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A Haitian American Love Story

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Hello, there. My name is TJ. I am a young Haitian brother from the state of Massachusetts. I’m eighteen years old and I am studying Criminology at Bridgewater State College. I have a story to share with you. It’s a story about life, love and what happens when a young man gets lost and has to find his way back to what truly matters.

Back in high school, I was at the top of the game. I’m a six-foot-two, 220-pound Haitian man with dark brown skin and a lot of what’s great about masculinity. My shoulders are broad, my chest is deep and strong, my legs are muscular and my ass is damn sexy. Oh, and my face is pretty. In a masculine way. If you could somehow mix a younger version of Denzel Washington with Lee Thompson Young, you’d get me. I am a good-looking brother if I do say so. I loved sports. Basketball was my all-time favorite sport. I led my high school basketball team to the state championships. We took first place. All of our boys got scholarships to college out of this. It was a good deal. It was the best time in my life.

I went to Bridgewater State College because they offered me a full athletic scholarship. All expenses paid, for four years. That’s what’s up. I signed up with them. I’d play ball for them while getting a college education. At Bridgewater, there were a lot of pretty girls. Of course, I noticed them. I’m a red-blooded young brother, know what I mean? I ran into someone from my old high school in college. A girl named Crystal. Crystal was this girl I met in my tenth grade math class. She was a tall ( around six feet) and somewhat chubby white girl. She had long, dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. Crystal was pretty, in a wholesome kind of way. We were friends for a long time. She used to help me with my math homework and sometimes come over to my house to play video games. We got along great. She loved video games and sports. I didn’t know many females who did.

I think the reason why Crystal and I got along so well is because she was a tomboy. Yep. Her mother died giving birth to her so her father raised her by himself. She loved to play baseball. She was on the girls softball team at school for several years. We were good pals for a long time. Most of my friends are male. I don’t really have female friends, partly because I don’t understand women and vice versa. I will date a girl and treat her nice but my friends have got to be male. It’s simpler that way. Call me whatever you want but that’s the way I liked it. Crystal was to be my first female friend. I never regretted it.

Anyway, when I ran into her at Bridgewater, I must say I was happy. I came all the way from Fitchburg high school. I didn’t know anybody in this part of the state. I was all by myself. When I saw Crystal, I walked over and gave her a hug. She smiled and hugged me back. Crystal had graduated from Fitchburg high school last year, just like me. She was on the women’s volleyball team at school. A couple of years ago, she retired her softball glove for the thrill of volleyball. A good decision if you ask me. Being tall and big helped her a lot in volleyball. I mean that in a good way.

Bridgewater State College was a fairly large campus. I moved into the dorms and met my roommate. A tall, slim red-haired guy named John Trevor, from Everett. He was also on the Basketball team. Crystal didn’t live on campus. She lived in a small apartment somewhere in East Bridgewater, or so she told me. We hung out and it was just like old times. She would come to my dorm and bring me stuff. I always liked what she brought me. She would bring me Spiderman and Daredevil comic books. Sometimes, we’d play ball together in the gym. She was alright. We totally had a blast.

I always enjoyed Crystal’s company. My best friend Larry had gone to Boston College to study engineering. We still saw each other on weekends and talked on the phone but it wasn’t the same thing. As far as my friends went, there was only Crystal. She was there for me. I remember that she always showed up at my basketball games and she was supportive, always with a kind word, regardless of the outcome of the match. We were cool. Still, I was a young Haitian man in college and although my friend was cool, sometimes, I felt like hanging out with other men. I’m sure you know the feeling.

I began hanging out with John, my roommate, and Kevin Sanchez, a guy from the wrestling team. Kevin was a tall, good-looking Latin guy. He was totally cool and knew all the females on campus. He was dating Patricia, a beautiful girl from Cape Verde. Here I was, a good-looking Haitian stud yet I was all by myself. Kevin invited me to a party and said he’d hook me up with somebody. Normally, I didn’t need other guys Help to get a lady. At all. Yet I’d been off my game lately. My ex-girlfriend Lori was this girl whom I loved for two years but in the end, it turned out that she was a cold-blooded manipulative bitch. She had been playing me from the beginning. bahis firmaları My opinion of members of the opposite sex wasn’t the greatest after my romantic fiasco with Lori.

