Temmuz 12, 2024

A Local Friend

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Sitting at my computer wondering what I was going to this weekend, I search for fetish sites. I clicked on a couple links, none were very interesting. I then found a site I had to register for, but it was free. The layout was very nice and there were a lot of kinky people registered there.

I set up my profile and selected some kinks I would like to explore more. I then typed a little about myself and my life desires. I looked at a lot of pictures and read some stories. It was nice to find there were other people that had some of the kinky desires that I do. Looking at the clock I see it is time to get some sleep before work tomorrow.

It was on Friday night when I decided to check on the fetish site I had found earlier that week. I logged onto the site and saw the little mail icon at the top of the page. I clicked on it and saw I had three messages. I opened the first, it was from a male in a nearby town as was the second.

I opened the third expecting the same, however this message was from a woman. She wrote that she was intrigued by my profile and would like to know more about me. I wrote her back and told her what she wanted to know and left my personal email address.

I continued to look around the site for about 30 minutes when my personal email icon lit up. I opened it up and read the new message. The message was from the woman who I had written back on the fetish site. She had a list of things for me to answer as far as things I would like to do or not do.

I looked over the list and answered ‘Yes’ to a few I wanted to try. The main things I put yes on were CBT, Chastity, Teasing, Bondage, and Femdom. I really had no desire sexually with animals, children, blood, or a few other things. I was really feeling horny and sent her my cell phone number in the response.

I was in the shower when my cell phone started ringing. I stepped out and answered it. “This is Jim” I said. “Hello Jim, this is Wanda. We have sent a few emails back and forth on the fetish site. How serious are you about these things and are you looking for a relationship?” she asks. I am kind of in shock as I respond, “I would love a permanent relationship with a woman who enjoys the things in the email.”

“I would really like to meet you in person and discuss these things. Would you be willing to meet tomorrow morning around 10 in the park?” she asks. I clear my throat and pause before answering. “Sure that would be fine, 10 AM sounds fine. How will I know you?” I ask her. “You sit on the bench nearest the Main Street gate and be reading a magazine.” She says.

“I will be there with my magazine at 10 AM.” I say to her. “Great see you then. Bye for now.” She says and the line goes dead. I searched the site some more and read a lot of stories. Masturbated once looking at some pictures. I finally turned off the computer and went to bed. I set my alarm for 7 AM.

When the alarm goes off I jump out of bed and head for the shower. Drying off I am wondering what to wear. I decide to wear my jogging clothes. Pulling up my sweat pants over my naked body I tie the string snug. My cock hangs free in sweat pants as I decide not to wear underwear. I slip on a t-shirt and zip up the jogging jacket.

I tie my tennis shoes and grab a magazine before heading out the door. I make the three blocks walk to the park arriving at 9:50. I sit on the bench just inside the gate and read through the Car & Driver magazine I brought. I read about a few cars before a woman sits down beside. I glance over and say “Good morning.” “Good morning, you are Jim I take it?” she asks. I close the magazine and turn to the lady.

I look down to see her low cut top, her breasts half exposed. I clear my throat and look up at her eyes. I see the glitter of the early morning sun in her big blue eyes. “Yes Ma’am I am Jim.” I say quietly. I watch a smile appear on her face. “I am Jean and have read your response to my questionnaire. Do you live nearby Jim?” Jean asks.

“Yes my apartment is several blocks from here.” I say as I look down at her smooth legs. “I think we should go there and talk a little more privately.” She says with a smile. “Sure.” I say as I stand up. I turn to reach out for her hand. She takes my hand and stands as I look down at her open toe heels. We hold hands as we walk toward my apartment.

I unlock the door and we enter my two bedroom apartment. “Very nice place you have here Jim.” Jean says as I close the door. “Would you like something to drink? I have iced tea, bursa escort beer, or some white wine.” I say as I watch Jean walk to the sofa. “Some iced tea would be nice, thank you.” She says as she sits.

I return with two glasses of iced tea, placing her glass on the coffee table in front of her. I sit across from her in an overstuffed chair. “So Jim you mentioned you would like to experience female domination. What about it seems so exciting?” Jean asks. I think for a few seconds and place my glass on the coffee table. “For me I think it is the loss of control and pleasing a woman as she desires.”

“That is an acceptable answer, for now. Let me see what you have to offer, take those clothes off.” Jean tells me. The direct order surprises me a little but I stand and unzip my jogging suit. Stripping off my shirt I look over to see her watching me intently. My shoes and socks go next, as I stand in front of her with only my sweat pants on.

Jean shifts in her seat as I slide my sweats down to my ankles, stepping out of them one foot at a time. I place the sweat pants on my chair as I stand up. “Come over here and place your hands on top of your head.” Jean says as she pats the end of the sofa beside her. I walk over to her with my cock swaying as it erects.

I watch as she reaches out and lightly grips my penis and lifts it up. “What made you get this piercing?” she asks as she toys with the ring in my prince albert. “I read about it in a story where a woman took her man to get his cock pierced so she could use it to secure a chastity device.” I tell her as she strokes my cock. My cock is so hard as I stare down at her cleavage, precum begins to ooze from the tip.

