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A Fortnight In Paradise Ch. 08

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Bahamas, Day 7 – Friday

I woke up from my slumber with two blondes and a brunette laying next to me. I sat up and walked over to the kitchenette to make some coffee. I started the pot, then headed to the bathroom for my morning routine. After a quick shower, I threw on some board shorts and walked back over to the coffee pot, poured a cup, and headed out to the patio. I sat down, relaxing in my new favorite chair, and looked out to the ocean, a beautiful start to another day in the Bahamas.

“Good morning love,” Jessica said as she walked out to the patio, wearing only panties again.

“Good morning, beautiful,” I returned, “there is a fresh pot of coffee inside.”

“Great. I need one. Or four.”

I smiled, agreeing with her that we would need a perk to start the day. I heard a bit of rustling inside, realizing the other two were waking up. There was some light chatter, then Jessica returned to the patio, coffee in hands.

Rey and Keira appeared shortly after and grabbed a seat in the two remaining chairs. Keira must have thought the silence hanging in the air was awkward, as she was the first to spark the conversation.

“God damn. That was the hottest night of my life.”

Rey was next to speak up, saying, “Yeah. Fucking hot.”

“Cheers to a great night,” I said.

All three women raised their cups of coffee and took a sip. A short silence followed, being broken by all three of them giggling.

“Well, what’s next?” Rey asked.

“Well, I intend to finish another cup of coffee, then I would like some breakfast. What would you like to do today, baby?” Jessica asked me.

“Coffee and food sounds great to start. I haven’t thought far enough ahead after that.”

“Sounds great. I’m going to hop in the shower, if that’s all right.”

“Be our guest. Towels are next to the bathroom in the closet.” I told her.

“Mind if I join you?” Rey asked.

Keira grabbed her hand and pulled her out of her chair. Keira then turned to Jessica, asking if she would like to join as well.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Jessica responded.

The three of them headed to the bathroom, Jessica stripping off her panties on the way. I sat back in my chair and enjoyed the sights, scents, and sounds. After a few minutes, I started to hear some moaning coming from the bathroom. Apparently the three of them wanted to continue what they started yesterday. I could hear Jessica moaning the loudest of the three. Apparently, she was really enjoying the company. The bathroom door suddenly opened, and Keira ran out to the patio.

“Come join us, will you?” Keira asked.

“Your wish is my command.” I told her.

I followed Keira to the bathroom, watching her wet, bare ass swaying with every step. I could feel my cock growing. We both walked into the bathroom. There I witnessed Jessica leaning against the tile wall, with Rey three fingers deep inside Jessica’s pussy.

“Sorry Baby, I forgot to invite you.”

“No apologies needed,” I returned, “as you were, ladies.”

Keira re-joined the other two, kissing Jessica on the lips and grabbing her breasts. Jessica returned the favor, pinching Keira’s nipple with one hand, and placing the other on Rey’s shoulder. Rey continued fingering Jessica, bringing Jessica to climax. I watch my girlfriend cum all over Rey’s fingers, her pleasure seeping through her entire body. Once the waves subsided, the three of them finished their shower, dried off, and got dressed. The four of us headed out of the room, and walked down to the coffee shop, grabbing a table outside and ordering some brews and a light breakfast.

After the coffee and bagels were delivered, we all chowed down, needing some sustenance from last night’s adventure. We scarfed down the bagels, drank our coffee, and sat in the shade under the umbrella, enjoying the beautiful day.

“Well, I have to get going. Believe it or not, I do need to work today,” Keira said.

“Okay. When can we see you again?” asked Jessica.

“I can arrange time with my dad, so let me talk to him and I will get back to you.”

“Ok, give me your phone.”

Jessica took Keira’s phone, typed in her number, and handed it back.

“Thank you. I will text you as soon as I know.”

“Sounds great.” I said.

On that note, Keira hugged Jessica, then Rey, and then me. Before she released the hug, she gave me a quick peck on the cheek. She took Jessica’s and Rey’s hand, gave them a squeeze, and headed down the sidewalk towards the beach, walking back to the scuba shop.

“She’s so cute, isn’t she?” Asked Rey.

“Very. I adore the shit out of her,” said Jessica.

“So, ladies, then there were three. Any ideas?” I asked.

“How about we get back on the boat and head over to Spanish Wells. It’s about a two-hour boat ride from here. It has a beautiful beach and a neat Caribbean feel to the town.”

“Sounds wonderful. Let’s do it.” Jessica agreed.

