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A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 06

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Many thanks, once again, to tangentjoker for editing this story.

This story is about an incestuous relationship. All the characters are age 18, or more.

To better understand this story you may want to read the previous chapters.


My last exam was Tuesday morning. I had a few days before graduation so I used the time packing things at my apartment. My roommate wasn’t returning the following year. He had a job lined up after graduation. We did the town together as a way of saying goodbye. There were quite a few girls out, too, but none of them interested me. I had all I needed, or wanted. My mother, and now, her sister Janet were more than enough. My roommate did score, though. I didn’t see him again for two days.

Mother was going to arrive Thursday evening. Her sisters would be arriving Friday. Everyone planned to stay until Sunday.

I talked, on the phone, with Mother. She told me, “Janet made it a point to let me know that Earl would not be at the graduation. He has to work that weekend. She also told me that she let Earl convince her to try oral, after they had watched some porn together. She said Earl is turning into a pretty good lover, but she doesn’t intend to give up her relationship with us. She doesn’t intend to tell Earl about us, either.

“I have news about Edith. Janet says they got down to the nitty-gritty. Edith has the hots for family, too. She wants to be part of our little group. Janet told me that they thought about the two of them making love, but decided to wait until we were all together. At least for the first time.”

“It’s going to be a very interesting weekend,” I told Mother. “Do we have any plans?”

Mother laughed, “I hope you can handle three horny ladies, Sweetheart.”

Thursday afternoon my mother called me when she had checked into the hotel. She had left work at noon. It didn’t take me long to get there.

As soon as she let me into her room, we were in each other’s arms. We rained kisses on each other.

I whispered to her, “I feel like eating you.”

“Oh baby, I’ve been wet for two days thinking about you. My panties are soaked from the drive here. Get undressed,” she told me as she led me to the bed. I stripped quickly, but a bit clumsily.

She pulled her skirt up as I slid to my knees in front of her. I pressed my head into her mound, enjoying the fragrance of arousal that seeped through the silk of her panties. I ran my hands along her nylon clad thighs to the top of the panties. I pulled them over her hips, letting them fall to her feet. She stepped out of them. She sat on the side of the bed, her skirt lifted, her legs spread wide in an erotic display of lust.

I gazed at her pussy. The warm, wet Shangri-La inviting me, wanting me. The pleasing triangle of brown hair capping it. Trimmed, but only the wilder parts. I liked her pussy crowned with hair. I liked to rub my face on it. I liked the feel of it on my skin as I ate her cunt.

I loved eating my mother while she was fully dressed or almost fully dressed. Something about her bare pussy hidden beneath a skirt, dress, or a nightgown was terribly exciting for me. My sexual fantasies were filled with images of myself kneeling before her, lifting the hem of whatever garment she was wearing. I dreamed of exposing the glory of her pussy, her hot cunt. I imagined the scents of aroused woman; the taste of my mother’s juices; the raspy feel of her nylons against my bare skin. These things aroused me to unimagined heights.

That day, the muskiness was strong. Her arousal sent signals to the world. It told of her want, her need. She didn’t want foreplay. Her fingers grabbed my hair; drawing my face to her heat; to her hot, deep, womanhood. She rubbed her slick juices over my face, scent marking me as her own. My eager lips and tongue sucked her, licked, ate her, and made her cum. My mother’s legs clasped me and squeezed me. Her heels drummed on my back. I heard incoherent cries as orgasms took her; made her wild. My cock was rock hard, throbbing. I stood and plunged my manhood into her. Her legs clasped my hips. I fucked my mother; thrusting into her hot, slick, cunt. She met my lunges with welcoming cries. She held me with her nylon clad legs. Her arms reached for me. Her lips were wet and slack. Her face was an incoherent mask of lust. I filled her cunt with my cum. My body sang with release, with the joy of orgasm.

I slid to my knees, unable to support myself. I rested my head on her thigh, between her lewdly spread legs, and watched our mixed cum seep from hot depths of her pussy. I licked it from her and stood on tottering legs to lie on the bed with Mother.


Mother and her sisters, Janet and Edith, along with myself, were all gathered in mother’s suite. It was late Friday afternoon. It was the day before my graduation ceremony. We were preparing to dine at the hotel restaurant. Janet and Edith had each had a couple of glasses of wine. My mother hadn’t had any, at least not yet. She had told bahis firmaları me earlier she wanted to keep a clear head.

Aunt Edith looked a lot like a dark haired version of her sister, Janet. I could see she wore nylons under a shortish skirt.

