Nisan 24, 2024

A First Meeting

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First and foremost, this is a complete work of fiction. Second and more importantly, I enjoy bringing fans fantasies to life so if you have something you’d like me to write about please email me the details and I’ll see if I can’t put something good together for you and the rest of Literotica!

The turbulence did nothing to calm the butterflies in my stomach as this five hour flight neared its termination. I was flying across the country to meet a woman I’d met online only a few short months ago and the anxiety of going this far to meet a stranger had my insides doing flips. The fasten seat belts sign lit up and brought with it a momentary distraction from my plight as I clicked my buckle together and listened to the captain tell us we were nearing our arrival. A few short minutes later and the rough jolt of the wheels striking the tarmac told me I was now in Washington.

As I hopped off the plane amid the chaos I powered on my phone and sent her a text, her reply came only a few moments later. Baggage claim, she was waiting in baggage claim. I took a deep breath to steady myself and made my way through crowd, a mix of excitement and nerves running through my body like electricity. She was easy to spot, 5’4″ blonde and stunning, standing there looking as nervous as I felt. Her eyes caught mine and she smiled, lighting up her already beautiful face and casting any memory of the nerves I had far into my subconscious. I closed the short gap between us and in one quick motion easily wrapped my arms around her and lifted her into the air as she laughed and wrapped hers around my neck.

We held our embrace, standing there hugging amidst the bustle of the airport traffic, and then without thinking I leaned in and kissed her. Her lips met mine and I could tell she’d been waiting for this too. It was only a moment, but for that second I was lost in the softness of her lips and their full sweet taste. She broke our kiss first and I let her back down to the ground gently. “Let’s get your bags” she said, shyly flashing me another smile. I could read both a hint of embarrassment at the PDA and the flush of our first initial meeting as her cheeks flushed a soft red. I grinned back at her and took her by the hand as we made our way to the conveyor belt.

Surprisingly, we had my bags fairly quick and were soon in the car on the way to her place. The drive wasn’t too far but it was long enough for us to really break the ice and shake off the jitters of meeting in person. As we pulled into the driveway our mutual excitement of finally being together gave the air a soft electric feeling, as if there was a storm fast approaching.

I hopped out of the car almost immediately when we came to a stop and grabbed my bags from the trunk. As she lead me up the small cement walk I couldn’t help but stare at her ass. I’ve always been an ass man, there’s no denying this, and it’s not that I can’t appreciate a beautiful pair of breasts, nor do I not give them their well deserved attention in the bedroom, but I love a sexy ass and hers definitely met the requirements; as my twitching friend below the waist acknowledged.

She held the door open for me as I slid past her and into the entry way of her home. Once inside I set down my bags and turned to her as she shut the door behind us. At 6’3″ I was almost a whole foot taller then her and I could see her lift her head to meet my eyes. A smile spread across her face at that moment and I lost control.

I took a step towards her again and lifted her into my arms, pressing her against the door. Her arms once again wrapped around my neck but this time, when our lips met, it was not a soft, sweet, short kiss. Our lips pressed hard together, almost hungrily as one of my hands rose to the back of her head. The sweet taste of her lips was even better the longer we kissed and with their soft velvety feel against mine, it was impossible to get enough.

Her legs wrapped around me and I turned, carefully avoiding my bags and stepped into the living room, before finally sitting down onto the couch with her on canlı bahis top of me. Her hands were behind my head now and mine were firmly pressed against her back pulling her closer to me as our tongues had found each other and were now frantically dancing together.

I slid my hand up under her chin and turned her head slightly up and to the right, breaking our kiss, as I trailed my lips gently over her jaw line and down under her ear to her neck. She let out a soft moan and pulled her body closer to mine as I pressed my lips harder against her soft skin. I worked my way slowly down to her collarbone savoring each soft press of them against her sweet skin. One of my hands moved around and cupped her left breast, firmly kneading and pressing it, once again causing her to arch her back and let out another moan. This one louder then the last and it spurred me on even more.

I pulled my lips from her neck and leaned her back, pausing for a moment to take in her beauty before her face was eclipsed for a second as she lifted her shirt over her head. I practically dove at her newly exposed flesh. My lips picking right back up where they left off. Kissing down from her collarbone, I worked my way over the top of her right breast and down between the pair bathing them in kisses as my left hand went back to work. As I neared her cleavage I felt her move and was soon rewarded as her bra fell free. Her wonderful pink nipples came into view and I wasted no time sucking one into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue as my left hand lightly teased the other by gently pulling and pinching it between my fingers.

