnerved by this sudden out burst. Kate had never spoken to her this way.


Kate shouted even louder. Evidently, the silence of the shy and now terrified girl had added fuel to her anger. But then she saw the look on Jane’s face, and somehow controlled herself. She sat down on the chair beside her.

“Why was he here?” She asked her in a slower tone.

“He asked me out on a date.”

“He did what? That crazy son of a bitch.” Kate had raised her voice again.

Jane looked up. She saw hatred in the eyes of Kate. Pure hatred. Not against her. But against the first boy that had asked her out. Why? Maybe because she didn’t want Jane to go out with a guy. Had Paul been a girl it would have been different. Or maybe Kate wants her all to herself…

“What did you say?”


“What did you say when he asked you to go out with him?” Kate repeated her question.

“I agreed.”

“What? Are you out of your mind? You want to go out with Paul? This is insane.” Kate shook her head.

“I can’t let you go out with him.”


Jane was getting ready for her date. She wore a black dress, just up to her knees. It was cut low enough to show enough of her cleavage. It wasn’t exactly an obscene dress, but by her standards, it was wild enough. She took off her glasses and replaced them on the side stand. She won’t be needing them, not at least today. She took her purse, and put a couple of hundred dollar bills into it, just in case she had to pay. She had been saving for this day practically her whole life. Then she put in her mobile phone, just in case she had to call Kate to pick her up from his place in the morning. She also put two condoms into it, as she was well aware of the situations that could arise if they didn’t use one. She had decided long ago that she would definitely have sex on a date if the opportunity presented itself, as she didn’t want to die without ever having sex. And who would be better for her first time than the most popular boy in college. She had deduced by her small conversation with her that he was a caring and warm kind of guy, and considering that it would be her first time, he would be a little delicate. The very thought of it sent a tingle down her spine.

She looked at the clock. It was 7:30.

“My love, I’m home!”

Kate’s voice boomed at she entered the hall and turned towards the bedroom in which Jane was dressing herself. Strange as it was, Kate used to go out on Saturday evenings and always managed to return in an hour or two. She would rent a video, often a comic flick, and then both girls would watch it and laugh their heads off. Some times it would be a romantic one, and both would hug each other and cry until their eyes went sore. At other occasions it would be a horror one, and Kate would cuddle up to Jane, and both would fall asleep in each others’ arms innocently. By innocently I mean that there was no sex involved. Though Kate’s place was much farther away from Jane’s, she would still manage to stay at Jane’s place as late as possible. Part of the reason was that Jane was insecure. Much of her life, about 10 years of it, Kate had completely dominated her world. She had protected the little angel from the cruelties of the outside world. Jane also liked Kate’s company very much and felt safe and secure when she was with her.

“Look, I’ve bought Titanic. They say it’s the most romantic movie ever made. It’s absolutely fantastic … whoa!”

Kate was left completely speechless. Jane was looking so beautiful that Kate was mesmerized. Pure, innocent beauty is always fascinating. She looked like an angel from heaven. For the first time Kate saw those great blue eyes. Those beautiful eyes, which had a lot to say, but no means to convey it’s emotions. She wanted to capture this moment in her eyes forever. She wanted time to stop where it was for all eternity. She had Jane’s friend for more than 10 years but she was never prepared for a sight as beautiful as this. She was completely bowled over…

Then reality overtook her and brought her back from her fantasy world.

She quickly remembered something and with some effort, recovered herself.

“Why are you dressed like this?”

“Did you forget that I have a date tonight?”

“I already told you that you couldn’t go.”

Jean had already prepared herself for an argument such as this.

“But why shouldn’t I? It’s my first chance. I’ve waited for this day my whole life. Why are you ruining this for me?”

“Why do you want to go out with that guy? Why is this date so much important to you? You have me. We have a lot of fun together. Why do you insist upon going out with him?”


“Why? Because why? Tell me Jane! Why?”

“Because I want to be like the other illegal bahis siteleri girls. I want to have a boyfriend like they do. It’s true that I have you for my friend. And you are my best friend. But there is much more to life than friendship. I want romance in my life. I want a love life.” Jane hesitated a little, pondered whether she had said more than enough, and then added “I want to have sex.”