At the restaurant both my aunts had a margarita before dinner. Mother and I had coffee. The women were chatting. I was keeping quiet unless a remark or question was directed at me.

By the time dinner was over, Janet and Edith had a glow on. They were not drunk, but pleasantly high. We all went back to mother’s suite.

After a couple of more wines, Aunt Edith said, “Mary, I’ve always wondered how you and David resolved the incident at the lunch. The time you had too much to drink. Now that I know the answer, I have to say I approve.

“Not only do I approve, it makes me hot, too. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend since Janet told me everything.”

Janet was sitting next to Aunt Edith on the couch. She put her arm around her sister and pulled her close for a kiss on the lips. There was nothing sisterly about it. I whispered to Mother that she should join them. She sat on the other side of Aunt Edith. She put her arm around her, too. Aunt Edith turned to her. She kissed Mother much as she had with Aunt Janet.

“Let’s get comfortable,” Aunt Edith said. She stood to take her blouse off, followed by her skirt. Both her sisters followed her example.

Mother looked over at me and said, “You, too, David.”

I started stripping down to my shorts. All three of the women were down to bra and panties. I noticed that Aunt Edith had a garter belt, like her sisters. I thought there must have been some advance planning. They all pushed their panties off, too. It was a hot, erotic, sight: Three almost naked women. Aunt Edith had a nice bush, trimmed, but still lots of hair. It was like a beautiful corona to her already aroused pussy.

They sat back on the couch. There was a lot of passionate kissing. Aunt Edith was still between her sisters so she received most of the kisses and caresses.

Mother looked at Janet and asked, “David first?”

Janet nodded in reply.

Janet whispered in Edith’s ear. “Would you like to fuck David?”


I was sitting in a chair watching, already hard. I rubbed my cock through my shorts. When Edith answered “yes”, I stood and pushed them off.

Mother and Janet led Edith to the bedroom. They lay on the bed with Edith in the middle. I straddled Edith’s chest. My hard cock was in front of her face. She reached for it and brought her lips to it. They slid over its hardness, taking it all. It sank deeply into her mouth. Edith’s lips massaged my hard on, but I really wanted my dick in her cunt. Mother and Janet were playing with Edith’s pussy, rubbing her clit, and pushing their fingers into her. I pulled my cock out of her mouth. She grasped for it as I did. Mother and Janet pulled their hands out of the way as I slid back to kneel between her legs.

I rammed my hard manhood into my aunt’s cunt. My mother and her sister looked on. Edith was ready to cum as soon as I entered her. Her hips thrust and lifted from the bed. She pulled my head down to meet my lips with hers. Mouth open, wet. Hot sloppy kisses. Tongues twisting together. Her legs clamped on my back, supporting her hips, so I was plunging my hard shaft straight into her. She was shuddering with the waves of orgasm ripping through her.

My desire was overwhelming. There were no thoughts in my mind; only the need to thrust my manhood into my aunt’s warm cunt. Every cell in my body was screaming with lust. As our bodies pounded each other, I poured my hot cum into her welcoming pussy.

I lay on top of her as she covered my face with kisses. My mother and Aunt Janet lay closely on either side. As I softened, I backed away. My mother went down on Edith as soon as I was out of the way. Her tongue licked at her sister Edith’s hot cunt. My cum was still fresh in it. Mother’s lips sucked her clit. Aunt Edith moaned as her hands pulled Mother into her wet pussy. Aunt Janet joined in. She pushed Mother’s legs apart diving into the wet womanhood of her sister. She swung around so Edith could find her pussy, to bury herself into its luscious heat.

There were lots of arms and legs tangled together as the women arranged themselves in a circle of lust, of joy. Each was pleasuring and being pleasured; eating and being eaten. I watched and fondled my already hardening cock. I watched three women experiencing orgasms. Bare asses and tits rolled around on the bed. Heads were buried in pussies. Nylon clad legs clasped lovely, naked, bodies. Moans and muffled screams echoed gently. Pheromones wafted from hot cunts. The air was permeated with the scent of hot sex and libidinous desire.

Mother broke away first, followed by Janet. Edith stayed at Janet’s pussy for a bit, but Janet couldn’t take much more. She gently pushed Edith away.

The three women laid on the bed, panted, and recovered kaçak iddaa their strength. Their arms were around each other in no particular order. Each caressed either of the other two.