We grabbed our coffees, and Jessica and I headed back to the room, while Rey headed back to canlı bahis her house to get ready. We packed our day pack with a few items and headed out to meet Rey at the docks. Shortly after we arrived, Rey showed up. We hopped in the boat and took off.

We cruised across the ocean for a while with nothing but water all around us, depending on Rey and a compass to guide us. Rey didn’t seem nervous and all though, which helped me relax. A few minutes later, we came into sight of land.

“That’s Current Island, the southwest tip of the island where Spanish Wells sits. It’s not far to town now.” Rey informed us.

We arrived at Spanish Wells, moored the boat, and walked down the dock, heading towards downtown. There were beautiful boats moored in the marina; everything from small boats like we were in, to huge yachts, to beautiful sailboats. Several of the boats were flying Bahamian flags, but most of them were from other countries around the world. I saw a few American flags, a couple Mexican flags, and one from Australia, of all places.

We arrived downtown, and started wandering through the shops, looking at all of the items the local people had made. We found one shop that had a clothing line, with mostly women’s swimsuits. Jessica and Rey stopped here and tried on a few, making sure to step out and model each one for me. My favorite was one Jessica had tried on, A Blue top with diagonal gold lines running toward her stomach. It had a matching bottom, a thong with strings on both sides, tying the two sides together. Rey found one with a plaid pattern and a pink lining, with a matching thong bottom.

“I didn’t know you wore thongs, baby?” I said to Jessica after we walked out of the store.

“I want to try it. This place has me feeling so confident, and I’m not afraid to show off more of my body.”

We walked through a couple more shops, where I found a new pair of shorts, then wandered down to the beach and found a bar with a thatched roof. We sat down and ordered some drinks. I had a Mojito, and the ladies chose the Blue Hawaii.

We sat at the table, enjoying our drinks, and watched the people walking by. There were many beautiful women walking by in bikinis, the occasional one looking over towards us and giving a slight smile as they passed by.

Jessica, sparked by the interest of these women, placed her hand in my lap, squeezing my cock.

I look over to Jessica and give her a solid kiss on the lips. She removed her hand from my cock.

“These women are all looking at you. I’m sorry, baby. I got a sudden rush of jealousy.” She admitted.

“Love, you have nothing to be jealous of. You are mine, and I am yours. These other women are nothing compared to you,” I reassured, again kissing her on the lips.

After we finished our drinks, we headed down the beach a little way, mostly people watching, but enjoying the scenery as well. After a couple hours of this, we decided to head back to the boat and take a cruise around the island. We left the dock and started the cruise. We proceeded south, away from Spanish Wells, down the west side of the island. Rey captained the boat, while Jessica and I sat up at the bow.

After a few minutes, we were well away from Spanish Wells, and I could see Jessica really relaxing, with the wind blowing through her hair. I placed my hand on her thigh, and she placed hers directly on top of mine, squeezing my hand.

Jessica then leaned forward and removed her top, saying she didn’t want to ruin her fading tan lines. She then lifted her hips off the seat and slid her bikini bottoms down and off. Rey followed suit from the captain’s chair, stripping off her clothes. I decided to join, so I pulled my shirt over my head and slid my shorts to the deck. Jessica and I sat next to each other, hand in hand, for a little while longer. After a bit, I noticed my thoughts were wandering to Jessica. My eyes were fixated on her body. Her perfect breasts hanging out for the world to see. Her clean-shaven mound begging for attention. Within no time, I became hard as a rock, my cock pointing straight up at full attention.

Rey was the first to notice, as when I looked over towards her, she was sitting in the captain’s chair, her legs spread apart, her finger rubbing her pussy. She was staring straight at my cock. She noticed that I was looking at her, and a smile crossed her face.

Jessica, spacing out to the world, eventually looked toward me, then down, and realized my cock was hard. She then moved herself up, turned around, and sat on my lap, my cock pressing to her slit. Jessica gave me a big kiss on the lips, reached down, and slid my cock to her pussy, sliding down my pole. Jessica began riding me on the bow of the boat, our thrusts matching the flow of the waves.

“Mmm… That feels wonderful, Jason,” Jessica said.

“Yes, it does, Jessica. Keep going,” I replied.

Rey was sitting back in the captain’s chair, watching this scene unfold. She was working her pussy at feverish pace, clearly enjoying what she was seeing. Only bahis siteleri a few minutes in, and I could see an orgasm building on her face. She slid one finger inside herself, then two. She finger-fucked her pussy while Jessica bounced up and down on my cock.

