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A Mother’s Unconditional Loved

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There is no greater love than the love of a mother for her child…


This story is based on fact…There are incestual scenes so if this is not your thing, please do not continue. I decided it was time to tell this story.


My name is Donald but everyone calls me Don. This story started long ago but blossomed when I was in my senior year in high school, when I turned 18.

Let me give you some family information before I start.

I was mom’s second kid. I have an older sister Alli, by three years who was the black sheep of the family. My father was out of the picture, so my mother raised us.

My mom, Katherine or Kate to friends, was 21 when she had me and 18 when she had my sister. Mom was 5’6″, about 110, brown hair, brown eyes, full tits and quite attractive for 39.

I remember one time I saw my mom’s tits and jerked off many times thinking of them. From that day on, I always wanted to fuck my mom.

My mother sent me to an all boy’s Catholic school in the Bronx, NY from the first grade through my senior year graduation. Needless to say, I didn’t have much contact with girls during that entire period. I guess I was a nerd.

Now, in those days we didn’t have social media, internet, cell phones, etc., like there is today. All we had were magazines to read and 8 mm films to watch when it came to getting off sexually.

On a couple of occasions, I did manage to catch a glimpse of my sister’s tits and one time I saw her pussy, but that was it. And I used that vision to jerk off many times.

My sister Alli is 21 and 5’6″, she has brown hair, brown eyes, big tits and looks great in a bathing suit.

Overall, I was a quiet kid and an introvert.

As I was going to graduate soon my mom told me she wanted to have a chat with me.

So, one day after dinner, my mom sat me down and started talking to me about my plans after graduation. I told her I was going to go to the local community college and get a part time job. My mother said that was a plan but then she said, “Don, you have to start meeting girls. It isn’t healthy for you. Look, I know you masturbate a lot and that’s ok but you need to find a girl friend.”

I looked at her and replied, “Mom, it’s just that I wouldn’t even know where to begin with a girl. I wouldn’t know what to do.”

She responded, “Well son, I will help you. Would that be ok?”

She continued, “But remember, whatever we do in the house stays here. You must never tell anyone as people wouldn’t understand. Promise?” I told her I understood.

I looked at her and said, “I guess that’s ok.” However, I really didn’t know what she had in mind. But I knew that it seemed like my fantasy about me and my mom would become a reality.

She said to me, “Donald, I am going to teach you everything you will need to know about being with a girl and how to please them in bed. Now, and this is important, whatever we do here is never to be mentioned to anyone.”

After dinner Alli went out and it was just me and mom in the house.

I started watching tv and mom straightened everything out in the kitchen.

After awhile mom said she was going to take a shower.

I continued watching tv without much thought and then my mom came down to where I was.

When I saw her, I almost fell out of my chair. Mom was wearing a very short black neglige that was see through. I could see her full tits and that she was wearing a tiny g-string. My cock got hard as soon as I saw her.

Mom sat on the sofa and told me to join her. I sat besides her and she said, “Baby, bahis firmaları tonight your mom is going to start teaching you about women. Just relax and enjoy and everything will come naturally.”

As she looked at me, she pulled me to her. Then she kissed me deeply on my lips, not a mother’s kiss but a lover’s kiss. She took my hands and placed them on the thin material covering her tits and whispered, “Baby, these are yours to play with. Mommy wants you to suck my nipples like when you were a baby. C’mon baby. Suck mommy’s nipples.”

My hands reached underneath her material and I started squeezing her tits. Then I moved my mouth to her nipple and started sucking it. As I did, I could feel it getting harder and more erect in my mouth. I couldn’t believe I was sucking my mom’s nipples.

As I was sucking her nipples, I felt her hand moving down on my jeans. When she felt my hard cock, she rubbed it from the outside and then started to undo my jeans. In a short time, my cock popped out and in full view of my mom.

She grasped my shaft and whispered, “Baby, your cock is so big and thick. You are going to make a lot of women happy, including your mother.