Her hand was on the back of my head holding me tight as my lips and tongue continued their assault on her nipples. My cock was throbbing and straining against it’s confines as she began to rock and grind her hips against me. I lifted my hips seeking to meet hers and press my hardness against her, letting her know how hot she made me. We stayed like this, with me alternating which nipple I was sucking and which breast I was massaging and the both of us doing everything we could to fuck our way through our clothes.

The room seemed to have grown instantly hotter as my desire raged for her. She pushed me back and it was my turn to pull my shirt over my head and lean back against the couch as her lips found my neck. She wasted no time kissing down my neck and to my chest, her fingers trailing over my sides and down over my abs causing me to shiver in anticipation. She took a moment to suck first one then the other of my nipples into her mouth before continuing down over my stomach kissing each of my abs as I ran my fingers through her hair.

She stopped at my waist, her fingers hooked under the line of my jeans. You could see the outline of my aching cock through my jeans and she stared up at me as she kissed it. I moaned, imagining what her lips would feel like wrapped around me. Her hand moved to where my balls were and she began to rub up and down the length of me, balls to tip. I lifted my hips up to meet her hand and she undid the button on my jeans and slid them to the floor.

Her hands went right back to stroking me, now through my boxers, and it was driving me crazy. My cock was so fucking hard as she teased it, god I wanted her hands, her mouth, her pussy, anything on me! Fuck it, I couldn’t handle it anymore. I lifted my hips and slid my boxers off, my cock popping into view and standing at attention hard and waiting for her. She took me into her hands and I moaned as she stroked me up and down, one hand gently massaging my balls.

“Is this what you want?” she said looking up at me.

Her mouth was less then an inch from my cock and I nodded as I watched her swallow the tip. My head went back and I let out a long moan as she began working more and more of me in. Her tongue ran up the underside of my cock and circled the head as she continued to stroke my shaft. I was breathing heavy and moaning as precum was flowing from the head of my cock.

She pulled her lips from me and ran her tongue down to my balls bathing them with bahis siteleri her tongue, before sucking first one then the other into her mouth, her hand constantly stroking the tip of my throbbing dick. She was driving me crazy, her mouth felt so good! I had to have her. I pulled her up to me and kissed her hard, our tongues sword fighting with an intensity that matched our passion. I stood up and we traded positions, as I laid her on her back and pulled her jeans off.

With her jeans off I pulled both her legs together, moving her ankles towards her head allowing me to take in her sexy panty clad ass. She was wearing a lace victoria secret thong and it absolutely accentuated those beautiful globes. I held her ankles with one hand and ran my hands over that beautiful ass, giving it a few playful smacks. Finally I grabbed her panties and pulled them up and over her ass slowly exposing her wet pussy to me. Letting go of her legs, I dropped to my stomach and was only inches from her wet lips. I let my hot breath fall over her lips, teasing her, letting her know how close my mouth was to being on her, to tasting her.

I stuck my tongue out and traced along the left side of her lips, not quite letting it touch them. She moaned and shifted, trying to force my tongue onto her, but I pulled back and went to the other side instead. One of her hands was softly running over my head, a silent plea for my tongue to find her little treasure.

I half way obliged and let the tip of my tongue slip down onto her outer lips, running up and down the length of her wet slit but still just barely avoiding both her hole and her tiny clit. As my tongue worked back and forth a few times, I came up and circled her clit twice before switching to the other side and beginning to trace my way down along her lips again. As my tongue teased, the fingers on my left hand had slid up and were now starting to stroke the little patch of skin just below her clit and above her wet hole. Every time a finger or my tongue drew close to her clit or pussy, she would moan and lift her hips up, trying to force me onto her little jewel or inside but I’d dart away and refuse.

Finally, when I felt I’d teased her enough and I knew she was begging for something more, I let my tongue find her clit. I began tonguing it back and forth and allowed one finger to slide up and into her tight hole. She moaned louder now, the hand on the back of my head forcing me hard onto her clit as my tongue slowly began to pick up pace.

Her hips had started to slightly move back and forth, helping me both tongue and finger fuck her. As I began to pick up pace with my tonguing I slid a second finger inside her using both to press deep into her and up towards her g-spot. I fucked her slowly at first, sliding back and forth slightly and keeping pressure up against her spot as I used my free hand to pull the hood over her clit back, granting me access to tongue her little pearl even more.

