Şubat 28, 2024

A Bookstore Kind of Affair

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The sky was a husky purple, the sun made the clouds into a stunning rainbow of dusk, and Seth Nathaniel Jones was sobbing in his bathroom. He sat in the bathtub with knees drawn up under his chin and shielded his rapidly swelling eye that was already a nasty shade of purple. He tried to rationalize the situation, to understand why, but he couldn’t.

He sifted through his memories of his relationship with Mel trying to find something that would make him over look the travesty of their latest fight. He couldn’t think of a single thing. Why had he fallen for him in the first place? Why the fuck did he move in with him knowing that he had violent tendencies? The sad part was that there was no reason. Seth didn’t love this man. He was just lonely.

He let out a humorless laugh. It was kind of ironic. He let loneliness drive him into a relationship and he was alone again. Only now he was bruised and crying. He heard glass shatter in the other room and cringed. This wasn’t the first time this had happened- just the first time Mel had actually hit him and it was going to be the last.

Seth felt the fear in him pool down in his belly and slowly churn into rage. Mel had punched him in the face- the bastard. He’d been in an abusive relationship before that took him two years to get out of. He wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. He stood up, gingerly wiped his tears away, adjusted his clothes and strode into the other room. “Get the fuck out.”

The tall and muscular blonde man ransacking the bedroom stopped and turned slowly to face Seth. “What?”

“I said get the fuck out. Now.”

“What? Did you not get enough earlier?” Mel stepped threateningly towards Seth, malice written across his face and posture. Obviously Seth needed another lesson in discipline.

Only Seth really didn’t think he needed any more lessons, one had been enough. Part of him inwardly cowered as the larger man approached but that part was ignored. The warrior in him stood up and he picked up the baseball bat leaning up against the dresser that had been put there “in case of burglars.” And with odd memories of little league in his head, Seth swung it as hard as he could.

The warrior laughed at the satisfying crack the bat made against Mel’s skull and spit on his downed foe. “You know Mel; I think I had quite enough earlier. In fact, I’ve had enough forever. If you ever come near me again I’ll kill you.” He looked around the room, decided he really didn’t care anymore, and simply walked out of the apartment and never looked back.

**Two Months Later**

Seth browsed through the book titles on a long shelf. He sighed heavily and sat down in a near by armchair, quite bored. He was in a rut. All he did was work and read. He kept to himself and he was getting dangerously lonely yet again. He crossed his legs and put his head back as he marveled at how heavy his eyelids felt today.

Eron strummed his fingers on the counter. He loved canlı bahis şirketleri the discounts he got by working at this bookstore, but sometimes it could be so horrendously boring! He scanned what he could see of the store and frowned. He had lost track of his favorite eye-candy. Eron didn’t think the man had left yet because he hadn’t bought anything. He scanned the store again and decided to go have a look. He rather liked tall-dark-and-shy. Eron had never caught his name but the man came into the store every other day to browse the fantasy section and the man almost always bought a new book.

Eron absent-mindedly toyed with the hem of his smock as he wandered around, pretending to look for books lying around that needed to be shelved, but was pleasantly surprised to find his eye-candy lying around instead. He rolled his eyes to see the man asleep in the armchair. It was adorable in a kind of sad way.

Seth woke with a start; someone was shaking him, “Sir… Sir?” He blinked repeatedly, his brain slowly groaning back to full speed as the face of the cashier appeared in front of him. “Oh, oh I’m sorry… I must have dozed off.” He blushed a most vibrant pink and pretended that the weave of the carpet was intensely interesting. Why did the hot cashier have to find him? The other man’s hand was still on him and he felt a dangerous stirring inside of him.

Eron laughed, a warm bubbly laugh, and gripped Seth’s shoulder in a friendly way. “It’s ok. The armchairs are really comfortable. I’ve slipped off to sleep in them myself.”

Seth slowly stood, getting the cashiers help, as his knees were a little stiff. He smiled gratefully and realized he was still holding the man’s hand. He snatched his own hand back quickly, covering the motion by adjusting his turtleneck.

Eron smiled warmly, and cocked his head slightly to the side, “You’ve been in here a lot but we have never really talked… My name’s Eron, want to go get a cup of coffee? I mean, it’s about time for me to close up anyway…”

Seth’s forehead wrinkled slightly, his lips pursed. He shrugged, “I’m Seth, and sure. Why not?” He went to wait outside as Eron closed. His mind was poking him. This was familiar wasn’t it? You don’t know this man, do you? Is this really such a good idea? Loneliness was calling and he was going to answer.


Eron took a deep breath, inhaling the rich smell of his mocha, smiling enchantingly through the steam. “You know, you’ve barely sipped your latte.”

Seth blinked, flushing a little, “Yea, you’re right…” I was too busy staring at you. But he couldn’t really say that. He didn’t even know if the other man was gay. All he did know was that his brown slacks were getting uncomfortably tight.

“You’re stunningly beautiful…”

Seth blinked at Eron, flabbergasted.

“Oh shit. I’m so sorry… I just thought, well, you accepted, and.”

“No! No, I’m gay. Oh lord, am I gay. I’m sorry, you canlı kaçak iddaa just caught me by surprise. I was thinking the same about you.”

Eron blushed slightly, looking at his coffee. “Hey, my apartment is near here. Do you wanna come over?”