“That is an interesting story but have you ever seen one of these devices? Have you looked for one on the internet?” Jean asks as she rubs the precum around on the head of my cock. “No, no I have not looked for one yet.” I struggle to say. She releases my cock and stands up in front of me. “Let’s go have a look, you do have internet access yes?” she asks.

I assure her I do and she follows me to the spare bedroom where my computer is set up. I type in the password and open internet explorer. Jean sits down and types in ‘Prince Albert chastity device’ and presses the enter key. The page is filled with sites that are related. She clicks on a few of them spends some time looking at a list of devices that have pictures. She points to the screen and looks up at me. “I want you to order this one.” She clicks on it and a larger view comes up.

I watch as she bookmarks the page, making it one of my favorites. She then copies the address and opens her email and sends the address to herself. Jean then turns the chair toward me and looks up. “Hands back on your head Jim.” She says as she looks at my hard cock. “I think the gauge of your ring will have to be larger for the device to work. You will need to stretch it so the little bar in the device fits through the piercing.” She says as her hand strokes my cock slowly.

“Which of the other things you mentioned would you like to experience most Jim?” she asks fondling my balls. I think fast and say “Bondage and CBT have been most in my thoughts lately.” I see a smile cross her face as pats my cum filled balls. “Are you renting here or do you own this apartment Jim?” she asks leaning back.

“I own the apart and have for 4 years now.” I say. Jean gets up and opens the doors to the closet, they fold out from the center, the opening is about six feet wide. The closet is empty except a few boxes of old clothes. “Good, when I come back I want metal rings screwed into the wood at each corner of the door, inside the closet. Do you know what I mean?” she asks turning to me.

“Yes I understand.” Is my only reply. “Have you ever tied up your cock and balls Jim, you know playing around?” Jean says walking back toward me. “I have a few times but not very tight.” I say watching her breasts bounce as she approaches. “I do love a nice bound set of cock and balls. I am sure we could explore that more later. For now you order the device, stretch that small piercing and get the hooks installed. When all three are complete send me an email.” Jean then heads out to the living room.

I follow her and watch her grab her handbag and turn to me. “Come closer Jim, I don’t bit. At least not yet.” She says with a smile. I stand directly in front of her, my cock standing straight out. She reaches out and grips my cock with one hand and slaps my balls fairly hard bursa escort bayan with the other. I pull my legs together and nearly bend over the pain is intense. She slaps them again and says “we will need to work on that too.” She then releases my cock and heads for the door.

“I hope to hear from you soon Jim.” Jean says as she holds the door wide open. She looks me up and down with a smile and closes the door. I immediately go to the computer and order the device she selected, with two day shipping. Getting dressed I think of where to go to get the metal hooks and something to stretch a piercing.

Driving down the street I see a piercing shop and stop in to ask about stretching. I open the door and only see a small blonde sitting at the counter. She is reading a book as I approach and looks up at me. “Hi, how may I help you?” she asks. “I have a piercing I want to make larger, what would be the best way to do it?” I ask and feel my cheeks heat up.

“what kind of piercing and where is it, there are several ways?” she asks. My faces heats up more, “I have a prince albert” I say softly. “No need to be imbarrassed a lot of men have them.” She says opening a drawer. “Here try this, the rings are different sizes and taper. Find the one that fits using the small end and turn it often until it is tight.” She says with a smile. I use my credit card and pay her.

I go to Home Depot and look for the metal hooks. Asking one of the salesmen where I can find some heavy duty plant hangers that screw in. He takes me to the isle and points them out. I thank him and look them over before grabbing four of them. The screw part of each is about three inches long and ring at the top is nearly an inch and a half across.

Back at the apartment I put in one of the rings first, turning it in my piercing until it is real snug. Opening the packages of hooks I use a screwdriver to turn them into the wood inside the closet. I make sure it goes into the stud and is very secure. Turning each one until the ring is touching the drywall and the rings are turned toward the center.

Every few hours I turn the ring in my piercing. Two days after I bought them I change to a different size. Arriving home after work several days later I check my mail and see a small box. I quickly head inside and open it up. It is the device I had ordered. Looking it over I see the small metal rod is attached to the metal tube with a key sticking out.

I look through the box and only find the one key. Turning it a slip the metal rod from the tube and look it over. After removing the ring from my cock a try to insert the rod but it is too large. I work the ring back in and turn it further than before. I feel some pain as the piercing is stretched harder than ever.

It takes several weeks to make the piercing large enough for the rod. I feel a sense of accomplishment as I email Jean. ‘The metal rod from the device fits in my piercing now and the metal hooks have been installed in the closet as requested.’ I pause a few seconds with my finger over the enter button, then press it. The email disappears.