Jessica began to moan, the thrusts of my cock bringing pleasure to her body. She began to breathe heavy, and soon she started to shake.

“That’s it, baby. I’m cumming!” Jessica exclaimed.

“Me too, baby, I’m cumming too!” I said.

Jessica came on my cock from the thrill of the surroundings. I came deep in Jessica’s pussy from the tightness of her orgasm, her pussy squeezing my cock. I then saw Rey coming, her fingers diving into her pussy at a rapid pace. Jessica turned her head around just in time to see Rey’s orgasm. Jessica and Rey locked eyes, which sent Rey further into bliss. Jessica stood up and walked back to Rey, giving her a big Kiss on the lips, then returning to her seat at the bow next to me. We all sat in silence for a while after, enjoying the feeling of the sun, the wind, and each other’s presence.

We cruised for a couple more hours, then decided to head back to Nassau to meet up with Keira for dinner. On the way back, we saw another boat, similar to Rey’s, speeding next to us. It appeared to have two men and two women on board, all of them young. The men were standing, holding onto the railing, and the women were sitting together in the front. Rey looked over at them, then back at us, then back at them. The guys signaled to Rey that they wanted to race, so Rey yelled at Jessica and I, and she hammered the throttle.

Both boats were speeding across the ocean, with the other boat pulling slightly ahead. We flew through the water, making serious time back to town. We sped across the sea so fast that we had to slow down before the others so we could put our clothes back on before we reached the docks.

Once back at the docks, we moored the boat and walked back up the dock to the little scuba shop. We saw Keira helping a couple pick out some snorkeling gear, so we walked around the shop, looking at all the scuba gear for which we had no idea what any of it did. Once Keira finished up with the couple, the couple left, and Keira ran up to us, giving us all a hug.

“Hey guys! How is your day going?” Keira asked us.

“It has been lovely. We went over to Spanish Wells, wandered around the town, the beach, and cruised around the island.” Jessica replied.

Rey then said, “and you two fucked each other on the bow of my boat. That was so fucking hot.”

I looked around the shop quickly, making sure no one else could hear.

“Damn. Wish I could have seen that.” Keira looked at Jessica and I, “You two lovebirds.”

“We then raced another boat back to Nassau. Your boat is seriously fast, Rey,” I told her.

“We actually only hit about 50 miles an hour. Speed seems much faster on water than land.”

“well, it felt like a hundred,” I replied.

“Keira, when do you get off?” Rey asked.

“Well with you guys, I got off several times,” Keira retorted, then smiled, “shop closes in 20 minutes.”

“Wonderful, we can wait. We will be over at the bar next door. Join us when you can.” Jessica said.

“Great. I will see you three soon.”

Rey, Jessica and I walked out of the shop and next door to the bar. We sat down and ordered drinks, and shortly after the drinks arrived, Keira walked in, went to the bar, ordered a drink, then joined us at the table.

Jessica turned to Keira. “So, did you ask your dad about your schedule?”

“Yep. He said that since I made some new friends who were only in town for a short time, I can take all the time I want. He said he can cover the shop for the next week.”

“That’s wonderful, Keira! We would love to spend some more time with you before this vacation is over,” Jessica told her.

“I would like to help him out a bit this week, but only a couple hours here and there. We have some commercial divers based out of our shop, and dad always needs the help when they stop by. Two of them are stopping by, both in three days.”

“No problem by us.” I said.

“So, what’s next on the agenda? What do you guys have planned?” Keira asked.

“I plan on finishing this very tasty beverage.” I said.

“Same here. Nothing else planned so far.” Jessica said.

“Well, I need to go home to freshen up. Wash all of this work off me. Do you guys want to meet at the hotel? Maybe downtown for dinner?”

“Dinner sounds great. Jess? Jason?” Rey asked.

“I like it. Let’s meet on the boardwalk.” Jessica replied.


We all finished our drinks, gave each other hugs, and went our separate ways to get ready. Jessica and I returned to out hotel room, showered together, and got dressed. I put on a pair of jeans and a white button-down shirt. Jessica chose her tight, form-fitting blue dress, with a deep v-cut at the neck, exposing her cleavage, and the bottom cut just below her ass.

Once we had finished bahis şirketleri getting ready, we grabbed a taxi and headed to the boardwalk. Once there, we saw Rey waiting for us, wearing a tight blue dress, with very low back on it, sitting just above her ass. A short time later, Keira showed up, bouncing over to us in a deep purple dress, similar to Jessica’s, with a deep v-cut neck, and very short. All three of them were absolutely glowing.