Kate was thunderstruck. It was for the first time that the subject of sex had been raised between them.

“I understand your needs, and I respect them. But you must not go out tonight. We will find a suitable guy who is worthy of you. Just do as you are told and drop the idea of this date.”

“Why don’t you want me to go out tonight? What’s wrong with this guy?”

“He’s a playboy, that’s what he is. He takes advantage of his good looks and fools girls into having sex with him. Then he throws them away like used toilet paper. Typical of him, like most other guys.”

“So that’s it.” Jane was angry for the first time in her life, ” You don’t want me to have sex with guys. You want me to become a lesbian too, just like you.”

Kate was taken aback by these words. She couldn’t believe that Jane could say such things.

“I’m tired of you making all the decisions in my life, Kate. Now I want to be in charge of my own life.” Jane continued her outburst, “You have sex every other day, and now I’m about to do it for the first time in my life, and you have the audacity to stop me? Why are you being so selfish? Why?”

Kate’s eyes were brimming with tears by now. She was heartbroken.

“Why, you ask? How can I let an angel like you fall into the hands of a devil like him? He is a real devil. After he’s through with you, you’ll be a broken wreck of a human being. He’s an animal of lust. Why do you want to go undergo all this?”

Jane’s anger was growing, “The question here is, why do you care about me so much?”

Kate had had enough. She wiped the tears from her eyes, and confronted Jane.

“You want to know why I care about you so much? Its because I’m in love with you. And for your kind information, I have never had sex in my entire life. I couldn’t do it with anyone else besides you, but I was always afraid to ask you lest I should lose your friendship. I was contented to limit our relationship to our being good friends because that way at least I got to stay close to you. Even now, you may hate me, but in my heart, there is only place for one person. And that person is you.”

With these words and her eyes full of tears, Kate left.

It was Jane’s turn to be surprised by what had just happened. Before she could think of something, the doorbell rang.

“It’s me, Paul.”

Jane opened the door.

“Let’s go.” said Paul.

“Yes, let’s go.” replied Jane.

During the whole journey in the car, from the house to the place where they were going for their date, Jane kept thinking about Kate. It was evident that she had hurt her feelings. Kate loved her, and never said anything. She remembered how when she had the flu, Kate would come by four times in a day to make sure that she took her medicine. Whenever she got the fever, Kate used to sit up all night long applying wet towels on her forehead so that she would get well soon. These and so many little things came back to her, and her mind began to swarm with memories, until…

The car came to a stop.

It was a wild place; something like a clean patch in the woods. In her train of thoughts Jane didn’t observe where they were going. There were two other guys waiting for them.

“Let me introduce you to the basketball team.” Paul said and got out of the car.

“See guys”, he yelled to the others, “I’ve still got it! This is going to be a fun evening after all!”

One of the guys, which she identified to be Mark, one of her college mates, came up and stuck a revolver at Jane, “Get out of the car.”

She was now terrified. Only if she had listened to Kate. Only if…

Two of them held her by her arms, while one of them produced a knife and tried to cut off the dress off her. In the process he caused a deep cut in her left arm, from which blood immediately started to ooze out like water from a fountain. The guys started to laugh. “This is not the only place of your body which would be bleeding today”, one of them said between giggles.

Due to the sudden loss of blood Jane fainted.

When she recovered, Jane found that she was naked and was now lying on her back. The two guys were holding her by each arm. But such restraint was not required as she was very weak from the loss of blood. The free one opened his trousers and took out his cock. Jane was now crying, but it wasn’t having any effect on them. The man first entered her slowly till he reached a blockade – her hymen. “She’s a virgin!”, he said. Everyone started laughing again. He then entered her again with a strong push up to all the way in. Jane cried in pain, but the cry fell on deaf ears. The man started pushing in canlı bahis siteleri and out, and by now her pussy was sore and bleeding. She was suffering from acute pain and screaming all the time, but the man kept thrusting until he suddenly stopped, gave one last deep push and unloaded himself deep inside her. The other guys cheered him on. When he withdrew himself, her pussy was a bloody mess.