She started jerking my cock ever so slowly as we kissed and made out. In a short time I told her I was going to cum. Then mom stopped jerking me and moved her mouth down to my cock. She engulfed my cock and started sucking it. It wasn’t long and I told her I was going to cum. She looked up at me and said, “Cum for mommy baby. Mommy wants all your cum.” Just then I shot stream after stream of cum into my mom’s mouth. I felt terrible that I just came in my mom’s mouth.

Finally, my mom sat back up and said, “Baby, you were terrific. Mommy loved swallowing all your cum baby.”

We rested for a few minutes and she told me to go take a shower and to meet her in her bedroom.

I went into the bathroom and got into the shower and as I was enjoying the hot water, my cock got hard again thinking of what me and my mom had just done and I wanted more.

I dried off and walked into mom’s bedroom. As I entered she asked how the shower was.

My mom smiled and told me to join her in her bed. I got on the bed and mom wasted no time in feeling me up and playing with my cock as she was kissing me.

Soon my mom moved my hand down to her pussy and told me what to do. I rubbed her pussy gently and she took my finger and slipped it in her cunt. She told me to move my finger in and out and I did.

She started moaning and told me to do it faster, which I did. Then, in seconds my mom yelled out, “Baby, faster… don’t stop, mommy’s going to cum.”

Then she started having one orgasm after another. Soon, I was going to cum. I yelled out, “I am going to cum.” She took my cock and gave it a few jerks and I shot my cum all over her and myself.

My mom then kissed me and rubbed my cum all over her tits.

Mom finished her orgasms and said that was enough for today. Mom then pulled me to her and said, “Baby, I hoped you enjoyed yourself. I have a lot more to teach you.”

I replied, “Mom, you were terrific. It was great. I hope I did ok.”

Mom answered, “Baby, you were great. I love your cock and you cum so much. The women will love you. From now on you will sleep in my bed and I am yours whenever you want me.”

I said, “Mom, you really are terrific. I don’t think any mother would do this for her son.”

That night my mom and I slept in her bed naked cuddled together, her hand on holding my cock and balls, although we didn’t fuck.

The next morning, mom woke up first kaçak iddaa and saw that my cock was hard. She knelt over my cock and woke me up by giving me a blow job. I shot my cum in my mom’s mouth as she swallowed every drop.

She led me to the shower and we showered together, although we spent more time playing than washing.

Mom made breakfast and said she had errands to do and had to go out.

Then I got dressed and went out.

When I got home mom was there. She handed me a package. I opened it up and there was a box of rubbers in it. Mom told me to use them when I fuck girls. Then she asked if I wanted to try them out after dinner, when my sister went out. I told her I would like that.

After dinner, mom cleaned up and Alli went out. Mom told me to take a quick shower.

I jumped into the shower and left the bathroom door open. As the water ran down my body, my cock got hard just thinking of me fucking my mom. As I showered, my mom came in the bathroom naked. I finished my shower, got out and dried off.

I smiled and she led me to her bedroom. When we got on the bed we kissed and I played with her tits and sucked her erect nipples. Then my mom told me to mount her. She gave me a rubber to put on my cock. Then I got on top of her and she guided my cock into her cunt.

I slipped it in until it was fully inside her. Then mom told me to start fucking her slowly.

I did as she told me but then picked up the pace. Now, I was fucking her real hard and fast. Mom told me to keep fucking her hard. I then told her I was going to cum. I shot my load and it filled the rubber and I pulled out my semi hard cock with the cum filled rubber.

Then my mom took the rubber and emptied my cum onto her tits and told me to rub it all over her. We kissed and she said I was a quick learner.

For the next hour or so my mom told me how to fuck girls and we even tried several positions, including her riding me and doggie style, which were my favorites.

After we rested awhile my mom showed me how play with her pussy. She let me play with her clit and I made her cum while I played with it. Then she told me how to eat her pussy.

We got into the 69 position and I followed her instructions as she she sucked my cock.

It wasn’t long before my mom said she was going to cum. When she did, her whole body shook. Just then I shot my cum into my mom’s mouth.

When we finished, mom said I did good.

We rested a bit and it was almost time for sleep. I asked mom if I could fuck her one more time before we went to sleep. She smiled and said yes.