I met this chick named Rachel at a party on campus and we started hanging out. Rachel was a short, sexy, cute-faced Haitian chick with a big booty. I thought she was exactly what I needed to get myself out of the funk I’d been in. I took Rachel out in my car and took her places. We’d eat at restaurants and go watch movies together. It was fun. Rachel was a native of Brockton and she knew the surrounding area. She was studying Nursing at Bridgewater State College. On top of being cute and sexy, she was also funny. I started to really like this girl. I thought that maybe we could have something between us. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Man, this girl was a freak. One night, she took me to her dorm and put the moves on me. I hadn’t gotten laid in a long time so I went along with it. Rachel made me sit down on her bed and watch as she stripped in front of me. I found myself getting hard while admiring her sexy body. Soon, she was naked. I gestured for her to come to me. She did. We kissed and then she started rubbing her sexy body against mine. I was hard as hell when she started undressing me. I stood before her, like a nudist at camp. She looked at my body and licked her lips. I could tell that she liked what she saw. We got down to business.

I lay on the bed and stared at Rachel as she took me into her mouth. She started sucking my dick like there was no tomorrow. She sucked on my balls and licked my cock. I groaned in pleasure. It had been a while for me. I was soon ready to blow. She wouldn’t let me. She continued what she was doing until I couldn’t take it anymore. I finally came, blasting my load all over her face. Rachel drank my seed and licked her lips. Once she was done, she looked up at me. Time for the main event.

I pulled Rachel into my arms and placed her on the bed. I kissed a path from her soft lips to her neck, and began licking her soft breasts. I licked the areolas. She moaned under my touch. I made my way down her belly to her groin. I buried my face between her spread legs. I took a whiff of her pussy and licked it. I licked her clit and fingered her moist pussy. The girl was excited, I could tell. Time for me to bring her to kingdom come. I licked her pussy and fingered her, probing and licking and sucking for the next half an hour. I worked her up until her orgasmic screams filled the bedroom. Yeah, I was that good!

Rachel was looking at me with hunger in her eyes. Her eyes were riveted on my cock. She wanted some of that. I was perfectly willing to give it to her. I told her to get on all fours and she did. I looked at her sexy butt. Whoever said that Haitian females were inhibited and nearly asexual probably never met Rachel. I rubbed my cock against her butt. She pushed back against me. I felt her hand grab hold of my member and direct it where she wanted. I gasped in surprise. It was hard to meet a sexually uninhibited Haitian woman. It was even harder to find a Haitian woman who wanted to take it up the ass. I could not believe my luck.

I rubbed my cock against Rachel’s asshole, and applied some Vaseline on her tiny hole. I entered her with one firm thrust. She gasped when my prick slid inside her. I grabbed her by the hips and thrust even deeper into her. I’ve fucked chicks before but this was my first time fucking a chick in the ass. I was absolutely loving it. Her ass felt so wonderfully warm and tight around my cock as I slammed into her. I was loving every minute and judging from the way she backed up against me, so was she. Her hungry asshole took all the cock that I had to give. We went at it like this for some time, until I came and pulled out of her.

A little while later, Rachel and I lay on the bed. We were exhausted. I smiled to myself. I had never felt so satisfied in my life. For years, I had fantasized about what it would be like to penetrate a woman anally. Now, my fantasy had come true. I was ready to get down on my knees and thank heaven for my good fortune. Instead I let Rachel pull me into her arms and we fucked one more time.

This first time experience cemented our relationship. I was happy. What guy wouldn’t be if he had a wild and sexy girlfriend who wanted to do it all the damn time? I felt so lucky. I told all my buddies about what we did. Some didn’t believe me. Others were envious. Anyway, I was one happy camper. I told Crystal about my experience. She gave me the strangest look. I sometimes discussed my relationships with Crystal. She was always a good listener and adviser but she didn’t seem to like Rachel. I asked her why. She said she thought my new girlfriend was a shady character that I should watch out for.

