Nisan 24, 2024

A Drive To The Park

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It is a beautiful summer day, we are headed out to one of the large local parks for a nice walk in the woods. As I drive over to meet you, I wonder what you will be wearing and how I could be so lucky to meet and fall so hard for a beautiful, sensual woman like you.

A woman who quivers at my touch, who has an insatiable appetite for exploring our sexuality and passions, who’s beauty on the inside is overshadowed by her voluptuous body.

It is going to be a beautiful day, mainly because I get to spend it with you.

As I turn the corner I see you waiting on the porch for me, your beauty radiates down the street, and you are wearing a very nice pair of white shorts, a bikini top covered by a light chiffon top that is not buttoned up all the way showing off your delicious cleavage and the swells of your beautiful breasts.

As you enter the truck, you lean over and as you press your lips to mine you slide your hand up my leg and grasp my cock, giving it a nice playful squeeze to say hello. I in return cup one of your large breasts, its large already hard nipple boring itself into my palm briefly before I roll it lightly between my fingers as we are kissing.

After several minutes of kissing, we break apart breathless and head out to our destination which lies about an hour south of town. As we drive we talk, and occasionally caress each other and you ask if the center console can be lifted so that you may sit next to me as I drive. I raise the console, turning the front seat into a traditional bench seat and you slide over next to me and start caressing my arm and nibbling on my ear.

The highway is not very busy this morning, so I set the cruise and place my hand on you knee and start caressing your leg and moving up to caress your pussy through your shorts. You immediately start rubbing my already hardening cock through my shorts, rubbing and squeezing it as it becomes even harder.

As I am caressing your pussy, you are mewing in my ear and humping my hand, I can tell that you are much more horny today than usual and suspect that you will not be able to wait very long before your need to cum overtakes your patience.

After only several minutes of our petting, you reach down and pull aside your shorts and panties and taking my hand you plunge several of my fingers deep into your pussy. As my fingers plunge into the sopping wet, extremely hot and tight tunnel of pleasure, I am greeted by a loud moan and your hips thrust forward, and your pussy clamps down hard on my fingers as you experience a nice little orgasm.

I continue to work my fingers in and out of your pussy alternating with circling your clit, drawing out and prolonging your orgasm for over 3 minutes of gasping and moaning and screaming coming from you as you cum to my fingers.

As you hold on to my arm, your breathing slows and you begin to nibble on my arm and giggle slightly, as I continue to slowly work my fingers into your pussy, you reach over to grab something from your purse and hand it to me. It turns out to be a nice little vibrator that I gave to you as a present not long ago. I take the little blue vibrator, and replace my fingers by pressing it against your clitoris and turn the powerful little wonder on.

As I drive, you lean against me, holding me tightly as we drive and I work the little vibrator over your vaginal lips and clitoris. As I hear your breathing becoming more labored between moans, and know you are getting close to cumming again, I move the vibrator lower and farther away from you clitoris to delay and heighten your orgasm. Your moans soften and you start nibbling and licking on my ear again, whispering to me how hot I make you and how you love to cum for me. You begin rubbing my cock, whispering to me that you will make me pay for teasing you, but in your heart you know that my only goal is your happiness and making you feel good.

In response to your little threat, I move the little blue wonder back to your clitoris, causing you to throw back your head and gasp “Yes” out loud, and reach up to open your blouse and to pull down your bikini top to fondle your own breasts, twisting and tweaking the nipples as I attend to your pussy.

I see a tractor trailer up ahead and decide to creep up on him while you are busy, as I pull up alongside the trucker, I know that he can look right down into our truck but will only be able to see below your neck where all the fun is happening. You have both breasts in your hands, fondling and caressing them and paying special attention to your nipples while I am torturing your clit with the vibrator.

You gasp as you open your eyes güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and realize we are next to a truck and you try to cover up, I stop you and explain we have been there awhile and he cannot see your face at all. At that moment, because of the stimulation we both have been giving you and the thought of someone else actually watching you fondle your breasts and watch you have your pussy played with in a truck, you begin to cum, and cum hard! Screaming AhhhhhEEeEEe… I’m Cuummmiiiinnggggggg!! OH BABY YES, YES!!!

Your hips trust forward and you grasp your breasts again and pinch the nipples while you sit there and cum multiple times, each time more powerful than the last until you can take it no more and beg me to stop. As I switch off the vibrator, you slump back exhausted and I accelerate away from the trucker accompanied by several toots from his air horn as a thank you and that wonderful giggling moan you make after you cum very hard.

Your head on my shoulder, you rest for several minutes as you catch your breath. You kiss me and thank me for making you feel so good and grasping my cock again ask how I am doing. As you feel my cock get even harder and strain against my shorts you giggle and say “poor baby, he got all hard and uncomfortable making me feel good”. I moan and thrust forward into your caressing hand, as it always turns me on and makes me rock hard to see and hear you cum.

I feel you unzipping me and freeing my cock, your cool hand sliding up and down the hard shaft as you nibble on my neck and whisper to me that you are going to repay me right here and now for making you cum so hard and for teasing you.