“It’s my turn now. But I’ll fill her up on the other end.” Paul said with a snigger.

He opened his pants, took out his cock and stroked it a few times. Then he inserted it into her mouth and began to fuck her mouth. He came almost immediately, as the situation seemed to arouse him. She almost choked to her death.

After he was done, they all went under the shade of a nearby tree and opened up beer bottles. Then Paul began to describe how he had fucked his previous victim and then later had shot her with a gun up her cunt.

Jane couldn’t bear to look at herself. She only hoped that they would kill her too. She couldn’t live any longer now. She felt extreme pain in her stomach and below it. She suddenly saw that all three of them were sitting with their backs turned towards her. She tried to get up but couldn’t. She looked around her and saw her purse lying near her. She thought about how happily she had set it up for this day which was supposed to be the most beautiful one of her life. Then she remembered something. She took her purse and took her cell phone out of it. She had Kate on speed dial. She could only think of her at the moment. There wasn’t anybody else. She pressed the “call” button.


“Ordering Ham? I have a piece of meat for you right here.”

Mark had shot the phone right out of her hand. It now lay 3 yards from her in a million pieces.”

The first guy, who had had her pussy said to him, “Hey Mark, where’re you gonna take her? It’s your turn now!”

Mark unzipped his pants and turned her over, “I’ve got a special place reserved for myself.”

The others, as they realized his intentions, began to cheer him.

He opened her wide, and entered her ass with a strong push. Jane screamed out in pain. She continued to scream in vain until finally she passed out.

She was unconscious for a long time. When she woke up, all the guys were fully dressed up. She was covered in cum and was bleeding from her pussy, her ass and the earlier cut on the arm. Her stomach and lower area was aching painfully. Paul came up to her and kicked her hard in the face, “Thanks for the fuck, bitch.”

He then stooped down and grabbed her by her hair, “You see this gun, bitch?”, he said pointing a gun at her temple, “This is your death, bitch. Look at it closely. You have fulfilled your destiny. This is exactly the reason of the existence of women. They are nothing but objects of desire, which are to be thrown away after they have been used.” He uncocked the gun.

Jane closed her eyes.

Just then something happened which caused her to open her eyes again.

A car had just came screeching down the road and came to a halt right in front of them. A girl, aged somewhat similar to Jane stepped out with an angry expression.


Before Paul had time to do anything, Kate drew a revolver from behind her back and shot him right in the eye.

The third guy drew his revolver too but he was too late. Kate drove a bullet right through his head.

Mark was petrified. At an instant he was down on his knees begging for mercy.

“GET UP!” shouted Kate.

He obliged and got up. Kate lowered the gun from his face and shot him in his family jewels. He gave a dreadful cry and went down forever. Kate threw the gun at his dead body.

She looked across and saw Jane lying in a pool of her own blood. She went to her and helped her to sit up. Jane started crying again. Seeing this, Kate started to cry too. Both hugged each other and cried in each others’ arms. It was evident that Kate was crying more than Jane.

Three weeks pass by.

Jane was recovering very rapidly, but the mental damage had been much more than the physical one. Kate took leave from college and spent every waking moment with Jane. She took good care of her.

One more week passes by.

It was another Saturday evening. Kate and Jane were planning to watch TV as usual, when there was a sudden knock on the door.

“I’ll see who that is. You want something?” Kate asked Jane.

“No thanks”.

“I’ll be right back.” Kate kissed Jane on the forehead.

As she went to the door and opened it, a tall young man walked in.

“Officer Jack of the NYPD Victims Unit Department, ma’am. I’ve come to ask you a few questions.”

“About what?”

“About a shootout incident which happened about 4 weeks ago in which 3 young men lost their lives.”

Kate didn’t even twitch, “But why have you come to me?”

The officer smiled, “My buddies call me New York’s answer to Sherlock Holmes. And they’ve got a pretty good reason for doing so. Till now I’ve never been unsuccessful in a case.”

“There’s always a first time” Kate answered.

“Ah, using sarcasm, are we? Well, coming to the point, I know that it was you who shot one man in the eye, one in the head and the last one in his family jewels.”

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