“Let’s grab a drink,” Rey states as Keira approached.

“Okay. Let’s.” Jessica replied.

We walked down the boardwalk and found a small dive bar. The bar had a live band playing some reggae music, so the ladies and I entered, ordered some drinks, and found a table.

“Oh, I love reggae music. It’s just so happy sounding,” Keira says.

“Yeah. There is so much peace in it,” says Rey.

Jessica and I both nod our heads and take a drink. We all sit there for a few minutes, taking in the sights and sounds. The bar appeared to have been in business for a long time, as every square inch of the walls were covered in random items, including photos of a lot of the patrons and some small fishing curios. Jessica started looking closer at some of the photos, and realized a lot of them has topless women in them.

“Wow. Look at the photos, honey.” Jessica told me.

I look around at the photos, also see the recurring pattern. “Oh, wow. Those women are brave. Not minding if their tits are up for the world to see.”

“That’s what I was thinking.”

“Why? Why bare your chest for one photo in a dive bar?” I ask.

Keira speaks up, saying, “Well, nudity is perfectly legal on the beaches around here. Most of the women in the photos look like they are having a good time, and their nakedness doesn’t seem to be the focal point of the photo.”

We sat at the table, having some more drinks, and chatting the evening away. After consuming a few more drinks, we headed out of the dive bar, all of us stumbling around a bit.

“Let’s go down to the beach,” Keira says, “I want to go for a swim.”

“You don’t have a swimsuit,” Rey says.

“So? I don’t need one.” Keira retorts.

Keira then starts walking down the boardwalk and onto the beach, sliding her shoes off and carrying them across the sand. The three of us follow suit, and walk down the beach a ways, until the sounds of town are no longer in earshot. We set our things down near a rock, and Jessica and I sit down to enjoy the sunset.

“This is beautiful, no?” Rey says as she takes a seat next to Jessica.

“Definitely. I love it.” Jessica replies.

Keira didn’t sit down by anyone, but rather moved down to the water’s edge, placing her feet in the nice warm water.

“Come on, guys! The water feels so nice!” Keira yelled at us.

“Keira! We don’t have swimsuits!” Jessica yelled back.

“So, what!? We don’t need them!

Keira then grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it up and over her head, exposing herself to the world. She tossed her dress near us, then jogged deeper into the ocean, until she fell over and started to swim around.

“Fuck it,” Rey says, “that water does look amazing.”

On that, Rey stood up, slid her dress down her shoulders, over her breasts and hips, and dropped it to the sand. She then took off towards Keira, splashing water as she jogged into the sea.

“And, once again, I am horny,” Jessica says, standing up. She extended her hand to me, assisting me in standing, then slid her tight dress down her shoulders, and off, placing it next to the others. She then reached over and unbuttoned my jeans, sliding them and my boxers down.

“Let’s go for a dip, honey.” Jessica says.

I remove my pants and toss my shirt on the growing pile of clothes. “Why not?” I say.

I took Jessica’s hand and we jogged toward the water, joining Keira and Rey. We all swim around, splashing each other and playing, for a while until we all needed a quick break from the exercise. Jessica and Rey start to move in closer, grabbing each other and pulling close. Keira does the same to me, and I can feel my cock pressing into her stomach. Keira then reaches down and grabs my cock, giving it a few strokes.

Jessica began sliding her hands all over Rey, cupping her breasts, sliding them down her sides, and reaching around and grabbing her ass. Rey followed suit, squeezing Jessica’s ass, then sliding her hands up to Jessica’s cheeks, pulling her in for a kiss.

Keira, watching the show unfold in front of her, says, “that is so hot.” She then starts to pick up the pace on my cock, sliding her free hand around my side and squeezing my ass. I slide my hands up her sides and around to her tits, caressing one and pinching the other nipple. This causes Keira to let out a little moan.

“Mmm… That’s nice. I love having my nipples played with,” Keira tells me.

Jessica and Rey started turning up the heat, their kissing becoming very heavy, their petting becoming more direct. Jessica has one hand on Rey’s ass, and the other is working on her mound, finding her clit and working very deliberately. Rey let’s out a moan, returning the movements on Jessica.

“Oh, yeah, Rey,” Jessica moans, enjoying the feeling of Rey’s fingers, “keep doing that.”

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