As I start to protest, I feel your hot lips replace your cool hand and slide down over the head of my cock, engulfing me into that sensuous suctioning mouth of yours and beginning to alternate between swirling your tongue around the head and plunging down and applying suction as you rise to the top again.

This pattern goes on for several minutes and I am going nuts from your expert oral attention being afforded to my cock. I tell you I am almost ready to cum and you increase the pace, now applying lots of pressure and running my cock in and out of your mouth at a furious pace. I groan out “OH BABY you suck my cock SOOO GOOD!! I’m Gonna CUMMMMMM!!!” and push your head down and begin cumming, blasting my semen down your greedy throat amid mewing from you at finally being given your prize for all your hard work.

You clean me up, and tuck me back in and rise to nuzzle my shoulder, rubbing my softened cock all the way to the park. As I park, I lean to you and kiss you hard and passionately, thanking you for a wonderful blowjob.

We exit the truck, both of us on rubbery legs and head up a walking trail, walking arm in arm and enjoying the wonderful day. As we walk, we take in the beauty of this area, the wonderful foliage and trees intermixed with glacier deposits from long ago.

We walk several miles and end up walking off the trail to a clearing by a stream, where we lay out our blanket and lie down to watch the clouds and enjoy a perfect day. We snuggle, your head resting on my shoulder and you leg thrown over mine as I caress your back with the arm that cradles you.

I turn to look into your beautiful eyes, and tell you how beautiful you are, how full my heart is, and how my life has meaning again sense I have met you. I begin to kiss you cute nose, and move down to your beautiful lips, pressing my lips to yours and feeding you my tongue where it is greeted by yours and we duel back and fourth. A moan escapes your lips as we kiss and you hands begin to caress my body reaching behind me to cup my buttocks and pull me to you.

As we grind our sexes together, I begin kissing down your chest to that wonderful cleavage of yours, I pull down your bikini and expose your breasts to the bright sunshine. My lips follow the outside edge of your breast, kissing and licking lightly around the side, around to the bottom and then over to the other beautiful orb. Then my travels bring me again up the side and over the top where I kiss down and over the front edge, stopping to circle your areola with my tongue, ignoring your nipple completely.

As my tongue it exploring every bump and ripple of you areola, I begin massaging both breasts, cupping them and squeezing them together so that I may continue my exploration. I continue to kiss and tongue both breasts, circling the areola, separating them while tonguing and nibbling the inside area of your cleavage, lightly blowing over your nipples, but never touching them at all.

This güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri is driving you right up the wall, you are humping my leg and groping me in an effort to arouse me to get me to move on.

You open my shirt and tweak both my nipples before leaning down to tongue and suckle on them as you palm my hardness through my shorts, all the time you are humping your covered pussy on my leg, arousing yourself and showing me that you want me. Of course as much as I am enjoying myself, I somehow successfully ignore your probing and return to my task, bring you as much pleasure as I can.

As I return my tongue to your breast, spiraling my tongue around you areola, circling ever closer and closer to your distended nipple as I tell you “your breasts are so beautiful, am I driving you crazy yet baby?”

You answer “YES” as you guide my head to a nipple and I take that hard nub into my hot mouth and begin flicking my tongue back and fourth over the top. “Ohhhhhhhh YES baby, your mouth is Soooooo Hot” you moan out loud as I continue to tease you.

As I take the other nipple in my mouth, one hand cups your sex from the front and my finger presses your shorts into your pussy, spreading you lips and pressing hard into your sex. A large moan escapes you again, and you begin to hump my hand and play with my nipples and rub my hard cock through my shorts again.

I unsnap your shorts and run my hand down over your tummy, through your silky pubic hair and split your cleft with my finger. As my finger spreads your outer lips, I realize how very wet you are, and tell you “Oh baby you are soaking wet, is my baby all wet and excited just for me?” A loud moan is my response as my finger is dragged over your clitoris and plunged into your steaming vagina, where your pussy grips my digit tightly as you frantically try to unsnap my shorts.

As I am tonguing your nipple and fingering your pussy you finally unsnap my shorts and free my hard cock as you pull my shorts and underwear down. You grasp my hardness, and begin to stroke the length, spreading the pre-cum over the head and making it slippery as I begin to moan into your nipple and say ” Ohhhh Baby, you do that to me Soooo good, don’t ever stop” I ask you “does feeling my hard cock, all hot and long in you hand make you hot baby?” “Ohhhhh Mmmmmmmm” is my answer.

You lift your hips and quickly dispense with your shorts and panties, and then roll over on top of me as you lean in to kiss me passionately. As we kiss, you rub your nipples on my chest and run you sopping wet pussy up and down the hard shaft of my cock, rubbing your clit along the length coating it with you juices and exciting us both.

I reach up to cup your breasts together and kiss your nipples again as you continue to hump the length of my hard cock against your clit. Your moaning almost continually now, almost crying as you tell me how long it has been, how you don’t know if you can, how you want to Sooo bad you can taste it.

I pull your lips to mine again and kiss you tenderly as I caress your beautiful hair and tell you it is OK, I know, and understand completely what you are going through, and I am yours to keep and do with what you want, if and when you want.