Mother looked at me. She said, “Oh, poor David. Look at him.” She was referring to my rock hard cock. “Come here to me,” she told me. She rolled onto her back and opened her legs lewdly.

I mounted my mother. We laid between her naked sisters. I fucked her hard. She was wet, ready and on a high from the love play with my aunts. She started to cum almost as soon as I pushed my throbbing manhood into her. I pressed into my mother’s hot cunt. She pulled me down to her. She held me with her arms and with her legs.

She moaned and whispered to me, “David, my love. My lover.”

Waves of bliss flowed through us. Our bodies soared to paradise together. We delighted in the ecstasy of a mutual orgasm. Wrapped up in each other; unmindful of the others in the room.

Janet led Edith to a chair. She knelt in front of her sister and ate her cunt until Edith couldn’t stand any more. Mother and I watched as we held each other. Edith, a short time later, sat Janet in the chair and went down on her. We all slept together in the big bed. All were naked, tangled, and sated.

I woke first. I got up and started coffee. Edith was next. She sat, almost naked except for nylons and garter belt, totally unabashed. I served her a coffee and admired her body. She was slim with a nice ass and legs. Her tits were the size of large grapefruit. They were a delight to look at with prominent nipples and large areolas. She was slim, like her sister Janet, without the slight plumpness of my mother. The two of us sitting there naked was enough to get both of us aroused.

“I had a wonderful night, David. Especially with you.”

Janet and mother woke shortly after Edith. I got them coffee. I started another pot and sat at the table with three almost naked ladies. There was the smell of hot women, past sex, sweat, man cum, woman cum. They were all blending to make me hard again.

Edith spoke first, “I have never done anything like that before. Not with more than one person. It was exciting. I’ll be fantasizing about it for months.” She looked at me. “And thank you David. So much.”

Mother looked at her. “You can go wherever you want to from here. You can visit us or Janet. You can find a lover or lovers.”

“I don’t think I want a new lover,” Edith answered. “Not when my sisters are only an hour away,” she said as she looked at me, “and my beautiful nephew.”

Janet touched her hand, “Thank you, Edith.”

Mother asked, “Do you think I should reserve this suite for another night? We can all leave Monday morning instead of tomorrow.”

“I’d love to,” replied Aunt Edith, “but I have to be at work Monday. There are several important things that must be handled. After another night like last night, I will need a little rest. And we still have tonight.” She was an officer in a bank. “But you can be sure,” she continued, “that I’ll be looking forward to next time.”

We showered and dressed. The shower was too small for all four of us, but Mother and I had an enjoyable time together. My aunts did, too. At least I heard a lot of laughter from them. We had breakfast at the hotel restaurant. I had to leave to go to my apartment to prepare for graduation.

Before I left, I kissed Mother and told her, “Have fun with your sisters, Mother. Please, for me.”

Graduation was, like most such ceremonies a mixture of excitement and excruciating boredom. Fortunately, I was so relaxed by the night’s activities I didn’t care much. I did feel a sense of accomplishment, though.

After graduation, my mother rained kisses on me.

“I wish your father could have been here,” she sobbed. I got a hug and a hot kiss from Aunt Janet. The same from Aunt Edith, along with a little rub of her groin.

We had an early dinner at one of the city’s finest restaurants. No one had eaten lunch, so we were all hungry despite a late breakfast. It was a fine meal and we were all feeling a bit stuffed when we got back to the hotel.

“I’m very tired,” Mother said. “I really would like a nap. Why don’t we all get some rest and meet at my suite in an hour or two.”

Her sisters agreed. Mother and I fell asleep quickly, lying in each other’s arms. When we woke up, we talked about the night before. We both agreed that Aunt Edith was a welcome addition to our little group. She had a little experience making love with other women. She could probably teach her sisters a few things about it.

My aunts arrived about thirty minutes later. They had both gone to Aunt Janet’s room. They slept snuggled together.

I served everyone drinks. Mother had wine. The rest of us had a mixed drink.

“Let’s get comfortable.” This time, it was from Mother. She stood and started stripping. Her sisters and I followed her lead.

“Let’s all watch some porn together.” That was Aunt Janet’s idea. She had kaçak bahis a couple with her. It sounded good to me and to her sisters, too.

We all laid on the bed. Mother and I were in the middle with Aunt Edith next to my mother and Aunt Janet snuggled up to me. Her tits pushed into my back with one nylon sheathed leg over mine.

The video was about a mother catching her son masturbating. It went on from there, getting us all in the mood for some sex of our own. The final scene was about anal. The son fucked his mother in the ass.

