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A Frightening Experience

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After their quiet dinner in her apartment, she took her new paramour by the hand, led him to her bathroom, stood squarely before him, kissed him gently, and said “Would you like to shower with me?”

Startled, he responded, “Are you joking?”

As she unbuttoned her blouse, she answered, “No. I am quite serious.”

“I never showered with a date before,” the young engineering student replied.

“There’s always a first time. Later, I’ll even let you fuck me if you want.”

The bewildered young man replied, “I have never fucked a girl before.”

“Do you mean to tell me that at 22 years old, you have never had sex with a woman?”

“That’s right.”

“Do you mean you never got hard-ons when you’re with your girlfriends?”

“Oh, I got lots of hard-ons but my girlfriends always let me masturbate on them; sometimes I come in my pants; sometimes on their panties. Even, occasionally, on their bare stomachs. One girlfriend even let me pull down her panties. She would lie on her stomach, and let me masturbate in the crack of her ass. Then I would push my cum up her asshole with my finger.” Then, in a boastful voice he added, “I finger-fucked a lot of them.”

“Well, I’m five years older than you are, and I was married for a couple of years to a horny husband, and I like you. I am going to insist that you dickie-fuck me tonight,” she said as she finished taking her clothes off. She left her clothing spread on her spacious bathroom floor.

He noticed the start of her cleft peering out of her thin pubic bush and admired her naked beauty.

“Take off your clothes while I pee,” she commanded.

She backed up to the toilet, sat, spread her knees, and peed

He soon had his clothing piled on the bahis firmaları floor. He stood mesmerized, his mouth agape, and watched intently as she copiously urinated. She smiled as she watched his penis grow erect. She offered to let him wipe her genitals but he declined.

When she finished, she said, “I hope you enjoyed my performance.” She picked up his clothes and carefully positioned them suggestively on top of hers.

“Maybe they will give us baby clothes,” she wisecracked with a broad smile.

His penis remained rigid, stiffly pointing out and up. He admired her buttocks while she arranged his clothing. He thrilled as he glimpsed her perfectly shaped asshole

She straightened up and looked admiringly at his hard-on, kissed it, then kissed him on his lips. She took his scrotum in her left hand, and with her right hand, gently stroked his dick.

Two gentle strokes induced a gentle “Aaahh,” from the young engineer. A quick look at his face told her what to do next.

She quickly dropped to her knees onto the cold tile floor, guided his engorged penis into her wide open mouth just in time to receive a humungous load of cum deep in her throat. She thrilled at hearing his loud “Aarrgh!” as he ejaculated inside her mouth.

His smile told her all she wanted to know. “Got him,” she thought silently.

“Shower time,” she exclaimed joyfully after she swallowed all his cum and cleaned the inside of her mouth with her tongue.

She led him to the shower, turned it on, and adjusted the temperature of the water. They entered the shower completely nude. She even left her collegiate ring in a porcelain cup near the bathroom sink.

Stunned and drained, the young man could only innocently stand under kaçak iddaa the shower’s spray as our heroine worked her guiles. She washed his chest, his stomach, his penis, his scrotum, his perineum, and then his asshole; inside and out.

She turned him around, dropped to her knees on the wet, fiberglass tub, and licked the cleft of his ass and the rim of his anus. His sex organs thrilled with every lick of her tongue. His penis grew erect and ejaculated of its own accord. The shower water washed his cum down the drain.

She stood up; faced her lover, and said, “Now, you can wash me.”

He valiantly soaped her chest but the shower immediately washed the soap away. He fondled both her breasts, sucked on the left tit, mistook the shower water for milk, and got a semi-hard-on. She took his semi-hard-on in her hand and pumped a little more vigorously than before. He released her breasts. She was convinced that he was about to come, but not so.

She thought momentarily and then asked, “Would you like to finger fuck me?”

Meekly, he said, “Yes.”

She took his hand and lowered it to her crotch. She shifted her weight to spread her legs as widely as she could. “Enjoy,” was all she said before locking her lips against his.

His hand fumbled around her genitals but didn’t succeed in entering her vagina. She squatted to make entry easier for him. He squatted with her. First his middle finger gained entry. Then his index finger followed. A couple of weak thrusts and he was comfortably inside her.

“Rub my clit,” she whispered in his ear.

“What’s a clit,” he responded.

Startled at his response, she guided his thumb to her clit. “Rub that little bump.”

A third finger found its way into her vagina as kaçak bahis his thumb gently rubbed “that little bump.” Their squatting positions made finger-fucking awkward but love, sex, and exploration found a way.

Soon, his middle finger vacated her vaginal hole and went exploring for another opening to explore. It found a second orifice an inch or two north of the vagina.

With a finger up her ass and a thumb in her vagina, he was elated. She was happy. They kissed.

They quickly tired of squatting. “Time for you to lose your virginity,” she said. “Off to bed with you.”

They dried one another.

Soon, they were snuggling together between the bedsheets.

“I’m exhausted,” she said. “If you’re going to lose your virginity now, you better make your move fast. I’m about to go asleep.” He didn’t respond. He was already sound asleep.

It was two in the morning when she awakened to a finger exploring the cleft in her buttocks. She immediately became alert. “I’ll pretend to stay asleep and see what my innocent engineer will do,” she thought to herself.

She didn’t pretend well. He quickly realized she was awake and not resisting. He slipped a hand under her neck and pillow, and reached for a tit. With a firm grip on one tit, he used his other hand to pull her buttocks tight against his hard-on and started to masturbate against her.

“Put it in my hole,” she said but it was too late. His cum sloshed onto her lower back and ran down to the bedsheet.

She rolled over and faced her lover. “You won’t have to masturbate any more if we get married. I’ll let you fuck me as often as you want; anytime you want. You can even knock me up, if you want.”

“Marriage? I’m not ready for that kind of responsibility,” our young engineer thought.

Our twenty-two-year-year old engineering student’s frightening experience was rudely interrupted when Professor Jones loudly shouted, “Wake up!”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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