You look into my eyes and know that I am telling you the truth, you kiss me again and slide down my body, dragging you nipples down my chest until my cock is between those beautiful globes where you press them around my cock and take the head into your hot mouth as I slowly thrust into the hot cleft between your large breasts moaning out your name.

You stop and ask if I have a condom, which I retrieve from my shorts and hand to you. Un-wrapping the latex sheath you roll it down my hard shaft slightly before placing your lips on the head of my cock and plunging my hard shaft deep into your hot mouth, unrolling the condom with your lips as I grit my teeth and groan out your name. I grasp your head to hold you tightly to my pubic hair as you bottom out and start giggling, the sensation is incredible, and I damn near loose my load then and there, and then you release my cock from your hot mouth.

You again kiss the tip of my hard cock before you slide back up my body, stopping at my nipples to tease them before returning your lips to mine. As I begin to tweak your nipples with my thumbs and you start running your wet pussy along my cock rubbing your clitoris up and down the shaft slowly as your body quivers and your moaning returns to a fever pitch.

I lean forward and grasp your buttock in both hands, feeling the firmness and smoothness in my hands and pulling güvenilir bahis şirketleri your sex tighter into mine as I start to match your thrusting. You Squeal and call out my name as the sensations start to rise, expanding out from you clitoris, and making your body flush from your hips up to your breasts.

You rise and looking me in the eyes, take my hard cock and place it at the entrance to your vagina, rubbing the head back and fourth over your clit as you bite your lower lip and shiver. As I take both breasts in my hands, the distended nipples boring into my palms you begin to slowly lower your body, my cock head spreading your lips and beginning to enter your vagina.

As my cock begins to spread your vagina and enter you, I can feel the white hot heat caused my our joining. As my cock begins to stretch you wider and wider, you shudder as you begin to sink down pressing my cock deeper into you until you are fully seated where you begin to moan and cry at the same time as your first orgasm overtakes you. You wail out my name and hump your clitoris feverishly against the base of my cock as you experience your first vaginal orgasm in a very long time.

You moan out to me how good it feels, how long it has been since a hard cock has filled you so completely and how much you love me. I pull you down to me kissing away your tears and tell you that I want you to be the love of my life as you rise upward pulling my cock out of you before plunging slowly down again. As you rise and fall I hold your ass tightly and alternate between kissing your lips and your breasts as we slowly build a rhythm in our coupling.

After very little time, I feel your already tight pussy clamp very hard down on my cock and starts pulsating as you reach bottom again and you again scream out another powerful orgasm. I then take over and begin to thrust into you repeatedly to maintain your cum for as long as I can.

You cannot tell where one orgasm ends and another begins now, your moans of passion sound like one long babbling moan of ecstasy as I steadily and slowly thrust into you.

I draw you to me again and kiss your lips, telling you I love you and want you to be mine forever. You hug me tightly and return my kiss as yet another smaller orgasm rips through your body.

I roll us over, and raise your legs to your chest and sink my hard cock even deeper into your pussy touching places that have not been touched in so very long. As I withdraw till just the tip is left in you and slowly plunge back till I bottom out. This continues for several minutes more as you shake you head back and fourth moaning out how good it feels.

As I withdraw one more time and abruptly pull out of you, you moan out a “No!” and try to pull me back on top of you. I take your legs swinging them to the side and grasp your hips and pull you up on you knees as you start giggling and say “Mmmmm I know what you want”.

I slap you butt with my hand and you yelp, and moan deeply as the skin on you ass starts to redden and the warmth spreads deeper. I take my cock and run it up and down you outer lips again stopping at the entrance to your pussy and tell you to tell me what you want.

Moaning, you tell me “Fuck me Please… Please put your hard cock back in me, I feel Soooo empty now!”

Slapping your ass again I tell You” Tell me how!”

You reply “I want your cock in my pussy, I Need to CUM! FUCK ME NOW!”

As I press your head down to the blanket, you breasts swinging free and your nipples grazing the blanket, I press forward into you as I grasp an ass cheek in each hand and sink slowly to the bottom again in your sopping hot pussy. As I sink deeper that I have ever been, I groan out your name and you feel my balls swing forward and graze your clit and you cry out “Oh YES!! Give it to me NOW!”

“Oh baby you are so tight and wet, it is so hard to keep from cumming” I gasp as I withdraw and plunge into you again and again, my balls slapping your clit with each thrust. As I hold onto you gorgeous cheeks of you ass and thrust into you, you nipples are dragging over the blanket and you pussy feels completely filled as you begin to cum again, clamping down hard on me and moaning out my name.

As you clamp down on me I can take it no longer and plunge into you one more time deeply and screaming out your name I CUM HARD and fill my condom with steaming hot semen. As I cum, even through the latex you can feel the heat of my cum and the pulsing of my cock and it drives you over the edge one last time crying and screaming out my name.

As we fall together on the blanket we kiss and you start giggling again as you kiss me all over my face and then remove the condom and suck me into your mouth to clean me and taste me.

We snuggle together in the hot sun catching out breath till we hear voices coming up the trail and we hurry back into your clothes, both tired but our passion is sated for the moment.

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