“Would you like to try that?” I asked mother.

“Maybe someday I might, but I’m not there yet,” she replied. Aunt Janet didn’t have a comment, neither did Aunt Edith.

Aunt Janet went to put a new video on and hurried back to the bed. She snuggled back up to me as she had been.

The new video was a lesbian tryst. Hot. By the time it was halfway through, I had a raging boner. Aunt Edith and Mother were both rubbing their clits. Aunt Edith was kissing Mother’s tits, her free hand with Mother’s at her snatch.

Aunt Edith began kissing her way down my mother’s body. I had met her hands on my mother’s tits a couple of times. As she dove for my mother’s snatch, Mother kissed me hard and turned to bury her face in her sister Edith’s muff. At my back, Aunt Janet was kissing and nuzzling my neck. I rolled over to face her.

We exchanged hot kisses. Aunt Janet told me, “I want to fuck you. I want to suck you. I want your big cock. I just want it. I don’t care where.” My hand on her pussy felt her arousal. I wanted to fuck her, but I wanted to eat her, too.

“Scoot down a little,” I told her. She slid further from the headboard. I straddled her. My dick was over her face. My head dove for her cunt. Her sweet-scented, aromatic cunt. I licked at her juices as they seeped past the puffy labia. As my tongue caressed the lips of her pussy, I felt her mouth engulf my throbbing manhood.

I sucked her clit. I licked her. I lapped up her nectar. I inhaled the erotic scents of her lust, her heat. I pulled my cock from her mouth. I turned and plunged my pulsating manhood into her hot cunt, her hot and ready cunt. She was cumming almost immediately. Next to us, we could hear the sounds of orgasms from my mother and her sister, Edith.

Even as I was fucking my aunt, Janet, I reveled in the sight of two women making love next to us. The bare buttocks, the nylon sheathed legs, were beautiful and sexy. The scents of love and desire. The muffled sound of orgasms, squeals, gasps; cries of pleasure, of fulfillment.

Janet was screaming, softly, but a scream even so. I pumped my manhood into her, into her hot pussy, as she raised her hips to my plunging cock. I poured my cum into her as exhilaration surged through me. I collapsed on top of her, still nibbling at her tit as she held me close.

Next to us, Mother and Aunt Edith broke apart and lifted their faces from each other’s wet cunt. Aunt Edith turned and kissed Mother. She returned the kiss passionately. She rolled over, then, to kiss me just as fervently. I tasted her sister Edith’s juices on her. The taste of lust, of orgasms, of gratification. She crawled over me, then, to embrace her other sister, Janet. They kissed just as hotly as she had with me and Aunt Edith.

I heard Aunt Janet say, “Thank you, Mary. Thank you for David.”

“He’s good, isn’t he?” I heard Mother say.

By then, I had my arms around her sister, Edith. She was just as happy to have hers around me. We were soon kissing passionately. I had fucked my aunt Edith. She had sucked me a little, until I broke it off to plunge my hard cock into her hot pussy. However, I hadn’t eaten her. I hadn’t inhaled her scents, the perfumes of her pussy, the bouquet of her arousal. The musky fragrance of her heat. I wanted to taste her, to bury my face in her sweet pussy. I wanted to eat her cunt.

I slid down her body, hardly pausing to suck her lovely tits. I slipped between her splayed legs which were open for me. They lead me to my target at their apex, her beautiful muff, freshly eaten, swollen, puffy, ready for more. Her hands in my hair twisted, pulled, urged me to her, insistently. I gazed at her, enthralled; at the lovely hair crowning my target, folded downward to surround my goal, a halo of light brown focusing my gaze.

I let her pull me close. Closely enough to sense the delightful scents. The lust, the heat, the musky scent of fulfillment, her cum, the faint traces of my mother’s perfume on her thighs. I absorbed the delightful blend of scents, of arousal, of her wants. Her nylon clad legs laid on my shoulders. Her heels on the small of my back, pressed on me.

Her hands in my hair pulled me closer. I dove into her warm, wet, pussy. My tongue passed the gates of her lips. I tasted the sweet muskiness of her juices. I licked at her clit, already hard and swollen from my mother’s tongue. I sucked her nectar as I lapped it up with my tongue.

I gloried in her orgasms, the thrills that ran through her body felt like they were in my own. She thrust her hips at me. She rubbed her essences on my face. She held me tightly to herself. Her hands twisted and pulled as surges of pure pleasure tore through her.

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