Seth seemed to think about it a minute, letting all the bad memories wash over him, he decided to go. “Sure, I’d love to.”

The drive was a short one, and the two men laughed light-heartedly as they ascended the stairs to Eron’s apartment. He opened the door, motioning for Seth to go in first. He followed in, flipping on the light. “I know it isn’t much but it’s my little piece of the pie.”

Seth looked around slowly, taking in all the little details, the framed grave-rubbings and pressed lavender. The pale gray couch with pale purple pillows as accents… the light smell of incense and fur. “I love it.”

“Have a seat. I’ll get you a drink. Is vodka ok?”

“That’s fine.” Seth set on the soft couch. He was content and wondered where this evening would take him. A ginger tabby-cat hopped on his lap and he chuckled. “Well, that explains the smell of fur.”


“Nothing. I was talking to your cat.”

Eron laughed lightly, “She is actually listening to you? Feel honored. Romulus doesn’t like anybody but me.”

Seth softly stroked the cat’s head. “Nobody but him, eh? Well, thank you for gracing me with your kindness.” The cat looked up at him, her eyes sparkling. He chuckled, he could swear the cat was talking to him; “Just pet me you fucker.” He chuckled softly again and called into Eron; “Fall in?”

“Close, had to mix up some orange juice.” Eron walked into the room carrying two glasses. He handed one to Seth and sat next to him on the overstuffed couch.

Seth sipped his drink gingerly, still petting the cat. He raised an eyebrow at Eron, “So?”

Eron sat his hand on Seth’s thigh, and slowly leaned in until their lips were almost touching. “So…”

Seth whimpered slightly, a choked noise, and brought his hand to Eron’s cheek. The cat was completely forgotten. “So, kiss me…” He closed the distance, his soft lips pressing against Eron’s. He parted his lips slightly; welcoming the other man’s questioning tongue.

Eron moaned, his hand sliding up Seth’s thigh to caress a bulge that felt like rock under his hand. Their tongues sparred and he had to suppress a gasp as a strong hand began stroking his own hardness. He broke the kiss and looked into Seth’s deep brown eyes, “Can I make love to you?”

Seth slowly ran his thumb up and down Eron’s cheek, and he smiled, “Please, please do.” He followed Eron to the bedroom, both men shedding what clothes they could as they made the trip down the hall.

Eron passed the threshold of his room and turned around, bringing Seth to him, and kissing him deeply as their bare chests met. He ran his hand down Seth’s smooth back, his hand resting on the curve of Seth’s ass. He squeezed, canlı kaçak bahis loving how it made Seth press against him. He needed this. They both did.

Seth let himself be pulled over to the bed and then pushed down on to it. He lifted his hips as his pants were slid off; he was surely a creature of desire now. He didn’t even really have thoughts anymore, merely wants and actions. He stretched on the bed, showing off his long, languid, body and beckoned Eron too him. He wantonly spread his legs, sighing happily as Eron settled in-between them. His muscles tingled with forgotten sensations, it had been too long.

Eron was painfully hard, growing more aroused as Seth reacted to his touch, moaning and pushing into his touch. Eron reached into his nightstand, retrieving his lube. He spread some of the gel on his fingers, slowly pushing his index finger against Seth’s entrance. He pushed it in slowly, absolutely loving the way his bedmate was squirming. Seth groaned, trying in vain to thrust back on Eron’s hand as a second finger was slid inside of him. His hands fisted in the satin sheets, “Jesus, Eron, just fuck me.”

Eron licked at one of Seth’s nipples, nibbling it, as he thrust his fingers into Seth again. “You want it?”

Seth gasped as his nipple was suckled, “Yes, damn it. Fuck me now.”

Eron smirked lustily and kneeled between Seth’s legs. He spread lube over his cock slowly, raising Seth’s legs to his chest as he slowly entered him. The man’s flesh was hot, and so tight, Eron groaned as his throbbing cock was slowly embraced by the other man’s flesh.

Seth grabbed the headboard with both hands as Eron’s thick cock slowly pushed in to the hilt. He bit his lower lip as his new lover rested a beat on top of him; the stillness was driving him insane. He shifted, causing Eron to slip in deeper and brush his prostate. “Oh god… yes, move, please…”

Eron slowly began to pull out, and push back in, shallow thrusts at first to slowly build up a rhythm. He was panting as he slammed Seth into the mattress. His hair hung down from his face in sweaty tendrils, moaning as he felt fingernails dragging down his back. He felt himself getting close. He knew it. Eron shifted his weight onto one hand, freeing the other to slide in-between them, and his long fingers wrapped around Seth’s ridged and twitching cock.

Seth was panting, moaning, growling, and slowly dragging his nails across Eron’s flesh, when he felt a strong hand begin stroking his dick. He jerked slightly, as all of his muscles began to tighten up. He went ridged, back arched, as hot cum was wrenched from him, coating his muscled belly.

Eron growled as he felt Seth’s body tighten impossibly around him and the hot cum coating his hand. He thrusted in just two more times before he was lost. His own body twitched in the throws of orgasm. His warm seed pumping into Seth as he gritted his teeth, letting out a guttural curse; “Fuck.”

The two men lay sated together, sticky and sweaty, and Eron slowly caressed Seth’s smooth belly as they spooned. He let out a contented sigh. “You’ll stay the night won’t you?”

Seth turned over, kissing Eron slowly and passionately. “Of course.”


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