When Crystal told me that, I was angry. I was mad at her and let her know it. She was stunned. She looked like she couldn’t kaçak iddaa believe what I was saying to her. I let her have it, man. I’ve only had three relationships with women. One was with Christine, my first girlfriend. She was a lovely girl who loved me very much. Unfortunately, she died in a car crash. The second relationship was with the beautiful Lori, who was a sociopath and turned my friends against me as part of her sick little scheme to control me. Crystal had warned me that Lori wasn’t the sweet girl she appeared to be. I didn’t listen. I remembered that after I argued with Crystal over Rachel. I shouldn’t have done that. But I didn’t know any better. Crystal walked away, looking sad and angry. We said some words to each other that we couldn’t take back. For the first time in ages, my best friend was not talking to me. I had betrayed her.

They say what goes around comes around. I was a bit bothered by the fact that Crystal and I weren’t speaking to each other. I felt weird, you know. Usually, she’s always around for me to talk to. Always the devoted best friend. Just like any of my boys from high school. Unfortunately, I blew it. I thought Rachel loved me. She said she did. I didn’t know that she was playing me. One day, I caught her in my dorm, having sex with my roommate John. Both were surprised to see me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My best guy friend and my girlfriend were having sex. In my bed! Angrily, I threw them both out. Rachel protested. I threatened to beat her ass down if she and her new guy didn’t leave. Pronto. She could tell that I was angry enough and crazy enough to do it. She and John left. Rachel swore to me that she’d get revenge on me. I didn’t care.

That night, I lay down in my bed and for the first time in ages, I cried. I hadn’t cried since I lost a championship basketball game in Junior High. My team had come on second place thanks to my mistake. I missed the three-point shot that would have given us the state championship. I was twelve years old. Now, I was almost nineteen and crying over a female. I thought I was pathetic. I was glad that my mother and father weren’t around to see me. They still lived in Fitchburg, in the new house they bought together. My father raised me to be a strong man. Yet here I was, crying over being betrayed by yet another bitch. Man, life can sure be funny.

I wanted to go to sleep but I couldn’t. I wanted to go to sleep and escape what I felt. I picked up my cell phone and called my friend Larry. He wasn’t picking up. Angry, I tossed the phone across the room. I felt so alone. I had been betrayed by a girl I thought loved me. I had been betrayed by a friend, a teammate whom I trusted. My parents were far away. I felt lost. I felt angry. I told myself to be a man and shake it off. It wasn’t that easy. I thought about calling Crystal but I didn’t think she’d pick up. I hadn’t given her any reasons to want to talk to me. I had said some mean words to the girl who was my best friend over some other female who obviously wasn’t worth shit. I wasn’t feeling proud right now.

I went to my car and decided to go for a drive. Bridgewater was a quiet town. I needed to see the big city. I decided to head to Boston. Yeah, maybe hanging out in the big city would help clear my head. I grabbed my keys and sat behind the wheel. I was ready to go. I started the car, and drove away. Yeah, chilling in the city would clear my head. I hit the brakes to slow down as I left the parking lot. Somebody was walking right in front of me and I didn’t want to hurt them. When I hit the brakes, nothing happened. My heart skipped a beat. Oh, no! I had no brakes! I hit them and hit them yet nothing happened. I swerved to avoid hitting the pedestrian. I saw a tree in the distance. A rapidly closing distance. I crashed into it. Then everything went dark.

When I woke up, I found myself in a hospital bed. My parents were there. I smiled at them and asked them what happened. My memory was a bit fuzzy. They told me that I’d been out of it for two days. I was okay, though. No permanent damage. I would be back on my feet within days. Man, I couldn’t believe this stuff. My father leaned close to me and held me. We’d always been close. I loved my father. I embraced both of them. There was a man standing there whom I didn’t recognize. The man identified himself as detective James Louis. He was a tall, good-looking brother who spoke with a Haitian accent. He asked me questions about the car and the crash. I was a good driver with no history of incidents. I wasn’t a drunk or anything. Upon examining the car, the police officers had discovered that someone had attempted to murder me by slashing my brakes. They wondered if I knew who it was.