As I did this her hips began bucking hard against my face and I could feel her legs begin to shake, spurring me on even more. My tongue was furiously lapping at her clit now and both fingers were fucking her hard. I moaned as I could taste her sweet juices starting to flow even more.

“Fuck her pussy tastes so good!”

It was then that she grabbed my head and forced me down hard onto her, her hips lifting up to meet my probing tongue. She stopped and held me there as she let out a cry.

“OHHHHH fuuuucccckkkkk,” she yelled as her orgasm ripped through her, “don’t fucking stop!”

Her hips were shaking and her pussy seemed to have exploded as her juices covered my fingers and mouth. I kept fucking her with my tongue and fingers, holding her tight against my face, refusing to let her go as she spasmed uncontrollably against my mouth. Slowly, as her orgasm started to subside, her breathing ragged and heavy, her legs twitching, I pulled my fingers from her and began to run my tongue up and down her pussy. She sighed as it made its way over her sensitive lips and when I’d touch her now oversensitive clit she’d bahis şirketleri jump and moan, trying to squirm out of my grasp.

I held her there though, continuing to run my tongue up and down the length of her pussy, only stopping to occasionally burry it inside her soaked hole. When I’d had my taste, and her orgasm had fully subsided, I slid up her body and kissed her. My cock was now rock hard from watching her orgasm and as our lips met I was sliding it up and down the length of her pussy, covering it in her juices.

Finally I couldn’t wait anymore and began to slowly push my self inside her. The head slid in and I began to take short slow strokes letting it gradually work its way fully inside her until my balls rested against her ass. I stopped, enjoying the feeling of her tight hole surrounding my aching erection, and then began withdrawing it until just the tip was in. Once again I slowly eased it all back inside her.

We fucked like this, long, slow deep strokes, and with each thrust in we’d both moan. But, I couldn’t go slow for long and soon we’d begun to pick up the pace, the strokes becoming shorter but each one came harder and faster then the last. I grabbed her legs and pulled them up by her ears, letting me drive in deeper with each thrust. Her pussy was getting soaked again as the length of me drove in and out of her tight hole. We were both moaning uncontrollably, our heads back, mouths open.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkkkk!!! Your pussy feels so fucking good,” I moaned into her ear.

“Fuck yes. Fuck me. Harder, Godddddddd,” she replied, her nails digging into my back.

I buried myself inside her and held it there for a moment. This time I pulled all the way out of her and grabbed her, pulling her to her knees and turning her around so she was bent over the couch. I wasted no time lining up my cock and sliding all the way back into her doggy style. My thrusts were long and hard, my balls slapping against her wet pussy and quickly becoming covered in her juices. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back as she moaned, the other hand holding her hip and using it to pull her into me so I could fuck her harder. I let her hair go and smacked her ass as I thrust into her, each stroke filling her with more of my hard cock.

I pulled out and lay back on the ground, I didn’t have to say a word as she crawled down on top of me, kissing me as she grasped my hard cock and lined it up with her wet hole. I slid back in and she bounced up and down letting my cock get situated inside her. I licked my thumb and hooked it just behind her little clit as I grabbed her ass with my free hand and started pulling her back and forth, grinding on my hard cock. One of her hands reached back and began to play with my balls, the other went to her tits as I watched her pinch and grab them.

“Fuck, goddd that’s hot. I’m so fucking close,” I told her as she continued to grind harder and harder on me.

“Yes baby, me too, cum, fucking cum inside me,” she moaned as her head tilted back and she started to lose control.

Seeing the beginning of her orgasm pushed me over the edge and I lost it. My vision went black and my aching cock erupted inside her as her own juices came spilling out around my throbbing shaft. My toes curled with each pulse inside her and with each thrust more and more of my seed came rushing out, filling her completely. I could feel her shaking uncontrollably now as she road my cock like a mad woman. I grabbed her ass and continued to pull her back and forth, fucking her as both of us shook from the orgasms tearing through us.

As things began to slow she started to gently rocked back and forth on my cock, both of us basking in our post orgasmic haze. With one final thrust from me she leaned forward and collapsed onto my chest, my now softening cock still inside her. I wrapped my arms around her and ran my fingers through her hair holding her tight against my chest as we tried to regain our breath. My heart was still pounding in my chest and our skin was hot and sweaty. Slowly she rolled off me and into the crook of my arm, her head still nuzzled on my chest.

“Well it’s nice to finely meet you,” I whispered as I planted a kiss on her forehead.

She laughed quietly as her eyes met mine, “Nice to meet you.”

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