This time my mom got on all fours on the bed and I got behind her and put on a rubber and then slipped my cock in her. As I fucked her, her tits were swaying back and forth with each of my thrusts.

Suddenly, as I was ready to cum, I heard, “Oh my god, what are you two doing?”

I turned to the door with my cock still in my mom’s cunt and saw my sister. My mom got up and said, “Alli, it isn’t what it looks like.”

Alli replied, “From here it looks like Donny boy is fucking his mother.”

My mom responded, “Yes, he is but I am only teaching him how to please women and this is a lesson.”

Alli looked at us and muttered a few obscenities and walked away.

My mom went after her to explain.

After an hour or so, my mom came back to me and said, “Alli and I had a long talk and I explained what we were doing and why. She is ok with my teaching you and asked if she could help. I told her that would be up to you.”

I looked at my mom and asked, “Mom, what do you kaçak bahis think?”

Mom said, “To be honest baby, it might be a good idea for her to help out. I am ok with her helping. And, it is family.”

I smiled and told her to tell Alli she can help.

My mom called Alli into the bedroom and said, “Alli, Don said he would like you to help him they way I have been. So, when I am not available or even when I am, Alli you can teach him.”

Alli smiled and said, “Ok. I can start with him tomorrow. Now mom, go back to teaching my little brother.” She then left.

My mom and I returned to what we were doing and we both came. Then we fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up with a hard cock. My mom was still asleep when Alli walked by. She saw me and my already hard cock. She smiled and I looked at her and said, “Mom’s not available.”

She smiled and came into the bedroom. She stood in front of me and slowly removed her clothes. It was the first time I saw her completely nude.

She asked me what our mom taught me so far. I told her and she said that was a good start. Then she sat on the bed and grabbed my cock. She smiled and started jerking me off. Just then my mom woke up. She looked at us and smiled and continued watching as my sister moved her mouth down to my cock. She started sucking my cock and it didn’t take long before I filled her mouth with my cum.

My mom told Alli that she did a good job. Then my mom told me to get in the middle of her and Alli.

The two of them played with my cock and I was hard again in no time. It was unbelievable, my mom and my sister sharing my cock.

My sister then got on her back. Mom then told me to fuck Alli. I put a rubber on and mounted my sister. Then I slipped my cock in my sister’s cunt and immediately started fucking her.

With mom’s encouragement, I started fucking her harder and faster. Then I told them I was going to cum and shot my load into my sister’s cunt.

I pulled my semi hard cock out and the rubber was cum filled. My sister said our mom taught me well.

We finished playing and stopped to have breakfast.

Mom & Alli went out and I just rested until they returned.

After dinner, mom said it was time for another lesson.

The three of us went to the bedroom, undressed and got on the bed. Mom told me to eat Alli.

Alli got on her back & spread her legs. We got into 69 and I started to eat my sister. My mom showed me better ways of eating her and playing with her clit. Soon my sister’s body was shaking and she was having an orgasm but she never stopped sucking my cock and I came in her mouth.

After awhile my sister and my mom got on all fours and I knelt behind them. I put on a rubber and slipped my cock in my sister’s cunt and fucked her. Then I pulled my cock out and slipped it in my mom’s cunt. I fucked her harder and faster and was ready to cum. Then I pulled out my cock and slipped it in my sister’s cunt to cum in her. A few more thrusts and I came in her.

I pulled out my cock and the cum filled rubber easily slid off my cock.

Both my mom and my sister said I did a terrific job and that I didn’t need anymore lessons.

I looked at them and said, “I want to thank both of you for everything. I love you both. You will never know how much you improved my life. I will miss our lessons. But, if you ever want to give me a refresher course, you are more than welcome to.”

My mom looked at me and said, “Son, your sister and I were talking and if you ever think you need more lessons, we will be there for you.”

I looked at my mom and replied, “Thanks mom. Thanks Alli. I think I am going to need more lessons though. When can we do another?”

They looked at me and they smiled and said, “Now is a good time. Let’s get the lesson started.”

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