I hear nothing the rest from her. Friday afternoon I arrive home and sit drinking a beer as my doorbell rings. I open the door and see Jean standing outside my door. I pause, then move aside and ask her in. Jean is wearing a short skirt with heels and a tight button up top. “Hello again Jim, how have you been?” Jean asks as she sets her handbag down. “I have been fine Jean, working hard on the things you requested.” I reply with a smile.

Jean heads for the bedroom and opens the closet. “Very nice” she says as she is bent over feeling the hook. Her skirt very tight across her ass, her long legs so smooth. “Strip” she says as she turns to me. Jean walks back into the living room and gets her handbag as I strip. Standing naked with the stretching ring still in my cock as she returns.

Jean places her handbag by the computer and opens it. She pulls out four leather cuffs and hands them to me. “Here put these on.” She says with a smile. I buckle one on my wrist fairly snug, then the other. Bending over I fasten one on each ankle. “Very good. Now stand in the closet facing me.” She says as she fondles some metal rings in her hand. She step up beside me and clips a ring on the cuff that is around my left wrist.

She pulls it up and hooks the ring on the hook in the wall. She does this for all the cuffs and I am soon spread eagle in the doorway. My cock standing straight out. Jean looks escort bursa down smiling. I watch as she unbuttons her top and slips it off, her sheer bra allowing her nipples to show through. Her bra quickly follows as does her skirt.

Her tight white panties look so hot on her and her pert breasts standing out to be sucked. Jean turns to her handbag again as I stare at her nice ass, wanting to reach down and stroke my cock. Jean slide the chair over in front of me and sits facing me. She lifts a small leather crop of some sort. The crop has a tip about two inches wide and four inches long. The whole thing is only about ten inches long.

She rubs the leather tip over the head of my cock as she smiles. I close my eyes and moan softly. My whole body tenses as the pain shoots up through my cock, the loud pop of the leather rings as the crop strikes the head of my cock. I pull at my bonds and try to pull my legs together. Again the loud pop and the shooting pain. I look down to see jean swinging the crop from the side, striking my cock as it swings in both directions.

Jeans moves the chair to one side and aims for my cock again. I hear the whistle of the leather before it strikes my cock. She then leans closer and holds the head of my cock, pressing it up against my stomach. The tip of the crop stings the underside of my cock as she holds it in place. The pain is intense and my cock soon retreats and softens.

“Ah poor thing, look how small he got.” Jean says with a grin. She leans in and kisses the now red head of my cock and begins sucking it. I feel her hair on my thighs as her tongue licks around the sore head of my cock. Seeing her naked back and flowing hair soon has me erect once again.

Jeans sits back up and holds my cock up again. I readied for the strike against my cock, but my balls erupted in ball of pain. She swings the crop over and over striking my aching balls. When my cock is fully flaccid she stops and begins teasing me again. Once I am erect she and my hips start moving Jean stops and goes to her handbag again.

I see her returning with a length of thin rope. She sits down and sucks my cock until I nearly cum, then slips her lips from it. She pulls the rope snug around the base of my cock and balls before wrapping on end then the other. Jean pulls the rope tight with each wrap. Soon my cock is harder than I have ever seen it, the veins are standing out.

She wraps the ends around my balls only once or twice and ties a square knot. She grips my cock and kisses the head before returning to her handbag. I wiggle and try to get free as she returns with a wooden spoon. Jean sits and crosses her legs as she strokes my cock. Lifting it higher with each stroke, making my balls stick out further.

I can only watch as she swings the wooden spoon striking my balls as she tightens her grip on my cock. She strokes my cock two or three times then ‘SMACK’ the spoon lands on my trapped balls. My balls are aching so bad as she continues forever it seems. I feel the rope being untied and look down. My cock is purple and my balls very deep red. She pulls the rope and my cock and balls twirl around the rope painfully.

The rope falls to the floor and the crop strikes the head of my over and over as I struggle. She stops when my cock is fully soft and reaches out to remove the ring in my cock. She takes the ring and places it near the computer and returns with the chastity device. She holds it up and smiles. “I own you now Jim.” She says as she sits down sliding the tube over my sore soft cock.

The tube is cool and I gasp. I hear her giggle as she pulls the head out the tip of the tube. Holding the tube up as she guides the small metal bar through the hole in the tube and presses at my cock head. Looking inside she lines the rod up with my piercing. I soon see the end of the metal rod protrude from my peehole.

Jean presses the base of the rod fully against the tube, turns the key and removes it. I watch as she removes her necklace and places the key on the chain. She peers into my eyes as she puts the necklace back around her neck. Jeans stands up in front of me as I look down at the key hanging between her bare breasts. She then release the rings holding my arms and legs spread .

I stretch my arms and legs as Jean removes her panties. I watch as Jean sits down in the computer chair and turns toward me spreading her legs. “I want to feel your tongue now Jim.” She says as her finger rubs her clit. I kneel down ad move between her legs. The scent of her womahood driving me crazy.

I lick up and down her pussy as she guides my head. “Yes that feels so good Jim. I am sure I will love feeling this a lot as I am your neighbor.” Jean says with a giggle.

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