I thought long and hard about this. Who would want to kill me? I was a young, college-educated, church-going Haitian brother. I didn’t have any enemies. I suddenly remembered Rachel swearing that she would have revenge kaçak bahis on me for kicking her to the curb like the unfaithful bitch she was. I told detective James Louis the truth. My ex-girlfriend had threatened to kill me after I caught her cheating on me with my teammate and threw them both out. Detective James Louis nodded gravely and took notes as I told him this. He said he was going to investigate this manner and that he would be in touch.

After the cop left, my parents left too, but not before hugging and kissing me and all that mushy stuff. I smiled to myself. I couldn’t believe that Rachel had really tried to kill me. A vengeful woman can do anything at all. No matter how evil and depraved. And the scary part is that a vengeful woman will feel absolutely no remorse. That’s the essence of the female sociopath. Men everywhere should beware of them. I could still remember my psychology teacher, a smart man named Chris Galveston, lecturing me. I shook my head. My parents had given me flowers and candy and even a new sweater but nobody had thought to give me anything I really liked. Figures.

A few minutes after my parents left, I had yet another surprise. Guess who? If you guessed Crystal, then you were right. There she was, my tall and beautiful friend. She looked great, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. She never wore dresses. I smiled at her. She smiled at me. We hugged. I had missed her terribly. There were so many things that I wanted to say. I was sorry about not listening to her when she warned me about Rachel. Crystal had sensed something shady about her. I should have listened. Crystal nodded and smiled. She wasn’t mad at me. She was simply glad that I was okay. She had been worried sick when she heard the news. She’d come by to visit me several times and in fact, she had been the one to notify my parents. I looked at this young woman, amazed. She was amazing.

I watched her as she went to pick something from the low chair at the corner. I looked at the girl who had been my best friend for years and it was as if I were seeing her for the first time. Crystal was tall and a bit large but all that only made her more beautiful in my eyes. From her cute, smiling face to her broad shoulders and ample bosom to her strong arms, long legs and round buttocks. She was beautiful. Like a taller, whiter version of Queen Latifah. I smiled to myself. When I saw what she had brought me, the latest Wolverine comic book, I hugged the girl fiercely. She was simply great.

Crystal sat by my bed, and we talked for hours. We talked about anything and everything. We argued about who would win in a fight between Superman and the Hulk, and whether or the X-Men’s Wolverine could take down Spawn in a fight. We laughed. I looked at Crystal, and again I was amazed. She was beautiful, though not in a classic and superficial way like the models on television. She was a real woman, and had curves, as they said. Her cute face had dimples and lines, like any real person. A thought ran through me, and I realized that maybe I’d been looking too far to see what was right in front of me all along. Maybe Crystal and I could become much more than friends someday. Maybe.

It’s been months since the car crash. I am back in full form, have been for a long time. One hundred percent. I’m back with the team and we took second place at the NCAA basketball championship this year. Detective James Louis of the Bridgewater police department found evidence that my ex-girlfriend Rachel did try to murder me. She was tried and found guilty. Sentencing will begin next week. Right now, I am with my best friend Crystal and we are in downtown Boston, about to watch a movie in the theater. Crystal is sitting next to me, looking great in a black leather jacket, red shirt and gray jeans. Her long hair was pulled in a bun. As usual, she wore no makeup but she still looked great. We were about to watch X- Men : The Last Stand. It’s a movie both of us have wanted to see for a long time.

As we watch the previews, I reach for my bottle of coke. Instead of finding it, my hand brushes Crystal’s. I hesitate. Ever since she came to see me at the hospital, I’ve been certain thoughts about Crystal. My pulse races around her, for some reason. Instead of pulling away, Crystal clasps her hand in mine. We look at each other. There is a strange look in her golden brown eyes. I lean closer. We kiss. It was a brief but passionate kiss. We stare at each other, speechless. I smile and so does she. A moment later, we kiss again. The movie starts but watching mutant superheroes fighting villains for domination of the world was the last thing on our minds.

After the movie, we went to Copley Mall together. We’ve been many places together but this was different. We were holding hands. We passed by a large mirror and I checked our reflections. A tall and handsome young Black man holding hands with an equally tall and beautiful young white woman. Crystal followed my gaze and saw us, too. She smiled. I kissed her. That day, we officially became a couple. I am now in a relationship with someone who loves me, and for the first time in my life, I am happy.

The end.

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